Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2005 on Syfy

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    Conversion was a very interesting episode where we got to see a Sheppard in a darker light. After being attacked by Ellie in the previous episode he started mutating or converting into a Wraith mix. The Atlantis team decided to go to the planet with the bugs which are related to the Wraith to find their eggs to use the embryonic stem cells to find a cure for Sheppard. In the end they were unsuccesful and Sheppard had to do it himself. It was also interesting to see the dynamic between Weir and Colonel Caldwell play out, as he assumed Sheppards duties and was quick to start changing things around with out discussing it with Weir, which upset her. This was an entertaining episode, if at times slow, but still had some action.
  • Shepard goes wild!

    Well i liked this episode for a number of reasons. First it's always nice to see the "hero" put in a dark light, like an evil twin brother, with a bit of wraith and a twist of bug. Second it was high time to see Teyla kissing at last, actress Rachel Luttrell's first on-screen kissing scene, and thirdly always nice to see scenes with Jason Momoa step by step fitting in + the occasional McKay jokes and God complex. A highly entertaining episode that sure will do much more than just entertain you. The other i'll leave it up to you.
  • After Ellia tried to feed on him Sheppard is infected with the retrovirus. Slowly but surely Sheppard is changing to more of the bug DNA than human. His team under Dr. Beckett's supervision must get some of the bug embryos to offset the retrovirus.

    Basically a continuation of the last episode Instinct and Thirty Eight Minutes from the first season. Sheppard begins to have capabilities well beyond his normal ones even before the obvious physical effects of the retrovirus. Superior speed with no wearing out, superior reflexes in things like combat, and a higher aggression level. At one point after beating Teyla one handed with the pole weapons he backs her against a wall and forces himself on her kissing her. He tells her to call him John when they are not on missions.

    Dr. Beckett of course is put in charge of coming up with a solution. In the end the only thing that seems to make sense is to add the bug embryos to break down the virus which will turn them human. I would assume that is the scientific solution. I'm fairly intelligent (if I don't say so myself :) and I couldn't follow their logic on this one.

    In his absence Colonel Caldwell is making hay while the sun shines changing as much about security as he can get away with despite the fact Dr. Weir asked him to assume the post while Sheppard was out of commission and just maintain things. You could see Caldwell planning the funeral before the body was cold!

    In the end it is Sheppard himself who must retrieve the embryos as the team sent in loses two men trying but failing. Amazingly enough (sarcasm) the treatment works and Sheppard goes back to looking like Sheppard.

    Despite the shoddy science on this one (I think the writers wrote themselves into a corner) this was a very entertaining episode. The acting superb especially Joe Flanigan who got to act a little Wraith like in this episode. The bug cave was a little of a disappointment but was creepy enough. Plus I liked how Teyla call Sheppard John at the end. Thanks for reading...
  • Try to be a wraith for a second..

    It was different and they always know they way how to bring new angles to the show. Now, one of them is wraith. Not the way Teyla little is, but totally - transforming from human to Wraith and acting like one. But as it is Sheppard, he knows his abilities and tries to protect everyone else from him.

    For me, the best part, somehow was the beginning. When Sheppard does not understand yet how much he is chancing and he being faster than Dex, more skilled than Teyla and acting like.. in very good mood Sheppard. And the bug cave - those little nasty things.

    Great one.
  • good episode...

    After Sheppard's run in with the female wraith off world he seems to be different. His wound healed unnaturally fast and he slowly starts mutating into a wraith type creature. He looks really cool during each stage of the mutation and I love his eyes...Anyways, the story was interesting, but unoriginal. Stargate SG-1 did an episode similar to this one called Bane where Teal'c was bitten by a creature and changed into it. SG-1 has also done a few other ones that are similar. However, Atlantis made the idea their own and did a pretty good job. Overall, good story, good action, good make up, just a good overall episode.
  • One of my favourite episodes ever.

    In my opinion this was an awesome episode.
    It was well written and was acted out excellently by Joe Flanigan. It showed a lot of emotions in how much the characters respected and loved John Sheppard, it was wonderful how none of them would give up on him and the story line was great, having a squeal (well kind of a squeal) was great, it was interesting and different to see those emotions especially with Weir when she got angry at Caldwell for already changing Sheppard's job arrangments. My favourite part of the whole episode was when him and Teyla are doing there fighting things with the sticks and him and Teyla kiss, it was one of my favourite parts of that season.
  • Sheppard is a changed man!

    The often witty and sometimes stoic Sheppard gradually undergoes a strange metamorphosis.

    He starts off by gaining stamina and fighting prowess. That seems okay. But then he notices other changes that are not so okay.

    A pretty good episode. Sheppard is one of the most likable characters in the show.

    Seeing him with this life, or humanity, in danger definitely a scary thing for fans of the show to watch.

    We get to see a little bit more of the bugs' environs in this episode. Kind of gross but also kind of neat. Anything that explores the background and origins of the wraith is pretty interesting.
  • Sweet...

    I think season 2 is so awesome. This episode continues from what happend in the last episode. Sheppard was bitten or scratched by a female wraith and now he is starting to turn. I like the part when Dr. weir tells him he has to stay and he says "what am I suppost to do just sit on my mutated hand" It was something like that. I alsoi thought it was cool when Sheppard punched the window and broke the glass. That got me thinking How are they going to replace it? I can not wait until this season comes out on DVD. Later...
  • Awesome....

    i watched this epiosde last night and i like it. it was not the best epiosde i've seen but it was great.i like the storyline and how it wasd picked up from the previous epiosde. Col. Sheppard also got totally taken over by a bug- wriath thing and it was a very exciting and ineresting epiosde. i like when Col. Sheppard smashes the window in Dr. Weir's room, and asks if that changed her mind. this epiosde was related to season one's epiosde 'thirty eight minutes'. and i liked that epiosde and this one was even better. i hope that the rest of season two is this good. i thuink it will be.later.
  • One of the Best episodes of Season 2

    Conversion is my favorite episode of the series so far. The episode was written by Martin Gero, who has written such classic SGA episodes as: The Siege (all 3 parts), The Storm, and The Eye. I think that Joe Flanigan did a great job in this episode; it was his best work of the entire series so far, in my opinion. The excitement of whether Sheppard would be able to change back into his normal form, was quite interesting, but I knew was going to be changed back in to human form. The scene where Shep breaks the window in Weir’s office was kind of cool.
  • Despite the storyline already being done on SG-1, no one can fault the effort put into the episode. What I did and didn't like.

    What I did like:

    1. Joe Flanigan. I have to say, I'm not that much of a great fan of his acting abilities, often wooden with a certain knack of playing every character the exact same. However, in Conversion I was way more than impressed. He finally showed his ability as an actor in this episode and I congratulate him on it. Smashing the window and slamming Elizabeth against the wall... definitely got my vote! Definitely the episode I'll be voting for as Best Sheppard episode.

    2. The make-up. From the first tiny little bump on his arm, to the (almost) total transformation of Flanigan into a human-oid Iratus Bug. I especially loved the scene where Elizabeth went into John's room and when he turned to her, only one eye had changed. Simple and yet so, so effective.

    3. Carson Beckett. How can you not love this guy? He really proved that he would go to any lengths for a friend. I mean, come on, he is the one that shakes at the very thought of going through the 'Gate but he was walking right into the middle of the Bug nest!? Very cool. So proud of him!

    4. The bug nest. The creative guys did a really good job in totally freaking me out with that! Just seeing the nests hanging from the ceiling freaked me out something awful... and then the actual critters themselves... The visual effects guys guys are great on the show - pity they didn't pick up any of Emmy's they were nominated for.

    5. David Hewlett. That guy just never ceases to make me laugh. His ability to be scared and funny and snarkalicious at the same time was fabulous! And pulling his collar up... oh dear.

    6. McKay and Beckett. The make such a good screen partnership. They're constant bickering and Rodney's constant put-downs about medicine not being a science... gotta love it.

    7. The whole team rallying around to show their support for Shepp (even Ronon...)

    8. Speaking of Ronon, I loved the running scene. Where he and Shepp were running down the corridor and they managed to have a nice litte banter as they did so. Shows that they are finally creating a nice little comradeship (can we call it friendship yet?) between these two.

    9. Elizabeth telling Caldwell off for taking over Shepp's position. Oh, showed she could kick butt.

    10. And, last but by no means least... the kiss. I mean... wow! I loved how he just looked at her like she was a piece of cake, then tossed his Tonfa's aside and lunged at her. Was it just me or did it look like she was kissing him back for a minute? Her reaction to it and his "Well, that was interesting" were absolutely fantastic. I only wish that Beckett hadn't interrupted so we could see what they would have said without having days to think about...

    What I didn't like about Conversion

    1. Elizabeth. I mean, how many times do you need to ask someone who is slowly transforming into a bug with mutated hands how they are feeling? I mean, WTF? Give the guy some space.

    2. Elizabeth showing her 'concern' for Shepp. I mean come on... It just irritated me! I think the writer's are unsure how to write her character. Like with Janeway in Voyager and Carter in SG-1, there as some episodes where Weir is written as a cold hearted bitch and others (like Conversion) where she is too involved and concerned. I just... I don't know how to take her.

    3. The script was sometimes dry or far too cliched! When they sitting around the table near the end of the episode and Teyla's giving it "We can not give up on him. He is our friend. He would never give up on us." Oh please...

    4. The story has been done on SG-1 before. I know I complain about that particular annoyance all the time and I know that SG-1 has been on for years so it would be difficult for them to come up with completely different ideas for every episode of Atlantis... but sometimes, they cut just too close.

    5. Torri Higginson. I just don't like her style of acting. She's worse than Joe Flanigan. She's so wooden and her voice just goes right through me! Grrr...

  • Atlantis has seen good episodes. Unfortunately this is not one of them. Don't get me wrong, I like Atlantis despite the sometimes thin story line but this episode is not one I would like to see again.

    Atlantis has seen good episodes. Unfortunately this is not one of them.

    The whole idea of genetic conversion by infection is neither new nor very logic, and they have kind of made this already with Teyla and with Ford and of course shortly before this episode with Ellia.

    I fear that this will be something for the story arch and so I am sure we will see that virus again, the next time of course it will be working exactly as everyone is expecting, reducing all Wraith (never been a good foe anyway) to friendly human aliens.

    Well, what then? Maybe the Ori will come and give us peace... ;-)
  • It\'s got it all; actions, suspense, angst, and even a bit-o-romance no matter your flavor. :D

    This episode is definitely in the top five best ShWeir episodes to date. Even despite the Sheyla kiss. :D True, it\'ll probably take a ShWeir kiss to out-do The Hug in Siege III, and it ain\'t easy to push aside Sheppard\'s fear and rage when he thought Weir was dead in \"The Eye\", but this epi did pretty good in the ShWeir department, if I do say so myself.

    I loved this episode. I didn\'t think I would (due to nasty visious rumors that partially came true) but I did. It was just all around fun. I think this is an epi all the fans can enjoy.

    It had a great story. It was put together just wonderfully as far as acting, directing, etc. And if you\'re a romantic they seemed to put a little bit in for each of the pairings.

    Sheppard and Teyla had a kiss.

    Sheppard and Weir had oodles of cute screen time together - not to mention the mild insinuations from another character (Caldwell) about the pair.

    Ronon and Teyla had a few meaningful glances, if I do say so myself.

    Weir and Caldwell shared a chess game.

    And not that I swing this way, but Carson had his share of angst when he wasn\'t sure what to do for Sheppard anymore.

    Yep, this episode had tons of fun for everyone. I highly recommend it so long as you remember two things:

    1) ShWeir FOREVER!
    2) Teyla/Ronon FOREVER!

    Hmmm. I\'ll give you two guesses as to who my TTP\'s (Two True Pairings) are. :D

  • Predictable, predictable, predictable...

    This was one of those episodes were I’m strongly tempted to throw something hard at the TV, in the irrational hope that it will somehow smack the writers upside the head in the process. They had us (meaning, my wife and I) grumbling for half the episode, waiting for them to just get to the incredibly predictable final act already.

    I’m going to qualify my comments. I don’t expect that everyone figured out where the story was going, and those who didn’t were probably very pleased with the episode. It provided a good look at characters not-McKay, specifically Sheppard and Beckett, and there was a lot of well-written tension between Weir and Caldwell. Having Caldwell there, stepping in under the assumption that Sheppard may not recover, was a great way to draw out Weir’s devotion to Sheppard.

    OK, so first things first…the predictability. By the time Sheppard was begging to go on a mission, and the team was trying to raid the Roach Motel, it was rather clear what the solution was going to be. After all, Sheppard had been healing at an incredible rate, and really, what would the bug(s) be able to do to him that isn’t already happening? So we saw that solution coming a mile away, and it was damned frustrating to wait for the characters to catch up.

    For all that, I thought Joe did a great job with his portrayal of Sheppard. Shep’s been one of my favorite characters on the series since the pilot, mainly because of his dry sarcasm and Joe’s line delivery. Plus, both Weir and Teyla seem to have this potential interest in him, and even McKay seems to need him as a foil. He’s also the one with the strongest relationship to Ford, which is key to that character development. All in all, he’s vital to the mission.

    Which is why, of course, Caldwell comes across as such a jerk for trying to change things before Sheppard’s even lukewarm. Taken objectively, Caldwell is just doing what he thinks is best for the mission, even if it means butting heads with the civilian leader. I mentioned earlier in the season that this dynamic of civilian vs. military would be damned interesting to watch, and this episode proves that out.

    Beckett also gets a lot of screen time this episode, and I liked that. But with all that screen time, I was expecting the writers to use him a bit better. One thing that I was expecting was some kind of discussion on how Sheppard’s condition would relate, in some way, to what Ford has been experiencing. After all, the retrovirus was designed to eliminate the Wraith DNA in Ford, so shouldn’t Sheppard’s experience be vital in terms of understanding the treatment and figuring out how to modify it? Not mentioning that was a sore spot for me.

    The writers seem to be setting up a slow but developing love triangle between Sheppard, Ronon, and Teyla. Add Weir into the mix and it’s a Rhombus of Complication. It’s somewhat cliché for Teyla to be given character development through a romantic subplot, so hopefully there will be more to it than that. But this is the kind of dynamic that a larger cast allows (SG-1 never really had that), and it adds another layer to a series that is struggling to regain its strong identity.
  • is it me or is there a lot of sexual tension going on at Atlantis???

    (If you have not seen the episode, don't read this!!!!)


    to me, Stargate: Atlantis is at its best when the characters are interacting with each other. when the episode focuses on one character or a couple of them, i don't find the episode as interesting. i still like them but the writers of the show have this great knack of writing group pieces and they should do it more. this episode is a great example of that.

    Sheppard is changing into "something else" and the team needs to come together to save him. that's basically what the show is about. not very unique, i give you. but what makes this episode great is the character interactions. there has been some chemistry between Sheppard and Teyla since both of the characters met. this episode, they kiss. Granted, he's under the influence of rampant d.n.a. changes in his body but you have to admit that his is some latent feelings coming to the surface. Dr. Weir, who also appears to have some unspoken feeling for Sheppard during season one and this season, becomes overly protective of Sheppard. she makes some decisons from her heart and not from head. (the guards should've been allowed to use what means needed to take down Sheppard because, face it, even if they used their P90s, they couldn't have hit Sheppard and his bug-like speed and agility.) Col. Caldwell spends time flirting and trying to bond with Dr. Weir. Even the banter between Dr. Beckett and Dr. McKay seems a little odd. it's all freaking great!!!

    the last minute cure of Sheppard is a little sci-fi cliche. it's a little sad that such great writers who have made season two, so far, far superior to season one or anything going on at SG-1 right now doesn't work on making more creative endings. but, who cares, all the sub-plots going on can carry the show all by themselves.

    i'm going to shut up now, watch the episode!!!