Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 17

Coup D'etat

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Excellent!

    I've been a fan of Stargate: Atlantis since the first episode. However, despite a relatively lackluster first season (first seasons are always all setup, in nearly every case), the few episodes I loved (The Storm and The Eye, for instance) were wonderful. I think, now, after watching this episode, the reason I enjoyed these episodes was the involvement of the Genii. And subsequent episodes that even remotely involved these radiation-soaked quasi-villians have been highlights of the series, giving the Atlanteans a villian with a face, a personality, rather than the mindless, faceless consumption of the Wraith.

    The second season has shown some improvement, but I think this episode outshines all others before it. The story revolves mainly around the intrigue of a power struggle, which separates it from the somewhat action-heavy plotlines this series seems to gravitate towards (i.e The Lost Boys). Not that I mind a good, fast-paced brawler of an episode, but some purely character-driven plot is always refreshing. Not to mention that the episode on a whole is suberbly acted by the ensemble.

    All in all, I'll give it a 9/10, because I'm still waiting for the episode that has me jumping up and down on my couch screeching about how cool this show is...

    Okay, I do that sometimes anyway...
  • Nother great one. (spoilers)

    Rodney still rulez! "well that was refreshing, he didn't even try to kill us once!" classic. The episode was good, even though I think the storyline with the nuke building Genii is kind of weak, they always still seam to pull it off really well. Looking forward to next episode, and the next 10+ seasons.
  • This episode of Atlantis was exciting.

    This was an exciting episode of Atlantis and hopefully with this episode and The Long Goodbye, the show is getting back to where it belongs. I do have to ask the question why is Rodney all of a sudden carrying a gun and going on missions? I mean he whines when he isnt and is stuck in a situation, by him carrying a gun is not going to help.
  • This episode proves that the show is about more than just action.

    Love this episode. They did a fine job concentrating on personalities instead of action.

    As much as I found myself liking Ladon at the end of the story, I can't bring myself to fully trust him, since he is Genii. After all, he was Kolya's man; there's no proof that Kolya's actually dead at this point and he certainly has an axe to grind with the folks from Atlantis in general and Sheppard in particular. The happy ending strikes me as the lull before the storm.

    And I must admit, I'm glad as hell that Lorne is still alive. The man could have been a classic 'red shirt' and killed off way back in 'Runner'; it's good to see that the series writers are creating secondary characters that are more than just throwaway cardboard cutouts.

    All in all, the series just keeps getting better.
  • I did not see that coming.

    Clevery Plotted for sure. There were two major twists that caught me off guard, and that makes for an exciting, if not stressful adventure.

    I am soooo glad Cowen is out of the picture. In all of his 3 (or 4?) appearances, Colm Meaney did a superb job of angering me. His character never failed to really tick me off. So although I'm glad to see Cowen gone, I'll miss Meaney's contribution to the show.

    So it stands to be seen whether Ladon will in fact become a benign leader or descend to the corruption and villany that overtook his predecessor.
  • Better, but still not quite hitting the heights of the first season

    I’ve been hard on the series this season, largely because I’ve felt that the first season practice of weaving a larger story into the stand-alone episodes was far more successful than the haphazard direction taken in the second season. In a lot of ways, this series has suffered the “Enterprise” syndrome. That series began with a relatively average but promising first season, followed by a second season plagued by retreads and a lack of forward progress.

    One of the more interesting aspects of the first season was the Genii, a group that added a fresh perspective to the threat of the Wraith and what Pegasus Galaxy inhabitants might do to survive. In many respects, the second season replaced the Genii with Ford’s group, which then failed to gel as a meaningful subplot past “The Hive”. In fact, while some episodes have hinted at elements that will play into the finale, most of the episodes have done little to advance existing plot threads.

    This episode doesn’t necessarily address my concerns for the series, but it does revisit one of the better aspects of the first season, so it was more appealing in comparison. I would have preferred a more direct extension of the plot threads from the first season, especially if it would have meant another appearance for Sora, but this was at least a bit less predictable than other recent episodes.

    I like the fact that the Atlantis team found itself outplayed by the Genii, and in the end, they did little more than save themselves from an unfortunate end during the coup. I usually dislike episodes that leave the primary cast members as side notes to the real action, but this episode delivered an interesting message. In the end, the Atlantis team is still reactionary, and it is highly vulnerable as a result.

    Also interesting was the notion that pictures of specific Atlantis personnel were left on several worlds, all for the purpose of locating and abducting those with the Ancient gene. It occurred to me that this would give the Wraith an interesting clue as to the survival of Atlantis, were they to find those pictures. Granted, the Wraith are now apparently breaking up into factions, but some of them would still be focused on the possibility of new hunting grounds and the promise Atlantis offers.

    Hopefully, this episode will not represent the end of the line for the Genii. I’m a little worried about the death of Cowen, but that could have been a concession to Colm’s availability. Radim seems open to a more equitable alliance, but that could always lead to something more complex in the future. One can only hope so, because it was complexity that made this episode work.

    I also liked the fact that the subplot with Ronon and Teyla eventually intersected with the Genii plot. The two of them work together, but this episode continues to reveal the main differences between them. While Ronon continues to be little more than the warrior stereotype in action, Teyla shows actual intelligence. And it helps that she looked incredible in that silken top! OK, maybe Teyla wasn’t taken in exciting new directions in this episode, but lately, I’m just happy to see her back in action.
  • good episode

    this was a good installment and I hope this means we have an Ally and not a enemy in the Genii now,I like how the coup actually happened, I truely think saving his sister was the Catylyst to change, not for the revolution.. but to accept Atlantis as a friend, maybe they can unite against the wraith now
  • Excellent!

    This episode marks the return of my favorite group of people in this series the Genii. They are sometimes not the brightest bunch but this time they manage to outsmart the Atlantis team. Ladon is a great and smart character. His banter with Sheppard in the beginning was funny most of all was what he wanted for the ZPM.
    LADON: I need about a hundred machine guns, a couple of dozen grenades and any C4 that you have to spare.
    SHEPPARD: Sounds like you're having a party.

    This was a very smart script with great twists and made it one of my favorite episodes of the season.
  • Never say never

    I would have said that so far almost all genii storylines - they were never my favorites but this one really made it better - all the plan inside plan and the way storylines what did not sounded so much to be together, was later merged. And the aftermath of the atomic bombs made by genii is starting to effect them.

    Loved that there was action, there was mystery (like what happened with Lorenz team - I was so sure they were dead), the tension and worries that maybe they do not work it out (as genii have skills to make Atlantis people position bad). Sad they did not get new ZPM but.. it was great episode.
  • When Major Lorne's team is found dead and then it is discovered their bodies have been swapped for people who died of radiation poisoning the threat of the Genii seems to be imminent. Word comes that a coup is in the works to relieve Cowen as leader.

    Another filler type episode and not an improvement on the recent episodes from season two. We must deal with the Genii again and despite the supposed death of Commander Kolya I feel we will see him again.

    So Major Lorne's team is ambushed and Dr. Lindsey rushes back to the gate for help. The only problem is she is not of any help at all. Teyla and Ronon manage to discover that someone has put out flyers of people from away teams from Atlantis.

    Meantime Ladon supposedly formerly of the Genii and a part of Koyla's team has contacted Weir and offered a ZPM for weapons and supplies. He is forming a coup to take over Genii. Sheppard and McKay go to Cowen and as good allies informs him of the coup. He does not seem upset at all.

    Now a ZPM is pretty important so Weir and Sheppard decide to trade Ladon but keep his people as bargaining chips in case something is amiss. Of course everything is a ruse and Sheppard, McKay, about a dozen men and as it turns out Lorne's team are now prisoners of the Genii.

    It seems the Genii really don't understand anything except force. They actually believe that Weir will trade jumpers for men when that's just not going to happen. Cowen has not been a very smart or effective leader.

    In the end Ladon lets the prisoners go, blows up Cowen and his battalion of loyal followers, and takes over just as he said he would. He spares Sheppard and his men as Beckett has started to treat and cure the people that had come to be hostages from Genii who were all dying of radiation poisoning. Of course a lot of what they have wrong could be cured with modern medicine and Ladon seems like he is grateful as one of them is his sister and so he might be a much more reasonable leader. Neither Weir or Sheppard seem to have much hope though.

    Not a bad episode compared with the last two but really just another filler episode. The writers try to create intrigue where there just isn't any. The truth is in most of these cases the people who are lost or captured would never have been where they were in a properly run operation. These people send three or four people off to different worlds where who knows what is going on. There is going to be collateral damage and the constant idea of kidnapping or extortion just does not cut it anymore. Let's hope we have some more interesting stories coming up. Thanks for reading...
  • See Summary

    This episode was a pleasant surprise. The writers did a fantastic job of keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat, and switching things up after making us feel comfortable with whats happening. The Genii mastermind a plan to obtain jumpers from the Atlantis Team, and capture most of the team members who possess the Ancient Gene. The Genii who was leading a Coup was very convincing in his roles as a Genii Coup leader, and then as a loyal Genii, it was a great twist that he really was planning a coup after all. Luckily Atlantis had something of value to offer him in exchange for the prisoners lives.