Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 17

Coup D'etat

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2006 on Syfy

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  • When Major Lorne's team is found dead and then it is discovered their bodies have been swapped for people who died of radiation poisoning the threat of the Genii seems to be imminent. Word comes that a coup is in the works to relieve Cowen as leader.

    Another filler type episode and not an improvement on the recent episodes from season two. We must deal with the Genii again and despite the supposed death of Commander Kolya I feel we will see him again.

    So Major Lorne's team is ambushed and Dr. Lindsey rushes back to the gate for help. The only problem is she is not of any help at all. Teyla and Ronon manage to discover that someone has put out flyers of people from away teams from Atlantis.

    Meantime Ladon supposedly formerly of the Genii and a part of Koyla's team has contacted Weir and offered a ZPM for weapons and supplies. He is forming a coup to take over Genii. Sheppard and McKay go to Cowen and as good allies informs him of the coup. He does not seem upset at all.

    Now a ZPM is pretty important so Weir and Sheppard decide to trade Ladon but keep his people as bargaining chips in case something is amiss. Of course everything is a ruse and Sheppard, McKay, about a dozen men and as it turns out Lorne's team are now prisoners of the Genii.

    It seems the Genii really don't understand anything except force. They actually believe that Weir will trade jumpers for men when that's just not going to happen. Cowen has not been a very smart or effective leader.

    In the end Ladon lets the prisoners go, blows up Cowen and his battalion of loyal followers, and takes over just as he said he would. He spares Sheppard and his men as Beckett has started to treat and cure the people that had come to be hostages from Genii who were all dying of radiation poisoning. Of course a lot of what they have wrong could be cured with modern medicine and Ladon seems like he is grateful as one of them is his sister and so he might be a much more reasonable leader. Neither Weir or Sheppard seem to have much hope though.

    Not a bad episode compared with the last two but really just another filler episode. The writers try to create intrigue where there just isn't any. The truth is in most of these cases the people who are lost or captured would never have been where they were in a properly run operation. These people send three or four people off to different worlds where who knows what is going on. There is going to be collateral damage and the constant idea of kidnapping or extortion just does not cut it anymore. Let's hope we have some more interesting stories coming up. Thanks for reading...
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