Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 17

Coup D'etat

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2006 on Syfy



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    • Ladon: The reports of your demise have been exaggerated.

      This is a variation on a famous quote from Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). In 1897, Twain was living in London. His cousin there, Dr. James Clemens, fell seriously ill, and the New York Journal ran a premature obituary for the author. A reporter for the New York Evening Sun tracked Twain down on 2 June 1897, told him about the obituary and asked what he should tell his editors. Twain's reply was, "Say the report is exaggerated". Twain's death finally occurred on 2 April 1910. A Twain biographer, Albert Bigelow Paine, gave the quote as, "Just say the report of my death has been grossly exaggerated." Most people use the words demise and greatly when misquoting this remark.