Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2005 on Syfy

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    This Episode was ok, it was primarily focused on Dr. Rodney McKay who was sharing his conscience with a female air force person, and it was funny to see the dynamic play out. We got a little deeper into McKays character, seeing a little more of the real him, and it was quite humorous to watch the girl in control of his body, and she had a crush on Dr. Beckett, which being in McKays body was funny. We also learned a little more about Wraith Technology, and it looks like Ronin may join Stargate Atlantis as a Team member under LT Colonel Sheppard. So far the season is good, keeping things moving fairly well.
  • Double The Fun!

    David Hewlett, we knew he was good at playing McKay, making him both annoying and likeable at the same time. But this episode was truly multi-task acting. In one episode, we see McKay, Cadman, and Cadman trying to act like McKay, and viewers can clearly tell each apart. The jarring, Gollum-esque cuts to show that McKay is speaking with two voices in the scene in Heightmeyer's office are unnecessary, as Hewlett excels at differentiating two characters in a back-and-forth argument. "Duet," overall, is an entertaining, hilarious episode that just doesn't play it for laughs and shows off David Hewlett's acting ability. It turned out to be excellent.
  • this episode was absolutely hilarious!

    I have never laughed so hard watching Stargate Atlantis. The scene where Dr. McKay eats dinner with this woman (forgot her name) just cracked me up (and of course all the other scenes where Lt. Laura Cadman takes over Dr. McKay's body). I thought this was a great episode (David Hewlett
    did a great job).
  • Guess I'm in the minority here, but this was a big waste of time.

    So the premise here is due to a Dart transporter accident, Lt. Laura Cadman is trapped inside McKay's mind. By itself, sounds fun, right? Wrong!

    While I could take the plot point that Laura's presence has hampered McKay's ability to work - she didn't even give him a chance too. I don't know about you, but in any critical situation (especially one where your very existence is at stake), you don't bother the point person with annoying questions. You sit back and let them get to work. So McKay is the lead scientist right AND has a vested interest in getting Laura back to her own body - Agreed? But what does Laura do? She starts annoying him like a kindergarten child teasing another child.

    Personally, I would've had Dr. Beckett put me under anesthesia, restraints and/or suspended animation until the other scientists had figured it out.

    I was rooting for the early death of Laura. Well, there's always next week...
  • While searching a devastated world a Wraith Dart appears and captures Dr. McKay and Lt. Cadman. The team manages to shoot the Dart down. Zelenka can only get the device that captures the energy to release McKay but Cadman's consciousness comes with him.

    An entertaining episode where McKay really finally shines. He has to play not only himself but also Cadman when she controls his body. Not that its that strange these days, but he also gets to kiss Dr. Beckett obviously as Lt. Cadman.

    Cadman played by Jaime Ray Newman is great. She brings some honest humor to McKay's character. Dr. Beckett played by Paul McGillion is also now a full fledged cast star and is entertaining in this storyline. Also featured as Dr. Katie Brown is Brenda James as Dr. McKay's love interest. The "date" was very funny. I enjoyed all of their performances.

    The secondary plot line is Sheppard trying to get Ronon Dex played by Jason Momoa to join his team. He works with Teyla and the rest of his men to bring Ronon into the group. Weir talks with Ronon and they have a very short but revealing conversation. In the end she relents and tells Sheppard that Ronon is his responsibility if he wants to join Sheppard's team.

    This type of episode is a welcome change for this series with a little bit of humor and some action and tension mixed in. Overall a very enjoyable episode with no real weaknesses. Thanks for reading...
  • Lt. Cadman in McKay's body?

    It starts out well enough with Cadman and McKay being picked up by the dart and perhaps to their doom. That is until the dart was shot down. Having to choose between the two life sign signatures, they were able to retrieve McKay of course.
    Then when Lt. Cadman starts to assert control over McKay and putting him in seemingly akward situations around Dr. Beckett it starts to get really strange.
    The end when McKay realizes the solution to seperate the two, Lt. Cadman, still in Mckay's body, grabs Dr. Beckett and gives him a 'passionate' kiss. This was probably the only scene in all of Atlantis and SG-1 that I probably could not watch with both eyes on screen.
    All in all, the humor was pretty good. Maybe had the situation been reversed with McKay in Cadman's body then the episode might've been more interesting as the Lt. Cadman character was totally underused with McKay being a 1 man/1 woman show.
  • A totally different kind of episode with supreme acting.

    First thing you notice with this episode, is the difference. Not too much action, not much shooting, running around off Atlantis, fighting with Wraiths. It was more character development and physiological episode and the way it was done - superb script I most say. Loved the idea and the way it was brought into screen. I can only imagine how hard it would have been, the acting. But it proved once more that Atlantis is not only pure sci-fi where story and the skills of acting does not count so much as all attention is on visual side - no. Acting and being genial actor is part of this serie. McKay and Carson (so good to see him on opening credits) proved it.

    And the runner guy - he seems to be really promising character. And it looks like tension is already building.
  • An entertaining episode where Dr. McKay is forced to share his mind with an opinionated female soldier.

    This episode is quite possibly the most hilarious yet. The exchanges between McKay and "himself", aka Cadwell, are just laugh-out-loud funny and stunningly well acted, in addition to being an enjoyable contrast to the character development we see for McKay. Cadwell's affection for Beckett is both adorable and entertaining. Additionally, Ronin looks to be an interesting and, let's face it, extremely attractive addition to the Stargate Atlantis crew. His interactions with the rest of the group are intriguing and leans toward the sarcastically hysterical. His skills and abilities should prove to be extremely useful for the crew, even while they force him to learn more and more about 'civilized' societies.
  • funny episode, but unoriginal...

    McKay and a female soldier (I forgot her name) become trapped in the same body and Zelenka has to figure out how to separate them. This episode was really funny. McKay is halarious alone, but now he has a woman with him. It's halarious when she takes over his body and when she helps him with his girlfriend. The kiss between McKay and Carson was halarious and I couldn't stop laughing. The only problem I have with this episode is that it was copied from SG-1. SG-1 did Lifeboat where Daniel had about a dozen personalities in his head and it's also done a few other episodes where consiounesses were switched around. Overall, this episode is halarious and it is definately worth watching.
  • McKay is in two minds...

    This episode was all about McKay being in two minds. When he and a fellow soldier are picked up by a Wraith dart, John shoots the ship down. But they can only bring back one person and that is McKay. But when he comes back he still has the soldiers consiousness inside his own mind. So basically two people are in his head. So while they sort out the mess McKay ahs to basically argue with himself. So he goes on a date and kisses Beckett, but finally the other person is removed from his mind. So overall i thought this was a great episode. It was very exciting and intresting. There should definaly be more episodes like this in the future.
  • Funny episode. Must have been a real acting challenge.

    The scientist and a new security guard - a woman - wound up with both their minds in the scientist's body.

    That posed some humous problems.

    He goes to bed nude and wakes up nude. They both claim that this traumatized them. His body gets recruited for a double date. He starts using feminine wiles and exercising.

    The episode reminded me of a lot of episodes of Quantum Leap. The mind of the star would leap across time and wind up in someone else's body.

    Similar kind of thing in this one. The actor had to act like a completely different character than his normal character.
  • Mckay gets his mind infused with a crew woman after being culled by a wraith dart. Luckily, the dart was broght down before anything could happen to mckay or the crew woman.

    This is such a funny episode. I love watching it over and over. The way Mckay acts while Cadman is in him is hilarity at its finest!!! To see him fight himself and struggle to overcome his shyness to his "crush" is one of the reasons I watch this show. Watching Mckay makes me wonder whether he is actually that obnoxious or is he could possibly be a person way doen in his core. poor guy thogh to have to go through all of this while a woman's consciousness is in his head. We are all waiting for the day rodney cares for something other than himself. I hope it comes soon, of course then that wouldn't be the mckay we know and tolerate.
  • This was a great episode!

    I LOVED this episode. It was hilarious and it's the perfect thing to watch at the end of a long day. Although, I do have to admit, McKay kissing Beckett was very weird, even though you know it's Cadman kissing him. But that weirdness is what makes Stargate Atlantis Stargate Atlantis, right?

    'Duet' was probably one of the better and more funny filler episodes, plus we get to see Ronon in action. It's very interesting to see McKay fight with Cadman, and have a couple of new characters introduced in this episode (Ronon and Cadman).

    In short, this was a great episode and very funny, though it lacked in action.
  • Great episode. I loved it. This was a McKay centered episode (which lets face it is a synonymous for it being a great episode)SPOILERS...

    David Hewlett proved once again that he is a brilliant actor. In this episode we get to see a more sensitive side of his character and David really captured that in his performance.
    This episode is also important by the fact that Ronon is now a part of Sheppard's team.
    Now more about McKay: he gets a woman's mind inside his head and after a while she manages to get control of his body. David Hewlett had to act girlish and he handled it very well, I don't think any other actor would be able to do such a good job in that kind of situation.
    Another part of the episode that I must mention is the kiss between McKay and doctor beckett: it was really funny and surprising. Well done.
  • A great episode to make you feel better after a rough day.

    It was great, it was funny, somewhere that had not been explored in the SG1 universe, someting that after a rough at work you can sit and watch and make yourself feel a hell of a lot better. If you thought you had it bad, Rodney and Cadman had it a lot worse.
    Having a woman in your head can amke it better, at least then he knew what we want.
    I think David Hewlett did a good performance, especaily the Gollum styled parts, where there is a transition between McKay and Cadman, his face helped you to tell who he was.
    Although my favourite parts were where the two were fighting over his body after he has just finished his date and when Cadman takesover and kisses Beckett.
    A great episode, although it did not help with the story plot and broke the unlining plot up of trying to help Ford. Nevertheless, I can't wait until it is out on DVD.
  • McKay gets to look at life from another point of view.

    The excellance seen in this episode showcases all that is brilliant about the Stargate universe: character development, casting, storyline and don\'t forget humour. To see how well the character of McKay is formed, then brought to life by the amazing David Hewlett in a funny story.I look forward to enjoying more of this quality.
  • Humour very well done and appropriate, with excellent acting by David Hewlett in a difficult acting role. The idea of two people in one body has been done before in other programs, but it takes a good actor to carry it off.

    I don't watch many episodes more than once, but this is an episode that I most certainly will go back to time and time again. Firstly the idea of two people in one body - but of opposite sexes, always produces humorous situations. When McKay wakes up and realises he's in Cadman's bed and he did not fall asleep there, he's puzzled. Then when he realises he's naked, and he did not undress, he knows that maybe Cadman must have seen parts of his body he didn't want Lt. Cadman to see. He's embarassed. Cadman puts him in his place, and out of his puzzlement by saying "seen it!" - with no guesses as to what she's seen.

    It then brings up all the other possible senarios in mind, particularly bathroom activities, when McKay knows that Cadman is there - and watching.

    Towards the end when faced with the choice that one has to live and one has to die, at last we see a non-selfish side of McKay that is out of character. He is genuinely concerned for someone other than himself.

    KISS SPOILER - don't read if you don't want to see the end part of this episode:

    Now the kiss at the end is most unusual. Although McKay's body kisses Dr Beckett, it's not a homosexual act of two men kissing - but a heterosexual act since it's Cadman controlling McKay's body. It may take a moment to realise it, but of course McKay would never have done that. It's quite an intriguing twist!

    After the two are separated we see Dr Beckett holding Lt. Cadman's hand when she rests on the hospital bed. Maybe there's more to this story in the future.
  • Wasn't there someone else that the story could revolve around? Hasn't there been enough about McKat lately as it is?

    This episode was, according to the promo, supposed to be about the process of bringing Ronon into the Atlantis fold. Instead, that was merely a subplot, and a rather basic one at that. The real focus was once again on McKay. While this is a very funny episode, I’m not quite sure that the emphasis on McKay was the right thing to continue this early in the season.

    It seems like a lot of episodes have, on some level, an example of McKay looking like a fool, demonstrating some degree of expertise or unexpected strength, and then working himself out of the fix he’s in. Usually it’s a subplot, where it is typically not so blatant. This episode is 95% McKay and his wacky predicament.

    The writers find an interesting plot device to make the episode work, and for the most part, David Hewlett is up to the challenge. When McKay is hearing Lt. Cadman’s voice in his head, Hewlett plays it very well. It’s very believable. He even does Cadman’s control of McKay’s body well. But when McKay and Cadman are fighting for control, it’s not nearly as convincing. One can only imagine how many takes they went through to get it even close to right.

    Enjoyment of this episode is directly dependent on one’s enjoyment of the McKay character. I have to admit that, as much as I laughed, I wasn’t particularly enthralled. I was happy enough to watch this while eating dinner, and I laughed out loud during the date and any point at which Cadman was flirting with/tonguing Beckett.

    There were some other highlights. It was great to see Sweaty!Teyla is action, especially when she decided to stretch out after sparring practice. I’m still waiting for her character to have a bit more to do this season, which is why yet more McKay is a little annoying. She looks good on screen, but there’s plenty of direction for her character now. Why not explore it?

    In terms of Ronon, I’m still liking this guy. He has a massive amount of confidence, to the point where one can believe that he would find Sheppard’s offer to join Atlantis rather amusing. Is Ronon really better off with Atlantis, or is it more clearly a benefit for Sheppard, and by extension, Weir?

    I have the feeling that this episode was more about establishing technology and its boundaries. Just as many of the first season episodes focused on revealing a single piece of information that would later become vital to the season arc, this episode seemed to be all about revealing how the Wraith Darts grab people and “store” them. Slapping McKay and very, very hot Lt. Cadman in the same body for a while felt like a means to that end. This episode also established that those on Atlantis are trying to remain out of contact with the Wraith, because they believe that such exposure would clue the Wraith in on the deception from “The Siege: Part III”.

    But this wasn’t the kind of episode that I would want to watch more than a few times. It has its moments, but for the most part, this is the kind of episode that you watch a couple of times and then rarely. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it, but since I’m getting tired of the emphasis on McKay (as funny as it often is), this was not an episode that I found enthralling.
  • After an accident with a Wraith ship McKay and Cadman find themselves together in McKay' s body causing funny situations; meanwhile Dex, the new alien is being tested by Sheppard and Weir.

    The episode was really funny and it really shows some nice gags between McKay and Cadman altough the end was pretty classic: McKay figures out how to save the girl in a \"casual way\". What I really don\' t like is the new alien, Dex: most likely he will have annoying dreams about his past in too many episodes and send some of the other characters in the backyard for a while.
  • finally an episode that\'s not just action and explosions

    in this episode McKay and Lt. Laura Cadman (i don\'t recall seeing her before, I like her and hope she becomes a semi-recurring character) are both swooped up in a Dart, which is promptly shot down.

    we learn how the darts beam up their victims and store them in a transport buffer. I always assumed they just beamed them into some sort of cargo hold, but considering the size of the ships that wouldn\'t be feasable.( I wonder why the Wraith dont try and duplicate peaple while in the transport buffer, to give them an unlimited supply of food)

    the rest of the story revolves around McKay\'s problems living together with Lt. Cadman, and his Date. there is a bit of character development with Ronon and we end with a nice clean happy end.

    Considering nothing actually happened to advance the Atlantis storyline in this episode it is still quite enjoyable. very high rewatchability.
  • Cadman and McKay find themselves in the same body after being rematerialized from a Wraith dart.

    This episode definitely stood out in my mind. It was funny and at the same time brought you closer to the characters. I loved the interplay between McKay and Cadman, and of course seeing McKay acting as himself and then as a woman was just hilarious. The dialogue was very cute and I liked the subplot of the adjustment of the "runner" (or should I say ex-runner) to Atlantis. I found myself repeatedly laughing out loud, which is something I rarely do during a Stargate Atlantis episode, and it was a nice change of pace. I hope that in the future humor can be worked into the script as well as it was in this episode.
  • Another excellent episode!

    I just love the Rodney-episodes and this one was definitely one of the best. Lots of hilarious jokes, interesting storyline, satisfying ending. The only thing that I honestly hated was the Dex character. I don't think he's a good addition to the series. They shouldn't have taken away Ford from us in the first place.

    I have been worrying about the Stargate series, both Atlantis and SG-1. They kind of took a hit and started to fall. After the whole fiasco with the Ford storyline, I was really starting to get worried if they were going to be able to get back on track. I’m glad to see they got this episode in there. Not the most original I grant you, but it was still funny and rather interesting. Though i would have liked to see Rodney not solve something for once, and that it wouldn’t be as easy to figure out as they made it. I’m rather surprised that the writers would even try to introduce a girlfriend for Rodney. I guess they were just trying to say us overly smart, stubborn, pompous assholes that there is still hope for us after all. I feel slightly better. All in all, it was a pretty good episode. It mixed enough comedy, action, intrigue, (utter humiliation for some characters), and stuck to the overall season storyline (or at least what we know of it so far) to make it a pretty good episode.
  • This episode was very interesting, and alittle funny! I loved it!

    Stargate Atlantis is a great show. The new episode, Duet is one of those episodes that shows exactly why I watch this show. There was a cool action scene at first where the team takes down a Wraith ship, and then, the technology of the ship causes Lt. Cadman's consicence to be stuck in Dr. Mckay's body. The drama in this episode was great, like when if they reconfigure their normal selfs they will die, unless one of them lets go of control to the body. There were cool times when the new guy mastered the training course. There were funny times too, like the conversations between Dr. Mckay and Lt. Cadman. This was a great episode! 10/10
  • Two people trapped in one body. Some romance, some new guys, nothing special

    Well, that was the most stupid StarGate Atlantis episode I have seen so far. At least you get to see some new folks like Roman. But his character did not develop at all.

    Two people in one body: That\'s a nice story for a Steve Martin movie. But it\'s not for this series.

    i liked this season\'s episodes very much. that is so far. this episode made me sick and i just don\'t see why some people gave it a good score.

    it was like watching star trek tng all over again. comparable to one of these counselor-troy-and-her-mum-episodes.

    you don\'t get to learn anything new in this episode, so if you don\'t feel the urge: skip this one. i am saying that after having watched ALL of the other episodes.

    see my score? compared to all the other episodes, it really is that bad...
  • This episode of Stargate: Atlantis is totally off the wall with all of its humor that isn’t to juvenile and this is what makes this episode both silly and a classic episode.

    This episode of Stargate: Atlantis is totally off the wall with all of its humor that isn’t to juvenile and this is what makes this episode both silly and a classic episode.
    While this episode of the show was promoted as one that would be totally center around Ronon and while yes he was in the episode, but this episode wasn’t center around him, for he was the B story. This episode was mostly center around McKay and Lt. Laura Cadman predicament. Which happen after a brief encounter with Wraith technology that ends up with Cadman’s mind into the body of McKay.
    The reason why I found this episode so funny is the fact that while McKay and Cadman aren’t marry, but toward the end of the episode with all of their arguments about things you get the feel that they are marry. I always found it a little amusing because I like seeing two people who love each other spend a good majority of their lives with each other fight each other over stupid little things that a normal person would look the other way.
    One would have to give credit to David Hewlett, McKay, for his excellent job in playing a duel role as McKay and Cadman in this episode. For he had a great handing of all the female qualities that while were stereotypical of a woman, were still pretty good.
    Now lets head back to the B story, which was promoted by SF Channel to be the main storyline of this episode, the one that dealt with Ronon and his adaptation to the life style that he has to live if he wants to stay in the city of Atlantis. Which is a real chance of pace for Ronon , who for the last seven years was on his own, all by himself and was on the run for life and when that happen to you, you will forgo all of the qualities that one would get when you are in a civil environment for your own life, this is what happen to Ronon over his seven year ordeal with the Wraith hunting him.
    It was nice to see that he was slowly adapting to that life style and him finding a place in the city. That he just won’t be a character that just there to look good, that he will be doing something for the team.
    But as I said before in this review the plotline that really got my attention was the A story that one dealt with McKay and Cadman.
  • WOW!!! did those two really kiss???

    forget the science, i know what most people are thinking; why did the body stay in the alien transporter-thing but the mind/thoughts/personality/etc got merged with Dr. McKay? forget about all that!!! this is an excellent work of fiction. this episode is the best written one of the second season so far. this is exactly why i watch Stargate: Atlantis.

    McKay steals the show. David Hewlett does an excellent job acting the role of someone with another personality trapped inside of his mind. at times, he acts a little like Golem but that's okay because his facial expressions are unique to him and he makes it seem real and plausable. he captures all of the mannerisms of the other personality really well. at times, he's damn funny. there is a lot of great acting in this cast.

    Ronan gets asked to join the team. there's no surprise there. he can shoot any gun and beat up everyone on Atlantis. woo-hoo!!! i was hoping that they would flesh out his character more in this episode instead of him just being the typical tough guy. they are taking their time with his character. either they have something big planned for him or they don't know where they are going with him. i'm hoping that they learned from Ford and have things really big planned for him. at times, he hints at being different and i liked him playing the role of teacher. hopefully, we'll see Ronan Dex grow over the next few episodes.

    i would have gave this episode a perfect ten for David Hewlett's performance alone but the ending bugged me. i'm sick of the typical star trek-like, technology saves the day ending. it would have been cool to see them push the envelop a little more.

    hmmmm....why is Dr. Beckett, the chief medical officer (cmo) of Atlantis, going on field missions??? did they not think of bringing medics on the mission??? maybe they all died. it's cool to see him in the field but i hope they don't play the doctor-don't-kill moral dilemma too much. don't get me wrong, he's cool and i really like the character and he was awesome throughout the entire episode but they're going to have to be a little more creative than just sending the cmo out for the hell of it.

    if you want to know who kisses in this episode, you'll have to watch it. out of all the epsodes so far, this is the one to watch!!!
  • McKay and a Lt.Laura Cadman are both trapped in McKays body and they fight for control of his body. all the while McKay actuially has a date.

    One of the best episodes of any show, well, ever. Hewlett is amazing, playing both Lt. Laura Cadman and McKay, the fight he has with himself and the Lt. as he leaves from his date is one of the best sceens from either of the two shows. but i do have one question. How in gods name did McKay find someone who can actuially likes him, HIM?!?!? lol. Anyway, this ep. could have shown McKay expanding and growing, but... eh who knows. I did like Lt. Cadman though, she was both cute and a fun character. I hope that they bring her back again. i think its also great that Beckett has a love intrest.