Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 20

Enemy at the Gate

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2009 on Syfy

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  • A disappointing conclusion

    What a disappointing end. Action yes, explosions yes. But really, "five seasons have lead to this?" *Spoiler alert

    Suddenly Atlantis has a new drive technology? Suddenly Todd agrees to give us two ZPMs? And when Atlantis gets to earth where does it end up: San Francisco Bay?? We could have least crashed it into the Atlantic and had it sink.

    In addition, there was no arc of the storyline in the series, no coherence. (If you seriously dispute that idea, just look at the penultimate episode in Vegas.)

    It would have been much more powerful if it had at least been spread out over two episodes, or if the writers had had the wit to build the store line coherently over the course of the series.

    I'm sad to see the end of the series, but this is no BSG.
  • It feels a bit rushed, and some of the solutions come too easy. But it's still a wild and exciting finale.

    It's the end of an era. There's been a new Stargate episode on the schedule for what... 13 years now ? For the first time in over a decade, we're not sure when the next fix will be available.

    Atlantis' excellent run concludes with a slightly bumpy, but highly entertaining climax. This episode pushes the accelerator down to the floor and doesn't let up until the very end; a LOT happens, and quite a few impossible problems are resolved in rapid order (The city wormhole-jump felt particularly cheap). This really felt like it could have been a 2-hour finale that wound up compressed into a single entity. The continuity from Vegas is nice, but I really thought the finale would set up an Asgard conflict that would be resolved in the inevitable movie. I'm not sure much could have topped the Lost Tribe storyline. Get ready for Universe.
  • SGA has been sinking all season, Id hoped that the finale would make up for the poor wind down to the end of SGA and yet this finale was totally unoriginal.

    SGA fans were told that they wanted to finish SGA on a high... What I have seen this season is one of the worst examples of a show thats lost its sense of direction.... I kept thinking we only have a few episodes left and there still is no build up in terms of storyline to a finale... It feels as if the show has been neglected and they just want to wrap it all up with no imagination, both as an overall finale or the finale of character development.

    The final episode itself was so predictable, to the point of being a bit to easy a solution... The stargate that just happened to be on the hive ship with no sheild, Ronan being killed and then brought back to life to be quizzed by the Wraith crew... who get killed immediately after. There wasnt an armada of Wraith, no final showdown just a ship that happened to have a ZPM, with an adversery that we didnt know, but for the link to Todd.

    I give this a six, because they had the oppurtunity in this season to go out with a bang and yet they provided fillers like "Inquisition". Where was the build up?? I am so dissapointed in SGA because it has given us some fantastic entertainment and storylines and it seems that this is just a finale, typifying the neglected nature of the SGA enterprise... I look forward to BSG, who are showing a commitment to making an exciting 5star finish to a great show, Im sorry for fans they have been sold short by SGA who could have done the same!!
  • Best ever episode of SGA!

    I absolutly loved this episode. What a great way to end the show (I'm very sad it ended.) This was maybe the team's ultimate problem with so many parts which could've gone good, gone bad. I'm glad to see the city of Atlantis fly again. It flied in "First Strike," "Adrift" and "Lifeline" but that was with only one ZPM but this time it was with three ZPMs. The ending part was a great way to end the whole entire show. The Super-Hive that was made was very large in comparison to the city-sized Atlantis! That would've been about tow or three miles long!
  • Good-bye old friend...

    As I'm writing this review for the 100th episode of Atlantis I'd also like to point out that this is my 100th review. It just seemed appropriate. This is it. The series finale. I'm going to point out now that yes this episode indeed was rushed but They were cancelled when they were filming Identity so give the writers a break. So anyway we see the storyline form Vegas worked into this episode as the wraith find out where earth is and set out to go there with a ZPM. You could basically call this episode a crossover of sorts. We get to see Carter again and Major Davis, who is till a major. They should have really promoted him by now. One of the things that I really liked about this episode was the fact that they acknowledged the death of Don S. Davis and included General Hammond's death in the storyline. What made that really enjoyable was they named a ship after him. RIP General Hammond. I like many others are probably very curious as to what The Odyssey's secret mission is. Maybe that will play a part in the next SG-1 movie. Over the course off the episode we get to see just about every recurring character Atlantis has ever had play a part in some way or another. I have no fear of saying that this was better than SG-1's finale. It played a vital part to the storyline and not really wrap up the series ust leave us with more questions. It makes you wonder what they would have done with season 6.

    I always imagined in Atlantis's finale, all the cast looking over the balcony of the city. Much Liked I always pictured sg-1 ending with them walking through the gate.

    In conclusion, This was an excellent end to the series and I'm looking forward to the movie. Good bye Atlantis, it's been fun.
  • I give it a pure 10 because of the actors, the story and everything we have come to love about it. But also because it was a great episode! An absolute reminder of why I'm gonna miss this show so much...

    A sad, sad day indeed. Not only was Stargate Atlantis better than the original but we had formed bonds to the characters and to the city. It was very painful to see it all go, especially after a season that was so weak script-wise. It's as if they were trying to show us there was nothing left to be said and done, while we all knew it wasn't so. They just wanted to make it look that way and all the evidence was always against them. So there goes a great sci-fi series, and we're left with practically nothing to watch on that genre. Nor will I feel the need to find something new soon - rather watch my old Atlantis DVDs instead. Now to the actual episode. I give it a pure 10 because of the actors, the story and everything we have come to love about it. But also because it was a great episode! An absolute reminder of why I'm gonna miss this show so much... There was adventure, thrill, emotion, action, science and above all heroism. At least Atlantis went out in style!

    Goodbye guys, and thanks for all the unforgettable moments :-)
  • I have mixed feelings about this episode...

    I think I'll start with what I didn't like about the episode. First, I felt that it was rushed and had too much to fit in one episode. I think they should have split the story into two episodes (one being about the initial learning about the zpm hive and engaging it and the other about it going to earth). I didn't like when Ronon died... the main thing I hate at sci-fi is that dead characters come back to life (granted he was dead for like a minute). Still, I rather they have kept him dead and had a bitter-sweet ending to the show. Another dislike is how they brought in a lot of characters, but not RDA... Ok, to the likes. This is the perfect story to end on. The wraith finally get to earth in a super ship. I loved how a team got on the ship, John got on the ship, and how they coordinated with Atlantis to destroy it (well, it was more accidental). I loved seeing Major Davis... and that's about it of all of the guest characters. Overall, great ending to the show. I would have loved to see it continue and disclose the stargate to the world and find a new enemy. Oh well, SGU should suffice.
  • Hastily thrown together but entertaining.

    Well I am sure sad to see SGA go. I loved the show, and I have to say the finale was a poor sendoff. '
    Earth is in trouble (again). The wraith have gotten their hands on a ZPM power generator and are using it to develop a super-ship. After beating on the SGA crew in the Pegasus galaxy, the Wraith ship learns of the coordinates of Earth, and use their new ZPM powered tech to head there at unbelievable speed. The only hope of stopping the ship is for Atlantis to dust off her engines and head there herself, with Carson Beckett at the helm. I'll leave the ending alone (hint: Earth is still here), but all in all I have to say that the episode did not seem like a series finale. Season finale at best. The plot seemed thrown together, like an afterthought. There was no real lead up to the events of the episode, and for those of us not paying attention to the news releases, it was a bit of a surprise, like "What? Season/show over? Already?"
    I give it an 8.5, because there are plenty of space battles, and that's all it really takes for me. Otherwise I'd be more inclined to give it a 7.
    Bye SGA, hope to see you in the next spinoff!
  • All good things...

    It's hard to tell how much of this series finale was conceived after the decision to cancel the series. Is that final scene on the balcony something that was always on the page, or was it a last-minute addition to give the fans a sense of closure? Was Atlantis always intended to crash back to Earth as a cliffhanger?

    I personally believe that the return to Earth was always on the books, and that we should be pretty damn happy that it was. Normally the seasons end with a cliffhanger, and ending the series that way would have been a shame. This choice makes it seem like the series has come full circle (recalling that "The Rising" began with the Atlantis taking flight in the distant past).

    Of course, none of the long-term issues are resolved. This eliminates one particular problem by taking down the only Wraith ship with a ZPM. But Todd's alliance has fallen apart, the Wraith are still marauding the Pegasus Galaxy, and now one of the major human powers has flown the coop.

    It's not hard to imagine that repairing and refining this "wormhole drive" will factor into any future return to Pegasus, and might even factor into the impending launch of "Stargate Universe". With the SGC and Atlantis in such close proximity, I also can't help but wonder if this was meant to facilitate some future character cross-pollination. With Area 51 gone and the defense of Earth now a rather big problem, Atlantis is going to be at the center of a great deal of attention.

    Keeping Todd around was a great choice. Keeping Ronon alive may not have been. As much as I like the character, he hasn't been given much in the way of development of late. The producers only seem willing to take out major characters when they want to toss a cast member out of the franchise airlock, and this would have been a stunning change of pace. Hopefully the eventual TV-movie will give Ronon more to do to justify his survival.

    As series finales go, this did pull out most of the stops. Sheppard and McKay had their usual moments of brilliance, the supporting cast was strong as ever, and Woolsey gave a rousing command performance. (Who would have guessed that Woolsey would be a better leader than Carter?) It was great to see some old, familiar faces here at the end. Some items felt a bit rushed at times, and this would have worked better as a two-hour finale event, but they did a great job with the time and resources available.

    Perhaps the best thing I can say about this series finale is that it was much better than the series finale for "Stargate SG-1". That finale was simply frustrating; this episode did a nice job of bringing the series full circle while pointing to the future. Frankly, I feel there's more potential in further Atlantis adventures, considering how the two "SG-1" DVDs have covered off most of the lingering plot threads of that series. Hopefully it won't be a long wait before we discover what the future holds for Team Atlantis.
  • A beloved series goes out with a bang, and it's still not over yet!

    Having been a fan since the beginning, like so many shows before its always hard to say goodbye. You know it comes one day, but it never makes it any easier.

    The plot was great, though I wished they made it a two-hour finale. I felt that it would've made the finale more complete. This could fix a few things, but all in all I was satisfied.

    Special effects were really amazing for this one! And seeing a few faces from SG-1 was a welcome surprise.

    Though not a finale in a typical since, the show will be concluded in a direct to dvd release. While it wasn't a perfect finale, I can't think of a way to better end this show!
  • Farewell Atlantis

    I enjoyed this episode very much, however I think they could of made a two parter out of it. I thought it was touch and go for Ronan there, he is a good character. I should think like SG1 they'll make TV movies, the Wraith are still out there, they haven't all be defeated. I am looking forward to the new Stargate Universe series, as a Brit, it will be interesting to see how Robert Carlile fares. Atalntis has been a very good replacement for SG1, I thought the characters were very strong, although some of the scripting on some episodes could have been better. If I had a favourate episode to choose it would be the finale of season 1 where the Wraith attack the city.
  • Open

    There are several open plots left from this episode a lone - beyond the other episodes this season. I do have a huge issue with their closing down the series. Especially with the number of people who watch the series. I have a concern they will not have the following once a live series is not playing. Overall, I did like the series, but this was not much better than a good episode, and not the last blowout I would have expected. I should have thought about it, but not having a 2hr show as the last episode would force them to cut corners.

    Rest fair my friend, I will now be bummed every Friday night except for Sanctuary which I can DVR. I have to admit this will cut back on my watching SCIFI. You have to wonder about management decisions they have made.
  • Now....THAT'S...a finale!!!

    HOLY COW!!!! What a rollercoaster ride that was! I'm glad I watched that episode spoiler free because I truly enjoyed it! - New Daedalus-class ship named Gen. Hammond. That got me a teared-up. That was a nice touching tribute to Gen. Hammond and Don Davis. I liked how Sam and John mentioned what a good man he was.

    - Love John Sheppard in the SGC. - Love seeing Major Davis (poor guy STILL a major.....this guy ahs been a major ever since Sam was a Captain......somebody please give the guy promotion. )

    - Also love seeing Walter as always.

    - I love how John didn't trust Todd and held him prisoner. And....threatened to kill him if he steps out of line.

    - Love how Carson gets to fly he is second to John in operating the Chair. Love how Carson fires the drones at the Hive. Pretty cool. - When Ronon was stabbed.....I thought he was gonna die. I bursted out crying. I was like....NOOOOO.....RONON!!! Then....of course the Wraith brought him back. Though....I'm still quite confused why the Wraith brought him back. They could've use the ship's censors to track the rest of them.

    - I thought it was pretty cool to see Atlantis in the Milky Way and on Earth. - I loved the ending with them looking out a the San Francisco Bay. And....I thought that it was pretty fitting that they looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. I few questions.......

    - How long can they keep Atlantis cloaked?
    - Will they keep Atlantis on Earth?
    - If they do keep Atlantis....where would they keep her?
    - How will they explain the big fireball falling down from the sky?

    Hopefully.....we'll get some answers in the Atlantis movie(s). Only one minor complaint.....

    - Cam Mitchell should've been there with John Sheppard among the 302s. Even...a nice cameo of him in the cockpit would've been nice. Overall.........

    Brilliant episode!!!!
  • The team of Atlantis gear up for their final mission in an energetic and frenetic close to the series. A good episode to end the show. I'm just sorry that this is the final episode.

    A good series finale. Plenty of action and a tie-in to the main enemy of the series, the Wraith (not the Replicators). Many close calls and since this was the series finale, I actually did wonder if they were going to kill any characters off. For a few minutes, I thought they might actually have Sheppard go through with the suicide mission, until I remembered that the entire Atlantis city was arriving soon.

    I thought Ronon had been killed off for good. I'm not sure I understand how Sheppard knew to go back for him, but it doesn't matter too much. The episode was entertaining and a good end point for the five-year run of the show. Since SGA has a definite lighter side, it was appropriate to end on a happy note, with no main character deaths and a safe Earth.

    The producers brought some of the minor characters back like Kavanaugh (who looks much more like a scientist with the short hair than with the ponytail from his previous episode) and Col. Ellis (whose lines were delivered in an awkward and wooden fashion by actor Michael Beach). Nice tip of the hat to long-time viewers. Also great to see Samantha Carter return at the end. Her departure from the show was far too abrupt at the beginning of the season. They never showed her reaction to the loss of the Atlantis command other than a close-up lasting a couple seconds. We never heard from her again until this series finale.

    I still wonder about some of the other characters from previous seasons like Elizabeth Weir and Lt. Ford. Maybe there could have been a passing reference to those two, either in a flashback or a statement from one of the other characters.

    When Carter mentioned the re-naming of the new ship Phoenix to General Hammond in honor of the former commander, it seemed like the actress Amanda Tapping was in genuine emotional pain because the actor who played Hammond died in real life in 2008. The two worked together on SG-1 for many years and it seems like they had a good, genuine friendship.

    It's a bit sad to see the whole gang departing from television. Though there were some weak episodes in Season 4, overall, this was a very entertaining and enjoyable series. A lot of fun, a lot of action, humorous characters and a good time. Sorry to see them ride off into the sunset.
  • Ecstatic because of the great episode. Tearful that its the end.

    Why is it always in Stargate that when things get better it has to end? It also happened in SG1. Just when our guys got their hands on some kick ass Asgard tech they canceled the show. Now after the end of SG1 when Atlantis looks to peak its performance it gets the axe. Its a shame since this episode showed the potential the writers of this series have to go on to make the series even better. This is a great episode no doubt and its one of the best season finales that I've ever seen. Its a shame to see the end of another Stargate series. And I just hope that Universe will be able to live up to the standards of the magnificent episodes we saw and loved SG1 and Atlantis.
  • *spoilers*One of the best episodes

    They did a good job with the final episode. It had alot of good twists. The story was cool. They brought in alot of characters from over the years. Sam, Major Davis, etc. Wouldve been nice to see O'neil or Tealc

    The wraith finally made it to earth in a new juiced up hive ship that was able to defeat the Daedalus and the apollo. I was shocked when ronan was killed but accepted it and then they brought him back so i was relieved. In the end They managed to nuke it and land Atlantis on Earth. Im sad to see this show go but excited for stargate universe
  • One of the best episodes ever!!!

    One of the best episodes ever!!!
    Some shows don't do a good wrap up, or over do it.
    They nailed it!
    It's sad to see the show go, but they left on a good note.

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    This is filler since I don't have a hundred words to says about this.
  • The final episode is amazing :)

    Thank you to the people you leaked the final two episodes online seeing here in Australia this amazing show never airs on tv :(.This has definetly one of the best episodes ever made in the 5 years it has been on which is alot to say seeing there have been some really great episodes. It had very nice touches with alot of characters from the 5 yrs and even some from the origanal stargate SG1 series.It had so many twists shocks and surprises that no one would have predicted.This series should never have been canned seeing its ratings were going well andI hope the movies are just as great.
  • I cannot belive it is over..

    Oh.. After all those years, this one ends.. I most say I tried not to get my hopes high as I have seen very many bad endings for series and only few good. But I think this one rather goes to the good ending list.

    I liked that this episode had that early seasons feeling - the whole action pack adventure with great graphics and magnificent scenes. I loved the whole way they managed to put everything together - to have the Todd around, the wraith, jumpers, the elements from Earth and from SG-1.. to have all those familiar faces around - Carter, Walter.. Beckett flying the city..

    And this episode had really tense atmosphere. i think we did not doubt that they will save the earth but in some moments it did look like going little wrong - they lost the chair.. and for moment I bought that Ronon is dead.. and ofcourse the beautiful ending.

    I think they managed to but worth point to the serie..
  • for us in the sci-fi community yet another sad day

    now i will be honest i never thought that atlantis could be as good as sg1, but how wrong i was. in the end atlantis was as good as if not better than sg1. as for the last ever atlantis the only thing that spolit for me was it was to short. it would have been better if had been 90mins, as everything seemed a bit rushed. dispite that it still did not disapoint story wise. all the usual suspects were there and playing major parts. the one thing that has been a top attraction for through the last series has been the involment of our friendly wraith todd played by the excellant chris hyerdahl, and once again he was on top form inhis own whimiscal way, as he once tried to enlist the help of john and the rest, to help him get another of his pesky underlings who had decided to do off in a zpm enhanced hive. which the ustwhile todd had been expermenting with. after seeing off the daedalus the hive picked up the message sent in last weeks other reality episode vegas, and off it went to earth. with atlantis in pursuit once again curtosity of todd who had yet more zpm's. once again john was about to risk life and limb in another kamkize mission by trying to blow up the hive with a nuke from inside. but the hive has a stargate on board and rodney ronan tyler and major lorn have gated on board trying to stop the hive, but fail with to no doubt the shock of us all the death of the mighty ronan. mackay stops john from blowing himself (and them) to bits. but to our surprise the wraith brings ronan back to life for information but only ends up being shot by sheppard et al. this to me is wear the things became a bit rushed. i think they could have went in a bit more detail about the wormhole drive that mackay had been working on, because the next thing we knew atlantis was intervening and battling the hive with out much success as the hive was to strong. but john and the team managed to contact the alpha and gate just as the nuke wipes out the hive. atlantis was forced to land on earth. where the usual team gathering took place on one of the varanders with ronan being taken there by tech amelia banks that was surprise. something to build on in a film perhaps. dispite being only 5 series and 100 episodes it was great from start to finish. it will be missed.
  • Atlantis goes home.

    A fitting conclusion to the series - Atlantis returns home!

    Well, this episode had everything in it - I think it had crammed in too much and it would definitely have been better as a two or even a three parter. Still, it was done pretty well, combining action with some nice, touching moments. Here are some other thoughts:

    Besides the stars, it tried to get everyone involved: Lorne, Banks, Zelenka, Caldwell, Ellis, Carter, Carson, Chuck, Marks, Kavanagh(!), and Davis (who's still a major!). And also Todd and Kenny.

    So General Hammond did die as sad!

    Wormhole drive - is that a convenience or what!? With that, Atlantis can go anywhere in the Universe. Add the alternate reality drive from "The Daedalus Variations" and a time machine, and...

    Ronon + Banks - woohoo! Somewhat expected.

    So the Odyssey is in some secret mission? I wonder if this is timed concurrently with the next stargate movie, even though Carter's at the SGC.

    With all the battles and explosions, I'd think they have to make up an incredible cover story for the public and the uninformed governments.

    I would have liked the ending scene to be just the four principle characters sharing their thoughts and feelings with each other. I certainly don't know why Banks had to be there.

    And so, it's the end of the series. With Atlantis on Earth, it leaves everything open for the upcoming movie(s). Until then, au revoir, Stargate Atlantis, and thank you!
  • See Summary

    Enemy at the Gate was a great episode of Stargate Atlantis, however as the season finale I feel it could have been a little better, or had better endings to each characters outcome. Despite that opinion the episode was excellent, full of action that kept a quick pace, drama that kept me on the edge of my seat, and character driven moments. I like how Atlantis "returned home" so to speak. I wonder if the Government in that universe will finally reveal what they know about space, and ET Life. I would love to be the exclusive broker to sell the real estate of Atlantis! Imagine how awesome it would be to live there, with those views. I think the price would be too high though. I hope to see more of Atlantis, maybe a surprise season, or movie, whatever. Great Series!!!!
  • Should have been a two-parter but exciting nonetheless.

    "Enemy at the Gate" wasn't the best ending to a series I have seen but it did deliver. The visual effects were awesome, with the plot being simple yet exciting. However, the whole episode felt slight rushed and contrived. In retrospect I would have enjoyed it if the writers had paced it a bit more over the course of two episodes.

    We meet Todd again which is always a pleasure, but he brings with him some bad news; a former "underling" of his (had to laugh at that!) has used an Asuran ZPM to power a Wraith Hive Ship making it almost invincible, and after receiving the signal from "Vegas", it begins to head for Earth.

    I'll begin with the good points. As is usual with Atlantis, the episode is full of brilliant visual effects of the "Uber" Hive aswell as the battle over Earth - something alone which makes the episod worth watching - and the story is a simple one, but exciting nonetheless.

    I do have a couple of problems with this episode though. Firstly, Todd's "underling" creates the Uber-Hive just before they receive the message from Earth? It would have been entirely more convincing and interesting if the Uber-Hive had been created as a result of receiving the message, not the other way around.

    Secondly, why haven't we heard about this "wormhole drive" before? If there's one thing I hate, it's when writers invent some magical piece of technology for one episode that hasn't been seen or mentioned previously. Suprisingly, this is something that Stargate is usually good at avoiding. Perhaps they decided there was nothing to lose with this being the last episode? Still, it would have been nice for McKay or Zalenka to have at least mentioned the "wormhole drive" a couple of episodes prior.

    Overall, aside from those minor criticisms, this is an excellent episode of Atlantis which combines the usual mix of eye-candy and storyline. And hopefully we will get to see more of the team in the planned future movie.
  • An interesting ending but a way too rushed episode.

    I feel like most others that this episode was WAY too rushed. They pushed to get it all together. Felt like too many open things in the episode. Yeah, leaves room for another series. But to be perfectly honest, if they had better scripts this season, this series would still be going, there is SOOOO much more they could have done and it felt like the ball was dropped. Overall its not a bad episode. the WORMHOLE drive, wow. But again, WAY too rushed and just things were surreal, too fakey, no power. It just lacked so much in this episode.
    I didnt know the series was ending, i download the episodes to watch them. But i could tell by watching this episode that it was a series ender. But again, way too rushed. It was like i was watching one of the recaps. just not good.
  • seams flawed

    i find it seems flawed seaming as the atlanteans held up for months under siege but 1 supper ship nearly killed the city and it was fully powered i find they have rushed the last episode way to much they should have just made it longer ie ran out of drones and all that crap rather than contradict themselves that the city's shields can't withstand a few mins of fire when it can hold up to months when its normal hive ships bombarded the city and was a a lot more than 1 like hundreds of hive ships cant be less than 1 super hive in fire power