Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 20

Enemy at the Gate

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Now....THAT'S...a finale!!!

    HOLY COW!!!! What a rollercoaster ride that was! I'm glad I watched that episode spoiler free because I truly enjoyed it! - New Daedalus-class ship named Gen. Hammond. That got me a teared-up. That was a nice touching tribute to Gen. Hammond and Don Davis. I liked how Sam and John mentioned what a good man he was.

    - Love John Sheppard in the SGC. - Love seeing Major Davis (poor guy STILL a major.....this guy ahs been a major ever since Sam was a Captain......somebody please give the guy promotion. )

    - Also love seeing Walter as always.

    - I love how John didn't trust Todd and held him prisoner. And....threatened to kill him if he steps out of line.

    - Love how Carson gets to fly he is second to John in operating the Chair. Love how Carson fires the drones at the Hive. Pretty cool. - When Ronon was stabbed.....I thought he was gonna die. I bursted out crying. I was like....NOOOOO.....RONON!!! Then....of course the Wraith brought him back. Though....I'm still quite confused why the Wraith brought him back. They could've use the ship's censors to track the rest of them.

    - I thought it was pretty cool to see Atlantis in the Milky Way and on Earth. - I loved the ending with them looking out a the San Francisco Bay. And....I thought that it was pretty fitting that they looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. I few questions.......

    - How long can they keep Atlantis cloaked?
    - Will they keep Atlantis on Earth?
    - If they do keep Atlantis....where would they keep her?
    - How will they explain the big fireball falling down from the sky?

    Hopefully.....we'll get some answers in the Atlantis movie(s). Only one minor complaint.....

    - Cam Mitchell should've been there with John Sheppard among the 302s. Even...a nice cameo of him in the cockpit would've been nice. Overall.........

    Brilliant episode!!!!