Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 20

Enemy at the Gate

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2009 on Syfy

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  • for us in the sci-fi community yet another sad day

    now i will be honest i never thought that atlantis could be as good as sg1, but how wrong i was. in the end atlantis was as good as if not better than sg1. as for the last ever atlantis the only thing that spolit for me was it was to short. it would have been better if had been 90mins, as everything seemed a bit rushed. dispite that it still did not disapoint story wise. all the usual suspects were there and playing major parts. the one thing that has been a top attraction for through the last series has been the involment of our friendly wraith todd played by the excellant chris hyerdahl, and once again he was on top form inhis own whimiscal way, as he once tried to enlist the help of john and the rest, to help him get another of his pesky underlings who had decided to do off in a zpm enhanced hive. which the ustwhile todd had been expermenting with. after seeing off the daedalus the hive picked up the message sent in last weeks other reality episode vegas, and off it went to earth. with atlantis in pursuit once again curtosity of todd who had yet more zpm's. once again john was about to risk life and limb in another kamkize mission by trying to blow up the hive with a nuke from inside. but the hive has a stargate on board and rodney ronan tyler and major lorn have gated on board trying to stop the hive, but fail with to no doubt the shock of us all the death of the mighty ronan. mackay stops john from blowing himself (and them) to bits. but to our surprise the wraith brings ronan back to life for information but only ends up being shot by sheppard et al. this to me is wear the things became a bit rushed. i think they could have went in a bit more detail about the wormhole drive that mackay had been working on, because the next thing we knew atlantis was intervening and battling the hive with out much success as the hive was to strong. but john and the team managed to contact the alpha and gate just as the nuke wipes out the hive. atlantis was forced to land on earth. where the usual team gathering took place on one of the varanders with ronan being taken there by tech amelia banks that was surprise. something to build on in a film perhaps. dispite being only 5 series and 100 episodes it was great from start to finish. it will be missed.