Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 10

First Contact (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Pure genius...

    This was probably one of the most highly anticipated episodes of Atlantis in a long time, as it featured the return of Daniel Jackson. I loved the chemistry between Daniel and Rodney and how Rodney feels that everything needs to be a competition, it made for some really good scenes between the two. Along with having Daniel in this episode we are introduced to a new enemy. I'm not sure about anyone else but I find these guys really cool. If they want something they are going to get it, or you die. End of story. Like others I am curious to see if we will find out what is inside their suits. In my books this was one of the best mid-season episodes ever. It left you with plenty of cliff-hangers and left me wanting more.
  • So who are THEY? SPOILERS about the new race in review!

    Another great episode and the first part of two-parter. Now I can really feel that the story might end after all. If the humans will find a way to explain the wraith that turning on that device was a misunderstanding, then the life-sucking might be healed and one of the main problems would be resolved.

    So a new race in StarGate Atlantis? Well... as it turns out - it's NOT. They are the long lost former friends of SG-1. Yes! The Asgard! This is not just my theory - I found a clip where an Asgard comes out of that suit. An unexpected turn of events isn't it?

    Also the ending of the episode could have been better because we have already seen a similar explosion in season 3. The best anding would have been the clip I saw - with the Asgard.
  • Nice episode, and welcome, Dr. Jackson!

    An interesting episode and certainly looking forward to the next episode! While it was enjoyable, I do have minor reservations which will be mentioned. Anyway, lots of things are going on, and everyone seems to be taking part in this one:

    First of all, welcome Daniel Jackson! I don't understand McKay's behavior at the beginning towards Jackson. I understand he's very competitive, but I'd think he'd be more respectful given everything Jackson had accomplished - otherwise the character of McKay just hasn't advanced at all. Anyway, the two together make a somewhat interesting pair, though the chemistry is not perfect.

    Who are the aliens with Ancient technology? They've got some neat tricks up their sleeves! I wonder why they need the suits. Perhaps they're enemies of the wraith, which, however, is not necessarily good for the humans!

    Nice to see the Daedalus, Caldwell, and Marks again. That seemed too easy how Todd can overtake the ship! Lucky Ronon was there to accompany Keller, which also means the love triangle drama continues...

    So what happened to the Atlantis stargate? It probably survived the explosion, I'm guessing. The device, which destabilizes the wraith hyperspace technology, does indeed have a bad side effect!

    Why was Radek being the doctor? Aren't there any other doctors on Atlantis besides Keller? Anyway, Radek was definitely useful in this episode.

    Woolsey: Today is an historic day!

    Overall, an exciting episode with many questions to be answered!
  • Free falling armoured aliens diving feet first from a drop ship. Its Riddick meets Halo in an orgasm of sci-fi excitement!

    I love this episode more than any that have come before. It is heavy with CGI... we get to zoom around the vast city of Atlantis.. finally able to see its true size and scope. The armoured aliens are impressive and powerful when we first encounter them. It was great to see Daniel Jackson, and have him play an important part.. and the part of an archaeologist rather than a battle hardened member of SG-1. It seemed like more of a return to his roots to me. And the chemistry between McKay and Jackson was fun to see on screen.
    Less interesting to me is Ronan and McKay's gentlemanly interest in the good doctor.
    The pace at times lagged. But then would quickly pick up to a frenzied pace. The explosion of the two Hive ships caused by the Ancient device Jackson and McKay activated is a great twist. And makes wonderful strategic sense. And the flow on effect to the stargates is a frightening proposition. A gate exploding is like 12 nukes we are told. How many planets will be destroyed we can only wonder before McKay turns the device back off.
    And who are the armoured aliens?? What hides beneath the armour? Ancients? Ascended Beings? Something new all together... All we get is the 'To Be Continued'.
    And I can't wait!!
  • No words can describe just how awesome this episode was. Oh, that's right. There is....

    No words can describe just how awesome this episode was. Oh, that's right. There is.... It was masterful! There were two distinct stories being told that ended up interconnecting in the most fascinating way that would eventually lead to one drastic change in the overall progression of the alliance between Atlantis and the Wraith, Todd. The episode moved at a perfect pace with neither stories disappointing.

    In this episode, Daniel Jackson comes to Atlantis to look for Janus' secret lab. If you recall, Janus was the Ancient who built the Time Machine Jumper (two I believe) seen on both Stargate Atlantis and SG-1. He was also the guy who helped Elizabeth Weir when she originally came to Atlantis and accidentally transported thousands and thousands of years into the past. I loved how the writers decided to delve more into Janus's background some more and his many inventions. I alway found him to be a very interesting character that deserved more attention to. It's good to note that during Daniel's visit, he made note that Janus character was somewhat of a rebel/drifter type from the other ancients. Although we don't actually get to see his character, we at least got to see what other technologies and contributions he made, however dangerous they might be. And in fact there is an invention of his that will play a major role in the end of one relationship, the alliance between the wraith, Todd.

    The dynamic duo of Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay were very entertaining and fun to watch. It was a real treat to watch both geniuses at work and yes, they both saved the world countless times, but don't really get the credit they deserve; especially for all the discoveries they've made in technology being used as part of the defenses for humanity. It was nice that they acknowledge and continued the love triangle of Rodney, Jennifer Keller, and Ronan from last week's episode.

    We also get to meet some new baddies in this episode. Well not really meet... There's really not much to tell about them other than the fact they have Ancient technology and can penetrate Alantis shields with ease. I'm not even sure if they're human or machine but I'm sure all this will be revealed once part 2 airs in 2 weeks. Don't forget to check out the premiere of Sanctuary. I know I will. These guys captured Daniel and poor McKay and forces them to activate a device that can lead to destruction of the wraith. A device that Todd knows all to well? So obviously this has happened before. It sucks that we have to wait though, especially with the cliffhanger at the end of the episode. In the main tower where Sheppard and Zelenka were, the shields that protected the gate's event horizon from exploding into them failed. Ouch.

    Final Verdict: A++, 5/5, 10/10,
    Truly Masterful!
  • Best episode in 2 seasons

    Except for Midway, this is definitely the best episode in 2 seasons. What I've been missing since SG1 ended, suspense, action, twists! SG1 was great for this kind of episode, that has been sorely missing lately on Atlantis.

    Jackson and McKay find a secret lab on Atlantis, and it's been too long since they did some of those episodes where discoveries are made of the city they live in. I know it's vast but I enjoy where they explore the city and see whats in it. If it's suppose to be the size of Manhattan then there should be tons and tons and tons of neat things. The gate explodes, which mean they need to wait for deadalous to pick up a new one from another system that doesn't need it, maybe one of the ones used in the inter-galactic bridge... they are just sitting out there now. Obviously Todd knows of this device they activated, which means some of the wraith were alive during Janus's era, or the knowledge was passed... it's a cool device, despite the side effects. I wonder if any other gates on other planets will explode as well! What a fallout that will be.

    Cannot wait until part 2...
  • The beginning of the end... for the wraith and maybe everyone else.

    (Minor SPOILERS).

    I'm not sure wheather or not the wirters at the start of season 5 knew there wasn't going to be a season 6, but in my opinion this is the turning point of the show. It is a real drive for the plot of the upcoming movie and from what happens in this episode and next, it should be a doozy.

    Dr. Jackson and McKay find a secret lab and soon after encounter a race of robototic sentiants. There is plenty of action to be had here as the b plot is just as good with Todd the wraith meeting on the Deaudlus to perfect the virus causing wraith to become human.

    I'm only writing this review as I've seen a preview on youtube for the 'The Lost Tribe' and let me tell you it is a guarntee series classic moment that will take your breath away and you saying F&^K ME.

    PS: I shouldn't have watched it as I ruined the episode for myself. You have been warned.
  • I've been really disliking the series lately, this episode pulled it back from the brink. The Tracker was good, this episode was great.

    Excellent episode, very captivating, mystery, science, excellent plot, thank Oma that the bloody writers got their heads back in the game. Daniel and Rodney added a good mix and some character interaction. The wraith are dangerous again and not a neutered race of hand fed puppies that can be ordered around without consequence. The really hated the Queen episode.

    A new enemy other than the wraith, with a possibility of it being a suit containing an ascended ancient cheating the rules by hiding in a protective suit?

    A lot better than the weak sauce, teen movie of the week episodes they been churning out lately.
  • The best episode of the season so far

    The plot is clever enough to keep you guessing. Jackson comes to Atlantis and found archeological evidence that could lead to a scientific discovery... which is what satrgate is all about and exactly why I olove this series!!

    The tandem McKay/Jackson is great and wish that they would keep the show going if casting Michael Shanks; it is a great balance for McKay and it would make sense to have an archeologist on the Atlantis team.

    I'm also very gld that the discovery was made on Atlantis. In season 1, several scientists agree that it would take a lifetime to completely visit the city and there has been a great I found a new lab in Atlantis in a while.

    I'm not really sure where the wraith fit in the sotry yet except for the obvious fact that their ships are being blown up but i'm sure it will make sense in the next episode.

    What are the new aliens?? The ones Weir talked about? Are they related to the Ancients? Can't wait for part 2
  • A thrilling mid-season cliffhanger

    I'm not sure that announcing the cancellation so early in the season was a good idea. The production was already too far along to make any major changes to the material as a whole, and it's left me with a distinct "lame duck" impression of the season arc. Whatever they throw at me, I have no confidence that it will find resolution before the end. It's inevitable that the first couple "Atlantis" movies, just like the "SG-1" DVD films before them, will be devoted to wrapping up loose ends.

    It's not that this episode was lacking in the thrills of discovery and adventure; it was one of the best episodes of the season thus far. The guest appearance by Daniel Jackson made perfect sense under the circumstances, and the interplay between Jackson and McKay was genius. And the writers certainly developed a credible threat, upending some of the ongoing plot threads in some unexpected ways.

    I liked the new enemy, even if I had been hoping that the aliens from "The Daedalus Variations" would have made another appearance. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that this new threat is actually an old threat in new clothing, so to speak, based on Daniel's realization at the end of this episode. At the very least, it could serve to bring some of the disparate elements of the Pegasus Galaxy together if they were an evolution of a known quantity.

    It was interesting to note that a weapon that hadn't been used for millennia was so familiar to Todd. Was it something so catastrophic to the Wraith that they passed down stories about it? He even knew it by name! Granted, it was necessary for Todd to recognize the weapon and its probable source for the plot to work, but it seemed a bit too convenient.

    Far better was the conversation between Todd and Dr. Keller regarding the gene therapy and its effect on the Wraith. Todd is very candid about his intentions for the experiment, but more so regarding his misgivings. I thought his point was rather well made. After thousands of years of culture built around the culling of humans, it's no simple thing to alter their feeding habits. This touches back on elements of "The Queen"; Team Atlantis is so focused on what's good for them and humanity that they utterly overlook the perspective of the Wraith.

    I found that far more compelling than the usual mid-season finale fireworks, and it's too bad that the focus is always on the action instead of character. Todd's turn against the humans had nothing to do with philosophy, despite all the foreshadowing. Leaving out the new enemy and the supposed death of Radek and Sheppard (which will never happen) might have been less explosive, but imagine a scenario where Todd's decision to take control of the Daedalus was based on his inevitable conclusion that the Wraith would never change and that the alliance was hopeless. Played right, it could have been far more effective, and it's a shade less than perfect as a result.

    In the end, despite the Jackson/McKay show and the exciting chaos of the final act, I couldn't shake the feeling that the show was still suffering from its "lame duck" status. I keep looking for more, because I know each episode leaves us with less.
  • love to see Dr. Daniel Jackson back in action

    Good episode in general. I'm really glad to see Daniel jackson back, Really one of the person i miss from the SG1 serie. they better transfered him and not Amanda tapping last season. Good thing in the episode is the "competition" between Daniel & rodney. I give the episode more "feeling". Daniel plays very well, no wonder, after 10 years in the role, really love this actor in this part. Rodney sarcasm humor is really high in this episode what makes a little touch to the episode. The droids who took rodney & daniel got me thinking (little bit) of the army from Anubis in season 6 in Stargate SG1. I really was focused on the jackson part, not the Raid part with Woolsey. In the end the 2 merged, wich made the story complete. The thing that i really like was the filming of this episode. Was different then other episodes. In the beginning filming from one part of the city to the other. It's a little details, but i liked it very much

    Well , lets wacht part 2, to see what happens next
  • See Summary

    First Contact was a very interesting episode. It had action, intrigue, and excitement. There was a new race of beings, or perhaps ones we already know, introduced in this episode. They kidnapped Dr. Jackson and Dr. McKay along with a device that was in Janus's secret lab. I thought it was interesting how the episode played out. I always enjoy watching Dr. Jackson in action. This was a good episode for a mid season 2 part story. I look forward to seeing how things play out. The characters all played their parts well in the story. This story could also provide for future episodes as well.
  • Cataclysmic events lead to an discovery or was it other way around ?

    Stargate Atlantis taking a totally new approach! Yeah, the CGI on the city view all around from point A to point B and finally to the C made me go woo. First contact episodes are also really cool to watch, to see something never seen before of course.

    In the opening we get to see Daniel Jackson back on Atlantis once more, gotta love it eh? Hell yeah, never enough of old SG-1 characters in the universe. Rodney and Daniel cant never ever co-exist or work side by side since there's always a rivarly involved within. This time the new aliens are putting them to co-work with each other or they will find each other dead on the floor pretty much. Kinda nasty device these two found, and props for daniel on trying the Zelda Ocarina of Time type of approach on finding "lost" secret laboratory on Stargate Atlantis :p

    Also for me the best thing was the last but not least part when it hit on the screen....TO BE CONTINUED...
    Always in favour of continuing episodes and stories, didnt like much of SG-1 going once there and once here to breakdown the dialogue and story into so many small pieces.

    Overall this episode do actually rock! Gotta say that the "Queen" episode was nice, but this really takes the cake. Todd running around with his own plans and agendas, while SG-A trying to get rid of Todd's crew have to feed on humans...EXCITING!
  • Wow episode

    After tracker.. I was never expecting so strong episode like this and I was so positively surprised - first all the things going on: Daniel. As a person who watched SG-1 for many years, to have a familiar face there.. it is great and he and McKay teaming up - great to enjoy and the whole irony and the way those "mysterious" persons know so well how to go and what to get and the whole dialog while Daniel and McKay have been captured. And how the "side effects" just starts to kick in and ofcourse Atlantis have to blow off their gate. Amazing episode - had it all - lot of action, excitement, mystery...
  • started off slow but ended strong

    Daniel goes to Atlantis to try to find an ancient lab and, with the help of McKay, he finds it and they set off some kind of tracker which brings a new race to Atlantis. I almost stopped watching the episode at the beginning. It just seemed like they made a random excuse to get Daniel to Atlantis, however, it picked up after McKay and Daniel were captured. I don't really like the new bay guys...they remind me of super soldiers and they're really annoying... I did like the stargate blowing up at the end - that was cool. Overall, started slow, but ended strong and I can't wait for the conclusion.
  • Since the series has not been renewed, they decided to introduce something new for the direct to DVD movie. I am on the fence with this new race concept.

    I sort of lost interest over the last year or so as some of the episodes were just plain bad and so predictable. The writers seemed to be on remote control for a while but this episode while not sold on the concept was at least interesting and of course a two parter to create more drama.
    Is John and Zelenka to die, I doubt it, somehow they will survive with the Asgar or someone beaming them out in the nick of time. As for the end game machine, come on now if it blew up stargates in 3 days before why did it do it now in less than an hour.
    And the ships blowing up as they enter the hyperspace window and you can see it is in my opinion just hogwash, the window would open then as the window closes the hyperdrive would be undone and no one would ever know. But then that would not make for good TV.