Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 10

First Contact (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Free falling armoured aliens diving feet first from a drop ship. Its Riddick meets Halo in an orgasm of sci-fi excitement!

    I love this episode more than any that have come before. It is heavy with CGI... we get to zoom around the vast city of Atlantis.. finally able to see its true size and scope. The armoured aliens are impressive and powerful when we first encounter them. It was great to see Daniel Jackson, and have him play an important part.. and the part of an archaeologist rather than a battle hardened member of SG-1. It seemed like more of a return to his roots to me. And the chemistry between McKay and Jackson was fun to see on screen.
    Less interesting to me is Ronan and McKay's gentlemanly interest in the good doctor.
    The pace at times lagged. But then would quickly pick up to a frenzied pace. The explosion of the two Hive ships caused by the Ancient device Jackson and McKay activated is a great twist. And makes wonderful strategic sense. And the flow on effect to the stargates is a frightening proposition. A gate exploding is like 12 nukes we are told. How many planets will be destroyed we can only wonder before McKay turns the device back off.
    And who are the armoured aliens?? What hides beneath the armour? Ancients? Ascended Beings? Something new all together... All we get is the 'To Be Continued'.
    And I can't wait!!
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