Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 10

First Contact (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2008 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Daniel: It's not harmful radiation is it?

      This is a reference to the Stargate SG-1 episode "Meridian" where Daniel Jackson ascends/dies from radiation poisoning.

    • The book that Chuck is reading when he detects the hyperspace window is The Martian General's Daughter by Theodore Judson. This is the same book that Dusty is seen reading in "Whispers."

    • McKay: Yeah. This section of the city flooded the first year we were here.

      McKay is referring to the hurricane that flooded many lower sections of the city in the season 1 episodes "The Storm" and "The Eye."

    • Sheppard is seen using the HK G36 instead of the usual P-90.

    • The Stargate SG-1 theme is briefly heard in the first few moments before the end of the teaser for this episode as Daniel Jackson beams into Atlantis.

    • The planet containing the Attero device was designated M6H-987. It does not contain a Stargate, most likely because it appears to be in the middle of an ice age.

    • McKay: The last time I went down this road, I ... I kinda destroyed a solar system.

      McKay is referring to the events of the episode "Trinity" and the discovery of Project Arcturus.

  • Quotes

    • Caldwell: Marks, what the hell just happened?
      Todd: (furiously) How did you do that?
      Woolsey: How did we...? Surely, you don't think we had anything to do...
      Todd: (turning to face them) You tricked me.
      Woolsey: What?
      (Holding his arms by his sides that the others can't see, Todd slips a glowing yellow rod from each sleeve of his coat down into his hands.)
      Todd: This was your plan all along. Somehow you found the Attero device.
      Woolsey: The what? We have no idea what...
      (Todd raises the rods in front of him and touches them together. A shockwave emanates out from them and sweeps across the Bridge, everyone apart from Todd instantly drops to the floor, unconscious. Todd walks to the command chair and activates the comms to his ship. A Wraith on the Hive's Bridge responds.)
      Wraith: Commander. We've been trying to contact you. The other Cruisers were destroyed.
      Todd: I know. We've been betrayed.
      Wraith: What should we do?
      Todd: I have control of the humans' transport system. I'll begin beaming in our troops immediately.
      (Todd sits down in the command chair.)
      Todd: We're taking this ship.

    • (Todd is escorted by two armed guards to the Bridge on Daedalus.)
      Woolsey: You have an urgent message from your Hive.
      (Woolsey hands Todd an earpiece.)
      Woolsey: I assumed you'd want to take it privately.
      (Taking the earpiece and putting it on, Todd walks to the front of the Bridge and looks through the windshield at his Hive.)
      Todd: Go ahead.
      (Todd listens to the message.)
      Todd: Very well. Permission granted. I shall remain here.
      Caldwell: Is everything OK?
      (Todd lowers the earpiece and turns back to the others.)
      Todd: One of our facilities is under attack by a rival Hive. Our two support ships must depart for battle. My Hive will remain here, continue the work with Doctor Keller.
      Woolsey: I'm glad to hear that.
      (Todd turns and frowns at Woolsey. Caldwell looks at Woolsey, speechlessly. Woolsey's eyes widen.)
      Woolsey: Oh, not the "under attack" part. That's unfortunate, of course. I-I just meant...
      (Woolsey glances at Caldwell, then, looks at Todd's expression and trails off.)
      Woolsey: ...Never mind.

    • (The alien turns and the doors open. It walks through and the doors close again.)
      McKay: (turning back to the console with a look of frustration on his face) Great plan, Danny! Great plan!
      Daniel: (still staring at the doors) Why the suits?
      McKay: (over his shoulder) Huh?
      Daniel: Well, they're not in battle any more. Originally, I thought it was just their version of SWAT gear, but they still have it on. Maybe they're more than just armour, maybe they're some sort of protective suit. Maybe they can't function on our liveable atmosphere.
      McKay: Maybe we should just add it to the list of things that have nothing to do with the task at hand.
      Daniel: Those suits might be the key to figuring out who these guys really are.
      McKay: Well, you work on understanding them. I'll work on trying not to get us killed.

    • (Mckay points to the device from Janus' Atlantis lab.)
      McKay: That's the key to the whole shebang. I mean, Janus brought that back with him to Atlantis, but kept it connected to the main system here. One won't work without the other.
      Daniel: Well, they seem pretty convinced we can make it operational.
      McKay: That's because we probably can. I mean, we have everything we need here. The question is whether we should.
      (Daniel looks at McKay.)
      McKay: The last time I went down this road, I...I kinda destroyed a solar system.
      Daniel: Yeah, and I'm not too keen about experiencing those unforeseen side effects.
      McKay: So, what do we do?
      Daniel: It's simple: we, uh ... we reason with them.
      McKay: Oh!

    • (Dr. Keller and Todd are in a lab on Daedalus. Dr. Keller is working on a computer while Todd is wandering around looking at the equipment in the room.)
      Dr. Keller: We've run close to a hundred simulations based on full medical scans of the Wraith we've had in...captivity.
      (Dr. Keller gulps nervously, but Todd seems to take no notice.)
      Dr. Keller: They've all been successful.
      Todd: We both know very well that computer simulations and live trials are very different.
      Dr. Keller: I don't think we're doing this cavalierly. I stand by the data. It will work.
      Todd: Uh-huh. Perhaps it will.
      Dr. Keller: The question is. Do you want it to?
      (Todd turns and looks at her, humming thoughtfully.)
      Todd: I do see the benefits, even if we only use the therapy on some of my troops, say those whose lives, thanks to this war, are expected to be short. Why waste perfectly good resources on them, yes? But it will be very difficult for me to ask those around me to give themselves over for the good of the human race.
      Dr. Keller: But it's for your benefit too. If you don't have to rely on human feeding, the war would be over.
      Todd: Perhaps. (looks away) But then what would we do? Who would we be?

    • (Zelenka, wearing safety glasses, is attempting to drill into the chest plate of the alien. After a while he stops and takes off the glasses, looking at the drill.)
      Zelenka: Ah, it's no good. I just dulled out the blade.
      Sheppard: The neck.
      Zelenka: What?
      Sheppard: Looks like the softest part. Try the neck.
      (Zelenka looks uncomfortable at that thought.)
      Teyla: It's already dead, Radek.
      Zelenka: We think.
      Sheppard: Just do it.
      (Someone brings over another drill. Pulling his safety glasses back into position, Zelenka takes the drill and gets back to work. Almost instantly he calls out over the noise of the drill.)
      Zelenka: It's working!
      (Zelenka continues to drill, but then looks up at a beeping noise. On the chest piece of the alien, a yellow light has begun to flash. Zelenka stops drilling.)
      Zelenka: Oh-oh.
      Sheppard: Get out! Everyone, get out!
      (Everybody races out of the doors as the beeping and flashing increase their rate. The crew charges around the corner and cowers down as an enormous explosion goes off behind them.)
      Sheppard: Everyone OK?
      Teyla: (looking around to check) Yes.
      Sheppard: Somebody really wants to keep secret whatever's inside that suit.

    • (The alien is laid on the scanner bed and the scanner is running overhead. Looking at a computer nearby, Radek sighs.)
      Zelenka: It's no good. I'm still not getting any useful readings. The suit is emitting some sort of E.M. field that's disrupting the scanner. I have no idea how to shut it off.
      Sheppard: There's no way to penetrate the shell and see what's under there?
      Zelenka: I'm afraid not.
      Teyla: Do you think there's a human underneath all that armour?
      Sheppard: Impossible to say. Could be a robot.
      Zelenka: One thing's for sure: it's not like anything we've ever seen before.
      Teyla: Well, Doctor Weir did say that there were other technologically advanced societies that we have yet to encounter.
      Sheppard: We just made first contact.
      Zelenka: What do you want me to do?
      (Sheppard looks down at the alien thoughtfully.)
      Sheppard: Cut it open.

    • (In Janus' lab, Daniel is sitting at a console and gazing at text scrolling across a wallscreen in front of him. Sitting at another console beside him, McKay yawns.)
      Daniel: You know, it's almost dawn. If you wanna call it a night, it's, uh...
      (Daniel takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes tiredly.)
      McKay: What? No-no-no, I'm fine, fine, but, you know, if you need to rest, I completely understand.
      (Annoyed, Daniel puts his glasses back on and turns to face McKay.)
      Daniel: Seriously, is everything a competition with you?
      McKay: I'm not sure what you're talking about.
      Daniel: I just found you a secret lab full of really cool Ancient stuff. I kind of think that should score me some points here.
      McKay: Okay, I will admit that I may have been little brusque with you up until now.
      Daniel: Just a little(!)
      McKay: But the truth is, I really didn't think you were gonna find anything.
      Daniel: Well, that much I actually understand.
      McKay: You do?
      Daniel: Yeah. I've spent the majority of my professional life being ridiculed for my theories...most of which turned out to be correct, by the way. I'm kind of used to it, Rodney.

    • (A Wraith shuttle Dart flies from the Hive and enters Daedalus' F-302 Bay. In the corridor nearby, Caldwell, Woolsey, Ronon and Dr. Keller wait together with some armed guards. Woolsey is pacing nervously. Finally the doors open and Todd comes through with two other Wraiths. Woolsey walks towards him.)
      Woolsey: Thank you for coming.
      Todd: Thank you for having us.
      (Woolsey clears his throat.)
      Woolsey: Today is an historic day. Robert Grosseteste once said...
      Todd: (interrupting as it looks at Dr. Keller) I would like to get started as soon as possible.
      Woolsey: Y-yes, of course. But I wanted to recognise...
      Todd: (to Dr. Keller) I have my doubts that your plan will be effective...(turns to Richard) shall we drop these unfounded pleasantries and get to work?
      Woolsey: Very well. (turns to Dr. Keller) Doctor Keller, lead the way.
      Dr. Keller: (to Todd) Please, come with me.
      (Dr. Keller and Ronon lead them away. The Daedalus guards follow. Caldwell turns to Woolsey.)
      Caldwell: Robert who?!
      Woolsey: (walking away) Never mind.

    • (Sheppard walks through the wall into the Janus' lab. It's obviously his first visit because he stares back at the wall in amazement.)
      Sheppard: Wow! That's pretty cool!
      (McKay, Daniel and various scientists are inside the lab.)
      McKay: Harmonic resonance.
      Sheppard: Yeah, I was told, but what happens if the sound goes off and you're in the middle of the wall?
      McKay: Well, the wall would break apart your body.
      Sheppard: (nervously) Maybe we should, uh...
      McKay: I've set up a sub-sonic tone generator outside. The wall is now permanently open. Don't worry.

    • (As the ship flies through hyperspace, Woolsey is sitting in the Mess writing on a notepad. Dr. Keller comes in, picks up a bottle of water from a table and then walks over to him.)
      Dr. Keller: Hey, Mr. Woolsey.
      Woolsey: Doctor Keller. (looks around) Where's your burly protector? It's odd to see you without him nowadays.
      Dr. Keller: (smiling) He's in the lab.
      (Dr. Keller gestures to his notepad.)
      Dr. Keller: What are you working on?
      Woolsey: A speech.
      Dr. Keller: What for?
      Woolsey: Well, this is a fairly momentous occasion. The Wraith will take a step forward, not only for their own benefit but for that of the entire galaxy. It's an historic day. I just think it deserves some recognition.
      Dr. Keller: Well, what have you got so far?
      (Woolsey looks down at his pad and starts to read.)
      Woolsey: "Today is an historic day."
      (That's all he has written so far. He looks up at her, embarrassed.)
      Dr. Keller: It's a good place to start.
      Woolsey: Well, it's a work in progress.

    • (McKay is showing Daniel photographs taken of the corridors after they were flooded. McKay flicks through the photos on the screen until Daniel points.)
      Daniel: There. That's the hallway. Can you, uh, can you zoom in there?
      (McKay glares at Daniel for a moment. Then, McKay types and the image zooms in on three round objects lying on the floor.)
      McKay: There. There are your light fixtures.
      Daniel: They must have been knocked loose during the flood.
      McKay: (bored) Possibly.
      Daniel: But you salvaged them, right?
      McKay: They're lights! They fell to the ground during the flood...
      Daniel: Humor me, OK? I think we're on to something.
      McKay: (sighing) Right.

    • (Daniel stops as he sees a small recess in a column on the wall.)
      Daniel: Something used to be attached here.
      (McKay turns and looks, then sees a similar recess two columns along.)
      McKay: Hmm. And here.
      Daniel: (going to the column in between the other two) And another one. Any idea what they are?
      McKay: Looks like a run of the mill sconce interface.
      Daniel: Right! Well... (he shines his torch around the corridor) ...where are the sconces?
      McKay: I don't know! Maybe the decorator changed his mind.
      Daniel: You said after the flood anything worth salvaging was moved to the main tower. Now, please tell me you kept detailed records of what was found and where.
      McKay: (smiling smugly) Did we keep detailed records? Who are you talking to here?!

    • (Dr. Keller turns away from Ronon, grinning.)
      Ronon: What?
      Dr. Keller: Nothing!
      Ronon: What?
      Dr. Keller: (shaking her head, still smiling) Nothing! Nothing! It'll be great to have the company.
      Ronon: Great.
      (Ronon and Dr. Keller pass Rodney and Daniel going in another direction.)
      Dr. Keller: Bye, Rodney! Wish us luck!
      McKay: (waving) Good luck!
      (McKay stops and turns back towards them.)
      McKay: What do you mean, "us"?
      (Ronon turns and smiles at McKay smugly. McKay stares as he watches the two of them disappear around the corner. Daniel comes back to McKay.)
      Daniel: Rodney?
      (Daniel jerks his thumb in the direction they were going.)
      Daniel: You, uh...?
      (Daniel heads off again. McKay, still upset, follows him.)

    • Daniel: Now, none of these writers had any idea where the lab could be, but one of his young assistants recalls a day where Janus turned a corner down a hallway.
      McKay: (mock-quoting the entry) "Today: saw Janus in the hallway." There's a real page turner!
      Daniel: He chased after him with a question about his work but when he rounded the corner, Janus was gone. The hallway was a dead end. He had seemingly disappeared and, I think, into his secret lab.
      McKay: (looking more interested) Well, did this assistant happen to mention...
      Daniel: ...which hallway? Yes, he does.
      McKay: Oh. Well...
      (McKay reaches towards the laptop.)
      Daniel: Yeah.
      (Daniel leans back and lets McKay pick it up. McKay pulls it closer to himself and looks at the screen.)
      McKay: Hmmm.

    • McKay: I've been pulled from my regular duties to help him with his data base research. I've got stuff on the go, you know, important vital projects for the betterment of the human race.
      Sheppard: Apparently there are other people doing equally important work, Rodney, as hard as it is to believe.

    • Daniel: But several of Janus' peers suspected he had a "bastion of unfettered thought and experimentation." Or as one of his lovers put it…
      McKay: He had lovers?
      Daniel: "An isle of solitude within the city walls."
      McKay: That could just mean he was hard to talk to. People say things like that about me all the time.

    • Ronon: I think I should come with you on this.
      Keller: Really, why?
      Ronon: I don't really trust these guys?
      Keller: You don't trust Todd and his Wraith, or the entire crew of the Daedalus to protect me if something goes wrong?
      Ronon: I don't know. Both, I guess.

    • Daniel: He wouldn't want anyone around when he came in and out of his lab.
      McKay: Ooh, like the Batcave.
      Daniel: Yes. Just like the Batcave.

    • McKay: Doesn't that bother you? I mean, no vindication, no recognition, no credit.
      Daniel: Well, I could say the same thing about you. The discoveries you've made, you probably could've won the Nobel Prize five times over by now.
      McKay: Too true. So, I guess none of us signed up to get famous, huh?
      Daniel: No, we did it for the money.
      McKay: Heh. Good one. Wait a minute, you don't get paid more than I, do you? Do you?

    • McKay: They're going to kill you, we don't have a choice.
      Daniel: Yes we do.
      McKay: Okay, so I do nothing, they come in here, they kill you, who gets killed next, huh? Me. To tell you the truth here, I'm quite fond of me. So I might as well do it when you're still alive, as opposed to, you know, then.

    • McKay: You still alive?
      Daniel: I think so. I'd hate to think Heaven looks like this.
      McKay: Who says we went to Heaven?

    • Zelenka: Don't look at the blast!
      Sheppard: You might have mentioned that before!

    • Zelenka: No offense, but, the math I'm using is so complicated I don't know if I can dumb it down enough for it to make sense.
      Sheppard: Try.

    • Jackson: All right, good theory, so what do we do?
      McKay: Well, we gotta get outta here.
      Jackson: We're probably on a ship traveling through hyperspace, where are we gonna go?
      McKay: I'll think of something.
      Jackson: Really?
      McKay: Yep, always do.
      (Touches the cage, zapping him)
      McKay: Ow.
      Jackson: Oh yeah, I tried that, they zap you when you touch them.
      McKay: You could of told me that before I touched it!
      Jackson: I could have, yes.

    • Sheppard: Well, I guess I'll go back to being the boss.
      McKay: How's that going?
      Sheppard: Pretty boring actually.
      McKay: Well, you're more than welcome to help us crack this first stream cipher. You know, um, (to Jackson) he could've been in MENSA. (Both snort at the thought)
      Sheppard: Why don't you contact me when you two geniuses have a breakthrough.

    • Jackson: (after falling through a wall) Ow.
      McKay: Controlled magnetic harmonic resonance.
      Jackson: What?
      McKay: Apparently Tesla was close to something like this before Edison trashed his lab.
      Jackson: What are you talking about?
      McKay: That wall was specially designed to destabilize when bombarded with a very specific harmonic resonance. That's what the tones were. And the strong magnetic properties of the particles is what keeps the door from just crumbling to dust. It's a great way to hide a door, because, you know, if you're looking for a door to, uh, open, it's never gonna be found. It's like PolyGram, but better, because it's solid mass until the tones are played.
      Jackson: Right, so you could have just told be to walk through the door when you did.
      McKay: I could have, yes.

    • Woolsey: You're in command here while I'm gone, understood?
      Sheppard: Okaaay.
      Woolsey: Try not to blow her up while I'm gone.
      Sheppard: No promises.

  • Notes

    • Rachel Luttrell voiced the "Previously on Stargate Atlantis" line.

    • Michael Shanks is billed as "Special Guest Star."

    • International Air Dates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on September 29, 2008 on Movie Central and The Movie Network.
      -This episode aired in the UK on October 21, 2008 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in Sweden on November 28, 2008 on TV6.
      -This episode aired in Germany on September 23, 2009 on RTL II.
      -This episode aired in the Czech Republic on November 5, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi.
      -Syndication Premiere: November 21-22, 2009.
      -This episode aired in Australia on March 25, 2010 on 7TWO.

  • Allusions

    • McKay: There are levels of encryption on all the data here that even the most paranoid N.S.A. agent wouldn't use. I mean, it is deep.

      The National Security Agency is an intelligence agency of the United States government created on November 4, 1952 by President Truman.

    • Woolsey: Today is an historic day. Robert Grosseteste once said...

      Robert Grosseteste is an English statesman, scholastic philosopher, theologian and bishop of Lincoln. He is said to be the real founder of the tradition of scientific thought in medieval Oxford, and in some ways, of the modern English intellectual tradition.

    • McKay: Apparently, Tesla was close to something like this before Edison trashed his lab!

      Nikola Tesla was a Austrian inventor and a mechanical and electrical engineer. Tesla's patents and theoretical work formed the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems. Thomas Edison was an American inventor and businessman who is responsible for the phonograph and the long-lasting, practical electric light bulb. The two men were rivals in that Edison promoted direct current (DC) and Tesla supported AC.

    • Jackson: Well, maybe we need to activate them a number of times in a specific order. I don't suppose you recognize any of these three notes?
      McKay: What, do you mean, like, does it remind me of Janus' favorite Brian Eno track?! No -- no such luck.

      Brian Eno is an English musician and composer, who, as a solo artist, is best known as the father of ambient music.

    • Jackson: Well, it's remote. That's promising. He wouldn't want anyone around when he came in and out of his lab.
      McKay: Ooh, like the Batcave!

      McKay is comparing Janus' secret lab to the Batcave in the TV series Batman.

    • Zelenka: So ... well ... I'm using the work of László Babai as a stepping stone.

      László Babai is a Hungarian professor of mathematics and computer science at the University of Chicago.