Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 20

First Strike (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 22, 2007 on Syfy

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  • See Summary

    This was a great season finale to Stargate Atlantis's 3rd season. It was a great culmination of some major and minor story lines. A new Earth ship, Apollo, arrives in Pegasus with a plan to pre-emptively strike the Replicator home world where they appear to be building an armada of war ships believed to be for a journey to Earth to destroy it. Against Weirs recommendation the Apollo continues on its mission and deploys mulitple nuclear warheads destroying its targets. Shortly after returning to Atlantis an unknown object falls out of hyperspace. A satellite with a stargate, through which the Replicators shoot a constant energy beam at the Apollo then at Atlantis, with no end in sight except their own, McKay submerges the city. With no significant improvement, Weir approves a new plan to take Atlantis itself into space. All goes well until the energy beam hits Atlantis before the sheilds could be raised, and there are multiple injuries including Weir. But thats not the end of there problems as Atlantis prematurely drops out of hyperspace in the middle of nowhere, no planets or stargates in the void of space they are now in. Can't wait to see the next season, and what happens to whom.
  • Flying away...

    It was one of those episodes, were on the first half we wonder, was it really worth to watch and the end - it just makes all more than perfect.

    First - it looked really like Weir said - when things get bad, noone trusts her orders and she said it could be avoided but no - they did it and now they are paying for it.

    McKay has to solve impossible task again and this time it is huge plan - to get an asteroid in the right place and make Atlanis to FLY.

    A very impressive sceneries - the drowning of the city, the flying... and the ending - really well done.
  • Good Episode , Poor Weir

    Painful to watch because Weir got hurt and she was one of my favorite characters. The rest of the episode was excellent though i loved the part were the replicator satellite first arrives the music is just perfect. Once again we get to see another trick with the f302's, and maybe some idea of how the wraith moved those asteroids in Siege 2. I still don't understand why they thought nuclear weapons would work on the replicators when every other time its always been the anti replicator based weapons. And to believe the replicators had no defense against a primitive rocket is just sad. But this was a good episode excellent visuals and plot-line.
  • an ok season finale...

    Well this season finale was ok, nothing too special and nothing new. I know that Stargate Atlantis and SG-1 are different shows, but they keep reusing the same story lines. Military vs Civilian and the whole replicator enemy. It's just annoying. I want something new. Other than that, it was a pretty cool episode. Now Atlantis is floating in space...There was also plenty of funny moments and it was an overall good plot. It will be nice to see where they go from here. I hope they go back to fighting wraiths or they find a new enemy and I hope that next season will be better...
  • Great season finale episode!!!

    I enjoyed a lot this episode, mainly due to its unpredictability and its continues changes of situation...exactly when one feels that everything is going to be ok, something happens and the danger increases...A ship from earth lands in Atlantis and tries to eliminate the replicators, but when the apearences are that he manages,the replicators use a satellite to attack Atlantis...So, due to a well thought plan by McKay and Sheppard, they manage to leave the planet where Atlantis was located...but some problems appear and Atlantis is in danger of being destroy due to its lack of power...I can't understand how Dr. Weir survived when she was hit by that pices of glas, and that laser...Next episode will i think, be a dream one, especially now that SG-1 is over.
  • Atlantis comes under attack from a familiar enemy.

    I thought this episode is almost like Battlestar Galactica (the new one) meets Stargate! I mean that in EVERY positive way.

    BSG uses these mind-blowing twists in their season finales to shake things up for the season to come. This is what we have with this episode on SG:Atlantis. 1) Weir is gone. By this time most everyone should know who her replacement is going to be. For the sake of those who seek no spoilage, I will reveal no names. However, I am saddened by this development for two reasons. Weir fits as leader of Atlantis. She is a great leader. Second, and most important, no more Shweir. OMG, what was Gero thinking when he wrote this. This better pay off with TWO major cast changes. I wanted Shep and Weir to get together. Even more than O'Neill and Carter from SG-1.

    2) Atlantis on the move. Good "soft reset" as one of the producers have said. Moving Atlantis means new scenery, new possibilities, etc. Can't blame them for this. Plus its pure special effects eye candy coma watching Atlantis sink and then fly again.

    3) The Asurans take it up a notch. Like them as villains. Can't say enough about that.

    4) The Apollo. I still think that Col. Ellis is going to go insane and start shooting people...oh wait, that was him as Doc on Third Watch! Sorry. Anyway, he works on this show, since I guess that Pileggi as Caldwell has to leave. Does the Apollo have a sister ship named Starbuck? JK!

    This show rocked. Can't wait to see how Atlantis gets out of this and the changed planned for the characters and stuff this season.

    Sad it must be until September.
  • A great finale to an uneven season

    After introducing the Asurans as a formidable new enemy earlier in the season, the writers have kept them out of the picture for quite some time. Thankfully, that gap is covered early in this episode, which is just the beginning of the deep satisfaction this installment delivers. Not only does this pay off some of the plot threads left dangling in the middle of the season, it propels the series (no pun intended) into uncharted territory.

    The “first strike” policy touches on Weir’s struggle to maintain her leadership, a plot point that has been sidelined for far too long. Caldwell’s arrival in the second season seemed to hallmark a challenge to Weir’s authority and position, but despite her many mistakes over the years, her status has only been mildly threatened. This season could have taken the topic head-on, but it remained unaddressed until now.

    This still isn’t a direct attack on her leadership, but by emphasizing how easily the military and IOA can undercut her decision-making, it feels like the beginning of the end. Let’s set aside the reality that Samantha Carter from SG-1 will be taking over command, according to the press releases and the promo at the end of the episode; the story needs to establish the logic of that transfer, and it’s already been coming together. This is another step in that process, so even if it was sporadic, the arc exists.

    Character-wise, there’s still only minimal change out of McKay, which continues to be a major sticking point for me. After three major episodes this season, all of which should have resulted in some discernable measure of change in McKay, it just hasn’t happened. In fact, beyond the welcome addition of the gorgeous Jewel Staite to the series, “Sunday” seems to have had little effect, including the various character subplots introduced. It’s not anything to be applied against this episode in particular, but it’s deeply disappointing.

    In fact, beyond the challenges to Weir’s authority, the character development/exploration is set aside in favor of the plot. And as I said at the top, the plot works very well. It could easily been seen as an excuse for a number of truly impressive special effects sequences, but it actually followed a certain measure of logic. This was one of those satisfying cases where I anticipate the next possible turn in the story and the writers are already right there, making it happen.

    I’ve watched the episode twice so far, largely to determine whether or not the action was glossing over problems in the story. I was just as impressed the second time around. I would have liked more character shading, but the mid-season cliffhanger (“The Return”) tackled that approach, so this is a nice bit of variation. The situation simply didn’t call for it. This was about changing the game, and it fulfilled that function very well. It’s going to be a long wait until September!
  • The military versus civilian leadership episode again. This is an old story line, and they have introduced a new military commander to hate who is just following orders. Oh well, been there, done that.

    There are some things that if I were on Atlantis and in the middle of a sentence to get beamed to the ship would have really gotten me mad. Atlantis people are not under control of the military, they are under Dr. Weir, and McKay and Weir should have been really angry about the circumvention of the chain of command.
    I missed the last minute or two of the show, but I see how they can being Carter to the show. I just hope that we get rid of this whole concept and get something done about the Wraith, and replicators and should they get another invasion idea the Ori.
  • Season Finale with a kick.

    Meh. I know I gave it a pretty good rating, but it still bugs me that The Powers That Be felt it necesarry to get rid of Dr. Weir for a while. I have always liked her--she had great potential as a character that sadly went ignored after season 1--and may or may not find myself agreeing with future decisions.

    On the other hand, I'm a HUGE fan of the story as a whole...the human form replicators are great enemies and now they've forced Atlantis from the planet! Should be interesting to see how it all goes down. Also, LOVE Jewel Staite's addition to the show. Absolutely wonderful to have her back!
  • This was a very good episode.

    This was the best episode of Stargate Atlantis since it was very interesting to watch. I think that the storyline of this episode was really good. I hope that Stargate Atlantis has more episodes like this one since it was good. I think that this was the best episode of the season. This was a very good episode. I liked this episode because it was written very well and I think that there should have been more well written episodes like this one. I think that next season there will be more, which will make the next season very good to watch.
  • This was a great season finale worth watching.

    What a great season finale. They have now jumped from one enemy to a master enemy who also is out for total destruction. You have to love this show almost as much as #1 Stargate SG-1. McKay and Sheppard have both outdone their selves on this episode by saving Atlantis. But the battle is not over yet. Replicators have never been the type to give up that easy. Plus the Atlantis team now has to figure out how to get their selves back down with not enough power. I am still trying to figure out about Dr. Weir. She looked like she would have died with the type of injuries she sustained. But I thought I seen her in the previews for a future episode. I know that Amanda Tapping is joining the crew next season, which the preview did say as the commander, so now I just have to wait and see for myself what happens.
  • Fantastic episode.

    This episode showed how great Stargate Atlantis realy is. This episode was well written and plotted. The main story was very exciting, never knowing if the team could stop the energy wave. After seeing Weir seriosly injured during this episode, i wonder if she will fully recover. Nonetheless this episode left series 3 on a big clift hanger, Atlantis is in the middle of nowhere and they have no power left to power the shelds. I'm glad the writers have gone back to their old ways, leaving us wanting more. The relicators are mounting up to being a seriousenemy for Atlantis, i hope this can be explored in more detail in season 4. Anyway i look forward to seeing Amada Tapping on Atlantis next year. I can't wait for next season.
  • well there baaacccckkkkkkkkk...

    Yes those frakking replicators are back....again...and they intend on attacking Earth....the SGC have a new ship called Apollo....(wonder if its got the new Asgard Technology installed) inform Atlantis what the Replicators are up to, and to tell Atlantis that they are making "First Strike".(Bad idea)
    Now this a 2 parter..i hate it when they do this especially when it is a series finale...and we have to wait until Autumn to see what happens.....I was mortified when Carson Becket died...WHY????i loved him...
    and now Dr Weir is injured.....will she die....will Samantha Carter take Season 4??????Will she arrive in time to save Atlantis from the Replicators...i do not you??????
  • Ok well this episode had the replicators coming back to attack Atlantis. First of the Apollo arriving in to Atlantis with a new mission, to mount an attack against the replicators who have been building ships to Attack Earth and Atlantis.

    After the attack on the Replicators planet a mysterious satellite with a Stargate arrives above the planet where Atlantis is and begins an attack on the station. Left with no choice Dr. Weir must submerge the station back into the water, after they find out that submerging the station did not take the strain off the shield they come up with the idea of taking the station out to a new planet where they would be save. Towards the end of this episode in order to take the station out into space they must drop the shields to gain enough energy to get out into space, once they have enough momentum they activate the shields but not before the energy weapon hit’s the command center of Atlantis and there are several injuries. One of them being Dr. Weir, it is uncertain what happens to her because they take her to the infirmary to check her out, at that moment the station drops out of hyperspace and is left with only 24 hours of energy left. I just hope that Elizabeth makes it because it would be a shame if they kill of her character.
  • a true series finale for Stargate Atlantis

    What an episode, shows just why stargate atlantis is one of the best sci-fi shows ever. Not as good as SG-1, but still good. The ending for this episode shows that you want to find out what happens. The city sinking to the bottom of the ocean and then flying, how often do you see that. Always nice to see a new ship as well, espcially when its first task is to blow up a planet with 6 nukes. Thats always fun to watch anyday. Can't wait to fid out what happens at the beginning of the 4th seasons. Also to see how they get out of this predicerment.
  • The new Dadelus class ship, Apollo arrives with Colonel Ellis in charge, and with a mission that Elizabeth is very much against, but is overuled by the IOA and O'Neill and must make a huge decision after the mission brings about serious consequences.

    The latest edition in the Dadelus class ship, the Apollo arrives in the Pegasus Galaxy a head of time and with a mission that could potentially start a war with an enemy almost if not worse then the wraith,the Pegasus Replicators.

    I really like this episode, we were introduced to the latest ship a new Colonel, and the second newest addition to Atlantis Jewel Staite and the stargate dialer FINALLY GOT A NAME! CHUCK!!!!

    We also get to see Shepperd and McKay in the new Fatigues, McKay looks weird but at the same time, like his born to wear them. I only hope Tayla starts wearing them eventually too. I know Ronin isn't going to but yeah,maybe even Weir could wear them.

    We also find out that the Stardrive although destroyed by Beckett in the return part 2, was repaired and fully operational. This also marks a page in history as Atlantis leaves it's original planet, or at least what we think is the original planet.

    The name of the first episode of Season 04 makes sense now too.

    I really enjoyed this episode, although personally I was hoping the Apollo was going to be a new class of ship,I was disappointed when it looked exactly like the Dadelus.

    Whats this mean for Colonel Codwell ???

    Is he going to get the boot now, or are they going to have Atlantis have two ships now...

    And Carter is spose to be coming on another ship, so Atlantis is going to have more ships then Earth ever did!
  • This show has had some killer finales, and this season's was no different! (Spoilers)

    For the third time this season, the replicators have made a valliant attempt to take the city. This combined with some good sub-plots and character development made for a killer season finale that will have SGA fans crying for more for months to come. This episode had it all, and with literally everyone being so close to perishing... we will all be glued to the sets to see what happens next when Season 4 opens. Will Dr. Weir survive the blast? Will they manage to find a planet and reconnect to the gate system? Did Apollo follow and might be able to rescue the city? It left so much up in the air that the next episode while high in expectation will no doubt satisfy many. Such a shame the long wait for Season 4 begins...
  • The new Intergalactic ship, the Apollo arrives at Atlantis to assist, and an old and powerful enemy returns. . .

    Ahh...This is THE episode of the season. I shed tears when Carson bit the bullet. But this episode makes up for it! Great plot, great acting. . .suspense beyond beliefe. . arghh I wish I hadn't seen it so I could watch it for the first time again. A truly magnificent cliffhanger. I love SGA!! Can't wait til the next season. . or until the DVD comes out.
  • After a routine reconnaissance to the Asuran home planet revealed that they are building fleet ships, Earth decided to launch a first strike to destroy the ships in fear that the ships will be used to attack Earth.

    A great episode to mark the end of a season where the Stargate team ritually put their characters in jeopardy and uncertainty. This episode contains a lot of pretty special effects involved with submerging the city of Atlantis, re-emerging it, and making it fly (though I wish they'd remember to put the stars in the sky in some of the scenes).

    I think they should just let the Asurans invade Earth so they can just battle it out with the Ori, and they were too early to assume that the fleets were to be used for Earth invasion when they could've been built to destroy the Wraiths, as the Asurans have previously said. Which makes more sense because unlike the Wraiths, the Asurans have no use for Earth.

    As with the previous two seasons ending episodes, Elizabeth's rule over Atlantis is undermined by Earth's military, nothing new there. Jewel Staite seems like she's still exploring her character as Dr. Keller, so we'll yet to see how she'll do. Ronan is so sweet when he said he wants to learn science so that he can help the others. Sheppard's attempt to explain Fantastic Four to Teyla and Ronon cracked me up especially when Tayla said, "I'm not invisible. And why do you get to be Mr. Fantastic?"

    This episode is memorable for the various city 'actions (diving, surfacing, flying) and poses (sitting with sunset background and laser corona on the shield—and look! No star scape, they forgot)' scenes, appearance of the 'portable gate weapon', towing an asteroid with three 302s and Sheppard back on the chair (the chair is so underused). It's interesting to note that even though the chair seems to control everything on Atlantis (as the episode "Tao of Rodney" implies, when Rodney was trying to maximize power throughout the city), Sheppard didn't realize the damage the control tower suffered until the call came through the comm. So perhaps there's minimal loopback from the chair to Sheppard. Also, you'd think the control tower being the most important part of Atlantis, it'll be shielded first, don't you? Though mechanic-wise it's probably more efficient if the shield generators are not on the control tower.

    Good end to season three, some aspects has already been done before (Elizabeth overruled, enemy wants to invade Earth, SGC interferes, yadda), but looks promising with the new tidbits they introduced (especially now that the city has left the planet).
  • Yey just what i wanted to see

    OMG that was amazing it was such a good ending to the show. I was so pleased to see atlantis flying off into space and then of course in true style breaking down. The episode was very good and the acting was as usual very good. The episode was one of those that had my heart racing from start to end and i cannot wait to see what they are going to do now. Some questions remain like what has happened to the rest of the planet, how will stargate command take the news etc. Will we now see a series with a space base instead of on a planet.

    It was nice to see them work in the new Dr and have her not try to be his replacement and be more of a new entity makes you know noone can replace the old one.

    I hope the show continues to evolve in new ways as this could open up alot of possibilities for the show.
  • a spectacular ending to this very amazing season *spoilers*

    Well i have to admit although it seems they already did this one to some degree on SG-1 it was still fantastic.

    We start off with the introduction of a very self important captain of the new earth ship Apollo, who comes bearing news that the replicator people are building ships to attack earth and they plan to nuke them. As a first strike.

    Things turn bad when the replicators launch an attack of their own using a laser weapon through a stargate they launched over atlantis (yeah i dont know how that happened.

    They decide to submerge the city and when that doesent work they decide to try to fly the city away from the beam.

    Another Doctor has taken the place of Carson, although i think she will never be as interesting as he was, heres hopeing.

    There is much banter between Mckay and Zelenka here which is a good comic relief from the serious-ness of the situation.

    After much calibrating and re-calibrating and fixing things that worked a minute ago, they take off, only to have their journey cut short by power failure. with no idea where they are and losing power they have no where to land and many people have been injured.
    Then the 3 words everyones dreading appear on the screen. TO BE CONTINUED
  • Jewel Staite!!!!!!!!!

    The beginning of this episode got me really exited. I kept saying.... I know that girl from somewhere else. Then it hit me! Kaylee!! Please tell me that Jewel Staite is going to be recurring or permanent cast. I miss her and the old Firefly crew. I guess that is enough of me being a Firefly fanboy.

    I'm gonna miss Tori Higginson as part of the permanent cast. I guess the addition of Amanda Tapping next season will make up for it though. All in all, another great cliffhanger ending to a season, and as usual all of the hottest Sci-fi women around.
  • The high standard of cliff-hanger we've come to expect from SGA.

    Apologies for any spelling difficulties, I use British English not American and am mildly dyslexic.

    In general I’ve been a little disappointed by the second half of this season (with a couple of exceptions) but this episode brings Atlantis back to top form. It is possible to criticise this episode for unoriginality; after all, none of the themes are new – Replicators, Atlantis in peril, military vs civilian, several failed attempts at solutions etc. However there are very few original stories, it’s how they are told that make them interesting and engaging – and this was told well. There were some nice character development moments in this episode that added to the overall colour, Weir’s dissatisfaction with the military attitude played well, as did Ronan’s frustration at not being able to do anything constructive. These moments bring a lot more depth to what is basically an action episode.

    The special effects were also superb, especially the sinking of Atlantis. It would be an episode to watch again on the strength of that alone. One note though, while I do appreciate a good cliff-hanger, I sometimes think “to be continued” are the three worst words in the English language, especially when it will be months before the concluding part is available!
  • As series finales go this was brilliant

    I had been anticipating this for a long time and it lived up to the hype. I don't know what to think of Ellis but besides him I thought the episode was good. Seeing McKay and Zelenka discuss the orbital attack was interesting, and seeing them converse over how to rectify the situation was also good. The next few months are going to be long waiting for Atlantis to come back.

    I was not happy when Weir got hurt, I like her, and her character, especially with all the crap she has had to take. I'm now gonna spend the next 6 months working out how on earth they are gonna get out of this. Someone is gonna have to come and help. I mean it's not like they'll find a spare zpm somewhere, and the Apollo wherever the hell that flew off to has a ZPM to give them.

    Something good will have to come from this. As season finale's go this was brilliant, a cliffhanger, but you know that as there is a new season some thing good will have to come from this. Although I hope Weir comes through unscarred.
  • What a way to end a season! Awesome, and extremely tense.

    Where to start. We have new ship Apollo, we have city submerging then flying. CGI was at the level for this episode, effects are awesome, best so far. I really commend the staff for that. Storyline is great and i won't spoil that, but i will just say that is intentse and worthy of season finale. Acting was great, particulary Flannigan and Higginson. Hewlett was awesome as usual, the best actor there by far. I really enjoyed this season finale, it contains everything that finale must have: great plot, awesome effects and acting and most important for this sort of returning series: really BIG cliffhanger, and that's the best part... what are they gonna do, they only have round 24h ... or less. Can't wait for end of the summer to watch season 4 premiere, it should be blast.
  • When the arrival of the Apollo and it's new commander causes the destruction of the Replicators latest plan,it sets in motion the most exciting and radical new direction of Atlantis and it's crew... Onwards to new surroundings it goes!

    Well, this will be my first review ever,so here i go.
    Pardon my grammar, as english is not my mothertongue.

    At the start of the episode with the new colonel arriving i feared the repetative nature, here we have, once again, a military guy trying to usurp Weir's power and undermine her attority and make us find the guy unsympathetic. Which, much to my surprise, didn't happen (but they did try). Also at the beginning, the new doctor trying to get Weir to replace her, nice.
    The Rodney and Sheppard scene was funny... It showed us the leader Weir really is. And because of those scenes it made Weir's struggle with her being left,once again, out of any plans Stargate command made without her, concerning the Pegasus galaxy,the more potent.
    I think Torri nailed Weir's frustration.(only why confide with Tyla?) I also appreciated the colonel's and Weir's little conversation about 'not liking each other and having respect' It gave the colonel my sympathy vote.
    Nice to see struggling Weir again and her subsequent retaking command (in a way)

    The action was nicely spread through out the episode. Not like with the other two prts,where everything happens simultaniously.(or atleast as it felt to me)

    The Apollo arriving above the replicator planet and fireing their 'Horizon' was greatly executed. (the FX's were amazing) You really got the scale of things when the bombs went off. (But was i the only one who wanted to see what they build exactly? Ships, that we know... but were they Atlantis class?) The arrival of the 'Gatelite' was suspenceful enough, especially when it activated and shot it's beam at The Apollo first, before re-directing it towards the planet, where it shot down into the ocean and slowly moved up towards Atlantis (again great FX's)
    The beam slamming onto the shields and the way everyone reacted was cool.

    And again Weir in the spotlight,(to me she really shined in the episode, more then she ever did before imho)trying to negotiate with a familiar face... she really stood her ground.

    Sinking Atlantis was a nice twist and as Rodney said... Full circle..It was a nice extra, linking it back to the pilot episode.. (all these FX's shots gave the episode scoope as it never had before, atleast in this way)

    Positioning that asteroid infront of the beam seemed smart to me, but again a bit too conveniant..In how many hours did they 'towed'it there?

    Using the mining-station for the extra energy was predictable from the moment they found it three episodes back.. Also finally they have to use the stardrive (and chair again) I've been looking forward to this ever since the pilot. The way they shot Sheppard in the chair, circling him, was kinda melodramatic but not annoyingly so..The score added a lot to that. cinematicly it was a great shot. (Is it me or did it look a bit too easy flying Atlantis... or heck, sinking and flying it in one episode?)

    Beam gets through the asteroid and follows it's old trajectory towards, the now flying Atlantis. (is it me or couldn't the just go left or right? i know it could retrace them somehow..but still)

    So i was kinda glad the shield couldn't be put up fast enough ,so that the beam did shot through.( only just skinned the surface side of the tower...)
    But the shot was great, seeing all the glass blowing inwards with the eary red glow in the background. I wonder though the position where Weir stood and the way the glass hit her...I can't imagine her surviving that..

    So they shot into hyperspace, leaving the satelite behind...Got kicked out of hyperspace in the middle of nowhere... No planets, no nothing... Stuck...

    And then the magic word appeared..

    To be continued...

    I think it was one of the most satisfying episodes to me this season... And Weir suddenly looks stronger in my eyes.

    But was it me?..Atlantis looked so small in if she had less towers in the middle somehow..and a tad flat
  • I have expected far more from this episode.

    In the whole Season 3 of Atlantis there were not many interesting episodes.
    The whole currently aired Season 10 of Stargate SG-1 have had a great number of episodes way better than this one, like The Quest (1,2) or The Shroud. I liked The Return (1,2) very much and after reading some spoilers I expected that this episode will be far better than it actually was. Throughout 75% of it nothing has actually been happening.
  • could that have been any better?!

    seriously, they had everything in this episode. was absolutely the best. because of the versatility atlantis can have some insane cliffhangers as opposed to the original sg-1 series. elizabeth is struggling to overcome yet another military figure trying to assume control. replicators are back and threatening by building more ships on their home planet. after the new earth ship apollo almost whipes out the ships they are very surprised when a misterious object appears in the orbit above atlantis.

    the end to this opens up a lot of doors. personally i think there could be some more killing off of characters at the start of next season
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