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Dr. Weir now and Dr. weir Stargate season 7

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    I am watching the series as a repeat on Pick TV. The first time I have seen it.

    I was really getting geared up for Jessica Steen as Dr Weir after seeing her in Lost City 1 & 2.

    I rather liked her.

    Then hey presto New Order and Dr Weir is played by another actress ! I didn't care for her acting talent or charisma. For me, Jessica was far the better option. I was really looking forward to seeing her playing Dr Weir. I thought it strange how an actor can change from one episode to the next without any form of explanation.

    Sounds like some politics from the production team ? Is the series running out of steam ?? Running out of ideas? Becoming stale ?

    I shall post my thoughts about the new Dr Weir when I have seen more episodes.

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