Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 5

Ghost in the Machine

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Give the replicators a break for once we see some (mostly) good ones....

    I thought this episode could have potentially been brilliant, however for goodness sake! - We finally have 'good' replicators. With Fran a.k.a. Wier downloading all that tech info into McKay's computer, and getting rid of that rougue, what further proof do you need!

    They should have let them setup and make their human bodies - they could have been, useful tech savvy allies...

    I hope they realize that it was a stupid idea and bring them back and give them another chance, the potential there to boost their tech level of Atlantis, and meet other useful allies in the Pegasus galaxy needs to be explored. We had good Go'uld in Stargate SG1 (Tokra), so why not replicators, or Wraith for that matter ....