Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2008 on Syfy

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  • What was the point?? An annoying child actor that couldn't act, the Genii that actually do nothing...3 princess's one a traitor. There is NOTHING here to enjoy. nothing original and really nothing sci-fi!

    This episode has to be the worst episode in Stargate history. Totally unoriginal and a disservice to the genii. Who have been built up as a pretty awesome foe...but now are little girl killers. I found the ancient machine in the end a silly premise that was not fully fleshed out. And moments after McKay says there are 7000 possible combinations to replace the crystals the genii mixed up in the correct order once again. He does it. WOW! Mckay is too good...and thats the problem. I bought nothing about this episode. Infact I really hated it and wanted to turn it off. But I had hoped that there woulf be some great Genii reveal, or the ancient machine would have some great importance. McKay mentioned they had been looking for it for 2 or 3 years. But then it is dismissed. Something the script editors should have done when this script was presented to them.
    Hopefully we will be back to Good 'Ol True Stargate Atlantis next week.
  • Fourteen? Really?!?

    I know casting directors can be, oh, let's say, "flexible" when it comes to age but in this case it was a huge mistake. All I could think throughout the episode was, "She's obviously younger than fourteen going on fifteen." But for that I might have given the episode a 4 because it was predictable.
  • Simply terrible

    This was, by far, the worst episode of SGA yet. I wouldn't even illegally download this one.

    Ok, since I have to type at least a hundred words, I'll elaborate a bit. I was actually excited for this one to be over, and for the first time in the series, became a bit embarrassed about watching. The girl playing the princess was terrible. The whole plot was about as predictable as it gets. I did enjoy the... no, wait. Nothing. Not even the painting at the end could get me to chuckle in the slightest. I feel terrible about putting a bad review out on Atlantis, but I've gotta be honest. This one was bad.
  • This is realy bad episode. Prease don't do that again!!!

    The story:
    Preaty lame story. The only good thing is trat girls attitude, but in general the story is realy bed (I hope that this is because the strike).
    Story has nothing to do with the war between Wreight, Replicators and Humans, but that is OK with me as long the story is good.
    Big sister wants to kill his little sister because she is about to become a queen. The clames that her little sister is to young to be queen. In order to become the queen she has to go in jurney to this rock so her stone will glow again and she will prove that she is worth to be queen. But the little girl is realy acting like she dont deserve the crown. The geni are helping to kill her. They are realy bad warriors now. And the end joke was realy bad.
    I am realy disapointed. I gues it took 5 minutes to write this one.

    The production:
    This is realy low budget episode. Three characters Sheppard, McKay and Harmony (little girl) are in the most of the time. There is noone else fron atlantis in this episode and we never even see atlantis. Most of the episode is going one in the forrest. There are no fights, just some shooting.

    Realy bad episode.
  • Boo Boring

    I wondered when I got to the end who wrote it - and when I checked again I was like FIgures, Martin Gero, no wonder it was a snore fest.
  • The worst episode of the season

    The increased emphasis on character this season has been an answer to my hopes and dreams for the series since the first season. The writers are stretching out in some good directions, and generally speaking, I have few complaints. Unfortunately, since this has not been the strength of the writing staff in previous seasons, the occasional misstep comes with the territory.

    I'm not entirely sure that this is a problem with the character development itself, though it is ultimately part of the overall effort. The issue comes with the story itself. The plot is chock full of clichés, predictable to the point of tedium. I found my attentions wandering throughout the entire episode, and that includes the requisite glamour shots of Harmony's older sisters and their endowments.

    Harmony is the youngest sister of three, and the one who has been chosen to be the new queen of Generic Human Planet #87924803. Harmony needs to complete a trial to seal the deal, and sure enough, Team Atlantis gets roped into playing chaperone. (Or, rather, Sheppard and McKay, the default characters for any cookie-cutter episode.) As one would expect, one of the older sisters wants to be queen, so assassins are sent against Harmony and her protectors. Hilarity ensues.

    The writers had to know that anyone with a third-grade reading level knows this story better than their own family history, so they tried to emphasize other elements to make up for it. Sheppard gets to lord it over McKay for most of the episode, with Harmony happily helping the process along, until an amusing reversal puts McKay on top. I cannot fault the comic timing; it is easily the best aspect of the episode. Many fans will love it simply on those merits.

    But in the end, this episode tells us nothing new about Sheppard and McKay. Sheppard is a bit less flippant, in contrast to previous seasons, but that's been the case since the flight from Lantea. McKay is simply McKay, who will only change in the most subtle of ways, regardless of the circumstances. Some will no doubt compare this to "Missing", but at least that episode managed to say something about Teyla and Keller.

    One also gets the feeling that the Genii were shoehorned into the story in some valiant attempt to muddy the waters. Unfortunately, the end result was evidence enough that the attempt failed. The Genii were treated so generically that any assassination squad would have served the same purpose. Granted, this incident could come up in the future to redeem the idea, but for now, it felt unnecessary.

    In the end, the real problem is that this episode was reminiscent of so many other Sheppard/McKay adventures from previous seasons, and such comparisons only serve to remind the audience how often those characters have been overused in the past. In fact, much of the emphasis on character development this season was a response to that criticism. The episode feels like a step backward as a result.
  • Nothing, nothing at all

    What happened, really? Was there anything on this episode? First, I was so sleepy when I watched it and I was so sure - Atlantis can always nail my attention but no - that little annoying kid, who really was awful - not so much of her acting but somehow she did that - it looked wake. And then that it was only two man show and to be honest, I am tired of that. Atlantis is more than Sheppard always saving everyone and McKay fixing things. But this episode did not had nothing more. It was quite pointless and it really had no connection with anything.
  • Rodney finally gets the girl. She just has to grow up.

    Overview: Two gorgeous princesses, Mardola and Flora, on a medieval Pegasus galaxy human world sweet talk Sheppard and Rodney into accompanying their preteen sister, Harmony (aka Adria at 7 in SG-1 Season 10 "Flesh and Blood"), on her rite of passage as queen to nearby Ancient ruins.

    Sheppard and Rodney must protect Harmony on their journey from a "Beast" and some Genii hired by Mardola, I believe, who doesn't want Harmony to become queen and is after a Genii alliance. Along the way, Harmony develops a crush on Sheppard like pretty much all the other Pegasus women he's run across. She also proposes to him to be her king.

    At one point, when Sheppard decides to head back to the castle, Harmony slips off to continue on her own. Sheppard and Rodney go searching post haste. When they find her, she's roasting a bird over a spit. Impressive, but how did the Genii not find her? Since they're closer to the ruins, which the "Beast" doesn't enter according to local lore, Sheppard agrees to push ahead.

    Sheppard and Rodney eventually work out that the "Beast" is actually a defensive screen of Ancient microdrones that take out everyone who doesn't have the Ancient gene. Harmony, who has the gene along with Sheppard and Rodney, is able to recharge her pendant, an Ancient data crystal of some sort, as Sheppard and Rodney repair the defensive systems to drive the Genii off. Harmony gushes over Rodney who took her down from a hail of Genii bullets earlier.

    Back at the castle, Harmony storms into Mardola's room with some servants, who search her things and find a Genii radio, exposing her as a traitor. At her coronation, Harmony unveils a speedily crafted painting of a heroic-looking Rodney protecting her with Sheppard cringing in the background. Will she propose to Rodney, too?

    My reaction to Harmony was conflicted. On the one hand, she was bratty and manipulative. On the other hand, she was also smart, precocious, brave, gritty enough to eat a bird's heart, and a good huntress and woodsman. The things she can do with her little pocket knife. It would've been interesting to see her do 'em. It was also funny the way how she played McKay and made him look like a villain to Sheppard, stealing a food bar from his backpack and giving it to Rodney for Sheppard to catch seemingly red-handed. LOL.

    Something that wasn't clear as the episode went along was why Harmony was the would-be queen when she had two older sisters ready to take the throne? Who's ruling in Harmony's stead while she comes of age? And if Team Atlantis has been to Harmony's world before, why is it only now Sheppard and Rodney meet her for the first time? At one point, Rodney and Sheppard theorize about how the Ancients must have developed drone technology on the planet (very coincidental and convenient), which is why there are people with the Ancient gene who can use the Ancient technology in the castle. What technology? There wasn't any sign of it in the castle scenes.

    The pseudo-Arthurian light fantasy dialogue that all aliens on Atlantis and SG-1 speak in (except for Vala and Ronon who sound very Earth-like) was broken by modern-sounding dialogue lines such as:

    Harmony (to Sheppard and Rodney): "We can go when the coast is clear."

    Mardola (into radio to Genii field commander): "I need an update."

    And Harmony's name is pretty hippylike compared to her sisters' monikers. I have to consciously overlook the conceit that the aliens and nonEarth humans on Atlantis and SG-1 speak English. It jars when the storytelling suffers, like it did in this episode. It would've been nice if the producers had SG-1 and Atlantis discover translator technology they can use in offworld contacts.

    It also wasn't clear whether the Genii leader Ladon Radim sanctioned the Genii strike force or if they were rogues. What would Harmony's world have gained from allying with the Genii over Atlantis? And just what did Atlantis get from Harmony's world in return for all food, medicine, and help against the Wraith they offered over the last few years?

    The Genii in this episode were anonymous and not very competent. In one scene where Rodney and Harmony were without Sheppard, a squad of Genii got the drop on them. The Genii squad leader disarmed Rodney, but rather than step up to pistol whip Rodney and take Harmony, he let Rodney ramble for mercy for a few minutes. During which time, Sheppard maneuvered in the background to take out the squad with one shot.

    The unnamed Genii field commander was able to go between the castle to confer with Mardola and the forest search for Harmony without any apparent loss in time.

    The Genii have been glaringly absent this season. When we last saw Radim in Season 3 "The Return" Part 1, he was trying to recruit Teyla and Ronon to join him as he was organizing a resistance against the Wraith. It seems that storyline's been forgotten by the Atlantis writers this year.

    And there was no mention of why Sheppard and Rodney were offworld without the rest of Team Atlantis. It's just as well. I doubt Rodney can get a lot of stock out of beating Sheppard for the affections of a preteen girl.

    This episode encapsulates a lot of the sloppy storytelling that's been plaguing the series. After the first two seasons, I keep expecting more, but the show has been falling short for me in several episodes this year.

    I hope the showrunners turn things around before they get worse.

  • A simple story which really adds nothing but does adhere to good storytelling techniques.

    A simple story which really adds nothing but does adhere to good storytelling techniques.

    The plot here is ridiculously easy. On the planet of a trading partner, McKay and Sheppard are asked to escort the soon-to-be-crowned next queen on a ritual, nightly pilgrimage through the forest to some ruins. The queen-to-be though is a bratty child which leads to some fairly predictable albeit funny scenes between herself and both McKay and Sheppard.

    Toss in some palace intrigue and some Genii hunting the girl down and you've got some good storytelling with the stakes and suspense rising evenly throughout the episode. This is a hallmark of the SGA series. Usually, they can take and make any story work and entertain you even if the story adds little value to the franchise.

    And, that's how you'll feel at the end of the show. Yes, you can feel entertained but you feel somewhat cheated since nothing of any real value to the characters or the series has been added here.
  • Well, Rod and Shep protect an annoying girl. Fillllller.

    Here's the thing with filler episodes, they're fluff and everyone knows it. Nevertheless, they can be very "fun." Yet, there's something about nagging children (think Dakota Fanning in the War of the Worlds remake...or any of her movies for that matter) that just doesn't do it for me, no matter how witty the banter is between other characters. ESPECIALLY when the child is being portrayed by the same actress who played Adria in an episode of Stargate SG-1. Maybe my photographic memory is a little more developed, but as a fan of both I recognized her right away. For those of you who don't know, Adria is an evil Ori-human hybrid who grows (or "grew" I suppose) up at an accelerated rate to...well, that's not important. Either way, my first thought was "what the crap is this? Bringing back the Ori? But...this is Atlantis?" Not a good choice. They should have just hired Dakota Fanning.
  • A tuna and sweetcorn episode... makes a nice filler but there are better

    An ok episode at best but i feel the writers we're going for anything especially grand anyway and therefore they did ok.

    Nothing really to mention that hasnt been said but i would have expected a few more comments about the end painting... that was priceless and had me howling! Shepard hiding behind the rock it suck a cowardly way is great and shows there is still humour in the show after a few very heavy episodes.

    Are there so few actors and actresses out there however that they need to be recycled so much. The little girl in this one was Adria at age 7... the guy who plays Merlin had multiple parts in SG-1 as well. Come on... find some new blood else i'll expect to see Weir as the leader of a planet at some point except she'll be called Jeff and have green skin.
  • ok episode...

    This episode would be terrible if it wasn't for John and McKay somewhat making it interesting. First off, the story was stupid. A young girl had to go on a pilgrimage and McKay and Sheppard accomanied her as her body guard. Anyways, the genii show up and it gets complicated. The girl was funny, interesting, and manipulative at times, but then she just got annoying. How McKay and John interacted with her was funny. The outcome of the episode was predictable. Overall, this episode just lacked. . . . The story was bad, but at least the characters made it watchable.
  • Simple episode

    Well, this was a simple, predictable storyline. The actress who played Harmony makes a return to Stargate - she played the middle young Adria and did a superb job there. She's a good and cute little actress, but Harmony is very annoying. Poor Sheppard, after all that, Harmony only remembers the last act! McKay would love to have that painting hung out in the open on Atlantis!

    I don't understand the role of the Genii here. Were these soldiers following the orders of Ladon or were they from some other faction?

    Anyway, not much else to say about this episode - it was just a borderline okay, filler episode.
  • filler but nice thought

    we might consider this episode to be a filler (and it is) but it's a nice episode that brings one if the objectivs of stargate program, just to explore meeting new people and worlds.

    even thought it's not inserted in the big story of stargate it's refreshing just to see a new world without a big fight even if the gennii keep popping up.

    some funny scenes between mackay sheeppard and the princess and just to give the episode a nice discovery they found out an ancient divice that was used for training with mini pods.

    i think that the next episodes will still be a little slow preparingus for the big finally.
  • A trite little filler episode to get us through the season till better story arcs come along. The central character did her job as a brat but a little too well. When your rooting for a child to be hurt the story has a problem. Other than that the

    A trite little filler episode to get us through the season till better story arcs come along. The central character did her job as a brat but a little too well. When your rooting for a child to be hurt the story has a problem. Other than that the comedy of the episode wasn't very good. What was supposed to be funny Mckay and Sheppard chasing this spoiled brat but after a while all just got boring. The Genai were there why, what, and where? Another problem with this episode it was supposed to be one long site gag but was just a segway to my late night programming and nothing more.
  • See Summary

    This episode was good and had Harmony. Sheppard and McKay accompany a princess on a pilgrimage. The princess is a little creepy at times reminding me of the little girl from silent hill. However she does a lot of talking as well, and is a bit annoying. She is pretty wise and handy though for some one of her stature and age. It was a funny side track episode which was entertaining. This episode may have given us a good start for future stories. The new Queen, though a girl, may prove to be funny in yet another episode. I hope we get back to major story lines soon.
  • A treck trough the jungle with the Genii hot on their trail

    Okey, this was not one of my favourite episodes. It was good but that's it. Nothing more.
    Sheppard and McKay is suppouse to take a young (13 years old) queen to be to a special place for her to be queen. But on the way they meet with resistance, the Genii, wich one of the sister had made a pack with.
    The highlights: John using his gene
    The low: The Queen herself. She was the most annoying little brat ever!
    This was so out of place I have no idea what to think of the episode.
    Not my favourite storyline, but it had its moments
  • I was slightly apprehensive about this episode. The idea didn't really seem all that grand to me, but I think this episode was actually really good.

    Yes there was no gigantic battle, no Wraith, no exploration of Atlantis, or any of the main characters besides McKay and Sheppard, but I still thought this was good. It's nice to every once in a while do/see something completely different. Out of the four episodes before this; 2 involved the Asurans, 2 involved the Wraith, and one Atlantis. This was one of the first episodes of the whole show to not feature Atlantis, the Wraith or the Asurans at all, and it even had a little bit of the Genii which we have not seen in a while other than in flashback.

    I know a lot of people seem to have a large problem with this episode, but I personally don't look for 20 episodes of solid action and treasure hunting and emotional challenges in a season. I like a variety, and having 'dips' after very active episodes enhances the impact of the more active episodes.

    This episode had some awesome moments between the three characters, whether it was the snack bar, the painting or Rodney unintentionally being the hero. I didn't go into this episode expecting something brilliant, some jaw-dropping pot of special effects and emotional rollercoasters. What I got was a small amount of character development in a situation never before encountered. The mighty Duo had to deal without Ronon which was a nice break, not that I personally have a beef with him, but its good that they can still operate without each other.

    I'm sure some people will complain that this episode is yet more proof it's Stargate: Sheppard and McKay, but to be honest those people need to stop getting so annoyed that the show does not do exactly what they want it to. The fact is the writers write the show and the actors bring the characters to life, we're jus the audience. People should stop being back-seat drivers and just see where the show goes. I think this episode was good also because it opens up the possibility, even though we probably won't hear much about it, to see more of these mini-drones.
  • Comedy, action and suspense with further glimpses into the lives of the inhabitants of the Pegasus galaxy, where we see some hilarious interaction between Rodney, John and a little princess.

    What's even more astonishing is that Rodney of all people overcomes his cautious [read cowardly] nature to win the affection of the young maiden, it's true I swear. Anyway, the episode: while winding up a trade mission John and Rodney flirt with two medieval babes who entice them into agreeing to act as protectors for their little sister [excellently played by Jodelle Ferdland who stole the show] who's rite of passage includes a journey to ancient ruins while facing off a monster of legend.
    On the way those black hatted Genii [wait, I thought they were allies now?] interfere and fun follows.

    Ok... it could be classed as a filler episode but a high quality one.
    In fact, I'd take a SA filler episode over a regular episode of any other recent show.
    What it did show me was just how much more there is to explore in this realized universe, for my money Stargate Atlantis is now eclipsing Stargate SG1 in its general episodic quality , its actors abilities, level of action and fun factor.
    However, I still miss Tori Higgenson as Dr Elizabeth Weir and believe replacing her was a serious mistake, one I think the shows producers will regret later on.