Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2008 on Syfy

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  • I was slightly apprehensive about this episode. The idea didn't really seem all that grand to me, but I think this episode was actually really good.

    Yes there was no gigantic battle, no Wraith, no exploration of Atlantis, or any of the main characters besides McKay and Sheppard, but I still thought this was good. It's nice to every once in a while do/see something completely different. Out of the four episodes before this; 2 involved the Asurans, 2 involved the Wraith, and one Atlantis. This was one of the first episodes of the whole show to not feature Atlantis, the Wraith or the Asurans at all, and it even had a little bit of the Genii which we have not seen in a while other than in flashback.

    I know a lot of people seem to have a large problem with this episode, but I personally don't look for 20 episodes of solid action and treasure hunting and emotional challenges in a season. I like a variety, and having 'dips' after very active episodes enhances the impact of the more active episodes.

    This episode had some awesome moments between the three characters, whether it was the snack bar, the painting or Rodney unintentionally being the hero. I didn't go into this episode expecting something brilliant, some jaw-dropping pot of special effects and emotional rollercoasters. What I got was a small amount of character development in a situation never before encountered. The mighty Duo had to deal without Ronon which was a nice break, not that I personally have a beef with him, but its good that they can still operate without each other.

    I'm sure some people will complain that this episode is yet more proof it's Stargate: Sheppard and McKay, but to be honest those people need to stop getting so annoyed that the show does not do exactly what they want it to. The fact is the writers write the show and the actors bring the characters to life, we're jus the audience. People should stop being back-seat drivers and just see where the show goes. I think this episode was good also because it opens up the possibility, even though we probably won't hear much about it, to see more of these mini-drones.