Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2008 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Joseph Mallozzi stated in his blog that there was a mistake in this episode and that this planet was the one where the Ancients first developed mini-drones not the actual Drone Weapons.

    • This is the first episode of Atlantis in which neither a Stargate nor Atlantis itself make an appearance.

    • Nitpick: Harmony frequently refer to "lunar cycles." This seems to be used to measure their month, since it is a different planet in a different galaxy. But they would not use the term "lunar" to refer to the moon cycles on their planet since "lunar" is derived from Luna, the name of Earth's moon, just as "solar" comes from Earth's sun, Sol.

    • Why doesn't Sheppard use the life-signs detector to find the Genii and the Princess? As far as we know, Sheppard carries it in his breast combat vest pocket on each mission.

  • Quotes

    • Harmony: Provide me with cover. I will make it to the pedestal, summon the beast, and smite them.
      Sheppard: There will be no smiting today, little lady!

    • (Sheppard and McKay are back at the castle, after Harmony has been made queen)
      Harmony: Dr. Rodney McKay and Colonel John Sheppard, your contribution to my people may never be repaid.
      Sheppard: Well, we didn't do it for compensation, your highness.
      McKay: (Whispers to Sheppard) Kiss ass!
      Harmony: I personally owe you a debt of gratitude for your help defeating the regicidal Genii. I've had one of the court's finest artisan's feature you in a rendering of our glorious victory!
      (Everyone starts clapping as the painting is revealed. It shows Sheppard hiding behind Harmony as McKay does all the shooting)
      McKay: (Whilst clapping) Yep, pretty much how I remember it.
      (Sheppard just stands there, hands behind his back, frowning)

    • (Sheppard has just released the mini-drones, and the Genii have been repelled)
      Harmony: That was the bravest thing I've ever seen!
      Sheppard: You're young. I'm sure you'll meet even braver men than me as you get older.
      (Harmony grabs her necklace off Sheppard)
      Harmony: Not you, usurper! You're lucky I like you or you will be hung for treason! But you...(Turns to McKay) saved my life.
      McKay: I did?
      Harmony: When the Genii started firing at me, you through yourself on me, using your own body as a shield.
      (Sheppard has heard enough and walks away)
      McKay: Oh no, no, no, no, no! I just, I just tripped and fell on top of you. It was an accident.
      Harmony: And then, you pulled me to safety. You don't don't not like me. You like me!
      McKay: No! No, no, no erm...
      (McKay looks at Sheppard. Sheppard shrugs)
      Harmony: Yes! You saved my life and restored the ruins! You are a hero, Dr. McKay, both to me and my people.
      McKay: Well, I don't know about hero. Exceptionally courageous, perhaps.
      Harmony: And modest too!
      Sheppard: It's time to go, before the Genii come back.
      Harmony: I doubt it. They are a simple people, and I am sure they were most impressed by your actions. I, however, was not!

    • (McKay is repairing the ancient drone ruins, whilst Sheppard and Harmony are taking cover behind a stone wall)
      McKay: Ya know, you're not actually inspiring confidence.
      Sheppard: Yeah, how so?
      McKay: You're hiding behind a foot of solid rock. How am I supposed to feel out here, with only a cool breeze between me and the Genii?
      Sheppard: Well, you're more than welcome to come get cover for soon as you're done with those repairs.
      McKay: Do you have any idea how many crystal placement combinations there are?
      Sheppard: More than seven?
      McKay: Try seven thousand!
      Sheppard: Well, that's less than infinite.

    • (After McKay has inspected the ruins, Sheppard kicks the two Genii on the floor, that he had shot earlier)
      Sheppard: Wake up. What did you do to this thing?
      Genii Soldier: I'm not sure. I just re-arranged the crystals.
      Genii Soldier #2: Don't tell them a thing. They're gonna kill us one way or the other.
      Sheppard: (To Rodney) Can you get this to work?
      McKay: Well, not quickly, I mean, I can come back with a jumper and a small team and get it working.
      (Sheppard goes back to convince Harmony to go back to the village. As he is doing so, one of the Genii radio's goes off)
      Sheppard: Woh! Easy does it.
      (The Genii lifts the radio out of it's holster)
      Genii Soldier #3: (Over the radio) Eron, come in. Eron, come in.
      McKay: If we don't respond, they'll come and investigate.
      (Sheppard lifts the radio up and responds with a deep voice)
      Sheppard: Eron here.
      Genii Soldier #3: What's your status?
      Sheppard: Good.
      Genii Soldier #3: Elaborate.
      Sheppard: Real good.
      (The two Genii soldiers on the ground shout into the radio)
      Genii Soldier #3: Eron!
      Sheppard: (In his normal voice) Kinda busy, gotta go! (To Rodney) Well, it was worth a shot. You need to get that thing working, fast!
      McKay: Why can't we just run for it?
      Sheppard: We're boxed in from all directions. We've gotta get these mini-drones working or-
      McKay: Or we die.

    • (Sheppard, McKay and Harmony are approaching the sacred ruins. They notice a Genii soldier guarding them)
      Sheppard: I was afraid of this.
      Harmony: That's sacred ground, how dare he!
      (Harmony gets up. Sheppard pulls her back down)
      Sheppard: Woh, woh! I'll handle this, alright?
      (McKay gets the Wraith stunner out of his pack and aims it at the Genii soldier)
      Sheppard: I'll do that.
      McKay: I got it, it's OK.
      Sheppard: Look, look, just-
      McKay: Steady...come to papa...
      (Sheppard grabs it off McKay and fires it himself, knocking the guard out. Harmony stands up. Sheppard pulls her back down)
      Sheppard: Hey, hey!
      Harmony: What? You've subdued him!
      (Another Genii soldier appears. Sheppard shoots him)
      Sheppard: Now we can go.

    • (Sheppard, McKay and Harmony are in a cave when they hear the screams of Genii soldiers. Sheppard leaves to investigate, leaving McKay to watch over Harmony)
      Harmony: You're a doctor, right?
      McKay: Yes, yes, I mean, I'm not a medical doctor.
      Harmony: So, you're a liar?
      McKay: No, I'm a- (Sighs) What do ya want?
      Harmony: What does love feel like?
      McKay: Ooh boy!
      Harmony: Because I think I'm in love with John.
      McKay: Well, it wouldn't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last.
      Harmony: What does that mean?
      McKay: It means that a lot of people, particularly alien women, tend to fall for John Sheppard's good looks and charm.
      Harmony: Not like me, they don't.
      McKay: He's a bit old for ya, don't ya think?
      Harmony: I hadn't considered it.
      McKay: Yeah, well, he will so don't get ya hopes up.
      Harmony: You're not going to try and influence him, are you?
      McKay: I won't need to, trust me.
      Harmony: You don't like me very much, do you?
      McKay: No, that's not true, I...I don't not like you.
      Harmony: What does that mean?
      McKay: It means that you have a very annoying attitude, but I'm willing to cut you some slack 'cos you're still just a child.
      Harmony: Whereas, if I were grown annoying attitude would be less excusable?
      McKay: That's right. An adult would, er...
      (McKay looks down at Harmony)
      McKay: Hey, I don't have an attitude problem!
      Harmony: And I don't not like you.
      McKay: Oh, well that's sweet of you to say.
      Harmony: So, you promise not to get between John and me?
      McKay: I promise. And I'll give you this, you are a lot more mature than the women he usually falls for.
      Harmony: Thank you, doctor.

    • (Sheppard, McKay and Harmony are in a cave when they hear the screams of Genii soldiers)
      McKay: What the hell was that?
      Sheppard: The Genii just had a little run-in with the beast. (To Harmony) Alright, be a brave girl and stay here with McKay.
      McKay: Hey, hey, hey. How come I always get stuck as the babysitter?
      Sheppard: You wanna check out the beast?
      McKay: No. I'm good here.
      Sheppard: Thought so. Stay here.
      (Sheppard leaves)

    • (Sheppard and McKay are looking for Harmony, after she had run away)
      McKay: OK, I'm starting to hallucinate.
      Sheppard: Why, what do ya see?
      McKay: Not see - smell. I smell food, delicious, fresh cooked food. Roast beef, hamburgers, hotdog's, pork on a spit.
      Sheppard: Chicken.
      McKay: Yeah, sure, the more the merrier.
      Sheppard: No, I smell chicken.
      (Rodney taps his nose and beckons for Sheppard to follow)
      McKay: The nose that knows. Follow me.

    • (Sheppard and McKay are looking for Harmony, after she had run away)
      McKay: I'm gonna kill her.
      Sheppard: You really need to work on your child skills.
      McKay: We have been searching for her, for over an hour! We have had, not one, but two, close encounters with the Genii, all so some useless spoiled brat can make some meditation appointment?
      Sheppard: More searching, less complaining.
      McKay: Sorry, I'm hungry. When I'm hungry, I get cranky.
      Sheppard: When ya get cranky, ya get hit.
      McKay: Yeah, OK, OK.
      Sheppard: I wish Ronon was here.
      McKay: Ya know, you said that out loud right? I mean, I'm right here.
      Sheppard: Well, it's nothing personal. It's just he's a better tracker than both of us combined.
      McKay: Well, that's true.

    • (Sheppard and McKay are standing watch while Harmony sleeps)
      McKay: Listen, I've been doing a little thinking.
      Sheppard: Ya have, have ya?
      McKay: I've got a Wraith stunner in my backpack. She can't weigh more than 90 pounds. I say we stun her, and just carry her back.
      (Sheppard gives the idea some though)
      Sheppard: Hmm...Nah! We can't stun a thirteen year old girl.
      McKay: It's kinda dangerous out there. I mean, the forest is crawling with Genii, who know when she might throw one of her fits?!
      Sheppard: She'll be fine. She understands how dangerous the situation is. I taught it to her.
      McKay: I'm sure you did, but she is thirteen, she's unreasonable, among many other awful attributes!
      Sheppard: Ya know, they say you dislike the things in others that you, in fact, dislike about yourself.
      McKay: Oh, so what?
      Sheppard: Just saying.
      McKay: We're nothing alike.
      Sheppard: OK.
      McKay: She is a stuck up, know-it-all brat-
      (McKay looks at Sheppard. Sheppard shrugs)
      McKay: ...Oh, ha ha ha!
      Sheppard: Alright, this is about as dark as its gonna get. Let's get moving.
      (Sheppard and McKay turn around to find that Harmony is gone)
      Sheppard: Oh, no!
      McKay: On, that sneaky little... I told you we should have stunned her!

    • (Sheppard is arguing with Harmony about going back to the village)
      Sheppard: ...we're gonna wait for nightfall and then we're gonna head back to the village. End of discussion.
      McKay: Fat chance of that!

    • (McKay and Harmony are holding position whilst Sheppard scouts ahead. Harmony is staring at McKay from behind him)
      McKay: Stop it! What are you doing?
      Harmony: I'm burning you face into my memory.
      McKay: You-
      Harmony: This way I can give the bounty hunters a extremely accurate description of you.
      McKay: Alright, your highness, I've had just about enough of you with this whole-
      (Sheppard comes back)
      Sheppard: I thought I said "keep talking to the minimum"?!
      McKay: I wa- she was...
      Harmony: How many Genii are out there John?
      Sheppard: Well, if I had to guess, I'd say all of 'em.
      McKay: So, there are a lot of them?
      Sheppard: Yes, Rodney, a lot.
      Harmony: This will make the pilgrimage most difficult.
      Sheppard: That's funny, I was thinking the same thing.

    • (McKay and Harmony are holding position while Sheppard scouts ahead)
      Harmony: Tell me something, Doctor. The place where you sleep at night, is it guarded?
      McKay: I know what you're trying to do, and it's not gonna work, OK? And I'm not scared of you. You're just a kid, a bratty little kid. I couldn't care less if that you're going to be queen. In fact, nothing could impress me less! So, why don't you just cool it with the backseat act, and go back to ignoring me!
      Harmony: Surely, they can't guard you all the time?
      (McKay turns to look at Harmony, a disconcerting look on his face. Harmony smiles at him)

    • (Sheppard emerges from the forest after shooting the three Genii soldiers that ambushed McKay and Harmony)
      McKay: Where have you been?
      Sheppard: Well, my spidey senses felt an ambush coming on.
      McKay: Well, er, and you couldn't mention it?
      Sheppard: Not without tipping 'em off , no.
      McKay: Well, what took you so long? We just-
      Sheppard: I had to take a position so I could shoot all three at once. (To Harmony) You OK?
      Harmony: No. No, I most certainly am not! This one was going to hand me over to those men!
      McKay: No, I wasn't.
      Harmony: I saw it in your eyes! You were considering it! To save your own worthless, cowardly hide!
      McKay: I was keeping them talking. You know, I was buying us time. A little thing called strategy? Obviously, you're too young to know anything about it.
      Harmony: Oh, I understand strategy. In fact, I'm forming one right now. The second we return to the castle, I will instruct MY guards to-
      Sheppard: Alright, there's plenty of time to come up with punishment's along the way.
      Harmony: But John!
      Sheppard: Thumb screws, you like them?
      Harmony: Yes thumb screws are good.
      (The three of them continue through the forest)

    • (McKay and Harmony are held at gunpoint by three Genii soldiers)
      Genii Soldier: Drop your weapon.
      (McKay puts his P90 on the ground. The Genii soldier uses his radio)
      Genii Soldier: We have her. Map grid eleven, in a small clearing.
      Genii Soldier #2: (Over the radio) On our way.
      Genii Soldier: (To McKay) Hand her over.
      McKay: You're Genii!
      Genii Soldier: Step aside and hand her over.
      McKay: This is obviously some sort of huge misunderstanding, alright? I am Doctor Rodney McKay. I'm a close personal friend of, er, Ladon Radim. You know, your leader? I, I'm your greatest ally. You don't know who I am? I'm the genius scientist, the friend of John Sheppard, I gave you the bomb? No? Nothing? What do they teach you in Genii school?
      Genii Soldier: Hand her over right now.
      McKay: OK, let's just talk about this.
      Genii Soldier: I'm growing impatient. Our quarrel is not with you. Once you hand her over, you're free to go.
      McKay: Really?
      Genii Soldier: Yes.
      (McKay pauses for thought, and looks at Harmony)
      Harmony: You wouldn't? You took a scared oath to protect me.
      McKay: Nah, I don't remember doing that.
      Genii Soldier: I'm going to count to three...One-
      (Sheppard emerges from the forest after shooting the three Genii soldiers)

    • (Sheppard, McKay and Harmony are walking through the woods. After hearing about the beast, McKay tries to convince Harmony to go back to the castle)
      McKay: Listen, why don't we just tell your sister's we made it as far as the ruins? We don't actually have to make it there. I mean, they'd never have to know the difference.
      Harmony: I would know!
      McKay: Yeah, but you're gonna be queen, so who cares, right?
      Harmony: I care! My people care!
      McKay: Listen...
      Harmony: Perhaps it would be best if you stopped speaking. Your voice hurts my ears!
      McKay: Well, that beast could hurt my whole body! So, I'm sorry but this is not what we signed up for! Sheppard, back me up here!
      (McKay turns around but Sheppard isn't there)
      McKay: Sheppard? John?
      Harmony: According to legend, the beast attacks silently.
      McKay: But I thought you said the beast would know you were the queen?
      Harmony: Well, it didn't attack me.
      (McKay uses his radio to contact Sheppard)
      McKay: John? John, are you there?
      Harmony: It is strange though. The beast is supposed to only attack enemies of the throne. If it was going to kill anyone, it should have killed you.
      McKay: I'm not an enemy of the throne! I'm here to protect you!
      Genii Soldier: Don't move!
      (Three Genii soldiers emerge from the forest)
      Harmony: So far, I'm not impressed.

    • (McKay, Sheppard and Harmony are walking through the forest when they hear a sound in the distance)
      McKay: What was that?
      Harmony: That's probably the beast.
      McKay: Sorry, the what now?
      Harmony: The beast. The protector of the ruins of Lairos. Did Flora not tell you of it?
      McKay: I guess she forgot to mention it!
      Harmony: Don't worry.
      (Harmony gets a small pocket knife out)
      Sheppard: When you say "beast", I'm assuming that's a figure of speech, right?
      Harmony: No, it's a beast alright. Though no-one is quite certain what it looks like, those who have cast their eyes upon it have quickly perished.
      McKay: But your little knife will protect us?
      Harmony: I'm the queen. It will not harm me.
      Sheppard: Well, we may not get the chance to tell the beast that.
      Harmony: It will know.

    • (McKay and Harmony are waiting while Sheppard finds another route around the river. Harmony takes a power bar from the backpack that Sheppard left)
      McKay: Where'd you find that?
      Harmony: John's bag.
      McKay: That's not yours!
      Harmony: I'm hungry.
      McKay: Well, you can't just take it like that!
      Harmony: When I'm hungry, I eat.
      McKay: What's gonna happen when Sheppard finds out?
      Harmony: Well, he's not going to now, is he?
      McKay: Well, yes he is 'cos I'm gonna tell him.
      Harmony: I wouldn't do that if I were you.
      McKay: Yeah? Or what?
      Harmony: I'm the queen.
      McKay: Not yet, you're not, little sister.
      Harmony: Trust me, you don't wanna be on my bad side.
      McKay: Right, what ya gonna do? Have me beaten?
      (Harmony stares at McKay, without saying a word)
      McKay: Alright, princess, just hand it over.
      (Harmony hands him an empty wrapper)
      McKay: Oh, now you're in trouble. You just wait until Sheppard gets back here, 'cos he's gonna-
      (Sheppard comes back)
      Sheppard: Alright, I think I found a place for us, to, er...
      (Sheppard notices the empty wrapper in McKay's hand)
      Sheppard: Is that my power bar?
      McKay: (Points at Harmony) She stole it!
      Harmony: I did not!
      McKay: What?! You sure did, tell him!
      Harmony: I would never do such a thing.
      McKay: The second you were gone, she went into your bag!
      Harmony: You're a liar! You are a lying liar!
      McKay: Oh please! Who you gonna believe?!
      Sheppard: Well, if she stole it, Rodney, how come you've got the wrapper?
      McKay: Wa, erm, I was trying to take it back from her and then she wolfs it down and hands me the wrapper!
      Sheppard: Really?
      McKay: (To Harmony) OK, you better come clean, brat!
      (Harmony starts crying. Sheppard hugs her)
      Sheppard: It's okay, sweetie. Sometimes, he makes me cry too.
      (Harmony makes a fist at Rodney and laughs at him behind Sheppard's back. McKay looks defeated.)

    • (Sheppard, McKay and Harmony have just entered the forest)
      McKay: You gonna eat your power bar?
      Sheppard: Yes, Rodney. Told ya. You shouldn't be eating yours so early in the day.
      McKay: I'm starving. Usually Flora feeds us some sort of food when we visit. Come on, you hardly ever eat yours.
      Sheppard: No, Rodney!
      McKay: Well, will you give it to me later, when you decide not to eat it?
      Harmony: You allow him to question you so incessantly?
      Sheppard: I guess I'm just used to it by now.
      Harmony: Would it not be easier to beat him?
      McKay: We don't beat people where we come from.
      Harmony: Why not?
      Sheppard: Er, we find it's not very effective in the long run...unfortunately.
      Harmony: Really? You are a truly gentle leader, John. I admire that.
      Sheppard: Thank you, Harmony.

    • (Sheppard, McKay and Harmony are walking from the castle, towards the forest)
      Harmony: I must confess, I am quite looking forward to this. I rarely get to leave the confines of the castle. Although, I've had much training in forest survival.
      Sheppard: Oh, you have, have ya?
      Harmony: Oh yes. I have completed three sessions with Noma Nosbret. He's on of the greatest hunters amongst my people.
      Sheppard: Three whole sessions, huh?
      McKay: With the Noma Nosbret.
      Harmony: They were all I needed. I am a quick learner.
      Sheppard: I'll bet you are.
      Harmony: Tell me, which one of you is the superior officer?
      McKay: You mean, who outranks who?
      Harmony: Yes.
      McKay: I'm a civilian, I don't have a rank, but, basically we're equals.
      Sheppard: Technically, I'm in charge.
      Harmony: I thought so. You have all the makings of an excellent leader, John.
      Sheppard: Why, thank you.

    • (Sheppard and McKay have just been asked if they would escort Harmony through the woods, on her pilgrimage)
      Sheppard: ...Love to lend a hand, but-
      Flora: John...(Walks up to Sheppard)...our peoples have enjoyed such a fruitful alliance.
      Sheppard: Yeah.
      Flora: ...That has greatly benefited both parties.
      Sheppard: Right.
      Flora: I'd hate to think one of us would put that in jeopardy over a simple days walk in the forest.
      Sheppard: ...When do we leave?

    • (Sheppard and McKay are in the castle, talking with Mardola and Flora)
      Sheppard: Er, ya know, actually, we gotta get going.
      Mardola: So soon?
      McKay: Yeah, so soon?
      Flora: We were hoping that you could stay.
      Sheppard: Well, er, I guess we could stay a little longer.
      Flora: I hate, never mind.
      McKay: What is it?
      Flora: Well, I wouldn't dream of imposing, you've been so generous to our people already.
      Sheppard: What's the problem?
      Flora: Our sister. She's in great need of you help.
      McKay: I didn't even know you girls had a sister?
      Flora: We do indeed.
      McKay: And I imagine she's as, er, beautiful as you two?
      Flora: Even more so.
      (Sheppard and McKay smile at each other)
      Flora: And she is in great need of guidance.
      McKay: Guidance! That I can do.
      Flora: You are most generous. Excuse us, for one moment. I'll get her.
      (Mardola and Flora walk away. Sheppard and Mckay start talking about the third sister)
      McKay: Dibs.
      Sheppard: What?
      McKay: I'm calling dibs on the third sister.
      Sheppard: You can't call dibs!
      McKay: We both know that Flora and Mardola have been suckered in by the whole cliche heroic thing you've got going, but, er, this other sister, maybe her taste in men will run more to the, er-
      Sheppard: Geeky.
      McKay: I was gonna say cerebral but, er, who knows, we might hit it off.
      Sheppard: I don't need your love life screwing up our trade relations.
      McKay: I'll try not to break her heart but, er, no promises.
      (Mardola and Flora enter, along with the third sister)
      Flora: These are the men I was telling you about. Gentlemen, this is our sister, Harmony.
      (Sheppard and McKay have shocked looks on their faces as they see that Harmony is only a child)
      Sheppard: Super.

  • Notes

    • David Richmond-Peck (Genii Field Captain) previously played the Jaffa Commander in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Orpheus."

    • Extra's Jerry Penacoli who did a Behind the Scenes Special about the filming of this episode and played one of the Genii Soldiers guarding the Ancient ruins.

    • The exterior shots of this episode were filmed in Widgeon Park, British Columbia.

    • Amanda Tapping, Rachel Luttrell, and Jason Momoa don't appear in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on January 28, 2008 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      -This episode aired in the UK on January 29, 2008 on Sky One.
      -Syndication Premiere: February 28-March 1, 2009.
      -This episode aired in the Czech Republic on August 12, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi.
      -This episode aired in Australia on December 10, 2009 on 7TWO.

    • Crystal Lowe (Mardola) previously played Nya in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Emancipation."

    • Jodelle Ferland (Harmony) previously played Adria at age 7 in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Flesh and Blood."

  • Allusions

    • Lost:

      On the ABC show Lost there is also an invisible monster roaming the island that attacks people in the woods. From the glances the audience got at the Lost monster and the noises heard during its attacks it has long been rumored in the fandome to be a swarm of drones or nanites that form some kind of defense mechanism in a very similar way as the "monster" in this episode.

    • Sheppard: ...My spidey senses felt an ambush coming on.

      This is a reference to the comic book character, Spiderman, who had a 'spidey sense' that could detect danger nearby. The character first appeared in a comic book, in 1962, and since then, has appeared in several other comic books and movies.