Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2008 on Syfy



  • Quotes

    • (Sheppard and McKay are in the castle, talking with Mardola and Flora)
      Sheppard: Er, ya know, actually, we gotta get going.
      Mardola: So soon?
      McKay: Yeah, so soon?
      Flora: We were hoping that you could stay.
      Sheppard: Well, er, I guess we could stay a little longer.
      Flora: I hate, never mind.
      McKay: What is it?
      Flora: Well, I wouldn't dream of imposing, you've been so generous to our people already.
      Sheppard: What's the problem?
      Flora: Our sister. She's in great need of you help.
      McKay: I didn't even know you girls had a sister?
      Flora: We do indeed.
      McKay: And I imagine she's as, er, beautiful as you two?
      Flora: Even more so.
      (Sheppard and McKay smile at each other)
      Flora: And she is in great need of guidance.
      McKay: Guidance! That I can do.
      Flora: You are most generous. Excuse us, for one moment. I'll get her.
      (Mardola and Flora walk away. Sheppard and Mckay start talking about the third sister)
      McKay: Dibs.
      Sheppard: What?
      McKay: I'm calling dibs on the third sister.
      Sheppard: You can't call dibs!
      McKay: We both know that Flora and Mardola have been suckered in by the whole cliche heroic thing you've got going, but, er, this other sister, maybe her taste in men will run more to the, er-
      Sheppard: Geeky.
      McKay: I was gonna say cerebral but, er, who knows, we might hit it off.
      Sheppard: I don't need your love life screwing up our trade relations.
      McKay: I'll try not to break her heart but, er, no promises.
      (Mardola and Flora enter, along with the third sister)
      Flora: These are the men I was telling you about. Gentlemen, this is our sister, Harmony.
      (Sheppard and McKay have shocked looks on their faces as they see that Harmony is only a child)
      Sheppard: Super.

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