Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 3

Hide and Seek

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 23, 2004 on Syfy

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    The Atlantis Expedition Team and Athosians seem to have been here readjusting since the last episode, everything is calm and no immediate dangers arise, until a young boy is lost, and a mysterious entity strikes. We find out that the entity was an energy based being who the Ancients had trapped for observation and quite possibly helped lead the way to their discovery of Ascension. Again the writers keep everything believable, for the realm of the genre. I enjoyed the episode, its great to get little pieces to the puzzle of the Ancients and Atlantis. There was also some character development in this episode, which is great making the viewer connected, and you can relate which is great!
  • McKay gets gene therapy to help him adapt to the ancients technology. It works when he finds a device that attaches itself to him and repels everything. n alien accidentally escapes from its prison and threatens the people of Atlantis.

    Wow, a real drop in quality from the premier to this second episode. We spend a lot more time developing some of the characters in Atlantis and discuss some of the very real fears everyone has. I'm wondering if this is going to be one of those series that does a more costly action episode every other one to avoid costs?

    Even though he is heroic at the end, one begins to realize how pathetic and whiny Dr. McKay really is. From getting the initial gene therapy shot, to dead man walking, and finally not wanting to secure the alien in the trap. Weir knew what would happen when she suggested it telling us that they are pretty familiar with his general habits.

    On the other end of the spectrum, Lt. Ford almost gets fried trying to save one of his men. Pretty lucky that he just got shocked.

    It's interesting that Weir is so mistrusting of Teyla's people. I would assume that if it was one of them who signaled the Wraith that there were aliens on their planet then that same person could signal to the Wraith where they are now. There really doesn't seem to be any advantage to that type of relationship unless it is very old by generations.

    I also thought it was interesting that they would consider leaving Atlantis after all it took to get there in the first place. Where could they go that would be more advantageous than where they are?

    I still enjoyed the episode and the characters especially Teyla, Sheppard, Ford, and Weir. It will be fun to watch this show through its many episodes. Thanks for reading...
  • The Atlantis base is threatened when the team discovers that an alien entity is in the city. McKay's experiment with alien technology goes awry.

    Dr. Beckett's gene therapy has progressed, and he is finally ready for his first human test subject. Dr. McKay eagerly agrees, so that he can use Ancient technology like Major Sheppard. It's not long before the therapy is proven to be effective. McKay has found an Ancient personal shield generator, and soon tests it with Sheppard by shooting him in the leg, and even throwing him over a balcony -- neither of which hurt McKay at all. But when he wants to take it off he finds himself unable to reach it ...
  • A fine example of classic Stargate Atlantis episodes.

    This episode demonstrates the humour in Stargate Atlantis as well as the danger often faced by the crew. It was really funny when Sheppard pushed McKay of the second level railing and even funnier was the discussions that McKay began about how he would starve to death. As well as testing the strength of the Atlantis crew in finding a way to contain or destroy the dark energy the Atlantis crew also develops a sense of humour unique to Stargate Atlantis and further develops a character for each of the personal in Atlantis. A fine example of Atlantis episodes.
    A very funny episode. Dr. McKay and Col. Sheppard a great comic duo.
  • Hide and seek with

    This episode, mm... It did not get the story much forward and was much ways just an interlude but it was not bad - the excitement, nerve-wracking atmosphere and I did like that villain - that energy eating thing and the way this episode really show - new things can be harmful. And on the sceneries and on the new things on Atlantis what they found.

    But most of all - the beauty and the magnificent of the technology. And they have really had the visual great look - and the Atlantis keeps me amazed. And the beginning - it was very beautiful too. All the best shots about Atlantis as the scenery were there.
  • good episode...

    McKay messes with an ancient device and it doesn't come off. He can't eat or drink because it's like some kind of shield. It reminded me of a Stargate SG-1 episode where Jack, Sam, and Daniel had alien devices that made them stronger and faster and they wouldn't come off. Oh well, McKay was very funny with his ancient sheild thing. Meanwhile, some big black thing is draining energy in Atlantis and they have to figure out how to stop it, and they do, of course. Overall, it was an ok episode. They had to do exploring, but the big black thing wasn't very interesting to me. It reminded me of the black cloud thing in Lost. Oh well, I liked McKay's part in the episode, but not the other part. Overall, good episode.
  • Yeah, we explore the city a bit, but I guess the writers could have done better! Nice to watch, but not really special.

    Not every episode can be one of the best. This one is interesting, because it's a city exploring episode.

    They find a new laboratory and the transporter which makes browsing around the city much easier.

    The alien device McKay found will be part of the show again and it is realy fun to see Sheppard throwing McKay over the balcony after he shot him before...."in the leg!"

    I hope they will explore the city much more often in the future, because they could find many interesting stuff from the ancients.

    If the writers need any ideas? And at the end... McKay and not Sheppard saves them all! That's different....hmmmm? No, not really, is it?
  • Just settling in...

    Its has been a coup[le of days since thye events of the episode Rising and everybody is still trying to get used to life on Atlantis. McKay finds an ancient shield that protects the wearer. It was so funny when Dr. weir was walking along and she sees Sheppard push Rodney off the balcony. What I also found amusing was when McKay asked grodin to hit him and Grodin showed no hesitation at all. But the team also has to deal with a kind of mist that has a mind of its own but in the end Mckay is the Hero and he gets rid of the thing. Later...
  • Mckay can not remove a force field and is unable to eat or drink. If that is not bad enough, a mysterious creature is draining the energy out of Atlantis and time is running out for both Alantis and Mckay

    "Hide and Seek" has a lot of great moments that makes this episode really interesting. The coolest part of the episode has to be the giant black cloud that is draining Atlantis of it's energy. When you finally get a good look at the monster at the end, it is incredibly huge and a little scary. The side story of Mckay not being able to remove the force field adds humor to the story. I actually enjoyed this episode more than I did the pilot, the series already by the second episode has come into it's own and with a bang. This episode is really fun and will definitely make you a fan of Atlantis if you weren't before.
  • A brilliant start to the Stargate Atlantis series.

    When I watched this episode, however many years ago, it became a firm favourite for a long time. The episode had a brilliant balance of humour and seriousness. I think that because of the way the character of Rodney McKay was portrayed in SG1 it was important early on to show that he could be brave despite what his ramblings may indicate. It also showed the differences between the Athosians and the Tauri- one of my favourite moments being when John is attemping to tell a scary story to the Athosian children, but as they haven't got the cultural references he fails miserably. Following on from McKay proving himself, it was important that the audience could see Rodney's reluctant heroism so they would understand why he was on the team, just as the head of science may not have been enough.
    All in all one of the best episodes in the season, and in the series.
  • Cool.

    This was a really good episode. I most liked about how McKay have the ancient energy shield protecting him and also I like the way that Sheppard was shooting at McKay off the balcony. I think that's how I remember it. Oh well, what I'm looking forward to in this series is that the city of Atlantis. My friends and I want to know the whole layout of the city. I just hope it would be soon.
  • A more calmer episoide from last week

    *Hands-up who wanted to see Shepard shoot Scientist in the leg?*, don't get me wrong i enjoy him throwing the scientist of the balcony onto the floor. That shield is cool nothing can touch him but u just knew that was going becoming useful in the episoide. i liked how it worked but did anyone think it look simlar to kyntonite, maybe it's just me.

    The shadow thing, well those were cool things and a child accidental let it out, it's amazing how much big that place compared to SG-1 base and i'm still i wondering how long it will take for them to get full overview of the place. i'm trying my best not to say lift thing wasn't a rip-off Star-Trek nevertheless it was cool.

    After pilot episoide you kinda of expected a calmer episoide and this was good episoide not much story-line but some great chacter development, i will start with the Doctor, i hate his accent apart from that i liked him, Scientist, he is very amusing man, lady who came other planet now trust is something they did to work on. Eventually they have trust her when they go on mission.

    can't wait until next week episoide.
  • Amazing

    this was a really good episode of Stargate Atlantis but i think there is better ones that have been done but with that said the thing that i most liked about this episode was McKay having the ancient energy shield protecting him and the Major Sheppard pushing him of ballcanoies and shooting him it just added some comedy into the sreies and i think that it is a good way to increase ratings and make the show even better.