Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 10, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Finally Home?!

    This episode started really good. For once i actually thought hope has arisen and one again the bridge between Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies was open. Well unfortunately this is not the case, thought for quite some time they were all fooled that quickly changed and noticed that they hadn't even left the original planet with enough energy to encode the 8th chevron. An interesting turn around of the storyline, but not with the imagination i expected, still it felt nice seeing all of them getting to see a piece of Earth even if it was their imagination, and see that hot Teyla in some nice outwear.
  • See Summary

    This episode had an attention grabbing opening, though it started slowing down gradually. It was fun trying to figure out what was going on, but being a SG-1 fan, it reminded me of watergate, or the episode where they go to the Russian Stargate and find the other side is under water, but the water is alive, just like the mist on this world. Sometimes I feel that the series is just a repeat of SG-1 story wise, but with SGA's characters and locations. It was cool to see everyones version of each other in their own realities. Overall the episode was ok, but more of a filler in my opinion.
  • Dr. McKay discovers a huge power source on a planet where nothing seems to exist but a fog like (but not fog) atmosphere and a Stargate. He says it is powerful enough to return to Earth sparking a controversy about who should go and why.

    I am sort of on the fence about this episode. I was getting weird feelings about all of this before they even arrived back on Earth.

    First of all, no way would they let Dr. McKay fiddle with this device under the circumstances. I don't care how smart he thinks he is or omnipotent he acts both Weir and Sheppard would have overridden his decision to take out the device and install it on the other Stargate when there was not a 100% chance of success. There was not a compelling enough reason to go with what they had to work with at this point. It would seem that the chances are they'll find another power source sometime to power the Stargate and then they'll send someone back.

    The rest of the episode was sort of strange especially Sheppard's part. Weir did figure out sooner than later something was wrong. McKay didn't until he got into the science of the situation and found it was all drivel. Sheppard's reality with all the dead people had to be really surreal. It was interesting to see how they piggybacked Teyla's consciousness onto Sheppard's and she was along for the ride. Ford's was totally askew as they tried to reassign him?

    Also if you look at the episode it was interesting how the characters acted differently in each set of stories. McKay acted differently with Ford then he did with Weir as it was their own versions of McKay they were interfacing with.

    I liked the idea I think it failed in the execution somehow. Too many places for it to fail so I would start over from scratch. I enjoyed the acting and the settings so not a complete waste. Thanks for reading...
  • Illusions and dreams, in other word - dishonesty...

    I loved the storyline of this episode and for some time, they did managed to fooled me as I was really thinking they are home. Oh, I so thought they would figure something out but no - they did not.

    All the way different people have different illusions. Poor lieutenant - send back to Antarctica - he did not liked there. It was Sheppard. And all those people in Sheppard's home. It was really great but on that time, we already knew that they were not true.

    A real pearl episode, I most say. Hope oneday soon, they will get home. And real this time.
  • I liked the idea, just not how it was executed....

    The Atlantis people go home, but it's not really home. They go to a planet that has a kind of energy fog that they can use to power up the gate. It turns out, however, that the fog were creatures and that powering up the gate kills tons of them. The beings of the planet placed the Atlantis people in a sort of fake earth. It was like the game keeper from SG-1. Anyways, I liked the idea of seeing the Atlantis people going home, and it helped develop their characters, but it got a little boring at times. I really didn't like the whole fog/being idea. It just didn't seem very origonal and it wasn't very interesting. Overall, ok episode, not one of my favorites.
  • I liked it...

    I don't know why alot of people hated this epiosode I personally think that it is one of the best in season 1. The team goes to a planet and Rodney says they might be able to go to earth. They go to what they think is earth and General Hammond is there to greet them. It was just the aliens of that planet making an allusion of earth because everytime the team dialed out or in on that planet some of their people would die. I think that instead of General Hammond it should have been General O'Neill at the SGC because he was commanding at the time and the Stargate Atlantis team knew that. Don't get me wrong it was good to see Don S. Davis again. Later...
  • Wrost Episode Ever!!

    I hate this Episode so much. I wasted 45 min of my life watch this episode and i will never get that time back. for the love of God do not watch this Episode. This episode was so borning the only thing that could have been wore was a flash back episode i hate all this episodes where they go back to earth and the ones where they think they have but really they have not the only other episode that i can think of that is worse is the one where Dr weir gets infected with the nanite virus and thinks shes in a insane ward.
  • Good but unoriginal.

    This is a rather entertaining episode. This was the episode that made me interested in Stargate Atlantis. Up until then I was watching Stargate SG-1 only. The plot is similar to the episode "Gamekeeper" from SG-1, but there is a twist. It is actual alien beings that are creating the illusion instead of a machine. It has the standard mystery of most Stargate episodes. They wonder why they can't get home, John has his own made up world, and Teyla thinks she is learning about earth.
    This episode is one of the spin offs from SG-1, but a good episode nonetheless.
  • The Atlantis crew returns to Earth, but it is not the way they remember it and something is very strange.

    Even though this episode reminded of the SG-1 episode "The Gamekeeper" a little bit, it is still a fun episode. We really do learn about some of the character's personal lives and where they live or want to live. The two episodes aren't exactly the same, but there is a similarity. Don S. Davis returns in this episode as "General Hammond", so it is good to see another SG-1 cast member make a guest appearance on Atlantis. There are funny moments that involve McKay when he goes home and when a party is thrown at Sheppard's house. Overall a good episode, but feels a little like it has been done before on the other Stargate series.
  • Not very original

    This episode seems to draw from the same sources as the Matrix movies and any other similar story lines. It was still fun to watch, but it did not really "wow" me. As I do not have cable and I am watching these episodes a year out of date on standard analog TV I do not know how much my opinion on this really matters, and one hundred words seem excesive for some episodes of some series --- many of them could be reviewed in two or three words. I do apologize if most of this is just filler, as I was unimpressed -- though definitely entertained -- by this particular episode of ST-Atlantis. I still think the series is very worthwhile.
  • Hi. I for one really enjoyed this episode. First of all I think that its clever plot really helped to change the pace of the season. It was exciting and fun to see them return "home."...It was nice to see an episode that was excellent even without the co

    Hi. I for one really enjoyed this episode. First of all I think that its clever plot really helped to change the pace of the season. It was exciting and fun to see them return "home." Its focus on the characters and less of the Wraith helped to create a feeling of calmness. In a way it helped us to relax as much as it made the characters relax. Then when the flaws start to appear it really got me thinking. For example, it was general O\' Neil who okayed the Atlantis expedition and not Gen. Hammond. When the truth finally came out it made me realize how clever the writers really are. It was nice to see an episode that was excellent even without the cool Wraith!
  • Not what i expected

    I found this episode to be very bad the fact that you think that they have managed to go back to Earth was quite exciting and i thought was good but then closer to the end of the episode you learn that the didnt really manage to return to Earth and this i found was a bit stupid and i was dissapointed with it
  • Interestng but predictable.

    I just finished watching this episode and maybe it is just me, but I knew there was something wrong very early in the episode. Hammond was acting very un-Hammond-ish from the very beginning. Sheppard apartment, left alone for several months, had fresh fruit. And all the really good things happening as long as they did not attempt to return (Sheppard getting transportation wherever he wanted, McKay having a beautiful woman interested in him, Weir's husband being very content with being oblivious to what she was doing). It all felt very Farpoint Station-ish (

    But, with that being said, I truly enjoyed the episode. We got to "see" some new aliens and get "back" to Earth.