Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 10, 2004 on Syfy

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  • I liked the idea, just not how it was executed....

    The Atlantis people go home, but it's not really home. They go to a planet that has a kind of energy fog that they can use to power up the gate. It turns out, however, that the fog were creatures and that powering up the gate kills tons of them. The beings of the planet placed the Atlantis people in a sort of fake earth. It was like the game keeper from SG-1. Anyways, I liked the idea of seeing the Atlantis people going home, and it helped develop their characters, but it got a little boring at times. I really didn't like the whole fog/being idea. It just didn't seem very origonal and it wasn't very interesting. Overall, ok episode, not one of my favorites.