Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 10, 2004 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • The mist planet was designated M5S-224.

    • The mist aliens have the timeline of the allusion very accurate. Chief Harriman says that the Asgard have installed a hyperdrive on Prometheus and they were about to send a rescue mission. In the previous weeks episode of Stargate SG-1 "Covenant" General O'Neill asks Thor for a hyperdrive for Prometheus but is told it has to be approved by the Asgard High Counsel. Several weeks later after the hyperdrive installation they do send a rescue mission in the episode "Prometheus Unbound" but is cut short by Vala Mal Doran.

    • This is the only episode in which the wormhole travel effects are different.

    • Goof: As McKay explains his plan to return to Pegasus via the ZPM powered gate to Hammond, a Japanese woman in white can be seen walking towards them from behind McKay. This woman just starts to pass McKay when the camera angle changes to show Hammond. However, she is then shown to already be some distance down the corridor behind Hammond without having had any time to get that far.

    • Goof: Illusion or not, it's highly unlikely that McKay would be allowed out of Cheyenne Mountain, let alone the SGC, wearing his Atlantis uniform complete with mission patches.

    • This is the first time since arriving on Atlantis that Dr. Weir has gone off world

    • This is the first time that the Goa'uld are mentioned on the series.

    • Goof: From the time before the Atlantis expedition team was even created, General Hammond had been transferred to be in command of Prometheus and then Homeworld Security while General O'Neill was put in command of the SGC, so it seems odd that in their "dreams" they are greeted by Hammond.

    • Goof: When General Hammond and Sheppard get into the elevator together, they start on level 28. The elevator moves down, but if you watch, it reaches level 21, but the elevator doors don't open and the elevator sounds like it continues to move for a short period of time.

    • Goof: The SGA team members are not wearing their patches on the fog world before they return to Earth. However, they are wearing their shoulder patches as they step out of the gate in the SGC. This may just mean they keep them in their pockets for just such occasions or perhaps the patches are just one of the first signs that everything is not as it seems.

  • Quotes

    • Hammond: It would be best if you try to make a life for yourselves.
      Sheppard: This isn't life! What do you want us to do? Just pretend?

    • Weir: Okay, the Rodney McKay I know would never accept the militarization of Atlantis without putting up a fight. And I don't think Major Sheppard would agree to it either, at least not without speaking to me about it first.
      McKay: Elizabeth, you shouldn't take it personally. I mean, think of it like a blessing. You have a life, you can get back to it now.
      Weir: Okay, no. I'm not buying this anymore. Who are you, really?

    • Weir: At the very least, I thought I'd be kept in the loop!
      McKay: Oh, now you're just being paranoid. Why don't you go home, spend some time with Simon?
      Weir: Simon?
      McKay: Yes, he's important to you, isn't he?
      Weir: Yes... I just don't remember ever telling you that.
      McKay: Well, how else would I have known?

    • Weir: Okay, wait a minute. I am not saying there shouldn't be an increased military presence, but the mission must remain the same. And I'm sure if Major Sheppard were here, he would tell you-
      Hammond: We've spoken with Major Sheppard. He dialed in about an hour ago to check on your progress. We informed him of the situation, and he agrees with our assessment.
      Weir: He wouldn't do that, General. I know John Sheppard.
      Hammond: Apparently you don't know him as well as you thought, Doctor. Major Sheppard stated categorically it's the only way to ensure the security of the project.

    • McKay: (When Ford wants to go back) Lieutenant. Do you know something that I don't? Because the last time I checked, the Prometheus was critically damaged, and the only ZPM in our possession didn't have the power to run a car stereo.
      Ford: I just thought you'd be trying to find another way.
      McKay: There is no other way, Lieutenant. You're just going to have to deal with it.

    • Teyla: The fog.
      McKay: Yes.
      Sheppard: You said it wasn't fog.
      McKay: Whatever it is.
      Ford: Well, how do you know?
      McKay: I don't yet. But the fog, or the mist, or whatever you want to call it, is the only thing around for miles, and the energy readings were constant.

    • (Sheppard puts a book down)
      Weir: War and Peace! Wow, that's some heavy reading.
      Sheppard: Yeah, well back on Earth when I was getting ready for this mission, I realized there was a good chance that I might be here for a while. So I figured, why not bring along a book that takes a while to read?
      Weir: (opening book) Page seventeen?
      Sheppard: I'm right on schedule.

    • Weir: Rodney, be careful with that. I wanna make sure we can get back home.
      McKay: You mean Atlantis.
      Sheppard: I think that's what she meant.
      McKay: How do I know she wasn't suggesting we pull a double fake-out of our own and dial Earth?
      Sheppard: Forget the double fake-out, and get the damn crystal. I'll do the dial-out.

    • McKay: We need food, we need water. I mean, we need food!

    • Sheppard: The dead people were a dead giveaway.
      McKay: Dead people? What were you doing?

    • McKay: So none of this is real? (realizing the truth) The cute brunette, of course, I should have known! How do you go from, "You're a pig, but I like your cat," to "I missed you"?

    • Hammond: Major Sheppard discovered the truth some time ago.
      McKay: He did?
      Sheppard: Well, home for the last eleven months has been a research base in Antarctica ... although I did dream about a bachelor pad like that.
      Hammond: Major Sheppard seemed uniquely capable of manipulating his own fabricated reality.
      Sheppard: When I think about the scenarios I could have thought up, I kick myself.

    • Dex: What?
      Sheppard: You guys have been dead for years. Now, don't get me wrong, it's really nice seeing you. (pointing to a middle-aged woman) You too, Miss Watson.
      Ford: Sir ...
      Sheppard: She was my sixth grade teacher. (pointing to a blonde young woman) And I don't even remember your name, but I remember you wouldn't even date me!

    • McKay: It's like looking through a microscope at a cell culture and seeing a thousand dancing hamsters. It's impossible!

    • Dex: Oh yeah, you remember. Turns out he just wants to practice his English on us. Shep spent half the night talking to Skippy!
      Sheppard: Yeah, that was funny.
      Mitch: He wouldn't even let you get up to go to the bathroom, remember?
      Sheppard: Then, uh, three days later, you guys were killed outside Khabour.

    • Sheppard: Well, look who's in the pizza delivery business.
      Ford: No, sir. I just caught the guy on the way out.
      Sheppard: I was just thinking about you. Why don't you come in? Looks like we... are having... a party.

    • Weir: I'm not a scientist, Rodney.
      McKay: Well, neither is anyone else around here, apparently, otherwise they would have noticed that the laws of physics seem to have flown out the window.

    • Sheppard: (opening the door) Mitch! Dex!
      Mitch: You didn't really think you could pass through town without seeing us, did you, Shep?
      Dex: So you going to invite us in, or what?
      Sheppard: Yeah, sure. What the hell.

    • Teyla: (about the stuff in Sheppard's apartment) Is all this... for recreation?
      Sheppard: Yeah, I got pretty much everything you can imagine, don't I?

    • McKay: Wait a minute. What is this, some kind of joke? These don't even make any sense!
      Scientist: We don't think the ZPM has enough power to open the wormhole.
      McKay: (reading a folder) Well, you wouldn't know that from this, would you? This might as well say "bing tiddle tiddle bong." I mean, it's complete jibberish! Look, get out of here, I'll do it. Go! (to himself) You've got to be kidding me.

    • Sheppard: (coming into his apartment) Oh, yeah. Just like I left it.
      Teyla: So much space for just... one person.
      Sheppard: Well, a guy's gotta have a lot of space. I bet there's still, uh... (finding two cold beers in the fridge) Perfect. Nice and cold.
      Teyla: And this is?
      Sheppard: It's called beer.

    • Weir: I'm sorry, Simon. I know none of this is fair to you.
      Simon: It is tough to compete with the greatest adventure in human history.

    • Ford: No, you don't understand. I was seeing my parents, just having a good time, and some Sergeant shows up with new orders for me. I wanna go back to Atlantis, and they wanna ship me back to Antarctica?!

    • Hammond: You'll forgive me, Doctor: this all seems a little far-fetched.
      McKay: Well, think of it like making a long-distance call to someone you know is gonna accept the charges. All you have to do is dial.

    • McKay: (to someone knocking on the door) Hang on. (opens the door without his trousers on, seeing it's Weir) Oh, hey. I was just in the middle of a, uh, power nap and, I'm not really... dressed.

    • Simon: When you told me you were going but couldn't say where, my first guess was Korea. My second guess was Israel. To be honest, the Pegasus Galaxy didn't make my list.

    • Weir: I wanted to tell you in person.
      Simon: No, you didn't. You were afraid I'd talk you out of it.
      Weir: I was afraid you'd try.

    • Teyla: I have traded in many marketplaces, on many worlds-
      Sheppard: Countries.
      Teyla: Yes, of course. Countries. But here, there are so many different items to choose from.
      Sheppard: Yeah, you seemed like you were having fun. Hours and hours of fun.

    • McKay: They feed on human life forms. Now they know there's a smorgasbord waiting for them here.

    • Teyla: I was afraid you had abandoned me.
      Sheppard: Just setting up our ride.
      Teyla: So... where are we going?
      Sheppard: We should start by getting you a new outfit.

    • McKay: So we're just going to turn tail and run?
      Hammond: The Pentagon would prefer to call it a 'strategic withdrawal'.

    • Walter: You don't understand, Doctor: things have changed around here. The Asgard are in the process of fitting Prometheus with engines capable of reaching other galaxies. We were mapping a mission to find out what happened to you.
      Ford: (to Weir) Is he serious?
      Weir: (to Walter) Are you serious?

    • McKay: So, we, uh, ready?
      Sheppard: What's there to be ready for?
      McKay: Well, this is a big moment, and I thought we haven't been in contact for some time...
      Sheppard: (to Weir) We're ready.
      Weir: Go ahead.
      McKay: (to the gate) Please work.

    • Teyla: It would be wonderful to see your world.
      Sheppard: You could help me with the briefing.
      Teyla: I would like that.
      Sheppard: Hey, you know more about the Pegasus galaxy than anyone. And then there's all of those cool Earth things I talked about; football, Ferris wheels... Oh! D'you remember the last of the popcorn we ate? We could get more!

    • Ford: So what you're saying is you're invaluable everywhere.
      McKay: Granted, it would create a void if I were to go.
      (Ford snickers)
      McKay: But, uh, you can all take comfort in the knowledge that I'm on the other side spearheading the effort to return with reinforcements, fresh supplies, and Big Macs for all.
      Ford: Yeah, I feel better already.
      McKay: Yeah, good.
      Ford: Good.

    • McKay: Because Atlantis can't afford to lose me. I'm their foremost expert in 'gate theory, wormhole physics, and a myriad of other sciences too numerous to mention yet too important to ignore.

    • Weir: Hm. That's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about. Home. Going home.
      Sheppard: Oh.
      Weir: McKay is right. If this works, and we are able to establish a wormhole back to Earth...
      Sheppard: You know, if this conversation is going where I think it's headed, you can put your mind at rest. I'm not going anywhere. I haven't read my book.

    • Weir: You're sure about this, Rodney?
      McKay: Positive. Next time you hear from us we'll be delivering the good news.
      Weir: Good luck.
      McKay: Back in time for supper.

    • Sheppard: 840 years.
      McKay: What?
      Sheppard: That's how long it will take for us to come get you by Puddle Jumper.
      McKay: But you would do that, right?
      Sheppard: (sarcastically): Of course we would.
      McKay: Well, that won't be necessary. However, I might require some assistance.
      Weir: Major?
      Sheppard: Lieutenant?
      Ford: (reluctantly) Yes, sir.

    • Sheppard: So, how easy will it be to put that thing in the other DHD?
      McKay: The Atlantis's DHD is unique. It's not like there'll be an empty slot waiting for us to just plug it in.
      Weir: Meaning?
      McKay: Meaning that there may be some disassembly required.
      Ford: You want to take the DHD apart?
      McKay: I'll put it back together again.
      Teyla: Do you not run the risk of disabling the other Stargate?
      McKay: Only if I screw up, which is extremely unlikely.

    • Weir: You're suggesting we remove it from our DHD and bring it to M5S-224?
      McKay: Yes.
      Weir: Isn't that risky?
      McKay: I'll be fine.
      Sheppard: I think she means in terms of breaking our own 'gate.

    • McKay: So? I mean, the best I know, this field goes on for miles. I mean, for all we know it envelops the entire planet. We're talking about a lot of energy here.
      Sheppard: How much is a lot?
      McKay: What, in terms of joules or ergs?
      Sheppard: In terms of... lots.
      McKay: Well, lots and lots.

    • Sheppard: You talked me into coming here because you thought those energy readings indicated the presence of a civilization. There are no buildings, no people, no nothing: just fog.
      McKay: It's not technically fog. There's no actual water vapour in the atmosphere. I mean, you know, for that matter, I don't think we need to wear the Hazmat gear. ((He takes his helmet off. Sheppard and Teyla follow suit)
      Sheppard: Now you tell me!

    • Teyla: And yet you cannot explain it.
      McKay: Not yet.
      Sheppard: Can't figure out a way we can use it?
      McKay: Not yet.

    • Sheppard: What just happened?
      Hammond: I pulled you all out of your fractured realities.
      Sheppard: I was talking about the beer in my hand!

    • McKay: I started working on a solution (on how to get back to Atlantis), but an hour ago, it hit me like Archimedes in the bathtub – eureka! Except I wasn't in the bathtub, I was on the couch watching a very strange "Outer Limits" episode.

    • (talking about who would go back to Earth)
      Sheppard: But if you wanna go, I'd understand that too.
      Weir: What are you saying? I'm not needed here?
      Sheppard: I said I'd understand.
      Weir: Well, thank you, but I made a commitment.
      Sheppard: Of course, in all fairness, life-sucking aliens weren't part of the brochure.

    • Dex: You shot me!
      Sheppard(still pointing the pistol): You're already dead!
      Ford: Sir, gimme ...
      Sheppard: I'm beginning to have my doubts about you too, Lieutenant. I wouldn't put them to a test. (takes a drink of beer) Now somebody explain to me what the hell is going on here!

    • Ford: I've never seen so much nothing.
      Sheppard: And I've never walked so far to see it.

    • (returning to Earth after several months)
      Answering Machine: You have no new messages.
      McKay: Hmm, must have been a power failure or something.

    • Weir: Rodney, what you need to do is just calm down.
      McKay: No what I need to do is get very agitated because all of this is a lie!

    • McKay: I don't mean to sound negative because that would be, you know, so not me, but how do we know this isn't a double fake-out? I mean, how do we know that this is...
      Hammond: This is the reality. You have my word.
      McKay: I'm starving. Gotta be right.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on September 13, 2004 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      -This episode aired in the UK on December 7, 2004 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in Australia on May 12, 2005 on Channel 7.
      -Syndication Premiere: November 19-20, 2005

    • The plot in this episode is very similar to that in the Farscape episode "A Human Reaction".

    • Don S. Davis reprises the role of Gen. George S. Hammond of SGC that he played as a regular on Stargate SG-1 (season 1 thru 7).

    • The dog in this episode is Torri Higginson's real life dog, Sedgewick.

  • Allusions

    • McKay: This might as well say "Bing Tiddle Tiddle Bong."

      "Bing Tiddle Tiddle Bong" is the name of a song that featured in a sketch from the comedy series Monty Python's Flying Circus. The sketch is commonly known as the "Europolice Song Contest" sketch.

    • McKay: I started working on a solution, but an hour ago, it hit me like Archimedes in the bathtub -- eureka! Except I wasn't in the bathtub, I was on the couch watching a very strange Outer Limits episode.

      Archimedes (287-212 BCE) was a Greek mathematician and inventor. He wrote works on plane and solid geometry, arithmetic, and mechanics. He is best known for discovering the lever and pulley.

    • Smorgasbord:

      Smorgasbord is an anglification of the Swedish word Smörgåsbord. It is a buffet style table in a restaurant, or a holiday feast at home, prepared with many small dishes. For a fixed amount of money, you are allowed to eat as many of these as you wish. In an extended sense, the word is used to refer to any situation which invites you to select whatever you wish among several pleasant things.

    • McKay: Granted, it would create a void if I were to go, but you can all take comfort in the knowledge that I'll be on the other side spearheading the effort to return with reinforcements, fresh supplies and Big Macs for all.

      The Big Mac is a type of hamburger sold since 1968 by the McDonald's chain of fast food restaurants. It was apparently inspired by a similar double-decker hamburger sold by the Big Boy chain since 1936.

    • The Man in Black:

      Sheppard is presumably a fan of Johnny Cash. He has a large poster of the Country & Western singer in his apartment.

    • McKay's television: There is nothing wrong with your television set...

      McKay is watching Outer Limits on his TV and mentions it by name to Weir. Outer Limits runs on the Sci-Fi Channel, Stargate: Atlantis' home. It appears to be the narration from the very early episodes which was later changed. There were several Outer Limits episodes (old and new) that had similar concepts as seen here.