Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 13

Hot Zone

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on Syfy

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    Another filler episode basically, though there is possible ground work for new villians. We also learned more about the capabilities of Atlantis. There is a nano virus released, and they determine it has unknown origins. The episode was a little slow but it was interesting to see how each person responded to their circumstances. Sheppard defied Weir using an officer and military chain of command to over ride her authority. This dynamic between Sheppard and Weir is continually developing. McKay was infected, but made it through of course, and it was interesting to find out it was most likely because he received gene thereapy, basically giving him the Ancient gene to be able to control certain technologies.
  • McKay and Ford with a contingent of doctors and security are investigating part of Atlantis to see if there is any damage or areas of interest when two of the team, Wagner and Johnson suddenly die. Atlantis goes into a bio hazard lock down on its own.

    Interesting episode. Definitely in the filler genre but better than most. Good ole Nano-technology rears its ugly head as a bio-weapon of some sort is unleashed on the inhabitants of Atlantis.

    After Wagner and Johnson die a few other crew members also succumb. Eventually Dr. Beckett working with McKay and Zelenka who have also been exposed work out the specifics of the disease which seems to cause hallucinations and eventually a brain hemorrhage. The person McKay was with dies and McKay should as well when we find out that having the Atlantian gene helps in the defense of the disease. Basically nanites enter the system of the human and affect the visual cortex eventually killing the patient. McKay figures out that a EM Pulse would cause the nanites to be burned out so they try a pulse using an EM Generator but it was not powerful enough. Sheppard comes to the conclusion that an Atomic explosion within the area of Atlantis might work and everyone concurs. Of course they are successful but they do lose five people overall in the episode. McKay stays reasonably non-annoying as he is infected and a little hysterics is to be expected if you think you're going to die. Not bad for a filler episode. Very plausible and it was especially interesting that they couldn't really figure out where the virus came from. Atlantis or another race but definitely not the Wraith. Thanks for reading...
  • Loved It!

    This was a awesome episode! Very good! It had the perfect amount of funny parts but yet there was sadness in it too! It was the perfect combination so congrats to the writers cause they did a awesome job! The whole episode was good! I never got bored! I enjoyed it the whole way through! I would defenintly recomend this episode to anyone! I loved the beginning parts with the prime or not prime numbers! Very funny! I saw the other reviews on here and they didnt give it such good reviews so dont listen to them cause it was awesome and it deserves nothing less than a 9.0!
  • Lockdown...

    Don't play with things when you do not know what they will do - that should have been told those who where running around at the bottom of the city and met that weird thing. I should have thought they would be more smarter and do not risk but I think they never thought there would be anything to harm them this way.

    It was exciting and little nerve wrecking but I think noone ever thought McKay will die or something bad will happen - so it was quite average with leading us noone. They only pearl of this episode was the chain of command thing and they way Sheppard with his really positive way of live did not understand how much he hurt the authority of Weir.
  • not my favorite...

    A virus infects the Atlantis personell and they have to find a cure before it kills everyone. Basically, the team was exploring the city and they came in contact with a virus. A lot of random scientists died; they were never really introduced. I remember the first episode of Atlantis and it didn't seem like there were that many people going on the expedition. In this episode, there were a few random scientist that died. It just seems like that would be like half of all of the scientists that went on the ecpedition. Oh well, anyways, the episode was mainly set in Atlantis. I didn't really like the idea of the virus; it reminded me of Frozen from Stargate SG-1. The only reason I like this episode is because of the funny moments of McKay. Overall, it wasn't an interesting episode, and I just didn't like it except for some humor.
  • A strange virus is infecting the residence of Atlantis which is slowly killing everyone one at a time, unless a cure is found.

    Compared to the others, this episode is just above average. Nothing really happens since the entire episode is devoted to trying to find a cure to this mysterious virus that causes strange ghost/death like images in the mind before killing the victims with a brain hemorage. The most interesting part of the episode is the visions the people see before they die which look like black ghosts. It's an interesting episode, I give it that, but it is definitely not the action packed story like what has been seen most of the season. What is also interesting is that the virus wasn't created by the Ancients or the Wraith meaning there will soon be a new enemy introduced.
  • The Atlantis must counter a virus that allegedly killed the agents.

    Pretty decent episode, an episode dealing with viruses is common in all scifi shows so thirteen episodes in they had one.

    They were some inconsistencies (McKay of course being the main character lived even though he might have exposed to the same virus). One of the best moments was Sheppard and Weir's vocal confrontation (one of many they would have).

    The virus was at least made to look scary with the images of the ghosts. The solution to kill it was kind of bland and didn't seem believable but overall the episode was well acted.
  • The nano-virus was a good new twist in the series.

    This episode was very good with the team stumbling on an ancient nano virus that was created to kill humans so that the wraith would have no food source. With this conflict Sheppard and McKay have to find a way to stop the nano virus kills more of the team.
  • A really old virus infects the Atlantis team.

    Lots of people are in danger from a mysterious virus, but Rodney comes up with a plan to save the day. Again. Which John executes just in time. Again. Oh, and there's a power struggle between John and Elizabeth, from which John emerges victorious.

    Well, any episode with Carson in it is one I'm guaranteed to like. And in this episode, he got to do all his doctor-ness stuff instead of being the "cowardly lion" type comic relief. Good choice.

    David Hewlett is spot-on in his role of the really-annoying-yet-so-intelligent-they-can't-live-without-him scientist. Even in moments that should be really touching, like his last words to his sister, Rodney's inherent geekiness overpowers everything else. But the ancient gene being what would save him was so obvious that even I spotted it-- and I never see anything coming. I suppose after 50-something years of television, there really is nothing new under the sun and all plots must be used and re-used until we can all be scriptwriters. I'll be delighted if we get some new and original twists sometime soon.

    John and Elizabeth-- well, nearly everyone on every online forum I've seen says he was right, she was wrong. And I have to agree with them. However, he was not so right in going over her head. She should have been more flexible and willing to listen, he probably should have stayed put at least for a few more minutes. I think she would have changed her mind if he hadn't been arguing with her basically in front of everyone in the command centre. She was really nice when she talked to him about it at the end, though-- probably realising that she had made a bad choice. He was uncharcteristicly whiny, though-- did he think he was about to be grounded? Sent to his room? Made to apologise?

    I had a few problems with this episode. First of all: What? No teaser? Was there a power outage in Atlantis?

    Seriously, if the ancient genes could save Rodney from death, why was he still having hallucinations? And if Aiden and the extra were so close to dying, why didn't they seem to be having hallucinations? And finally: What is the use of a hazmat suit if the hood isn't attached to the rest of the suit?
  • This episode takes place within the base.

    Hot Zone is one of those episodes that make having a set built in Vancouver worth it.
    The whole action happens in the base of Atlantis, and tries to focus on the psychology and abilities of each character.
    The idea of a virus is good, as we knew the Ancients suffered from a Plague, so the existence of a virology laboratory was logic. It being a nano-virus introduces the possibility of a new and unknown ennemy, which suggests danger and suspense for the next episodes.

    The presence of additional characters is a good way to show the functionnement of Atlantis, the
    way it is organized, how people work.
    Dr. Weir's part is interesting because, as a civilian, she has to be a leader for military officers and make herself respected. Also, she must deal with her own respect for the people on the base.
    Maj. John Sheppard's intelligence and behavior are shown through his actions. He does what he thinks is best, not really minding about his superior.
    Ford confronts the fear of his own death.
    But the episode is more a McKay one, as he is contaminated by the virus and is a kind of
    clue towards the answer.

    The script itself is great, as lots of logic details are included, not to forget a good dose of humor.