Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 13

Hot Zone

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on Syfy

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  • McKay and Ford with a contingent of doctors and security are investigating part of Atlantis to see if there is any damage or areas of interest when two of the team, Wagner and Johnson suddenly die. Atlantis goes into a bio hazard lock down on its own.

    Interesting episode. Definitely in the filler genre but better than most. Good ole Nano-technology rears its ugly head as a bio-weapon of some sort is unleashed on the inhabitants of Atlantis.

    After Wagner and Johnson die a few other crew members also succumb. Eventually Dr. Beckett working with McKay and Zelenka who have also been exposed work out the specifics of the disease which seems to cause hallucinations and eventually a brain hemorrhage. The person McKay was with dies and McKay should as well when we find out that having the Atlantian gene helps in the defense of the disease. Basically nanites enter the system of the human and affect the visual cortex eventually killing the patient. McKay figures out that a EM Pulse would cause the nanites to be burned out so they try a pulse using an EM Generator but it was not powerful enough. Sheppard comes to the conclusion that an Atomic explosion within the area of Atlantis might work and everyone concurs. Of course they are successful but they do lose five people overall in the episode. McKay stays reasonably non-annoying as he is infected and a little hysterics is to be expected if you think you're going to die. Not bad for a filler episode. Very plausible and it was especially interesting that they couldn't really figure out where the virus came from. Atlantis or another race but definitely not the Wraith. Thanks for reading...