Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 18


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2008 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Jannick echoed Daniel Jackson's confusion about the wisdom of explosion diversions.

    • Goof: In previous episodes both communication stones had to be into a terminal in order too both swap bodies. In the Stargate SG-1 episode "Origin" Daniel Jackson and Vala's bodies where rendered unconscious in a dream like state until they put the stones of the people they were connected to in the Ori galaxy into their terminal. This should have had happened to Neeva's body instead of Keller entering it.

    • Beckett: I'm telling you, her brain scan would have revealed any kind of physical trauma as well as any foreign organism.
      Ronon: Unless the organism's good at hiding.
      Sheppard: Yeah, it wouldn't be the first time. It took days to figure out Rodney was infected.

      They are referring to the episode "The Shrine" and the "Second Childhood" organism.

    • Keller came in contact with the stone in Janus' secret lab that was discovered in the episode "First Contact."

    • The security officer that shows up when Rodney hears about Zelenka's stabbing has a flag patch for India, indicating that that country is represented on the Atlantis team.

    • The Ancient Intergalactic Communication Device was first seen in the Stargate SG-1 episodes "Avalon, Part 2" and "Origin."

  • Quotes

    • McKay: I don't believe this. How did she escape?
      Neeva (in Keller's body): My accomplices no doubt intervened. This is not the first time we've been in this situation.
      Beckett: How many accomplices do you have?
      Neeva (in Keller's body): Two.
      Ronon: That's all?
      Neeva (in Keller's body): More than enough. Trust me. You don't want to challenge them.
      Ronon: Yeah? We'll see about that.

    • Sheppard: (to Ronon) All right, Chewie. Start trackin'.

    • Neeva (in Keller's body): But you could take me for a ride.
      McKay: What, now?
      Neeva (in Keller's body): Yeah. It would really help me relax.
      McKay: Well, I thought Becket gave you pills for that?
      Neeva (in Keller's body): They didn't work.
      McKay: Oh.
      Neeva (in Keller's body): Yeah, come on. Please? (Neeva moves in close and begins caressing McKay) Just you and me. Alone … Oh, you could take me somewhere secluded. We could … we could make love … underneath the stars.
      McKay: Really?
      Neeva (in Keller's body): Would you like that?
      McKay: Well … yeah! I mean, I'd have to get a blanket, though, because the mainland's ground cover is loaded with allergens.

    • Neeva: My accomplices no doubt intervened. This is not the first time we've been in this situation.
      Beckett: How many accomplices do you have?
      Neeva: Two.
      Ronon: That's all?
      Neeva: More than enough, trust me. You don't want to challenge them.
      Ronon: Yeah, we'll see about that.

    • Woolsey: What's the occasion?
      McKay: Visiting a friend in the infirmary.
      Woolsey: That's very thoughtful of you, Rodney.
      McKay: I know.

    • (Radek is lying in the bed next to Jennifer and Rodney finally notices him.)
      McKay: Oh. Hey, Radek. How you doin'?
      Zelenka (in a sulky voice): Better, thanks.
      Keller: Again, Radek, I am so sorry for what happened.
      Zelenka (smiling across to her): It's not your fault. I told you – don't worry. I'm fine.
      McKay: Yeah-yeah, of course he's fine. He's all perky and rosy-cheeked and ready to go back to work.
      Zelenka: I don't know about that.
      Beckett: He needs to get rest too, Rodney.
      Keller: I agree. His wound was much more serious than mine.
      McKay: Really? I mean, you were shot. He was just stabbed.
      (Carson turns to Radek.)
      Beckett: Perhaps I should wheel you to another room.
      Zelenka: Just until he's gone, please. Thank you.

    • (The crystal is still glowing as they hurry over to it)
      McKay: Still on.
      Sheppard: Obviously. So turn it off.

    • Neeva (in Keller's body): This Doctor McKay...
      Keller (in Neeva's body): What about him?
      Neeva (in Keller's body): You can do better.

    • Neeva (in Keller's body): That's it. The vault containing the artifact is near the center of the village so we'll have to be quiet. Maybe only a few of us should go in, and I'm gonna need a weapon in case we run into some ...
      Sheppard: No – we're not breaking into the room.
      Neeva (in Keller's body): What?
      Sheppard: We're just gonna go talk to these people and ask 'em for help.
      Neeva (in Keller's body): Ah, they're not gonna help us. I tried to rob them.
      McKay: They won't know you. You're in Jennifer Keller's body, remember?
      Teyla: If you do not say anything, it should not be a problem.
      Neeva (in Keller's body): Ok, but what if they've captured her…me? Once we sever the connection, what's to stop them from keeping me locked up?
      Sheppard: Mmm, nothing.
      Neeva (in Keller's body): Ah, "nothing."
      Sheppard: You said we couldn't pursue you – you didn't say anything about them.

    • Sheppard: Which way?
      Neeva (in Keller's body): This way. It's not far – a few hours' walk.
      (She leads them away.)
      McKay: A few hours?! You could have told us that before!
      Sheppard: Wouldn't make any difference, Rodney, we can't get a Jumper in this forest.
      Teyla: And the Daedalus is back on Earth.
      McKay: Yeah, but I could have packed some extra power bars, some water – not to mention proper insoles.
      Neeva (in Keller's body) (to John, about Rodney): He complains a lot.
      Sheppard: Only when he's awake.
      Neeva (in Keller's body): Is it true that Doctor Keller and he are ...?
      Sheppard: Hard to believe, huh?
      (She looks back at Rodney.)
      McKay: Yeah, keep walking!

    • (in a flashback)
      Keller: Rodney, if we don't leave soon, we're not gonna get a good seat.
      McKay: Yeah, almost – almost there.
      Keller: C'mon, it's Dr. No! The first Bond movie! I don't wanna get stuck sitting behind Ronon again like last week.

  • Notes

    • Todd Thomson (Bordal) previously played Ramius' First Prime in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Evolution (1)."

    • Jonathan Holmes (Magistrate) previously played Dr. Bricksdale in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Endgame."

    • Karin Konoval (Second in Command) previously played Dr. Van Densen in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Prophecy."

    • International Air Dates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on December 15, 2008 on Movie Central and The Movie Network.
      -This episode aired in the UK on December 16, 2008 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in Sweden on January 23, 2009 on TV6.
      -This episode aired in Germany on November 18, 2009 on RTL II.
      -This episode aired in the Czech Republic on December 3, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi.
      -Syndication Premiere: May 8-9, 2010.
      -This episode aired in Australia on May 19, 2010 on 7TWO.

    • In Dr. Keller's graduation photo, writer and Executive Producer Carl Binder is the one posing as her father.

  • Allusions

    • Keller: C'mon, it's Dr. No! The first Bond movie!

      Keller mentions the James Bond film, Dr No, when urging McKay to hurry up so they can get the best seats at the screening.

    • Sheppard: (to Ronon) All right, Chewie. Start trackin'.

      Sheppard is referring to Chewbacca, the large hairy beast-like partner of Han Solo in the original Star Wars movie.