Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 17


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2008 on Syfy

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  • The return of Todd.

    This was a good, solid episode. I probably should like it more than I did, but for some reason I didn't think it was that great of an episode. Here are some thoughts:

    It did move the whole wraith story along, finding out that the drug's side effect is lethal, at least for now. Todd's back, and after this episode, their alliance may yet be revived. There was good character development between Todd and the team, especially with Sheppard. This was the best part of the episode. Nice special effects with the ship breaking apart and also landing on water. The part with the hungry wraith was sort of a "Whispers 2".
  • Finally, we are seeing the Wraith again in the very classic SG-A manner. It's how the series began, its the way it should finally close out.

    I was stuck on whether to label this as a "Fine Installment", "Well written" or "Series classic". I finally decided on a Series Classic because finally, I thought, Stargate Atlantis is returning to its early plots with the original Antagonist still at large. It would be too discontinuous and disjointed to leave the series at the end of the 5th season without finding a resolve of some kind with the Wraith. This is exactly why I enjoyed this. This episode brings together elements from all seasons. We see the formerly weaponized retrovirus developed by Dr. Carson Beckett referenced, the former Human/Wraith Hybrid Michael and his bastardized version of the vaccine also referenced; Importantly a very significant species is brought back from a now dead plot line, the Aratis bug. All of these elements and ideas along with the "Todd" story line really are written and weaved together quite nicely. It makes for a very good "The Wraith in a nut-shell" story. Back to the episode. As soon as we saw the Marine report a bulk-head (wall) "melt" I knew that the ship was re-configuring itself and that slumbering Wraith waking up would be part of this plot. Not to say that the plot was transparrent or predictable, but it had a well written logical direction. Dr. Jennifer Keller speaks of compassion, a quality that Todd finds as weakness, and yet, it is compassion from the Atlantis expedition that grants Todd his request to seek his destiny on an Aratis bug infested planet. All in all, I gave this episode a 9. I wanted to give it a 9.5 just for the series returning back to its classic series episodes involving the Wraith. But I stuck to my drones (guns) and gave a nice 9.
  • good episode

    I was skeptical about this episode at first, but I was pleasantly surprised. The team went up to a wraith hive only to find the crew in stasis and the ship failing. The ship apparently got the disease and some wraith were released from stasis and started eating people, with teeth. I actually liked this episode and it was more of an old SGA type episode. I liked having Major Lorne in the episode and Todd. This was one of my favorite episodes with Todd because he was very interesting with the disease and reacted to situations differently. Overall, a solid episode of SGA with great guest characters.
  • Wraiths again..

    So.. writers always come up with another storyline with wraiths and I enjoy it - this was something totally different - they have had great working together with Todd before but never like that - Todd is on trouble and as the title suggsest there is infection among them - so we have some new ways how to turn wraith scary.. but most important.. the ship gets ill too and is falling appart and so in order to survive - they all have to work together..

    I would say - great action episode, all good feeling what I have missed a little..
  • OMG!!! That was sooooo good! Yay! Finally a good episode! Loved every minute of it!

    That was a creepy one too. Man....those Wraith soldiers without the masks are pretty creepy. When John, Teyla, Ronon, and Rodney walked onto the Hive ship while the Wraith were hibernating....I was totally on the edge of my seat. It had that haunted house feel to it. Then.....when that guy was attacked by that Wraith soldier...I jumped. Even though....I knew he was gonna get attacked by something....I still jumped. When that one Wraith soldier jumped out to attack John and Ronon.....I jumped and screamed. I just hope I didn't wake my dad. I love Todd. I just love how you don't know if you should trust him or not. They wanna shoot him, but they need him as Wraith intel. It's such a grey situation.

    It is official. I have converted to Anti-Kellerism. I now find her annoying. Her holier-than-thou attitude is no better than McKay. I loved it when she told Todd that they whole no-feeding thing would better for all of us...that Todd laughed at her. How dare she think she knows what better for the Wraith? You can only save those whoe want to be saved. Todd is blaming Keller for their condition like Michael was blaming Beckett for his. I was've got another Michael (Todd). I wish they would stop trying to save the Wraith if they don't want to be "saved."
  • Wrapping up loose ends as this is the final season

    I thought Todd would have died in this episode. But I guess we have to wait for the finale to see what happens to Todd and Wraith. This episode dealt quite nicely on all characters. I was hoping the Asgard would make an appearance. It was revealing to see them as bad guys with self preservation. Unpleasant to see teeth on the wraith but it is a valid point. They have only known how to feed and no one gave a training manual on how to eat. So I guess they went all cannibalistic. Who can blame them! As always whiny Macay comes to his form. Under the threat of death he works well. Macay - Keller romance was muted. But I wanted to see fireworks between Ronon and Macay. I guess since the series is ending, there is no point in have a plot line on that subject.
  • Awesome episode! We got: action packed episode, team episode, good character drama and interaction, excellent special effects, and a very good story line.

    It was pretty good. The infected ship was nice touch, creepy. Loved that it was a team episode. The only ding that I have is when did the writers just completely start tossing out ethics. At least in the first few seasons they went through the pretense of having moral compunctions over their actions -- in this episode the total lack of responsibility for the situation kind of didn't sit well. Thankfully Todd did get let through the 'gate at the end but wow, I'm not thinking he'll be lining up for more 'gene therapy'. That bridge is burned. When Todd took over the Daedalus, he didn't go on a killing spree. Don't worry though, I get that there wasn't much in the way of dealing with the loose cannibalistic Kull warriors. Yet, there really wasn't much effort in trying to keep any of Todd's crew alive, was there?
  • See Summary

    Infection, Episode 17 of Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis, was very good. It was an episode with old friends, or foes? It also had a lot of action, drama, and mysteries to be solved. This episode saw the continuation of the relationship between the Wraith known as Todd and Colonel Sheppard. They are both honorable, and have built trust once again. I am glad to see that Todd is still around and that we will most likely see him again. I also thought that the story it self was excellent. I wonder what will happen now, with this new information at hand.
  • Wrapping up the loose ends

    The writers may not have been aware that these would be the final episodes of the series, but they are turning out to be a reasonable (if temporary) end to ongoing plot threads. First there was the apparent resolution of Michael's arc, and then the culmination of McKay's relationship with Keller. Now it's a return to Keller's "Wraith cure" and Todd's relationship with Team Atlantis, which was left ambiguous at best after the mid-season two-part epic.

    Apparently, despite his misgivings earlier in the season regarding the genetic therapy and its potential side effects, Todd decided to proceed with the experiments without Dr. Keller to help ensure its success. Things went wrong, to say the least. The result was an episode that wasn't quite what I was expecting from the initial setup.

    The writers already went for a "Resident Evil"-esque episode earlier in the season, so another "zombie" installment felt like overkill. After the first act or so, I was resigned to the notion that the team would spend most of its time bemoaning the apparent failure of the gene therapy and fighting off zombie-Wraith. I've mentioned before that the zombie genre is more fun in theory than actuality for me, so I wasn't thrilled.

    By the end of the episode, however, it was more about Todd, his reaction to the loss of his people and his vessel, and his future. His conversations with Keller were enlightening, and it's interesting to consider what might have happened if Sheppard hadn't put Todd on the defensive. Not that Sheppard was wrong in confronting Todd about his past choices, but they certainly didn't need the additional conflict at the time!

    Although it wasn't my favorite kind of storyline, I must give credit to the writers for making an effort to give Todd and his related plot threads a proper rest. I'm sure (or I can hope) all of that will come back in one of the telefilms next year.