Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2006 on Syfy

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  • A fantastic episode.

    This episode was really well done. Considering that the story had nothing to do with the Wraith it was still extremly good. In this episode, the team go to a planet who have come in search of them to Atlantis. After some time McKay realises that the Achient facilities which they have are located beneath a volcano and it is soon to errupt. So the team must fight to resue everyone before it is to late. So overall i thought this was a great episode, extremly enjoyable from start to finish. I really hope the season final is a good as this episode.
  • Edge of my seat the entire episode.

    Sure, buddy who gave this episode a 4 has some good points, but in my opinion that is exactly the kind of person we don't want watching this show. You can't sit at home and pick apart a TV show, what's the point? All you're doing is wasting your own time when you could be out doing something else.

    This episode showed exactly why this show is one of the best sci-fi spin-offs in history. It was easily my favourite episode of the season. The Orion is one sweet-ass ship and once McKay gets his arse in gear and gets it completely operational, season 3 will certainly benefit from the inclusion of another space ship.
  • A pretty good episode.

    A pretty good episode. It was a nice change from episodes focusing on Sheppard or one of the other characters. McKay just rocked in this episode. It was fun to see him trying and failing to hit on Norina. Quotes from this episode are pretty funny and made me laugh more than a few times.

    The episode was also good for another reason - the Orion. From what I've read, this ship is going to be important in the next episode.
  • Setting up for the final. (spoilers)

    The episode is setting up for the big fight and continues several back stories, can't wait till next week. Hoping we get a hint that Rodney gets the girl next episode from this, or not. The new ship may be interesting, and I really like how they continually find new ways to forward the storyline and arcs that already exist without betraying the story or characters true setup.
  • great episode

    I really liked this one, it was a good story, hope to see more of there new " allies" and the War Ship will be great against the Wraith, liked the special effects, the Banter between Shephard and McKay, I would really like the female scientist to be a regular cast member, and end up with Mckay
  • While 'Inferno' may not push the boundries it is a classic example of this great serise.

    This episode comes just before the season finale, and as such leaves many hints in regards to what we can expect next week. The best of which is the new Ancient ship, the 'Orion' (great name).
    Yet again, (in the classic ever recycled SG-1 plot) the plot involves the rescue of a technologically weak civilisation. Allowing MacKay to raise to the occasion, proving his knowledge of ancient technology. To be honest I'm starting to tire of these plots, (especially the mini-narrative with Taylor and Ronan) though it comes across in a fresh manner, with some great CGI work.
    A real treat to watch, bring on next week!
  • Great episode! And I'm a picky watcher!

    A very good episode. Dramatic and fast-paced. As usual with TV shows and movies nowadays, some things were predictable (like the Stargate being swallowed up by magma), but, that's life.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the entire episode. It also set up a nice prelude to the season finale. They now have a 2nd warship and know that the Wraith are coming.
  • Shepperd's team visit a world that is threatened by a super volcano. While the population is being evacuated, the team finds an Ancient warship - the Orion. Now they try to leave the planet, and rescue the ship as well.

    I\'ve just watched this episode, and I must admit that I\'m quite impressed. Finally we get some pretty cool action, a little character development (especially for McKay), and a very nice story. How could I forget? We finally get a new ship!!! I must admit that the computer generated scenes are aren\'t that good this time, but for a standard television series they\'re quite good. I also don\'t like the design of the Orion, but maybe that changes once I\'ve seen the ship in action :-).

    Overall I\'m really impressed by this episode, and I can\'t wait to see the season finale.
  • Wow! This was an exciting episode cant wait til the finale.

    The lava episode was good. McKay is his usual self. Cant we for once see him like he knows what he is doing and not doubting hisself all the time. Glad to see Doyle from Andromeda. Is she going to be a regular. It was nice of Atlantis new allies to allow them to use the ORION ship since the Wraith are coming.
  • See Summary

    The Atlantis Expedition Team has been contacted by another world asking for assistance with their shield generator. Upon visiting the planet it is immediately clear that they are in a base built by the Ancients. Soon McKay discovers that a massive super volcano is about to erupt and destroy the planet. The planet's Chancellor reveals an Ancient Aurora Class War ship in a hanger on the base. It was interesting to see McKay dealing under all the pressure as usual, and Weir being accused of alterior motives in order to obtain the ship. The ship was named after an old general, but they decide on calling it the Orion. Over all a very entertaining episode with character development, and new allies, and a Wraith ship on the way to Atlantis, what will happen next?!?!?!?
  • Orion is born!

    I like this particularly for the fact that finally and again in the eve of battle, Atlantis finds new allies who are in dire need of assistance as their home is becoming a dangerous place to live after a natural disaster emerges. Needles to say with the help of the Daedalus civilians get extracted and transported to Atlantis since the stargate on this planet is destroyed. Help also comes from McKay (like usual) who manages to repair an ancient cruiser that Shepard names Orion. Obviously McKay can fix just about anything...maybe not a conversation with a hot girl, but that's what Shepard is for. Also now that the Wraith finally know that Atlantis still exists, it seems they plan on attacking it? we'll see!
  • An Atlantian settlement built by the ancients that is powered by geothermal energy. The Chancellor not understanding the technology has the scientists power the shield 24X7 creating an explosion of the dormant super-volcano. A major surprise is found!

    A much better episode than the last four. A decent storyline with a pat McKay wizardry ending is actual OK this time. The finding of the "Orion" is the key element of the episode in the long run.

    A nifty way to put a super volcano in an episode similar to Yellowstone National Monument. Of course it is hard to recognize a super volcano as a volcano at all because the "cone" per se can 50-150 miles wide. The famous geyser is an example of escaping pressure from underground. Of course there have been a number of disaster movies based on that volcano going up.

    What a great find and just in time as they revealed their presence to the Wraith in the last episode. Of course even with a fully functional "Orion" and the Daedalus I am not sure Atlantis would survive a full scale attack. Luckily there currently is only one hive ship approaching but that could change quickly.

    I really liked Dr. Norina Pero played by Brandy Ledford as did both McKay and Sheppard. That is a character worth bring back to say the least. The Chancellor was nice to give them use of the "Orion" as they could never use it.

    Decent episode with a setup for the finale next week. Thanks for reading...
  • Finally, the got something new...

    It was great episode, the visual side again - to great that planet and the volcano eruption. And the hyperscape scene, where the jumped from the planet to the orbit - it was really great.

    McKay char is fantastic - all that wining and panic, but he has always a plan and can make it work, specially when it looks impossible.

    A little humor on this episode, a great ancient ship and bad new - new season ending.. new hive ship. Another great battle ahead?

    That have new warship, they have the loot from Tower and that Earth cruiser is close too. So, is there change for them?
  • Didn't see that ending coming.

    I thought maybe the Daedalus would beam the Orion out of the hanger, kinda like how Prometheus beamed up the building on SG-1. But anyways my dad reminded me that hanger was hidden. Exciting episode and a hot scientist. Hermiod is great. Did I mention this was a great epsisode?
  • Exciting Exciting and fun to watch.

    This episode center around the Atlantis team gates to a world where a settlement has been touched by the Wraith and that is because they had Ancient shielding device that is protecting themselves, but the twist with this is the fact that device is powered by a super volcano that happen to become active due to the fact of the settlement constantly using the device. Something that the device wasn’t meant to do and now the settlement is paying the price for it.
    I like this episode because it is a fun and exciting with no dull point in the entire episode with a little sprinkling of character development as well, especially between McKay and Shepard, whom had a love/hate relationship between each other. It seems that the writers of this show are making them Atlantis’s version of Daniel and Jack of Stargate SG-1 who also share a similar relationship as well. Also there was some character development with Teyla and Ronon who reaction to the falling ash are difference, which suggests to me that Teyla hasn’t seen something like this before and for Ronon who has.
    The one thing that I didn’t like was the fact that Dr. Weir, didn’t know what a super volcano was, she should of know what that was. Heck, I know what a super volcano is and what it looks like and I don’t even have a degree in geology.
  • good episode...

    The team is trapped on a planet where a volcano is erupting and taking everything in it's path. Of course Sheppard had to try to save all the people and then he got them all trapped...The team find an old ancient ship and try to get it working again. Actually, mainly McKay is the only one making it work while the others are running around trying to help people. There were a lot of funny moments with McKay, which is why the episode is good. I really didn't like the story. I remember an SG-1 episode called A Hundred Days where a meterior shower hit a planet and Jack had to stay behind to help, and then gets stuck. The story is just unoriginal and it wasn't that good in the first place. Overall, the story wasn't that interesting but there was some good suspense and great humor.
  • Good show, but did anyone NOT predict how they'd escape after the first 15 minutes?

    On the positive side, David Hewlett played an awesome Rodney. The character used to annoy me, but I think he's developing it very well. He sure yelled a lot this episode though...

    The plot though, I dunno... The last line of the previous episode was "We'll need more firepower" or something similar, and WHAM, they discover a functional Ancient ship... I guess it had to be done, but work for it a little bit.
  • Let's just say the writers need to sit down and really think about how they want to improve for the third season...

    This is another one of those episodes that gets under my skin for all the wrong reasons. There was a distinct point to the episode: deliver unto the team at Atlantis an Ancient warship as a Wraith ship appears on the long-range sensors. All else is window dressing, and it leaves this episode in much the same position as “The Tower”. It exists to provide the characters with a source of arms and defense when needed; the rest is easily disposable.

    At least this episode sets the new technology at the heart of the plot. The primary sin of “The Tower” was placing the drones and puddle-jumpers tangential to the main plot. The first season used to do episodes like this all the time, and they usually got it right: figure out what plot element you want to introduce, figure out a way for the characters to discover it, and work the plot around that mode of discovery.

    The trick, though, is making sure that the plot itself is substantial enough to justify its own existence. “The Tower” failed in that respect, and to a lesser extent, the same issue comes up in this episode. It’s all too easy to dismiss everything but the introduction of the Ancient warship. Sure, the supervolcano is interesting enough, and it’s always fun to watch the cast deal with a crisis in consistent fashion, but it all comes across as rather disposable.

    If there’s a nice twist in this episode, it’s the fact that McKay has the chance at the babe this time around, not Sheppard. I’m mildly amused by the fact that Sheppard is annoyed by this turn of events. At the same time, I find it hard to take it seriously when the babe in question was the prominent eye candy on the abysmal final season of “Andromeda”. It’s like making Tara Reid an archeologist. It breaks the willing suspension of disbelief in a matter of nanoseconds.

    I also liked the fact that McKay’s character exploration this season was touched upon again, even if it wasn’t any sort of attempt at character development or advancement (something I continue to look for despite evidence that it rarely happens in this franchise). He knew damn well that the rest of the team was expecting him to work out a solution to the problem under pressure, and that’s exactly what happened. I like the self-awareness.

    Perhaps the best way to sum up my thoughts on the episode is this: I had to keep myself from looking for something else to do. It just wasn’t holding my interest. Like too many episodes of “Atlantis” this season, I was forcing myself to pay attention and give it due time and consideration. And that’s not how I felt during the first season, or how I feel with “SG-1” or “BSG” this season.

    My worry for the third season is that the producers won’t realize something is missing, and the same lack of originality will send this high-potential concept to an early grave. Looking back, I had similar feelings during the second season of “Enterprise”. Both series started out with troubled yet promising first seasons, followed by second seasons that seemed to promise more and deliver less. “Enterprise” shook things up for its third season, flawed as the attempt was…will “Atlantis” be able to bounce back more effectively?
  • One of the stupidest episodes

    I think this episode is one of the stupidest ever. All those brilliant minds and no one even thought about beaming the people on the other side of the planet where they would be safer for a bit longer, until they would come back after them. The Daedalus didn't even have to move in order to do this. And leaving the children and women last with Teyla and Ronon for dramatic purpose was incredibly stupid. I couldn't help myself laughing through more than half of this episode.

    Season 2 of Atlantis had about 3 good episodes. I'd give the whole season a 4/10. It was extremely dissapointing.