Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2006 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • When the first group of people goes through the gate before it disappears a soldier is seen with a Swedish flag on his arm. This is the first time we see Swedish involvement in the Stargate missions.

  • Quotes

    • Sheppard: (over the radio) Elizabeth.
      Weir: Excuse me, please. Yes, John?
      Sheppard: You and the Chancellor may wanna come down to the control room. We have a problem.
      Weir: What kind of problem?
      (A magmatic quake shakes the facility)
      Sheppard: That kind of problem.

    • Sheppard: The ship in the hangar. Maybe McKay can fix it.
      McKay: Oh, maybe I can fix it. Place the pressure squarely on my shoulders for a change.
      Sheppard: Well, I've discovered you're pretty good under the threat of impending death.
      McKay: (to Norina) I am, actually.

    • Caldwell: I hear you could use some assistance.
      Sheppard: Well, the Stargate of this planet's been swallowed by lava, and we're in a volcano that could erupt any second, so, yeah, yeah, we could use a little help.

    • Teyla: What is it?
      Beckett: It's just ash beginning to fall.
      Teyla: Is that a sign that the volcano will soon erupt?
      Beckett: Diastrophism is a wee bit outside my bailiwick.
      (Teyla looks clueless at his choice of words)
      Beckett: I mean, no, I doubt it. you remember what Rodney said. Once she goes, we'll know.

    • McKay: And, I've discovered the ship's name... It's the um... Hippaforalkus.
      Sheppard: The what?
      McKay: Yes, well it appears to have been named after an ancient general... Hippaforalkus.
      Sheppard: Well we're not calling it that!
      McKay: Oh good...then what about...
      Sheppard: ...And we're not calling it the Enterprise either!

    • McKay: I'll take a repair team back to the Orion: get the engines fixed.
      Sheppard: I thought you told Norina you couldn't fix it.
      McKay: It was never a question of whether or not I could fix it; it... (He turns and sees John's smug expression and the others grinning)

    • Beckett: (about Rodney's plan) It worked!
      Norina: (to Rodney) You really are a genius. (Rodney doesn't reply) Rodney?
      McKay: (in total shock) I'm good.

    • McKay: Whoa!
      Norina: (nervously) What?
      McKay: Got up too fast.

    • Norina: (after McKay cries out, while trying to save their collective lives) What?
      McKay: Oh! I bent my fingernail back! I hate that!
      Norina: (condescendingly) Yes, that can be painful.
      McKay: Will you look at that?
      Sheppard: Are you done?!?

    • Hermiod: Colonel. I believe the eruption will occur in fifty-two seconds.
      Caldwell: Are you sure?
      Hermiod: I would not state it if I wasn't.

    • McKay: This ship will be ejected along with the magma and stream several thousand feet into the air.
      Sheppard: The ship can survive that?
      McKay: For exactly 4.1 seconds, yes. Look, the hangar should disintigrate. The moment we're clear we open a brief hyperspace window, jump to space before the explosion depletes our shields and incinerates us.
      Sheppard: Okay.
      McKay: What?
      Beckett: Very clever, Rodney.
      McKay: Hmm. Well ... don't thank me 'til it works ... which it probably won't. 'Scuse me.

    • Sheppard: So your plan is to not blow a hole in the hangar but to sit here and wait for this cataclysmic eruption to take place.
      McKay: With the shields and inertial dampeners at full strength, yes.
      Beckett: I think I may be missing something. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when the volcano erupts, don't we as well?
      McKay: That's the plan.
      Sheppard: That's the plan?
      McKay: That's the plan!
      Sheppard: That plan sucks!
      Beckett: Aye!

    • McKay: Fixing the sublight engines was impossible in the amount of time we had left. They were just too badly damaged, but I devised a sort of a patch that in effect diverts auxiliary power to the hyperdrive. Only enough for a fraction of a second, mind you.
      Sheppard: That won't get us very far.
      McKay: We don't need to go far. Any old orbit will do.
      Sheppard: And then what?
      McKay: Well, then, Norina and I were planning a small dinner for us all, nothing fancy ...
      Norina: Rodney.
      McKay: Well, what does he mean, "Then what"?! Then we won't die horribly!

    • McKay: To activate the shields.
      Sheppard: You said the blast from the eruption would wipe out half the continent.
      McKay: It will, and after 4.1 seconds of those extreme temperatures and pressures, our shields will be depleted.
      Sheppard: As much as I'm all for living for another four seconds...
      Beckett: That's not very much time for anything, Rodney.
      McKay: It's plenty of time to open a hyperspace window.
      (Sheppard stares at him blankly)
      McKay: That's my plan. Didn't I tell you about that?
      Beckett: No.
      Sheppard: No, you didn't.
      McKay: Well, you were too busy running around looking for people.
      Sheppard: Well, tell us the damn plan!

    • McKay: (to Beckett, who thinks the rest of his team is dead) Alright. Tell the people to get on the floor and secure themselves. I think the eruption is imminent. We're... just about ready.
      Sheppard: Ready for what?
      Beckett: Oh, thank God!
      McKay: (smiling) What took you so long?!

    • McKay: Once they're operational, we'll be able to provide enough protection to, uh...
      Sheppard: To what?
      McKay: Talk amongst yourselves.
      Sheppard: What are you doing?
      McKay: I have an idea.
      Sheppard: What kind of idea?
      McKay: Can't talk, busy.
      Sheppard: Just give me a basic ...
      McKay: Not now, please.
      Sheppard: I hate it when he does this.

    • Norina: The hangar door is directly above us. The molten lava would destroy the ship.
      McKay: Not if I can get the shields operational.
      Sheppard: Tell me you can do that.
      McKay: I can do that.

    • Sheppard: Time for a military solution.
      McKay: For which problem?

    • Sheppard: How are those engines coming?
      McKay: I'm not even close.
      Sheppard: Well, then, I guess we're all gonna die.
      McKay: Oh, you're doin' that on purpose!
      Sheppard: What?
      McKay: You're creating an impossible task that my ego will force me to overcome.
      Sheppard: Oh, yes, yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. It has nothing at all to do with saving the lives of these people. It's all about you. (deliberately making his voice angry) Now get your ass back to work and fix those damn engines! (turning to Norina) He'll fix 'em! Trust me.

    • Norina: I have already learned so much from you just in the last few hours. Perhaps one day I could study under you.
      (Sheppard rolls eyes.)
      McKay: Uh, yes, well, I reall... um, really look forward to that. But first, we need to, uh, get off. (Sheppard squints.) Uh, first we need to get off the planet... first we need to get off the planet, and then you can be under me...
      (Quake hits. McKay ducks under a table. Sheppard covers Norina.)
      McKay: Okay, that was a big one. It was a lot stronger than the...
      (Sees Norina with Sheppard)
      Sheppard: Are you all right?
      Norina: I'm fine.
      (McKay stands up.)
      McKay: All good under there. Okay.

    • Caldwell: And plan B is what?
      Sheppard: We've found a sister ship to the Aurora called the... Orion.
      McKay: Aw.
      Sheppard: McKay's trying to get the sublight drive online.
      Caldwell: Really? Well, a ship that large, you should be able to get everyone else out in one trip.
      Sheppard: Yeah, well, whether or not we live or die is all up to Rodney.
      McKay: This is so unfair!

    • Sheppard: What the hell happened?
      Beckett: The Stargate: it was swallowed up by the magma.
      McKay: We are so screwed!
      Ronon: You mean we're stuck here?
      Teyla: If we have no way of contacting Atlantis...
      McKay: We are totally screwed.

    • Laikos: (after McKay told him his planet is going to be uninhabitable) Excuse me. (to the guards) Watch them carefully. McKay: Oh, I'm sorry, was my volume turned right down?! Did he not hear me?!

    • Sheppard: Is there anything we can do to relieve the pressure somewhere else? Uh, maybe we can fire a drone down into the crust on the other side of the calderas.
      McKay: Every problem has a military solution in your world, doesn't it?

    • Weir: I don't see any volcano.
      McKay: Because you're standing inside it right now.

    • Norina: What it is?
      McKay: The reason the Ancients chose to power this facility on geothermal energy is because we're sitting right smack in the calderas of a dormant super volcano... or should I say formerly dormant, because drawing all of this energy from the magma chamber has made it extremely active.
      Sheppard: So... things are gonna get worse.
      McKay: I think we can safely say that things are gonna get... (lacking a better word) worse. Yes.

    • Norina: Yes, there's an enormous amount of heat beneath the surface.
      McKay: (looking at her) Hmm, you're telling me.

    • Weir: (after having discussed an attractive scientist the guys like) I should head back with you and begin negotiations with the Taranan leader. What's he like?
      Sheppard: Oh, you know. He's a guy. Didn't pay much attention. Sorry!

    • Weir: Hopefully we can establish an alliance with them. A ship like that...
      Sheppard: ...would come very much in handy now that the Wraith are probably on their way: I know. Uh, I'm gonna get back there now, make sure he's not distracted.
      Weir: Distracted?
      Sheppard: Ah, well, the lead scientist, uh, she's very, um...
      Weir: Hot?
      Sheppard: I was gonna say attractive. But McKay is acting very, uh...
      Weir: Smitten?
      Sheppard: I was gonna say pathetic.
      (He turns to leave)
      Weir: Wait. I should head back with you and begin negotiations with the Taranan leader. What's he like?
      Sheppard: Oh, you know. He's a guy. Didn't pay much attention. Sorry!
      (He turns and walks away.)

    • Laikos: This is the main hangar.
      Sheppard: Hangar? For what?
      Laikos: Mere description would be inadequate.
      Sheppard: (after seeing a huge Ancient ship) I see what you mean!

    • Norina: (referring to Rodney going to stand in the doorway when the tremors occurred) What were you doing?
      McKay: Well, that, that was, uh, that was the... standard military procedure. In the case of an earthquake, one hides... uh, well, stands in a doorway and, uh, just checks the... structural integrity of the building... for the sake of the civilians.

    • Sheppard: The good news is you found our address. I'm sure we can fix whatever needs fixing.
      McKay: And by "we", he means me, so... (reaching behind him for his computer) ... shall we get started?
      Norina: I'm sure I could learn a lot from you, Doctor.
      McKay: Oh! Well, I'm sure I can learn... (after deciding there's nothing he could possibly say) Let's start here, shall we?

    • Laikos: Well, hopefully you can help us. Our shield generator has been giving us trouble for some time now. Our knowledge of the technology is limited, and the Ancestors regrettably neglected to leave behind instruction manuals.
      McKay: (laughing derisively) Actually, they did. You probably just couldn't understand...

    • McKay: The austerity of the facility suggests that it was built during the height of war.
      Norina: It is well beyond our science. My skills are rudimentary at best.
      Sheppard: Ah, don't be so hard on yourself. It took Doctor McKay years to figure out all things Ancient and he still doesn't completely understand.
      McKay: I have a very firm grasp of Ancient technology.
      Sheppard: You've blown up entire planets, Rodney.
      McKay: That wasn't my fault!
      Sheppard: Well, it didn't do it by itself!

  • Notes

    • Though largely identical to its sister ship, the Aurora, the Orion's bridge featured several seats of the type used on Puddle Jumpers, whereas the Aurora had only one chair for the Captain. These were added at the insistence of Director Peter DeLuise.

    • The majority of the Ancient base set is a redress of sets from Blade: Trinity.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: January 23, 2006 on The Movie Network and Movie Central
      UK: March 8, 2006 on Sky One
      Australia: June 7, 2007 on Channel 7
      Syndication Premiere: May 12-13, 2007

  • Allusions

    • Orion:

      The new name for the Ancient warship chosen by Sheppard is an allusion to the spaceship Orion from the German cult Sci-Fi series "Raumpatrouille - Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion" (Space Patrol - The Fantastic Adventures of the Spaceship Orion) from 1966. It was chosen by the episode's director Peter DeLuise after he was given the DVD of the 2003 special movie edition of the show by German journalist Robert Vogel who was a frequent quest on the sets of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis reporting for various German Sci-Fi magazines.

    • Taranis:

      The planet where the episode is set is named after the Celtic Thunder God, Taranis. He is the equivalent of Thor in the Scandinavian mythology.

    • Orion:

      There are two different versions of the Orion myth, depending on the identity of his parents. The first of these identifies the sea-god Neptune as Orion's father and the great huntress Queen Euryale of the Amazons as his mother. Orion inherited her talent, and became the greatest hunter in the world. Another version of the Orion myth states that he had no mother but was a gift to a pious peasant from Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury. This Orion supposedly was able to walk on water and had greater strength and stature than any other mortal.

    • Sheppard: And we are not calling it the Enterprise either!

      The Enterprise is the main spaceship from three of the Star Trek TV series. In addition this is the name (making the same reference) that Jack O'Neill wanted to give to the X-303 later named Prometheus in Stargate SG-1.

    • Sheppard: It's from an old TV show

      He is referring to the Star Trek series. The long-range scanners were first introduced in the show from 1987, Star Trek: The Next Generation.