Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Sheppard's team is investigating a new world and go to a town inn to meet the locals. There they hear a story about a daemon who lives in the forest and sucks the life out of you. They investigate and make an interesting discovery.

    Psychological study of how people react under different situations. This man Zaddick has taken the girl Wraith Ellia in as his own. His family had died of an illness right before this ship crashed. It is amazing what people will do to protect there own even to the point of giving there life literally as we learned later in the episode.

    Ellia played by Jewel Staite does an excellent job as the Wraith girl. Somehow watching this you knew she had to be feeding on humans sometime. I personally thought she was just doing it without her fathers knowledge. It turns out she fed on her father as well as other times before when she first had the hunger and then without telling her father.

    It was interesting the side effect of the retrovirus making her stronger than an average Wraith. I guess totally stripping the human DNA from the subject might do that. She snapped that Wraith's neck like a twig.

    There was something different about Ellia though as Teyla didn't seem to read her as readily. Dr. Beckett's idea is very interesting. Now they will at least know they need to go in a different direction with their research.

    Not a bad filler episode and pretty enjoyable in general. I thought it had a reasonable amount of action and I also wondered why the Wraith had never returned to the world for a few centuries. The ships beacon must have been destroyed and the personal signals lost as well. Thanks for reading...
  • A nice enough exposition dump, but not as interesting as it could have been...

    After the character development in the previous epsiode, the writers seem to have slipped into less-complicated territory this time around. At first, I thought it was just an example of measured pacing. The story seemed rather simple, so some stylistic progression was certainly in order. Unfortunately, it never really took hold, and the episode just never seemed to want to go anywhere. Most of the plot twists were highly predictable, and while the producers promised an in-depth look at the development of a young Wraith, it didn’t go very deeply into the topic.

    Was anyone really surprised when Wraith Girl turned out to be feeding off her “father”, or when she admitted that she was using the other Wraith to cover her own killings? I know I wasn’t, because I saw it coming a mile away. It was also clear that nothing was going to save Wraith Girl, because that would require Beckett’s treatment to work perfectly and eliminate any sign of her Wraith heritage. Otherwise, the town would still tear her to pieces.

    What this episode did feel like, in the end, was a thinly-veiled example of exposition. The writers would do this sort of thing all the time in the first season. Beckett’s treatment to eliminate Wraith DNA is central to the plot thread for Lt. Ford, but it also has larger implications. This episode establishes the fact that the treatment is still in development, and that it doesn’t work yet. More importantly, it actually seems to have accelerated the effect of the genetic imperatives of the Wraith DNA.

    That, in turn, leads into what I assume was the entire point of the episode: making sure that Sheppard was “injected” with the Beckett Treatment Cocktail that was running around in Wraith Girl’s unstable biology. Without seeing spoilers or even the promo (which my TiVo cut off, damn it!), I can safely predict that this will lead to problems with Sheppard in the near future. From there, of course, I expect that Sheppard will get a better feel for Ford’s psychology and that Beckett’s ability to trace Sheppard’s reaction to the treatment will lead to a more successful version later in the season.

    I just wish that there was more to the actual episode, and that it didn’t feel like one big exposition dump. Granted, there were some good points. Teyla was more than just another very pretty face for once, and her rapport with Wraith Girl was nice to see. I also feel like Ronon’s psychology is getting a bit easier to understand: he finds a certain comfort in following orders, as he gains a sense of the chain of command and its pure intentions. His bad-ass moment worked for me (my wife made a comment on how she likes his gun; take that as you will).

    Jewel Staite did a great job as Wraith Girl, even if I wish we could have seem that gorgeous smile now and again. (I guess I’ll have to wait a few weeks for “Serenity”!) McKay was mostly in a support role this time, and that served to give the writers a chance to reveal his post-“Trinity” attitude. Sheppard also seemed to be recovering, because his sense of humor wasn’t entirely back in action.

    Underneath the episode is a relatively safe discussion on nature vs. nurture and the Wraith. This time, nature wins, hands down. Ironically, as much as this should make the Wraith seem that much more dangerous and daunting an enemy, the revitalized “SG-1” has developed an enemy so much more disturbing that the Wraith look minor in comparison. It’s hard, sometimes, to remember how overwhelming they were during “The Siege”. Hopefully, the writers won’t wait long to remind us why the Wraith were so cool in the first place.
  • See Summary

    This was a good episode. There was a lot of character development, and action, and a little bit of horror perhaps, haha. We definitely saw a different side of the Wraith once again, in the form of a young female Wraith who was taken in by one of the villagers after the dart she was aboard crashed nearby. He raised her as his own, feeding her like a human, but perhaps it wasn't good enough. This episode makes me wonder how different the Wraith can be, and if we will see other variations down the road. This episode was entertaining and the female Wraith at the end was kind of scary, but well done.
  • Other side of Wraiths...

    I loved this episode - the emotional bound what they showed between that man and his "daughter", the Wraith. And the reasons he was ready to give up his years and life for her to feed. Many would not understand that.

    This episode, really showed us the other side of Wraith - so far they have been always evil. First time we saw someone who tried to be different but as it came out - there is no easy way out and denying will not help it.

    All the hunting on the forest, McKay and Carson on their own trying to fight with the Wraith...

    Beautiful episode.
  • good episode...

    The team goes off -world and find a village that is plagued by a lone wraith. The team eventually finds out that there is a wraith girl that is tame and seems sincere and kind. The villagers are pretty primative, like most cilizations plagued by the wraith. I really like the idea of this episode. A wraith that can be taught to be It shows that they are not all bad and it brings a whole nother aspect to the wraith characters. Overall, great story and a good start to a two-parter, though it was a little slow at times.
  • A fairly average episode...

    This episode was about a Wraith child who apparently does not feed on humans because her human father who looks after her, perfected a serum that stops the hunger. But as the episode progresses and Beckett takes a look at the drug it appears that the Wraith child is in fact still feeding on humans. But she takes an experiemental drug which is supposed to make Wraiths human again. But the side effects of the drug are bad and the chils turns evil and goes on a killing spree. John tracks it down but is fed on before Ronan kills it. So overall i thought this was a good episode. Not fantastic but pretty good.
  • What a storyline...

    this episode was very exciting and freaky, i didn't know what they were talking about when they said " it might not even be out tonight"but when they said what it did, it was pretty obivous that it was a wraith. i think the best twist in the storyline was when the old guy found out that his son was even older than he was towards the end. the wraith had to get what it needeed to survive so he let it take some of his life and now he was an old man.the girl wraith killed the other wraith on the planet so they didn't have to look as hard for it. later.
  • Freaky....

    The team comes to a planet where they learn that a wraith has been feeding off of people, so they offer to hunt it but instead they find a guy that has been taking care off this female wraith. This episode was one of my favorites so far this season I really liked it alot. The female wraith takes an experimental drug that beckett made and she loses control, she kills the person who took her in and then Sheppard and ronon track her down and kill her. I would have liked to see more of Dr.Weir in this episode because she was only in it for 5 minutes. Later...
  • Reminds me of a modern version of the "Creature Featurea' flicks I watched as a kid. Much higher quality acting, make-up, and special effects though.

    This episode was like a little suspense-thriller movie, almost.

    A team from Atlantis shows up at the tavern of a woodland community one night. Gets the "they cannot leave now, it is night" from some and the dismissive "sod off" from others. Then, they find out there is a creature loose that hunts at night.

    Sounds like a Wraith.

    So naturally, they volunteer to help find out what it is and, well - take care of it.

    Totally a great "hunt the ellusive monster" episode.

    It reminded me of the movies I used to watch as a kid when some creature, like a werewolf, is preying on members of the local community.

    Then, the heroes have to go out - and hunt it down. If they can find it.

    It was a pretty good episode and I liked it a lot.
  • Nice episode. Could've been much better, though.

    It was an episode with a good purpose: To show us that Wraith can be good as well.

    However, the ending was bad. They could've done it differently and much better. Imagine what an assett it would have been if she had been brought back to Atlantis (and they perfected the cure).

    I guess it was too much to ask. It was sad thta it had to end the way it did.
  • It was a good way to show that the wraith have a good side but I was quite puzzling how she had lived so long without feeding

    I felt that the story line was quite god I lets us know that the wraith have a nicer side other than just random culling’s and evil incarnates but that a wraith female wanted to be human was like watching Pinocchio with Geppetto,

    I felt that’s as a whole the episode was slow paced and was ne what I was expecting but it was nice to have a change from the fast paced antics of the last few episodes,

    It does however raise the question of if they now have the Retro-Virus could they not rework it to wipe out the wraith instead of changing them? Maybe just eliminating the wraith would help or they could burry the retro-virus in the past along with the personal shield device from season 1
  • The end I didn’t think to be really good, it was a little too abrupt. But all in all it was a good episode, worthy of being called a fine example of a typical Stargate Atlantis episode.

    I liked the ‘meeting new people and helping them’ element back. It’s never been one of my favorite storylines, but it was still good to have some of the old moral back. It was good to remind us that not only the big picture counts, but that there are also people out there who are terrified of one Wraith, while they are worrying about whole hive fleets and the saving the galaxy. I also liked the thing between McKay and the boy. It shows again how bad he is with children, and it is fun to see.

    The twist in the story that there is an antidote against the Wraith’s need to feed was very cool. It was also fun to see the Wraith-girl act like a normal one. The father-daughter relationship was really well portrayed, even if it is between two so different people. It just doesn’t seem to matter, which was exactly the point.

    Just when I thought they had totally forgotten the villagers, the next missing person came along. Which I thought was a good idea; because there was no way they could’ve filled an entire episode. This division between these two stories was very nicely done. The revelation that the girl did kill people and the serum didn’t control her natural urges was unexpected. Though it was obvious she couldn’t live, I didn’t expect her to kill the other Wraith and start hurting people.

    The end I didn’t think to be really good, it was a little too abrupt. But all in all it was a good episode, worthy of being called a fine example of a typical Stargate Atlantis episode.
  • story of a little girl wrath, who wishs to become human, as a result she becomes more wrathish. her "father" was accually her first victom, and some of his own life force was sucked from him. And a great setup for the next episode.

    the acting was good, it is yes another episode in the woods, the wrath was different and an enjoyable change, showing that some wrath are not all evil it is nuture not nature that causes them to become mean to humans. The question I have with this episode is the same one I ussally have, why are they here, and why aren't they looking for the ZPMs they knew about at the end of the 1st season.