Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Sheppard's team is investigating a new world and go to a town inn to meet the locals. There they hear a story about a daemon who lives in the forest and sucks the life out of you. They investigate and make an interesting discovery.

    Psychological study of how people react under different situations. This man Zaddick has taken the girl Wraith Ellia in as his own. His family had died of an illness right before this ship crashed. It is amazing what people will do to protect there own even to the point of giving there life literally as we learned later in the episode.

    Ellia played by Jewel Staite does an excellent job as the Wraith girl. Somehow watching this you knew she had to be feeding on humans sometime. I personally thought she was just doing it without her fathers knowledge. It turns out she fed on her father as well as other times before when she first had the hunger and then without telling her father.

    It was interesting the side effect of the retrovirus making her stronger than an average Wraith. I guess totally stripping the human DNA from the subject might do that. She snapped that Wraith's neck like a twig.

    There was something different about Ellia though as Teyla didn't seem to read her as readily. Dr. Beckett's idea is very interesting. Now they will at least know they need to go in a different direction with their research.

    Not a bad filler episode and pretty enjoyable in general. I thought it had a reasonable amount of action and I also wondered why the Wraith had never returned to the world for a few centuries. The ships beacon must have been destroyed and the personal signals lost as well. Thanks for reading...