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Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 28, 2006 on Syfy

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  • this episode starts of awfull and cheese filled and is cringe worthy.

    so in oher episodes including sg-1 anyone acting differently or not following s o p is immediately refered to the infirmary and or held in the 'brig'

    yet carson is left completely alone ? and no one thinks of sending lucious back through straightaway?

    it is pretty logical that shepard was immune and so was able to save the day...

  • light-hearted fun

    This is a light-hearted episode that was supposed to make the audience laugh; but it is also one of the most hated episodes among the die-hard fans. Among the bones they have to pick are: it is lame that exactly one character is not affected; there is no real menace; it does not add to any of the general story lines; and the usual been-there-done-that nonsense.

    All these arguments are obviously pointless – you cannot criticise an episode for not achieving something it never aimed for. This episode was an attempt at comedy, so the only valid question is, was it funny?

    The answer is difficult. Yes, it was extremely funny in many scenes, starting with Elizabeth jumping in her chair when Lucius takes her hands, or all the characters acting out of their usual roles around Lucius. But it does become clear that the cast is unfamiliar with comedy, and so some of the scenes do not quite work out.

    Also, I would not have chosen Richard Kind for the role of Lucius. I like him, but I never thought of him as one of the great comedians of our time. He does fit the role, though.

    All in all, the premise is good, the plot is good, but the actors can't pull the weight (which might not be their fault; who directed this?) But if you like the cast in general, then this is a fun episode to watch.
  • Picking dandelions for their new best friend...

    It was hardly a good episode. It was different but some way it looked so silly and far from the usual level the episodes have. I know, after the great events of season start, it was somehow logical, that they need interlude.

    The thing I liked this episode as Carson was one of the focus chars, what he hardly has. And the moment, when he, leading a team (!!!) comes from the planet where wraith outpost is. They are all looking so happy, so pleased, not that they were just fired by wraith.

    It was comical episode, but the storyline itself was quite silly and pointless.
  • See Summary

    Irresistible was a fantastic episode of Stargate Atlantis. It was very similar to the episode of SG1 where Hathor took over the base after influencing all the men with a chemical hormone she released. The Atlantis Team was searching for Stargates orbiting unpopulated planets in order to use them to cross the void between the Pegasus and Milkyway Galaxies. Lucious a man on the planet they came across was the main man, ladies at his feet, men working for him at his will. He eventually influenced all of Atlantis except for Sheppard who had a cold, luckily. It was neat to see the characters under the influence of him, and I think we will probably run into Lucious again. Good Episode worth watching.
  • Atlantis teams are flying in a jumper when Ronan ask what si the plan again, since nobody goes on a mission knowing that. Then they come to a hamlet, find a baker with magic herbs, takes over Atlantis, but someone has a cold and saves the day.

    I tried to think of a worse episode in the series, but none comes to mind. Then I try to compare it to other shows. Still the dumbest episode I have ever seen.
    It\'s innevitable for a tv series to have \"fill-up\" episodes, but this episode is so dumbed down that maybe a 5 year old would take pleasure in watching it. The episode has only one storyline and that in itself seems to jump around.
    It is really hard to describe how silly this episode is in civilized terms. Silly is a compliment though. I will just say that I registered just to write this review, and maybe help someone else from wasting 45 minutes of their life.
  • This was a day dream by someone i was sure of that after the first 10 mins. entertaining, but with everything else they could be showing, i think all of there creative energies from both series went into the SG-1 Episode from this week.

    Honestly one of the most goof screwed up and weird episodes in the entire SG-1 series, and that includes the MaKay stuck in the jumper underwater with imaginary Sam, and Replicator Sam walking out buck naked... all of that was WTF... but this entire episode took the cake. for starters they took one of the greatest actors who can play a weird and pull it off, then they put him as a charector who honestly could do whatever he wants. long story short he does what he wants, how much they never got into ;) if you know what I mean.... but anyways, I honestly think this was a day dream by some guy in the writing staff, and was put in there to break it up... which it did, but to put it on the same week as the SG-1 episode where they did so much good story work, was a bad choice I personally feel, but that me.
  • Funny to see everyone "smitten" with the guy from Spin City

    A really good episode. Funny to see Carson, Elizabeth, Ronon, Teyla and Rodney looking up to the charismatic Lucious. "I want it"...What a spoilt little brat! Exactly why I watch this series. I always look forward to Saturdays (Aus time) to dn this amazing series. I really hope this series goes on for a long time. If it was a more mature adult series, this episode could have been done a lot more sexier, but I guess, family viewing, so to speak. It would be great if Channel 7 could screen Season 2. A lot of people are missing out on classic Sheppard and McKay!
  • By far the worst Atlantis episode.

    Thankfully there was a painful to watch classification, because it WAS.
    I have never sat through a more painful episode of any tv show. It's only because of my loyalty to Stargate that I even suffered through it.
    The premise was not even laughable. The idea of the pheromone was cool, but McKay is more than enough buffoon for the show. Two is just overkill.
    Definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel, but then Stargate's episode on the same night MORE than made up for it. I guess lightning really CAN'T strike the same place twice.
    Hopefully this is a one time barrel scraping. A two hour crossover event would have been better.

    Hey, why don't you fix your system so that you can actually vote 0 for something like you are supposed to be able to do?
  • Well what can I say. The worst Stargate Atlantis episode Lost and HurleyDream

    This episode reminded me of several episodes covered by the Star Trek Series TOS. The charachter Lucious was unimaginative and dry. As soon as Carson started to behave smitten I knew it was something that was eminating from Luciuos that was causing the problem. Highly unimaginative. The crew of Atlantis have been fighting a highly strung race of Wraith and were not able to detect the problem as soon as Lucious arrived. WOW Elizabeth, you are slacking. Besides how does a Stargate prevent the introduction of biological organisms and foreign chemicals. I thing we need quaranteen control.
  • Oh come on... we don't need this!

    Once in a while the writers feel the audience needs a break from the on screen seriousness, so they give us a comedy. So after 3x02(Misbegotten), they feel obliged to lighten up a little bit and they give us Irresistable - which we don't need!

    Stargate has always had its own brand of unique humour - I think this one way out of character! The story doesn't contribute anything to the general arc, at best it is irritating. Don't get me wrong, it is funny but not stargate-ish funny. Remember when O'Neill and Teal'c got stucked in an endless loop repeating a single day?(can't remember which SG-1 episode), now that's classic Stargate humour. You still laugh everytime you think of O'Neill and Teal'c antics.

    As it is, there are sufficient amount of humour each week that comes out of the characters interaction with each other. We don't need a whole episode devoted to being funny! So, let's have the story moving and quit fooling around.
  • i would be sorry about Richard Kinds career, if i wouldnt be busy worrying about how i could lose that 45min of memory.

    ok, i\\\'m trying my first review here and i am sorry that it has to be about such a waste of airing time. but i hope, i could save one, just one soul from the torture of seeing this episode. it would make up for every sin i commited in my young life yet.

    the story can be condensed to this: the wet dream of an offworld baker comes true, he finds a spice to make him irresistable. he beguiles whole atlantis, everyone goes out of character and nuts (even McKay, which in his case means, more nuts), besides Sheppard who saves the day again.

    what sounds a very funny and enjoyable idea combined with an great actor (Richard Kind), becomes a torture for every viewer due to the lame scripts restrictions. nothing about really ennoying characters you want to punch in the face (if the TV screens solidness wouldn\\\'t hurt that much), but i think McKay fills out this role well.

    i hope the lack of originality, twists, humor and everthing else can be blamed to the fact, that most of th writers had only 1 hand left for actual writing and a little lack of blood pressure in their upper body. obviously they had that much fun with their fantasies, that they didnt care of the result.
  • Funny

    I found this episode to be quite funny.
    I wonder what it was that helped those women get the part of Lucius's wives. Hmmmm.
    My favorite part, the story about the baby Lucius saved. "A little brain damage but the story is true." lol.
    Liked the ending, McKay testing the product on Sheppard.
    I think there should be another episode where it's up to Sheppard and McKay to save the day, but with more action.
    I liked this episode, and I have no reason to call it the worst episode ever.
  • Worst episode ever...

    To me the only irresistable thing was the Powerbutton on my TV which I wanted to press several times during this very very very long 45 minutes to end this martyrium.
    Only the hope that it eventually might become better or turn out to be a bad dream stopped me from doing so.

    The main plot of finding Stargates to connect earth and Atlantis is a good and logic idea (and reminds me of some old Perry Rhodan books), but i sure hope the future episodes deal with that in a far more interesting way.

    It can only get better from here! (at least I hope so)
  • One of the worst episodes of the franchise

    Before I discuss this particular episode, I have to repeat my usual disclaimer. Yes, I know how television works, and that not every episode has to be some deep exploration of the series’ mythology. Yes, I know that it’s not a crime to have a whimsical episode. And yes, I am capable of sitting back and enjoying a show for what it is.

    However, that doesn’t mean that series shouldn’t have standards. And much like last season’s “The Tower”, this episode fails to meet the standards set by the first season. In fact, this episode would have been a fairly embarrassing addition to any early “SG-1” season, which had their share of poorly conceived “humorous” episodes. It really has nothing to do with anything, and unlike some of the more worthy humorous episodes, there is no insight into a given character to justify the time and effort.

    This reminds me a lot of the difference between the almost literary humor of the early seasons of “X-Files” and the terrible “comedic” material in the later seasons. One type of episode was incredibly funny, but remarkably insightful; the other often sought cheap laughs at the expense of established character histories. This episode actually fell right in between the two extremes. It said nothing about the characters, added nothing to the season as a whole (that I could readily perceive), yet presented a cliché of a plot so thin as to require nothing to change.

    Lucius was a one-note character, and it quickly became boring to watch the inevitable play out. It might have worked better if it fell into the Whedon-esque style: starting with the funny and sliding right into the disturbing. As Lucius set everyone against Sheppard, I was waiting for things to turn ugly. Instead, they never went as far as they could (or should) have. There was never a sense that Sheppard was in real danger; it was just a matter of how hard it would be for him to set things right.

    Instead of exploring how this addictive personality might lead to the unearthing of underlying tensions or reveal aspects of characters that might play into future plot threads, this was staged and written like a standard sitcom. And since I hate most sitcoms, it’s no surprise that this episode left me cold. Any episode originally titled “Delicious Fat Guy” is an episode that should be reconsidered almost immediately. What’s worse is that Lucius is supposed to be a recurring guest character. My worries about this season, based on this episode, have risen exponentially.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes cover the “Stargate: Atlantis”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)

  • this show sucks! i said i wasn\'t gonna watch this show again (read my review on misbegotten) but i got tempted and watched it after watching such a great sg-1 episode and man! was i disappointed...

    i dont believe it! i can\'t believe they would come up with a such a lame, stupid waste of a story like that after such an awesome sg-1 episode. did everyone clench their fists and yelled \" yeah!\" after the ori ship disintegrated?. was everyone expecting a great follow-up on atlantis? sorry, the producers were so busy with the crossover episode that they forgot about the atlantis episode that comes next. yeah, they should just have made it a two hour episode.

    this is gonna be this show\'s last season. i\'m sure scifi channel is regretting ordering a season 3, they should get their money back! it\'s a rip-off!

    this \"funny\" episode was probably designed so the viewers will forget the terrible things they did on the previous episode. kinda like, lets start over by doing this story that my teenage son concocted.the earlier seasons of sg-1 had stupid episodes (like \"one false step\") but they were forgivable..because that was like 10 years ago!

    forget about this show. i dont see the point prolonging the fight with the wraith who aside from Michael are so generic. they are nameless, faceless bad guys, unlike the Goa\'uld where the false Gods seem like formidable enemies, kinda like video game bosses. they have personalities,they have power.and after defeating them, its feels like such an accomplishment. with the wraith, they blow up ship after ship and it feels the same. it\'s boring!

    although i did enjoy seeing Ronon Dex lighten up, laughing as he listened to Lucius' story.

    but c\'mon! get rid of the wraith and come up with better bad guys! or just join the fight with the ori!
  • nothing at all! Last joke hard to catch.

    FINAL Joke Spoiler ALERT!
    McKay drinks the potion and gets Shepard to want to be his friend... If u don\'t watch it carefully u will miss this dialogue.

    Not very intellegent episode... Does not provide useful tech for anything... other than the potion... which they\'ve decided that will never be used... (imagine Russia/China IAOC agreeing with everything that SGC wants.)

    Also ... should show clearer that Carson recovers from the effects of the drug. But we all knew that already, would be the twist.

    Also why no love scenes ? :> ( Eliz & Tala with him.. ) Would be umm... interesting to say the least.
  • Wasn\\\'t as bad as some people have posted, however it should have been funnier.

    I was away when this episode aired, but I did tape and just saw it today. While I was away I read the numerous posts about it.

    I do like the new Dr. Weir look.

    I know this episode was suppose to be light hearted. I don\\\'t have a problem with light hearted as I loved Worm Hole Extreme from SG-1 and also the episode where O\\\'Neil and Teal\\\'c kept reliving the same day over and over again. Very funny.

    I only laughed once in this episode, and that was the scene between Shepherd and McKay discussing Batman and Catwoman. I do like the relationship between these two.

    I would not say this is the worst episode ever. The one where Teyla sings in my opinion was the worst. This episode should have been better and funnier, but didn\\\'t accomplish this. Still I forgive them and look forward to the next episode.

  • Mudd\'s Gourds

    This sort of thing has been done so many times that there\'s hardly a point in recounting the episodes. A goofy character appears and has some mysterious power of the crew. Hilarity ensues until the unaffected cure the rest. Wheee.

    I can assure you that, even though we now know that there\'s a plant out there (and have the gate address) that can make a serum that will bind humans to the will of the person giving them the potion, we\'ll never hear of this again. We should see them using this against the Ori and against diplomats from hostile groups of humans through both galaxies (not to mention on the Earth), but will we? Nope. *Poof*, it\'s gone just like it was a fairy tale written to fill out a season schedule. Which it was.

    I reall miss shows like Babylon 5, where every episode had a potential for long term impact... this was obviously one that could be missed from the first few mintues.
  • Seriously disturbing episode. One loses all respect for the characters in the series, and the point of the episode is lost since it cannot possibly be taken seriously.

    Worthless. That's one word. While I suppose this episode could be rewarding for some, I cannot see how it benefits the series. As usual in these kinds of behavoural-modification episodes, the individual apparently has no control over his/her actions and whatever feels good automatically overrides all sense and logic. The character of Lucius is vastly annoying, and while I could imagine that this episode was created to put a "comic spin" on the series, it ultimately fails in that respect. Not only does it not contribute to the overall progression of the series, I believe it has only served to irritate the general fanbase of the series.
  • After all this time...

    I have been watching Stargate Atlantis from the moment is started airing. This was the worst episode ever.

    So far, I have loved all the episodes of SG: Atlantis. Some where better than the other but they were all great. I hated this episode. It was getting on my nerves. How the hell did the creators come up with this episode!

    Even the ocasional Sheppard joke, wich I love, couldn't save this episode. This is the worst episode in 3 years of great telivision. I hope the creators of this episode realize that and won't do anything like this again!
  • the episode was harsh and lacking in good ideas it was as if they took the plot from how bad can it get, Lucius Luvin (a Baker)finds himself Irresistible to men and women poor poor plot idea

    the episode was harsh and lacking in good ideas it was as if they took the plot from how bad can it get Lucius Luvin (a Baker)finds himself Irresistible to men and women poor poor plot idea, twas a bit funny thogh but still the worst i have seen so far a real disapointment
  • Harry Fenton Mudd goes Stargate

    Watching all SG-1 seasons sofar and Atlantis as well, this was the lowest rated episode by me. The storyline is so old it grows a beard from the Sol to The Pegasus sector. A charismatic personality leading all the normal levelheaded personel into becomming obedient followers and ofcourse only one hero saves the day.. becuase he has a cold and hence is impervious to the pheromone like effect of the imposter. A typical filler episode of low standard, let's not do this again please. Not even the funny scene where they get an argument over having to carry John Back can lift my score towards a five, poor episode, let's do better
  • I will remember this for years to come. It was very, very funny!

    This was great. I was spitting water through my nose as I watched this. I loved how everyone just gets really, really stupid and silly. It's fun to have an EP where everyone can just kick back their feet ... well, kinda kick back their feet. I think it's just fun.

    When everyone started going ... well, nuts, I was really confused, but it was funny to see Ronon giggle. And the candle-in-a-gourd thing was too good. It was great when everyone gathered around it and smiled like crazy. That was crazy. Really, truly, completely nuts.

    I think this EP was just something to give the fans a good laugh. Though I would not put it in my favorites, by any means, I laughed a lot during this EP and was glad that their was no save-the-world thing going on.

    Anyway, that's just my two-cents. Feel free to disagree with anything I have said.

    I love that EP!

  • This episode happens to be for me personally the worst episode of the season, if not the whole show, not because of the character\'s acting, they were great, but how Lucius was treated in the end of the episode.

    They find this really annoying man named Lucius Lavin (played by Richard Kind who starred in the movie Stargate as well as from the hit series Spin City) on this planet when trying to build an intergalactic bridge. I felt this to be a cheap plot device...oh they can travel between two galaxies in 30 minutes and not tax the Anyways, they bring him back and he immediately causes everyone to be affected by the drug. The people behind on the world he left are falling quite ill (due to the effects of the drug) and he is needed back. This above all bothered me. It was rape. What Lucius Lavin did was rape those women. Those women did not want to be with him, so he used a pheromone that turned their own bodies against them. That is RAPE! And did he get away with it, yes, he did. He should have been left on a planet to be fed on by the Wraith. His very existence justified keeping Steve alive (god forbid the Hoffans killed him...stupid Hoffans, Steve was so cool). His supposed naive arrogance was what bothered me the most. He had both Dr Weir and Teyla in his grasp, and he more than likely took that chance.

    It was slightly scary to see Ronon acting so out of character. I would have at least thought the man that had run from the Wraith for over 7 years would know when he was being manipulated and to remain in control. Worst of all was his manipulation of the Atlantis team. This episode could have been a cancel episode for me. If the series went out immediately after this episode, I\'d have understood why. But I would have been saddened, because there are eps that are far greater than this.
  • The team visit a planet where an obnoxious character, Lucius Lavin, discovers a way to drug people into liking him. Beckett invites him to Atlantis, and he has the same effect on the inhabitants there.

    According to the information submitted by the studio, this was supposed to be a comedy. How anyone could laugh at this piece of filth is beyond my comprehension.

    I have discussed this episode with two other fans of Stargate Atlantis, and we were all appalled at the subject matter of this episode. There can never be anything amusing about a sexual predator drugging people to have sex with them - the whole premise was completely disgusting. The writers should bear in mind that, to some people, what is shown on TV as funny may well be seen as acceptable behaviour. In real life it would be reported as date rape!
  • The kind of episode I hope no sci-fi series tries to do ever again...

    In the early to mid-90's when the various Star Trek spin-offs were in their infancy, they'd have the odd episode that was really daft, and I'd think to myself, in this day and age, why do writers bother putting out such rubbish? The one episode I was thinking of in particular was Deep Space Nine's "Fascination".

    Well, you can imagine how shocked and disappointed I was when I found such an episode here, in 2006, over 15 years later on Stargate Atlantis.

    Why oh why do writers think that the premise of somebody who has a special potion that makes people besotted with him is a good idea?? In fact, it's almost a similar premise to that DS9 episode! If they're looking for episodes to copy, I can give 150 odd more better DS9 episodes alone.

    So far, Atlantis has had two strong episodes related to it's bigger picture, and the recent SG-1 crossover episode was wonderful for both sets of the cast.

    I really pray that neither SG-1 or Atlantis tries something like this again, because for me the series credability has taken major damage here, and if it happens again, they'll start to lose viewers, including this one.
  • Pretty crappy episode.

    Overall not a very good episode. No story lines were advanced and the whole story line itself for the episode was rather unbelievable, even for a sci fi show like this. There were too many questions to really list and the episode's premise is so loosely based on science fact that at parts it really is laughable. I was very disappointed with this episode, after feeling a little cheated. It seemed out of place and almost only made because someone thought it would be a cool guest star as Richard, and wrong Richard, not Richard D. Anderson might I add.
  • Lucius Lavin Irresistible? I think not.

    This has got to be one of the worst Atlantis episodes so far. What happened? Nothing. What did the team gain from this experience? Nothing. What even happened? Nothing. The only thing that actually did happen was Ronon said two words that should never, ever come out of his mouth: kind and nice. It had its small funny moments (Carson crying, anyone?) but other than that, the character of Lucius Lavin was totally useless. The guy was a hero, king, friend to all his people... so what? He relies on a drug for popularity... now that's saying something! Horrible, horrible episode.
  • Really funny :))

    Well I find this episode quite funny because the fact that all the members of the Atlantis expedition are atracted by Lucius drog, and the only one left is Shepard who hase to "wake" them up. But this is a thought challenge because all of them "love" Lucius like there own ... aaa.. I don't know
  • funny...but a little cheasy...

    The team goes to a world were a man, Lucius, says he has amazing potions and things like that to trade. Carson brings him to Atlantis and Lucius brings the entire personell of Atlantis under his spell, except for John because he has a cold. Anyways, there were a lot of funny moments, but there was also a lot of cheasy moments. Lucius was a bit annoying, but it was halrious to see all of the Atlantis people wanting to please him and such. In the end, John is able to get Carson to make a antidote and they send Lucius back to his planet. Overall, funny episode but a little over done.
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