Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2007 on Syfy
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While investigating reports of a "superhero" on another planet, Colonel Sheppard's team comes across two old acquaintances.

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    This episode was most excellent. It combined a few story lines and brought back some characters we knew would appear again. The writers did a great job of blending the story lines, and the outcome was indeed good, closing one of the storylines which had been plaguing Sheppard for some time now. The team encounters Lucious Lovin, on a planet where the towns people claim to have their own hero. Lucious has an Ancient Personal Sheild Device and so he is pretty invincible. The team dertermines that he is pulling a fast one on the town, and then the Genii show up, and it ends badly for someone.moreless
  • A follow up to Irresistible except there's some menace here… Spoilers if you continue…

    A follow up to Irresistible except there's some menace here…

    Spoilers if you continue…

    Richard Kind returns as Lucius Lavin. He had a love potion in the earlier episode but now he has an Ancient personal shield, first revealed in Season 1: "Hide and Seek." Only in this story, Lucius knows how to turn it off in order to eat and drink (which probably means it's off most of the time). Unlike Irresistible, this episode deals up menace in the form of Kolya arriving with a team to capture/kill Sheppard. Now, Kolya is a great villain. Whenever he shows up, there's great suspense. However, the function of this story is to kill Kolya off. The first of many deaths in the late 3rd / early 4th season. It's quite a massacre but considering that its Sci-Fi, will anyone ever really stay dead?

    I feel everything works but the staging doesn't seem right. It looks like a build up towards a Sheppard/Kolya shoot out but there're too many people around. It happens but doesn't seem as dramatic as it might have been.moreless
  • In this episode they meet Lucius again. And an old enemy shows up once again.

    I liked this episode. I thought parts of it were a little predictable, but it was an overall good episode. Kolya was in this episode, and he usually makes for good episodes. We might see more of him in the future, even though Sheppard shot him - there's always ways to bring someone back to life. I would like to see more episodes with him in it. Kolya turned out to be my favorite villian in all of Atlantis or SG-1, so seeing more of him would definitely be great! I think it was an episode worth waiting to see.moreless
  • They killed him? Did they?

    I most say, I was shocked when I saw Lucius again. I thought they understand the storyline with Lucius last time was awful but.. no.. and someway, this episode little saved Lucius for me, but he is really annoying and... I do not think this episode was worth much. Ok, the events in the end - that duel between Sheppard and Kolya saved a little and did he really killed him? I am so tired of that Kolya storyline that it would be refreshing to get read of him.

    The storyline itself was quite pointless but fun anyway - all the sneaking, saving the down, Lucius and his shield. Worth a watch...moreless
  • Oh well, it would have been an ok filler, but... **SPOILER ALERT**

    Oh well, I guess Kolya is dead. That's all well and good but after all the trouble he's caused, they should have at least let him die in a more serious episode. They owed his character and their storyline more than that. You can't put the death of one of your most key villians in the same episode as one of your most notorious clowns. I have to admit though, Lucius had me cracking up on some parts. When he is in the pub with Kolya and his men(27:25), Lucius sounds exactly like Snagglepuss. lol "What, you think I'd let ya haave iiit?" lmao Would have been an ok filler, but ruined with the anti-climatic demise of Kolya.moreless
Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Major / Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

Rachel Luttrell

Rachel Luttrell

Teyla Emmagan

David Hewlett

David Hewlett

Dr. Rodney McKay

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Ronon Dex

Paul McGillion

Paul McGillion

Dr. Carson Beckett

Torri Higginson

Torri Higginson

Dr. Elizabeth Weir

Richard Kind

Richard Kind

Lucius Lavin

Guest Star

Adam Bergquist

Adam Bergquist


Guest Star

Meredith McGeachie

Meredith McGeachie


Guest Star

Robert Davi

Robert Davi

Commander Acastus Kolya

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: In the season one episode, "Hide and Seek", McKay repeatedly tries to remove the shield device from his body himself, yet is unable to grasp it. However, Lucious has no problem picking it up and moving it about his body at will.

    • Goof: Sheppard uses Lucius' shield to protect himself in the fight with Kolya and his men. The episode "Hide and Seek" stated that once one person had worn the shield it imprints on them and won't work on anyone else.

    • When the team are surrounded by the supposed rebels, there are many close-up shots of the gang leader who is holding a magnum pistol. Your classic Earth revolving-chamber weapon, has its chambers completely empty, as seen by the progressively clearer shots of the gang leader.

    • This is the second Stargate episode in which Lucius appears, and both titles of the episodes have been named after his characteristics.

    • When Ronon tries to punch Lucius is reminiscent of when Grodin tried to punch McKay in "Hide and Seek".

    • This episode reveals that all those military officers who supported Cowen have since been expelled or driven out of Genii territories, several have become mercenaries following the coup d'état by Ladon Radim.

    • For the very first time in a Stargate episode, the P90 machine gun is fitted with a silencer on the end of the barrel. Its appearance is during Sheppard's aborted rescue of Lucius from the village tavern.

    • When Lucius used mission reports from Atlantis to tell his stories, he wasn't the first person to use them to tell stories. Joe Spencer (in "Citizen Joe") used O'Neill's mission reports to tell them to his friends and family along with trying to get them published.

    • Goof During the first story-telling scene after the opening titles, there is a close-up shot of three women. The one on the right is wearing a dirndl with a green skirt, a white bodice, and a pink blouse. You can see her again in the background of close-ups of McKay and Teyla, but she's replaced by a man in a yellow suit on the wide shots of the crowd.

    • The Iratus bug Lucius mentions is from "Thirty-Eight Minutes" and being seduced by a beautiful Ancient is from "Sanctuary". Both happened to Sheppard.

  • QUOTES (38)

    • Sheppard: You're not taking on Kolya and his men.
      Lucius: Why not? They can't hurt me. I've got the personal shield.
      McKay: And if they burn the town down around you out of spite?
      Lucius: Well, that would be petty of 'em.
      Sheppard: Yeah well, they're like that.

    • Amaris: We have no hope of defeating these soldiers.
      Ronon: You will with our help.
      Amaris: They why did you not do so before?
      Teyla: We were concerned with the safety of the village.
      Ronon: Now we don't care.

    • Lucius: Hey, you're trying to figure out a way to hurt me, aren't you?
      Ronon: Yep.
      Lucius: Yeah. Well, you keep thinking, big boy.

    • Sheppard: All right, I'm putting a stop to this.
      Lucius: Oh, come on! They just got started.
      Sheppard: I'm not talking about the foot massage...Actually, I am talking about the foot massage.

    • McKay: Am I the only person here who thinks he is taking advantage of these poor people?
      Sheppard: Come on, Rodney, you just want another crack at that shield.
      McKay: You're damned right I do. Look, it could come in extremely handy. He's practically wasting it!

    • (The entire team offers to take Rodney's place.)
      Kolya: How positively moving. I almost wish I could shoot you all at once.

    • Beckett: If we act now we risk injuring the villagers.
      Rodney: (nervously) And us. We risk injuring us.

    • Kolya: I have to give Colonel Sheppard credit. No opponent's ever caused me this much trouble. Unfortunately I'm going to have to kill him.
      Rodney: Funny, he says the same thing about you.
      Kolya: Really? I'm flattered.

    • Lucius: So go ahead. Shoot them.
      Sheppard: Good idea.
      Teyla: Colonel, you can't.
      Sheppard: Just Kolya.
      Teyla: The shooting will not stop there.
      Ronon: She's right, we'll have to kill them all. I'm all right with that, by the way.

    • Lucius: You sure you guys can't stay for some schnitzel? I mean, this is a party for you guys as much as anybody, right?
      Sheppard: You guys have a good time. We're overdue.
      Lucius: Well, thanks for everything.
      Sheppard: Just remember: stay out of trouble or we'll be back.

    • Kolya: I should have killed you when we first met, Colonel. It would have saved me a lot of trouble.
      Sheppard: The feeling's mutual.

    • Lucius: Okay, okay: what if I swung from a clock tower on a long rope right into town?
      Sheppard: And?
      Lucius: I dunno. That's all I have. I could set myself on fire.
      Sheppard: I like that.
      Lucius: Okay. Um, I could run naked? Oh, I know, I know, I have one! What if I got on your shoulders and we have a cloak that they... it's some religious thing... they could be afraid of giants. Okay, what if we build a tunnel, okay? We could tunnel... or a boulder, a huge boulder. I'm camouflaged, I'm protected, now the boulder protects you... or, um, a magnifying glass and some tape...
      Sheppard: I have an idea, Lucius.
      Lucius: ...some poison tape!

    • Lucius: I'm coming with you.
      Sheppard: You sure?
      Lucius: No. Um... yeah, I am, I am. I'm coming with you... just...
      Sheppard: Yes or no?
      Lucius: I... Don't pressure me like this! I'm gonna come with you...
      Sheppard: Make up your mind!
      Lucius: ... and I'll help you out, okay? Oh, boy, they'd better give me a parade for this one.

    • (While the team is incarcerated)
      Beckett: Rodney, you're not trying to dig your way out of here, are you?
      McKay: See if you can find another spoon. With someone helping, this would go twice as fast.

    • Sheppard: What are we gonna do?! Well, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna get by Kolya's men so I can get to the Gate and call for reinforcements.
      Lucius: Reinforcements? What d'you say we just get off this planet?
      Sheppard: My team is back there!
      Lucius: Yeah, so is the guy who wants to bury me alive.
      Sheppard: Oh, you're done playing hero now, are you? Fine, you can leave as soon as we get to the Gate. Just keep up.
      Lucius: You're angry, aren't you?
      Sheppard: Shut up.
      Lucius: See, that's anger.

    • Lucius: What are you doing here?
      Sheppard: Kolya's got all the exits out of town covered and rumour has it they were gonna bury you alive.
      Lucius: I can't believe it! You came to save me?
      Sheppard: Yeah, well neither can I.

    • Kolya: That personal shield of yours is very interesting.
      Lucius: Yeah.
      Kolya: If we were to bury you alive, it would protect you from the weight of the soil, but you would still suffocate. A fascinating way to die, don't you think?
      Lucius: Gotta tell you, it's not that fascinating to me.
      Kolya(laughing): It is to me.

    • Lucius:(after revealing a secret room) See, I like to entertain and on occasion a husband 'll get angry, come lookin' for his wife, so to avoid an awkward scenario...
      Sheppard: OK, we get it.

    • Sheppard: The soldiers are Genii. They're part of a...
      Lucius: Oh, I know all about Kolya and the Genii. When I was on Atlantis, I perused...
      Sheppard: ... mission reports, right, right.

    • Teyla: You are taking advantage of these people.
      Lucius: I know it looks that way, but I was being honest about that bunch of thugs that attacked this village a couple of months ago. You know, this is a nice town, nice people, and they needed somebody to save 'em, so I did. I was a hero! Now, today's incident...
      McKay: You mean performance.
      Lucius: It was just my way of reminding them of that fact, but I insisted the guns not be loaded so nobody would get hurt.
      Sheppard(sarcastically): That was nice of you!

    • Lucius: Oh. Well, I guess the only thing left to do is for you to thank me.
      Ronon: What for?
      Lucius: For saving your lives.
      Sheppard: Thank you.
      Lucius: Please, it was nothing.
      Sheppard: Yeah, it was nothing!
      Lucius(angrily): What are you talking about, it was nothing? These people had you on your knees.
      Sheppard: Yes, they did.
      Lucius: Well? You're welcome.

    • Lucius: So I finish off the last Wraith guard and I turn around and I look at the Queen and I say, "You know, if you were twenty pounds heavier, you'd look like my ex-wife."

    • Lucius: As it turns out, I had this personal shield all along. It was a gift from one of my many admirers back at the old village, you know, before I was forced to pack up and leave, thank you very much! Anyway, I didn't even know what it was until I went to Atlantis. I perused some of the mission reports about the Ancient device that you guys discovered...
      McKay: You did an awful lot of perusing while you were on the base.
      Lucius: I peruse. It's a gift.

    • McKay: Hang on, hang on. So you beat them up.
      Lucius: Yes! Me! I did!
      Ronon: How'd you manage that?
      Lucius: It's not so hard ... when you're invincible. I'm invincible.
      Sheppard: Right.

    • Sheppard: How'd you lead the people to safety?
      Ronon: You said the way out was blocked.
      Lucius: Oh, you were listening. That's good, that's good, because it was. It was blocked, until I cleared a path through the burning wreckage and, ignoring the searing heat and the flames that were just swirling and swirling...
      Sheppard: But how did you, uh...?
      Lucius: Okay. That's enough reminiscing for today.

    • Lucius: (getting blood drawn) Ow! Ow! Thought you said that wasn't gonna hurt!
      Beckett: I lied.

    • Amaris: Here he is: the mightiest of heroes. Our champion protector: Lucius Lavin.
      Lucius: Well! Will you look who it is?!
      Ronon: You've got to be kidding me!

    • Teyla: My fellow Athosians also speak of a great hero who protects this town.
      Ronon: Rumour has it he's a warrior with some impressive kills to his credit, including the Wraith.
      Amaris: This is true.
      Ronon(grinning): Then, uh, there's a good chance he is one of my people.

    • Sheppard: My childhood hero was Evel Knievel.
      Teyla: Was he not evil?
      Sheppard: No, that was just his name. He was a daredevil... which isn't a kind of a devil, he just jumped motorcycles over things.
      Ronon: Why?
      Sheppard: Just because. Didn't always make it, either.
      Teyla: And you greatly admired this behaviour?
      Sheppard: No, I just... Look, at least my hero is human. McKay's is Batman!

    • Sheppard: Where's McKay?
      McKay: I'm here, I'm here. I just had to get my autograph book in case Teyla's superhero turned out to be the real deal.

    • Teyla: They're good traders and kind people.
      Weir: I don't recall there being many superheroes.
      Ronon: Sounds like one of my people.

    • Sheppard: So you want to hide?
      McKay: We can call it strategic concealment.

    • Sheppard: So, he's made mistakes in the past. Who hasn't?
      McKay: Why are you looking at me?!

    • McKay: I thought that personal shield was depleted.
      Sheppard: Oh, yeah.
      Teyla: Then it is worthless?
      Sheppard: Pretty much.
      Beckett: You're not gonna tell Lucius?
      Sheppard: No.
      Lucius: (in background) Kick me as hard as you can! Ow! Ow! Ow!
      Sheppard: He´ll figure it out.

    • Lucius: See, invincible. I can't be vinced.

    • Sheppard: At least my hero is human, McKay's is Batman!
      McKay: Hmmm, misunderstood and unappreciated by many, his most formidable weapon is the power of his brilliant mind. Not just a hero, a superhero!

    • Ronon: Ramaka Aha-Toren, my first unit commander, he once fought and killed twelve enemy soldiers, gutting them with his bare hands. He was also a funny guy too.
      McKay: Yes I can imagine the jokes and the entrails flying.

    • Teyla: My fellow Athosian, who spoke to me of this hero, saw him in action against several armed men.
      Ronon: I do that all the time.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Lucius' Rescue Ideas: Um, I could run naked?

      This refers to Lethal Weapon 4, in which Riggs (Mel Gibson) makes Murtaugh (Danny Glover) run naked (and impersonating a chicken) to distract a madman with a flame thrower.

    • Sheppard: No, I just ... Look, at least my hero is human. McKay's is Batman!

      The comic book character Batman (originally referred to as The Batman, and occasionally as The Bat-Man), is a fictional character and superhero who first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. Although the character was co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, only Kane receives official credit for the character.

    • Sheppard: My childhood hero was Evel Knievel.

      Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel (born October 17, 1938 in Butte, Montana and died November 30, 2007) is an American stuntman, best known for his public displays of distance motorcycle jumping which often resulted in serious injuries, particularly during the 1970s. The consummate salesman, he was able to turn his popularity into a marketing juggernaut with products ranging from radios to action figures. The picture beside Sheppard's bed is an actual photograph of a very young Joe Flanigan (Sheppard) and Evel Knievel.

    • Batman: When hiding the Atlantis team in his home, Lucius unveils a secret compartment in his house which has an entrance behind a grandfather clock. This entrance into a secret compartment is identical to the entrance to the Batcave in Batman. At the beginning of the episode, Batman was established as Rodney's hero.

    • Lucius' Rescue Ideas: Building a Tunnel

      This refers to Hogan's Heroes where the protagonists almost always used tunnels to rescue people.

    • Lucius' Rescue Ideas: Swinging from the clock tower into town on a long rope.

      This refers to Back to the Future, where Doc swings from the clock tower at the last minute to connect the circuit.

    • Lucius' rescue ideas: The cloak, lighting on fire and fear of giants.

      This is a reference to The Princess Bride when the giant hero wore a cloak and set himself on fire to scare off the guards surrounding the princess.