Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 17

Letters from Pegasus

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Engaging the viewer emotionally


    I have to be honest and say that actually I didn't give much for the characters of Shepard, Weir, Ford and Teyla. It's up to ones tastes though. And I really don't like flashback episodes. Maybe it's the hard cuts from high action scenes to quiet emotional scenes?

    The other characters even the supporting ones are right up my alley though.

    I was thinking about giving this episode a lower score BUT there, in the words of Mckay, IS gold in there.

    It's the little things. Selenkas retelling of the wonder of their expedition. Weirs letters to the families of lost members. Mckays short, but to the point, message to his sister. These few golden moments, which moved me, lifts the entire episode to a solid 9.

  • See Summary

    This episode was heavy with character development. It was very interesting to see the different characters sending messages to their families, or in the case of some to stargate command on earth. We got to see the regular faces as well as some new characters, or people from the background. It was neat to see how each person said what they needed too, and how different cultures have different expectations to live up to, in the case of the asian scientist who told her family she works for a great, honorable scientist, aka McKay, haha. The Wraith were culling a world, and Sheppard along with Teyla were doing some recon and saving a family close to Teyla. The Wraith force is overwhelming and the future certainly looks uncertain. The family along with others were saved. There was a strange beam of light or energy seemingly emminating from the planet, so hope we find out what it was!
  • Here is a clip episode that is not just a clip episode, but becomes a really great episode of the first season.

    The episode has a double storyline. One follows Sheppard and Teyla scouting the arrival of the Wraith on a planet and finding themselves being the powerless witnesses of an atrocious attack, although, due to their number and duty to come back to Atlantis to warn those still on the base of the number of spaceshifts, cruisers, darths, etc, coming, they can not intervene. Yet, they manage to save some refugees.

    Sheppard's sudden unwillingless to do it at all cost is finally not useful, but is interesting
    to consider. Usually, he is the one who wants to save the people at all cost, but this time,
    not only is the future of the planet that stake, but also the entire's galaxy, and maybe Earth.

    Back on Atlantis, they decide to send a SOS to Earth. Sending a 1.3 second message to Earth
    will use lots of energy, but they really need to do it. As the required information takes only 0.3
    second, they decide to let the scientists, engineers, enlisted and officers send a video to their loved ones. Through clips of the previous episodes, each of them send a personal message - taking into account security clearance - which is a good character development. Some messages are touching, others are funny.

    Overall, this is a good clip episode, because it has a purpose beside lowering the budget. It adds
    to the suspense until the last episode and the arrival of the Wraith, and allows the viewer to learn more about the characters.
  • This was a good episode with the team finding a way to send a message to SGC.

    The team thinks of ideas with the impending Wraith attack. Dr McKay says about his idea to send a data burst that will last 1.5 seconds but can include teribytes of data and the wormhole will be able to connect for long enough to be able to send the message to let SGC no what is going on and hopefully be able to send help. All in all an episode that was vital to the rest of the season.
  • Humor humor humor.....yes, that is a MUST in every sci-fi show and this episode is a great example. The brilliant David Hewlett just cracks you up :D

    I've seen every episode of the Star Treks: TNG, Voyager, DS9, Enterprise pluss Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, StarGate SG1 and Atlantis. And I must say, that the episodes I find most envigorating are the ones with a humoristic appeal. Letters from Pegasus is just that. Sci-fi and comedy mixed into one great package. The good scottish doctor, Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion) and Doctor Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) make up the larger portion of the excellent comedy featured in this great sci-fi series. This one is so far my favourite episode amongst these highly addictive, greatly entertaining television broadcasts and gets the highest possible score.
  • One of the best flashback episodes from both series.

    I dont know if it is the best or not since I still have two seasons of SG-1 that I havent seen yet. This episode has so many funny lines, from McKay as well as Beckett. And this was their first contact with earth since they left, so I was very happy for everyone. It was wonderful seeing Sam say that the incoming wormhole was from Pegasus. I wanted to get up and cheer. They all must have been happy to realize that the team was alive and well. I think it was all very exciting for them, on both sides, or all three when including the audience.
  • One of the few Clip shows that actually has a good supporting story.

    Letters from Pegasus, in my opinion, is one of the few clip shows that actually has a good B story (the A story is the main story (aka recording the messages) and the B story is supporting story (aka Shep and Teyla try to rescue her friends and do recon)). Other clip shows from other TV Shows usually have a boring B story. Like SG-1’s Disclosure, Hammond discloses the SGC to people from other countries while Hammond and Major Davis try to figure out what’s up Kinsey’s sleeve. That’s kind of dull, but at least Disclosure had clips of some of the best SG-1 Visual Effects. I personally like clip shows, they let you refresh your memory with info that you might have forgot.
  • now let's discuss the topic that is near and dear in all our hearts.... leadership.

    rodney was able to have a brilliant idea... using the power that they have in dialing the stargate to earth, he calculated that he will be able to establish a stable wwormhole for at least 1.3 seconds.
    in .3 seconds, acording ro rodney's calculation, he would be able to send a messages to earth, on a compressed data. messages would include mission logs, discoveries, SOS (according to ford), and personal video messages.
    ford was the one incharge of taking videos for personal messages. he said hello to his grandma and grandpa, wier sent a message to simon and messages to the family of the team members who died, beckett was very emational, kavanogh was whinning, zelenka was excited in telling all about atlantis, and rodney was having trouble talking baout leadership.
    while everybody was preparing to recording their messages, shephard and teyla were on a recon mission to another planet to survey the incoming wraith hive ships.
    while waiting for the hive ship to drop out of hyperspace, shephard and teyla dropped by to visit one of teyla's old friend.
    when the waith dropped out of hyperspace they started culling the planet.
    shephard and teyla were able to save some of the people by trying to fit as many as they can in the jumper.
  • Atlantis gets the chance to tell their family members on Earth hello and how they are doing.

    This is a personal favorite episode. It is mainly comedy related since what the crew members have to say is usually really funny. Becket can't decide what he wants to say to his mother and McKay can't stop saying enough about himself like always. Of course, not everyone has things positive to say about Atlantis and someone even recommends that O'Neill replace Dr. Weir. Overall, this is a very enjoyable episode that has always been one of my personal favorites. It doesn't have anything imporant in the episode that deals really with the story, but it is still a really fun one to watch.
  • Looking back..

    This was very similar episode to SG-1 "Politics" as they had before the great events of first season ending, look back to what they had done. And I most say, I liked this one much more.

    They did have story here and we did not get minutes of flashbacks, only little moments, well montaged and they had a story. All those personal recordings - they added so much for character understanding point. And that Zelenka and his Czech language - it was fantastic. And all the storyline with Teyla and Sheppard and waiting. I am not sure why they went there. In their place I would have searching for new ZPM, but they did and we got some great dialog there. And the ending... the message... great episode.
  • With the impending attack by the Wraith Hive ships McKay says he can send messages back to Earth. What follows is a group of emotional and tactical packs of information to tell Earth of the situation. Sheppard and Teyla investigate the Wraith fleet.

    When I first read about this episode I was a little disappointed. In actuality it is one of the finest Stargate Atlantis episodes shown this season. It is full of all of the things that are good about the show. Heroism, emotions, sacrifice, truth, and many other feelings and touching moments.

    Sheppard and Teyla visit a planet on route from the Wraith battle group to Atlantis so they can see what they are up against. The Wraith build their fleets much like the US Navy in battle groups of a hive ship, defending cruisers, and then the Dart fighters. There were three complete battle groups that appeared over the planet. Teyla also convinces Sheppard to save some of her friends on that planet. It is sort of futile gesture but they do manage to save a number of the civilian population.

    Lt. Ford seems to become hardened to their situation and suggests stealing a ZPM from a neighboring planet to use in the defense of Atlantis. Weir picks him to go through the city taping good byes and messages to families. It is an arduous task. For the most part everyone send s messages of a positive nature except for one who only seems to want to criticize Weirs command.

    In the end they manage to send the 1.3 second packet to Earth's Stargate and it does get through. We'll see if this does them any good. At least they all get to say their piece and that is something.

    A very well done episode which could have been horrible but was done with excellent timing and acting. Well written and the dialogue was great. Thanks for reading...
  • e.t. phone home!

    It seems a long time since the Atlantis expedition team has left Terra. Facing new threats and having to manage for themselves for so long nobody thought a brief contact could ever be made, not until Rodney comes up with a brilliant idea (again). This episode not only marks the future Wraith attack in probably whole of Pegasus Galaxy culling people from every planet, Atlantis being the destination or in their way. An immense threat is getting closer to Atlantis and they require Earth's help, all we get to see is a brief moment with Amanda Tapping's "it's from Atlantis". A rather touchy episode, also meant as a remembrance of former Atlantis episodes with all their splendor. Lovely episode, that precedes an exiting season finale.
  • this episode is why i love to watch ST: Atlantis!!!

    it's because of this episode that ST: Atlantis went to the top of my favorite show list (my favorite show to watch while i "pre-game" before going out on friday's nights).

    the thing about ST: Atlantis is that a bunch of people risked everything to step through the stargate and maybe never return back home but the show only focuses four or five characters. you see a bunch people in the background but you think of them as "red shirts" like on that old sci-fi show.

    this episode changed that.

    they expanded on the characters that was only in background, gave them a spark. the chech scientist was from being just another scientist to a character of his own. now when he appears on the screen, you know something about him and why he acts the way he does.

    i thought it was cool that the writers decided to have an episode to develop minor characters. it showed that ST: Atlantis is just another show on tv. it's a well written show that has a lot of potential that is just starting to blossem.