Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 2

Lifeline (3)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Dr. Weir's last day at work.

    It began like any other day; with an impending threat over the City and a larger-than-life enemy to fight. It didn't matter that only a couple of hours ago she was dying, her men needed her to fight and so she did the only way that she knew how. We say good-bye to Elizabeth in her own terms; after she's effectively outsmarted Oberon to get her people out, helped them retrieve the ZMP they needed to survive and imprinted a code that would allow the replicators to fight the wraiths from now on, just like the ancient envisioned them to. However, the fact that she remains captive by the collective and no one can get rid of the nanites in her system makes her team painfully aware that they might never see her again.

    Who they do see and hear again is Colonel Samantha Carter who manages to rescue them just in time much to Rodney's relief; with her help they manage to finally reach the City, land on a new planet and dial earth for the first time from their new location. We get our first glimpse at how the McKay/Carter dynamic is going to be from now on and even a slightest hint on how it'll affect Sheppard in the long run but the best character interaction belongs to the orphans Dr. Weir harbor once upon a time, for it's Ronon and Teyla the ones who sum it up at the end: whoever replaces their leader has one though shoes to fill.
  • Moving to another planet.

    I most say, the min feeling after this episode is sadness - I loved the old planet - it has been their home for three seasons. We knew the mainland.. that planet had fantastic storms. And whales. It was their home. Now this is gone like so many other things. The city is badly damaged and I hope we will not get next episode will hole and beautiful city as it would look stupid. Elizabeth Weir as a commander is gone, so it could be said - it was end of an era. And it will be hard to let go.

    But the episode itself - all the thing on replicator planet, all those brave things, Elizabeth challenging that leader... great episode.
  • Weir and her team go on a mission to get a ZPM from the replicators and it is the last for Weir as she's left on the replicator planet.

    This was a really interesting episode and I like how they did it. The special effects on the show are great, I loved how they showed what was happening to Weir and what she saw. Then I also liked how Weir saved the day on what would change her life forever. The team really seemed to be upset and I loved how they showed the characters reactions to different things. This was a good episode to show what was happening to Weir and how she would leave Atlantis. I can't wait to see the rest of the season and how the characters turn out.
  • Weir goes out with cunning and bravery.

    If anyone has read my review of the episode 'Sunday' in season 3, you will come to see how I feel about how NOT to kill off a character. Granted, Weir does not die in this episode, but it is a fabulous example of how a character should be written out of a show. She shows great cunning in deceiving the Replicators in order to save Sheppard and his team, and great bravery by sacrificing herself in order to alter the fate of Atlantis (hopefully) forever. One thing that annoyed me greatly about this episode (and many other episodes of Atlantis, truth be told) is that once again the characters feel it is necessary to explain every little nuance of their situation to the viewers instead of getting back to work (or working faster) on saving their own necks. Sheppard, so what if Weir is sacrificing herself? There is nothing you can do about it so instead of standing around chatting about it while the enemy closes in, get back to working on reprogramming the Replicators! Now!
  • And now, for the exciting conclusion! Or, How Dr. Weir Spent Her Summer Vacation.

    Honestly, I was never very fond of the character of Dr. Weir, so I wasn't that sad to see her go. Unfortunately for Tori Higginson, this episode saw the writers actually doing something interesting with her character, instead of her being the mom of the expedition for five minutes at the beginning of the episode; if they would have actually had engaging plot-lines for her like this one from the beginning, maybe I would be more saddened to see her leave.

    Having said all that, the emotional impact of this episode was fierce. The actors (namely Flanigan, Hewlett, Momoa, and Luttrell) all have the stoic heartbreak thing *down*, and despite my indifference towards Weir, these four made me feel it when she was left behind.

    Of course, this episode wasn't all heartbreak and tragedy. There were some brilliant one-liners from McKay, great banter amongst the boys of sga-1 (Luttrell was absent for most of this episode), and excellent comedic timing from the show's semi-regulars (David Nykl, I'm looking at you), which made the episode's conclusion that much more bittersweet. The action was fast-paced and nerve-wracking, with some unexpected twists thrown in to keep the "heist" premise fresh. If you have to leave a show, it should be on a high note like this episode.
  • See Summary

    Lifeline, the second episode in the 4th season of Stargate Atlantis was one of the best episodes to date. This episode was emotionally moving and really did a good job of blending everything together. I like the way the writers lined everything up and played it all out. The actors gave a very moving performance, especially Dr. Elizabeth Weir, who sacraficed herself to Replicator control in order to save her team. It was pretty awesome how she took control over the main replicator and fooled him with her own mind. She was a huge part of Atlantis, and will be missed greatly. I hope one day we will see her return, some how. Atlantis has a new ZPM, the Replicators are occupied attacking the Wraith, and everyone is coming to terms with all thats happened. This episode closed some things up, while laying ground work for a great season, I know I can't wait to see what happens next!!!
  • Lifeline is a great conclusion to a story that begin last season's finale. It handled the degradation of Weir to a recurring charachter quite well and didn't make Carter the instant new leader of Atlantis. Great writing.

    Lifeline is a great episode that totally lived up to my expectations. I loved the Weir storyline and the chemistry between Weir and SHeppard is still there. The bold move to try and steal a ZPM from the Asurans was handeld quite well. The trip to Asuras was very interesting and I loved the trick Weir played on Oberoth.It will be nice to see what the Asurans are really capable of when the go to war with the Wraith. The Wraith outnumber the Asurans just like the Wraith outnubered the Ancients but it will take up all of their attention for now. I can't wait till the mid season three parter where Weir will make her return and I am also very interested in the new baddies, The Travelers.

    So far I am very happy with Atlantis. Again the writers have proven that they can be patient and don't have to put everything in one or two episodes. They brought Carter slowly and took their time with Atlantis finding a new planet. Lets hope they can keep this up. If they can, there can be no doubt that there has to be a fifth season of Atlantis.
  • An amazing episode. Hope the rest of the season is this good.

    This episode had a bit of a darker tone then what I am used to but it worked and i expect we will see more off the same. I think Weir went out on a good note as opposed to other ways she could have left the show. I liked her exit better then Beckett's, less finality. Opens it up for future appearances. The scenes with Carter and Bill were very funny and per usual the Sheppard rhetoric made serious moments a little lighter. I am glad that they spread out Carter taking over over several episodes. I feel that if she had just announced at the end that she was taking over it would have been to soon. The crew needs a little time to greave and her being humble and not automatically taking control will make it easier for the crew to accept her. The Carter Rodney dynamic was different but good it was nice to take a break from the sibling bickering. Hopefully the new coding in the replicators will make them more allies then enemies. Awesome episode one of my faves.
  • Great episode

    Pivotal - Well, at least in the sense of transitional! That was a nice ending to the three-parter, and Dr. Weir left (for now) as a hero. So Carter will soon take over Atlantis, and I wish that Dr. Bill Lee would stay, too! I like his personality, and with Carter, Lee, McKay and Zelenka we could have four ultra-techies butting heads. I wonder what reason they will give for Carter to assume command there instead of a more experienced full bird colonel like Colonel Caldwell, who's also spent more time there. Maybe she'll be there for her experience dealing with the replicators.

    Replicators vs. Wraith - I think the replicators would crush them. Even though these replicators are less formidable than the Milky Way ones (they need to utilize actual material to build ships and stuff), the wraith may not even have any technology to fight them with.
  • Good episode finally giving us Dr. Weir's apparent departure. During the attempt to steal a zpm from the replicators we see the team fight for survival. While on the planet we see Weir's new found abilities as a replicator on display as she

    Good episode finally giving us Dr. Weir's apparent departure. During the attempt to steal a zpm from the replicators we see the team fight for survival. While on the planet we see Weir's new found abilities as a replicator on display as she detains and tricks the replicator leader. Despite being forced to leave Weir behind it's discovered that the secondary plan. Which was to reactivate the replicator program making them go after the Wraith has been indeed reactivated. Good episode with the drama of escaping the replicator homeworld and the option of Weir showing back up still left on the table. Another added bonus of the Stargate team finding a new homeworld of which we don't know what adventures hold in store. Nice setup for the rest of the season and we still have Carters debut as head of the team to look forward to.
  • Second of Season4 (spoilers...possibly..)

    Very nice. I watched this after a day of SATs and it was good enough to keep me awake! Sheppard, Ronon, McKay, and Weir all go to the Replicator world and try to steal a ZPM. It works, but then McKay gets sidetracked and wants to turn on a program that makes the Replicators fight the Wraith. They go back in, leaving McKay behind to watch Weir, and Sheppard tries to figure out the Core. Very funny. Then Weir leaves the jumper and sticks her hand in Oberoth's head (very creepy, even he seemed creeped out) and makes all the Replicators freeze, allowing Sheppard and Ronon to escape. She tricks Oberoth, which makes him mad. Sheppard and Ronon try to help her, but she makes them leave her behind. The Apollo gets to them just in time. Atlantis finds a new home world, and after a bumpy landing by Sheppard the city is safe. This episode was very good and had a good balance of humor and action. Very, very good.
  • The 2nd episode of season 4 is not one you can afford to miss. THIS ONE CHANGES EVERYTHING!

    This is the begining of a very different kind of atlantis. Dr. Elizabeth Weir takes a bow, as she if kicked off the show. We can all bet that things are going to be very different around Atlantis from now on. Col Samantha Carter will replace Weir as head of Atantis.

    Atlantis also has a new home. They have abandoned their orignal planet and have settled on another far away, hopefull this will confuse the wraith, but who know they may still find them. This was a good episode, I'm VERY upset that Torri Higginson has left the show, I do like Amanda tapping but I think it is extremely! unfiar that Higginson got kicked off just because Tapping wanted a job. She had a good run on SG1, but take the cancliation gracefully. Higginso was awesome as Weir and I'm really going to miss the Weir-Sheppard dynamic. all in all it was a good episode but very sad to see the end of Weir
  • An important character takes a bow

    The season premiere was mostly about the struggle to save Atlantis, and the long string of circumstances leading into the heist of a ZPM from the Asuran homeworld. This installment is far more focused on the heist itself and the inevitable consequence for Elizabeth Weir. The matter of her survival is left completely ambiguous, which should help to mitigate her departure somewhat, but the end result was never in doubt.

    The plot can be summed up in a few short words: Team Atlantis tries to steal something from the Replicators, and things go wrong. Weir gets to demonstrate her core strength by fooling Oberoth (the Asuran leader) long enough for the team to accomplish their mission (and redirect the Asurans against the Wraith), but little else in the story could be termed a surprise.

    That's not to say that the episode was the television equivalent of light beer. This is not a disposable chapter in the Atlantis saga. Weir's loss to the team is a major blow, especially considering some of the underlying character arcs connected to her presence. Sheppard is the most affected by her loss, and this is depicted well. At times, especially during the final landing sequence, Sheppard looks numb, as if unable to comprehend the enormity of what has happened. In hindsight, the entire ordeal beginning with "First Strike" and ending in this episode is one of the most grueling experiences for the characters yet.

    This episode is also something of a prelude to the well-publicized shift in status quo. Colonel Carter will be assigned to lead Team Atlantis after Weir's departure, and the seeds are planted in this episode. Carter is less abrasive in this episode than the premiere (and more humble, for that matter), but the writers should be careful to avoid portraying her as some kind of miraculous savior for the team. Weir was hardly the best commander in the universe, but the team is fairly effective and Carter should learn to appreciate that competence to keep the balance intact.

    In the end, this is an action-packed episode that feels light on plot twists but packs an emotional punch. Fans of Elizabeth Weir will be sad to see her go, but she gets some great material and a proper send-off. The change may have been unnecessary, but given the state of the Stargate franchise these days, it's hardly a shock. With the state set for the change in command, the writers should finally have the chance to initiate the character arcs promised for the fourth season.
  • Fantastic!And goodbye Weir!

    Well this episode really was nothing short of fantastic. And this marks the second really great episode of season 4. In this episode Weir uses her Nano DNA stuff to access the replicators homeworld to try and help John and the gang to steel the ZPM. But all does not go as smoothly when Weir activation button does not turn off so she ends up MIA. But she runs into some other troble when she meets more of the replicators. Its really quite sad to see Weir go, but i am hoping that she will be back in some way or another. But on the bright side Carter is taking her place which should be nice. And imagine the tension between her and McKay unmissible? I hope so.
  • finally, Atlantis finds a new home...

    So, for some reason John and McKay decide that they can go and steal a zpm from the replicators...seriously...what are they thinking? Anyways, they take Weir which ends up saving their lives and getting captured by the replicators. Atlantis then got a new home planet and Sam gets reunited with McKay... I don't like Sam and I get annoyed every time I see her. Anyways, it was a good conclusion to the bunch. I thought it was a bit unrealistic and I'm tired of the replicators. Still, the episode was full of good humor and great characters. Overall, pretty average episode.