Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 2

Lifeline (3)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2007 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Dr. Lee's backpack changes, in transport to the Apollo, from a large (internal frame) backpack to a small (frameless) backpack.

  • Quotes

    • Sheppard: Have we got enough energy to keep the shield up for re-entry?
      McKay: There'd better be. What, a city this size'll create considerable friction. We come in too fast or too steep and the shield could attenuate under the stress and the whole place'll be torn to shreds, or burn up, or both.
      Sheppard: (irritated) It never ends with you, you know?!

    • Weir: Oberoth is heading to the Core Room. (She looks at Rodney.) He knows it's us.
      McKay: (wide-eyed) How far is he? Can they make a run for it?
      Weir: No! Replicators are approaching from every direction. They're trapped.
      McKay: Which means they're as good as dead.
      (Sheppard, working on the tablet, looks up briefly.)
      Sheppard: (over the radio) We can hear you, you know!

    • McKay: Alright, here we go.
      (the HUD shows the field beginning to expand downwards.)
      Weir: It's working.
      McKay: Damn right it's working! It's encompassed the Core Room. You're good to go.
      (Sheppard turns in his seat and looks at Elizabeth, who nods to him it's safe to go.)
      McKay: What? You don't believe me, but you believe her?
      Sheppard: No offense.
      McKay: Offense taken!

    • McKay: Even if I do get it working, there's still a thousand things that could go terribly, terribly wrong.
      Sheppard: I get it. It's difficult, million to one odds, blah, blah, blah.
      McKay: Was there something else you needed, or were you here merely to prod and belittle?
      Sheppard: No, no. Not merely.

    • (Carter and Lee come through the gate)
      Lee: Oh my that's beautiful.
      Carter: Yeah it is.
      Lee: It's like Elwynn forest. Oh nothing it's one of the lands in Warcraft. That's a game I play...occasionally
      Carter: Ahh.

    • Sheppard: How's it going, boys?
      McKay: Well, we'd be making a lot more progress if Timmy Torture wasn't trying to kill me every two seconds.
      Zelenka: I'm not trying to... kill him.

    • McKay: Let's jack it up, see how far we can penetrate.
      Sheppard: Penetrate?
      McKay: What?

    • McKay: Sheppard, we're coming in too step, we need to ease up on the angle of re-entry.
      Lee: In fact, you mean "entry." You see, we never actually left…
      Carter: Bill…
      Lee: Oh right, right

    • Sheppard: How much time do we have?
      McKay: Let's not start that again.

  • Notes

    • Stargate: Continuum was filmed during production of this episode so some scenes were directed by Andy Mikita due to Martin Wood being in the Arctic.

    • This episode, and the previous one "Adrift", were leaked onto the internet on September 12, 2007. They were rough cuts without sound effects or music, as well as missing many computer generated scenes used solely for aesthetic purposes and scene changes.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: October 8, 2007 on The Movie Network and Movie Central
      UK: October 16, 2007 on Sky One
      Syndication Premiere: September 27-28, 2008
      Czech Republic: July 1, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi
      Australia: November 5, 2009 on 7TWO

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