Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 8

McKay and Mrs. Miller

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 08, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Link to the Vegas Episode

    This was a great episode indeed. What is wonderful with Atlantis series is how they tie in episodes together like In the 2nd last show of StarGate Atlantis John Sheppard is a detective in Vegas in a parallel universe. McKay references that he met another John Sheppard in a parallel universe that was different. It must be in reference to this episode. Both were great. It's too bad that the powers that be are not seeing the value in what Atlantis brought to television. I miss it and would have been happy with made for TV movies on the subject.
  • Superb episode!

    Superb episode!

    A wonderful combination of hard science fiction and domestic drama, all in one. Reminiscent of some of Isaac Asimov's humorous short stories.

    A true surprise.
  • See Summary

    McKay and Mrs. Miller was quite the episode, and not what may be expected. It was a real look into McKay, his past, and possibly how he will change his own future based upon what he learns. It was cool how they introduced his sister into the show, and she happens to be a genius too!!! When they are experimenting another McKay appears, from a parallel universe, that is being destroyed by their experiment. Everyone seems to like the other McKay better, he is the opposite of our McKay, and we see how he deals with this, and makes us wonder how would we deal with it too. In the end though, everyone realized how much they really do like their own McKay, and McKay recognized his past mistakes, and made a visible effort to start repairing the relationship between himself and his sister. It was fun to watch her being brought into this world, finding out that the USAF has space flight capabilities, that their are aliens, and the fate of earth could rest on her shoulders.
  • Wasn't expecting such a pleasant episode.

    This has gone beyond my expectations. It is the best episode of season 3 so far, and it's maybe the second or the third in which we get to see the team spending some quality time together. It is not only funny, i laughed on various occasions, but it's got some sort of unexpected charm that i welcomed pleasantly. Entertaining and exiting, from trying to create endless energy to depleting energy, 2 Rodney's are better than one, first episode regarding multiverse theory in Atlantis and couldn't be better. Rodney solves some...domestic issues and after he's seen an alter him, he might reconsider changing his perspective and prioritize...naaahh, but still just proves the great actor that David Hewlett is, and find something else about him...Meredith Rodney McKay. Lovely episode. Enjoy!
  • Family of genius.

    This was lovely episode - all the different parallel universes and the change that maybe they could get themselves a ZPM. This time there was no destroyed galaxy but it would have been the whole universe.

    I loved the way the episode start, they appearance of Carter and then they way McKay's sister was brought it and they introduced her the whole new world, she has not known. I loved the shocking effect and the way it was played out.

    Also, the whole thing with McKay from another universe, who was so nice... It just adore the idea of the parallel existence and they found so great storyline - meeting with yourself from other universe.

    The only thing, I could little dislike, would be.. the episode could have been more intense.. some more motion.
  • funny....

    Ok, another alternate reality/universe episode. I love these episodes to an extent; they've done it too much. McKay's sister, Jeannie, writes a brilliant proof and goes to Atlantis to help draw power from an alternate universe. The expirament goes wrong when another McKay shows up telling them to stop because the particles are damaging their universe. Of course, in the end, McKay goes back and the universe is safe, except that the zpm is depleted. This episode had a ot of funny moments, for example: Merideth...Anyways, other than that, the story wasn't very interesting. The alternate reality idea has been done too many times and they're not doing it as well as they used to. Overall, good funny episode but not a good story.
  • Why is it a very special episode ?

    Well the answer is that beyond the logical part... there is a more interesting part, in witch Mc.Kay's sister comes to Atlantis to resolve "good knows what formula". Well the answer is that beyond the logical part... there is a more interesting part, in witch Mc.Kay's sister comes to Atlantis to resolve "good knows what formula"
  • Rodney’s sister solves Atlantis energy problems, in her spare time, using her daughter’s finger paints and McKay can barely survive the humiliation

    As Carter herself can’t convince Mrs. Miller to sign up the confidentiality agreements necessary to arrange her trip to Pegasus Galaxy, McKay is sent over to convince his sister to go back with him: there he’s introduced to the lovely Madison, his 4 year old niece who just run to hug him the minute he steps the front door and his brother in law both of whom he has never met. Although it takes a lot to convince a mother to leave her family, Mrs. Miller is finally onboard for the project much to Carter’s amusement at the siblings little arguments in their cute Canadian accents. Indeed, it looks like a family project for the McKays until they reach Atlantis and start to interact with Rodney’s other family: he cuts short John eye contact with her, doesn’t let his sister answer Weir questions, never let her push the buttons with Zelenka much less talk to Teyla or Ronon. As possessive as he grows on the project Mrs. Miller grows annoyed with him so she takes revenge by telling some embarrassing stories about McKay’s childhood. I don’t know how this would’ve ended have not been by Rod, an alternate reality Rodney who came by as the experiment is messing with his galaxy over at his parallel universe, much more confident and assertive this Rodney also misses his other family so he takes more time with his alternate reality sister than the Rodney of this universe ever did which makes our Rodney so jealous that he finds a way both to help his other self to go back home and fix things on both their universes and counting.

    If only to fix things with Mrs. Miller were that easy, but while McKay is in Weir's office explaining their energy problems will continue, Sheppard does what any good friend would and let her get a glimpse of the video letter McKay never sent back when they all thought they'd die which kind of do the trick for Mrs. Miller: her brother will never change but she does know now that he’s trying, that he loves her ...and little Madison, especially when he gives her a figure he took from Elizabeth's office as a present for his niece.
  • Fantastic...One of my favs.

    A great episode all about Rodney. Who i love.
    A wonderful plot and fantastic lines in their. David Hewlett's real life sister Kate played Mckays sister wonderfully and i loved it.
    It was hilarious, in a good way. Seeing all these different sides of Rodney was great.
    All the actors did a great job. The team bonding was great as well. Getting to know Rodney better was the greatest. Little details about his past and family was wonderful.
    Also Amanda Tapping, Sam, guest appeared and was fantastic to see the two "love birds" together hehe

    An episode I think you must watch..for all Rodney fans!
  • New territoy for Atlantis

    McKay: Boy, aaa, Madison sure grown, huh?
    Jeannie: Since she was born? Yeah, yeah, she has.

    Certainly one of the best episodes of Stargate Atlantis so far, and probably one of the best in season three. McKay and Mrs Miller makes a refreshing change from yet another visit to a peaeful planet that goes bad. The acting is good, the effects are great as usual, and the last few scenes display an unusual amount of emotion for tis show. More episodes like this please.

    Kaleb: I just made some dinner, would you like to join us?
    McKay: "Um.. yeah that would be great. I'm starving. You have no idea what timezone I just came from.
  • An amazing episode that focused on one of the best characters on TV.

    I found this episode to be brilliant. I'm not sure whether the Hewlett's acted together so well because they are related or because they are both great actors, but I reckon it's a mixture of the two. This episode was brilliant because it wasn't about action, not that I dislike those episodes, but it's nice to have a break from it once and while and have a more personal episode that reaches inside the characters.

    This has to be one of the best episodes of the series, possibly even better than Sateda which I thought was the best episode so far. As soon as I saw the episode I thought that the producers would be hard-pushed to beat this episode but thinking about it, the episodes get better and better so I think the producers and script-writers will better it with ease, however this will stay as one of my personal favourites.
  • McKay, McKay, and McKay. What could go wrong?

    In Season 3, Ronon and Weir both got their own episodes. So why not McKay? In fact, shove as much McKay into one hour as possible. Everywhere you turn, this is sure to be some form of McKay DNA. Is this a formula for success? Of *course*. We first hear of Rodney’s sister in “Letters from Pegasus”, in which, under the pressure of eminent doom, he expresses regret for not being closer. And so, we get "McKay and Mrs. Miller", in which McKay returns to Earth to enlist the aid of his estranged sister, and we the viewers find out some embarrassing family secrets in the process. Instant chemistry abound, Jeanie and Rodney immediately become siblings at war. In the episode, sibling rivalry takes a new level as the two nearly bring about the end of our universe, and Jeanie finds out that the grass really is greener on the other side when she’s introduced to a humble version of our McKay. To keep as much unfettered McKay as possible, the other characters’ primary role is to sit around a dining hall table and laugh with Rodney out of the loop, which is fine. Teyla has a crush on someone, Ronon proves that under his tough, warrior exterior lies the heart of a guy who isn’t afraid to laugh at McKay’s childhood. Alternate Rod McKay, with his messy hair (does alternate Sheppard have a buzz-cut?) and leather jacket, befriends everyone rather quickly, proving to be everything Rodney isn’t. Rod brings out a side of Rodney rarely seen- Rodney is for once, self-conscious and doubtful of himself. By the end of this emotional and hilarious episode, sister and brother reconcile. The ZPM is gone. The alternate McKay returns home, and everyone admits that they’d probably prefer to have our egotistical Rodney over the creepy Rod any day. So would we.
  • We learn more about McKay and his family. a few *SPOILERS*

    This episode focuses more on McKay and the relationship, or lack there of, that he has with his sister. Since she disappointed him four years ago by having a family instead of continuing school, he hasn't spoken with her.

    She came up with some brilliant plan to bridge their universe with another, thus giving them more energy then what the ZPM was giving them.

    They end up meeting an alternate McKay who is the complete opposite of the other McKay. He tells them that they are destroying his universe so they decide to quit the experiments and send the alternate McKay back to his universe, in so doing, they end up depleting their ZPM!!

    I thought this was a great episode. I tend to rate most things high unless I really didn't like the show so that's why I gave it a ten.
  • The Fabulous Mckays

    No action!? Hay but its ok, because we have the fabulous Mckays. I enjoyed every minute of it - the siblings rivalry has never been as fun as the way Mckays do it. I actually liked the egocentric Mckay a lot better than the more decent alternate universe Mckay. Both have noble character - one obvious, the other not so obvious but is becoming more apparent as the series unfold. Mrs Miller too is an interesting character. Her expression when she looked at Rodney "did you do it?" have me laughing my belly sore. There is so much chemistry between them you'd just look forward to their next scene together.

    Good comedy. Stargate at its best!
  • Duos of Rodneys & triplets of Hewletts. Not enough action but plenty of rediculous satire.

    Two Rodney McKays, 3 McKays, and 3 Hewletts is a make for one spicy episode. We see Rodney on a more personal level in this episode. We see Jennie discover a new proof, which occurs spontaneously, also seeming "a bit" ridiculous. Also, Rodney realizes how he is neither a family man nor a very friendly man, which won't actually make him change as a person, but at least he tried. Rod proves to be a better human being that our Rodney, but our Rodney is smarter and more forward, which is why we enjoy his funny yet insulting remarks. It was nice to see Sam in a good portion of an Atlantis episode. Rodney, or rather Meredith, is mocked quite a bit in this episode, which is why I believe we all enjoyed seeing him suffer like this. More relationship questions will no doubt come up, but for now, (because of Rodney & Rod) Atlantis will have to do without a ZPM.
  • Some of the best acting i've seen in this series

    This episode had some of the best acting i've seen in this series with some of it actually getting emotional. Although it wasn't really that exciting overall it did have a lot of character development, namely Dr. Mckay. The episode is centered around Dr. Mckay and his sister who is a math genius and we see Mckays character develop alot, with references to past eispodes of atlantis, overall it was a good episode.
  • Finally...character development!

    When I saw that this episode was about McKay, I was a little worried. The writers tried to hit McKay with their “poor character exploration” stick in the second season, and it never really went anywhere. Sure, Rodney blew up a planetary system because of his arrogance and stubbornness, but why make that a trigger for long-term character change? This is, after all, “SGA”, where characters need to stay the same, regardless of mistakes or trauma.

    I’m not saying that this episode is necessarily going to mark a new phase in McKay’s life, since the writers will have to prove that out in the rest of the season, but it does have a lot of potential. Bringing in McKay’s sister in this fashion was quite a creative coup; bringing in Hewlett’s actual sister was even more impressive. They brought a certain “reality” to the sibling rivalry that gave the episode a little more flavor.

    I was most impressed by the fact that the issue in this episode, which could have easily been stand-alone to the hilt, led to something that should have long-term consequences. The ZPM is now depleted, leaving Team Atlantis with a major problem should the Wraith or Asurans come calling. In fact, they would probably have trouble resisting the Genii at this point. McKay made the right decision given the stakes, and he had lots of people backing him this time around, but ultimately the experiment was a major disaster for Team Atlantis and their viability.

    Much like McKay’s character development, this is something that could be fumbled by writers in future episodes, but I have to believe (until the next episode, anyway) that it will play into the whole situation with the Asurans and this very tentative season arc that may be developing. With the mid-season break coming, complete with cliffhanger, I see this as being a stepping stone to the troubles ahead.

    So I give the writers credit for finally doing something that they should have done several times before: mixing character development with plot development. And what was the result? One of the better episodes of the season. I finally found myself ignoring my typical annoyance with McKay’s two-dimension characterization, because there was finally something to sink my teeth into, above and beyond good one-liners. Even the humor was better in this episode, especially once his doppelganger emerged from the parallel universe. It was enough to help me ignore the incredibly fake laughter used to introduce the “breakfast club” scenes.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes cover the “Stargate: Atlantis”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)
  • Rodney,or as his sister calls him Mer short for his real first name, has to accept that he is not always right nor is he the only one who has great ideas. He has to work with his sister with whom he has no real relationship.

    I loved being able to see past Rodney's ever present sarcasm and attiude that he is the greatest. He shows real emotion, and no matter how much he tries to hide the pain he feels it is clear to see that Rod's realtionship with his sister hurts him. Rodney tries to make out that he doesn't like her one bit, but I think that he is a bit jelous that she can have a life and still be smart enough to come up with such a great theory. To bad for all how it turns out in the end, but it was fun to watch him learn just how bad it felt to be the one on the other end of the pushing away. Not that Jeannie is really pushing him away she just finds it easier to talk to Rod, Rodney's self from the other universe. How'd he get there? It is too cool to tell you really because it is something that I am not so sure that the real Rodney would do.
  • Rodney is forced to reunite with his sister, back on Earth, after she comes up with a math proof that could help him succeed with Project Arcturus (his biggest mistake ever)!

    Excellent episode! Rodney is as always wonderful and just every so often I have to cringe at how selfish he really is. Don't get me wrong - I love his character & David Hewlett plays him perfectly! Rodney is so completely absorbed into his own little world that nothing seems to get through.

    However, this episode showed him how it could be for him. There's an alternate version of Rodney (aka Rod), who is different, confident, sociable, polite and able to share his successess as well as his failures. We learn Rodney's name is Merideth (could be spelt differently). We already know he's bad interacting with people (even his own sister) - so what could shake him up a bit? The fact that he sees his alternate self intergrating so easily into his life - he wonders if he is an inferior version of himself & that people just tolerate him instead of truly being his friends.

    He does show us his social side at the end and I think it was magic the way he hugged his sister and said the exact same words that she had said to him earlier when they were having an argument.

    This episode also opened up a new problem for Atlantis - with Rodney's attempt to save the alternate universe & his alternate self - he has sacrificed the only ZPM they had. Where will this leave our intrepid explorers? At the mercy of the wraith or the Genii?

    I can't wait until the next episode. Hanging on, but just barely.
  • McKay's sister writes a math proof which Sam Carter discovers could help zero point energy production. Unfortunately it affects a parallel universe and their Rodney arrives to try to fix the problem.

    I was slightly disappointed with this episode. I was looking forward to it very much, kind of hoping for an episode like Duet or Grace Under Pressure.

    That's not to say that it wasn't badly done or uninteresting, it just didn't have that McKay factor. Miss Hewlett did a wonderful job and provided the best part of the episode with her and David's sibling panter.

    Overall, I like the vast majority of the show but after watching Momento Mori I had action on the mind and this episode of Stargate Atlantis was severly lacking in action. And come to think of it is was also severly lacking in Shweir(ya, I know, I'm obsessed), not to mention Sheppard in general but I guess some of us just have to realize that there are other characters on the show. So for a characer development show it was nice.
  • The Atlantis adventures of the Drs. McKay

    In my review, I use silly to describe this episode but in the most positive way. I loved this episode.

    Jeanie is a character they should try and bring back. I can relate to her leaving a career to raise a family. I thought the opening of the episode with her discovering the math proof and using fingerpaint was both cool and funny when she used it against Rodney.

    The use of the other McKay made the episode interesting. It shows that there is a good side of Dr. McKay. I wish we knew if there was something, some event that made our McKay the way he is. In the end, the ZPM was depleted. So Atlantis is back where they were in Season 1. No way to gate home, but home is just a trip on the Daedalus away. The end, though, was what really brought the episode home. McKay took down his guard, finally after all he's been through (nearly fed on by Wraith, ocean floor) to make up with Jeanie. I really believed McKay was genuine in that moment. Finally, he begins to bond with the team. It was classic.

    But the best and most comedic moment in the episode: His first name is Meredith. Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay. That right there made the whole episode!
  • An episode focusing on Dr. Weir? Boring. An episode focusing on McKay? Pure fun.

    I loved that David Hewlett's sister played Rodney McKay's sister. Nothing really happened in this episode that will have any impact on future episodes, but it was enjoyable, nonetheless. Wait, I take that back....there WAS a major consequence at the end that could cause BIG problems. It was fun seeing Rodney be both overbearing and egotistical(the Rodney we know and love), and vulnerable and unsure of himself. We saw a more human side to our astrophysicist. Still not entirely user-friendly, but he's making the effort. I would have liked to see Mensa-Shepperd, though. Funny they didn't mention what the Alterna-Weir was like.
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