Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 8

McKay and Mrs. Miller

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 08, 2006 on Syfy



  • Quotes

    • McKay: ZPM is at fifty percent.
      Zelenka: It's still not enough, Rodney!
      Jeannie: We have to max it out!
      McKay: Thirty percent.
      Jeannie: The bridge is collapsing. We've done it!
      Zelenka: Okay, we can shut it down now!
      McKay: Not yet.
      Zelenka: What?!
      McKay: According to these readings, if we shut it down now, he won't make it!
      Jeannie: Give it a few more seconds!
      Zelenka: ZPM is at five percent.
      McKay: Almost there... (short pause) Cut power now!
      Zelenka: How much power did we drain from the (looks at screen) Z... P... M...?
      (The screen displays "ZPM MODULE DEPLETED")
      McKay: All of it.