Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Teal'c and Ronan -- together!

    Teal'c and Ronan, the two ultimate warriors -- together in the same galaxy, on the same show, in the same episode, kicking ass and taking names.

    But that's merely the high concept. That's merely how the episode is sold.

    In fact it's the unstated contest of wills between the two archetypal warriors that makes the episode work so well, not merely the obvious contest of strength.

    The real appeal of the episode, surprisingly, is in the dialogue between these two strong, silent types.
  • The ultimate showdown! The long awaited question is answered, or is it? Teal's vs Ronan

    Now this is what I have been waiting for! What a perfect episode, not only do Teal's and Ronan come face to face but they end up fighting side by side, brilliant stuff. It turns out that they are evenly matched, with neither one clearly the better fighter, though Teal'c proves he is the more experienced fighter and certainly stays a lot calmer than Ronan. It seems that they can both learn a lot from each other; also they both save each others lives which helps cement their respect for each other. I did laugh a lot when Ronan said "you say indeed a lot", Teal'c replying "do I, I had not noticed", it is amazing (in a very good way) that after 10 seasons of SG-1 the joke is still going on. A luminous script and equally brilliant choreography, one of my favourite episodes of Atlantis to date. The chemistry between the two of them was transcendent, if it needed certifying (which it does not) that Atlantis is not just a spin off then this episode certainly does that.
  • See Summary

    Midway was indeed ;) a great episode! This episode had drama and plenty of action. It was really nice to see our old friend Teal'c who was summoned by Colonel Carter to Atlantis in order to give Ronin Dex some pointers in dealing with his I.O.A. interview. This episode was fun to watch as Atlantis's version of Teal'c squared off with the original. There was a lot to this episode, which made for great entertainment. Teal'c is having trouble connecting with Ronin at first, and they have a dueling match watched by all of Atlantis, only to end in a draw, thanks to Carter who stopped it before things were takin out of hand. This episode was great because they had some old humor, miexed with this series, and we got to actually see the Wraith taking initiative and out n about causing trouble. We see less of them than we did the Goa'uld, which to me was always a disappointment. I can't wait to see how the season wraps up!!! Its a shame that midway station is now destroyed.
  • Finally...

    I think this was in my opinon one of the most anticipated episodes of this season. Ever since I first saw Ronon I said it would be great to have him meet Teal'c and they fight each other. I love how everyone was betting on the fight Sheppard asks Carter if she wants to place a bet. Then we get some really good action when Teal'c and Ronon are on the Midway station and they start killing wraith. I wish the wraith would have killed that idiot Kavenough. Then they take the fight to earth and Teal'c uses Ronon's gun and says he must have a weapon like that. Ronon replies by saying get in line. I liked how in the end Teal'c and Ronon become friends and hopefully we can see Teal'c in some future episodes.
  • Great Episode! Teacl Come Back

    This is another great episode of the series, it was great watching Teacl come back for and episode, and with a new look, I hope they put more classic characters in the future, Atlantis is ending but Stargate Universe will keep the franchise alive, we hope to see more amazing episodes and great character in the future!
    Excelente episodio, Teacl contra Ronon, es por esto que vemos la serie por episodios asi, ojala la nueva serie Stargate Universe sea tan excitante como Atlantis, extrañaremos a los personajes que tanto queremos, ojala regresen en algunos capitulos especiales, para mi stargate es una de las mejores series de ciencia ficcion, no dejen de verla
  • good episode...

    Well, the episode started out terrible and I thought I would hate it, but the story turned out interesting. Teal'c comes to Atlantis to help Ronan prepare for an interview by the IOA. I thought that was the story line and that would be ridiculously stupid. However, that wasn't the case. I don't really like Teal'c, but I did like seeing the Teal'c/Ronan interaction. I love Dr. Lee; he's always funny. Anyways, the wraith figured out how to get to the midway station and then attacked earth. Teal'c and Ronan save the day at earth while Sheppard saves the day at the middway station. Overall, good story and great character interactions.
  • Ronon and Teal'c, the wraith are in for a world of hurt!

    By far this is the best episode since "All my sins.. " and the wait was worth it.
    I totally loved the fighting and later team up between Ronan and Teal'c. Heck this episode reminded me more of SG-1 than Atlantis with Teal'c involved. Everything about this episode was great including seeing Teal'c using the zat gun on the wraith! The only nitpick and really minor one at that is that I wished when they went back and forth from SGC to Midway the segments were longer like 3-4 min each rather than like 30sec-2min. But that's just my personal opinion.

    It seems everyone in the IOA are like Woolsey, If you save their rears then they will give you a free pass, which more or less is the right thing to do anyways. Also when Ronon was trying to wake Sheppard up, it was sorta out of character [in a way] to see him smiling that wide grin. It's so nice to see he at least has more expressions than just scowling.

    Also hopefully they will rebuild the midway station as it saves I would guess a lot of power from using the Atlantis Zpm. Also it was pretty cool to see both the Milky way Galaxy and Pegasus galaxy Gates together like that just within yards of each other.

    Finally, first Bates and now Kavanaugh. It's just so great to see these minor characters back and see what's become of them rather than simply forgoten and gone. So even if the end of season 4 is soso, at least they are giving the fans from the earlier seasons something to smile about.
  • Ronon must face the IOA, so Teal'c comes to Atlantis to give him some advice on how to handle them. However, while in quarantine at the Midway station, it is taken over by Wraith attempting to get to Earth.

    This is one of the best episodes of the season so far. It's great to see some episodes that veer away from the main story arc, and focus more on the characters. A Welcome return for Teal'c too, who has been missed since the end of SG-1. (Thankfully the SG-1 DVD movie is released soon.)
    Hopfully there will be more episodes like this next season, and more with Teal'c too. Thankfully Teyla's storyline was kept out of this episode, as it is becoming tedious and pointless. An exciting episode like this based around her character, might well give it the boost it definitely needs.
  • Teal'c vs Ronon Smackdown

    I hadn't been looking forward to Teal'c and Ronon coming together because I was more focused on Daniel Jackson coming to Atlantis and the Weir-Carter debacle of Season 4.

    I'm not necessarily against Teal'c and Ronon meeting, but Teal'c's character doesn't have a dramatic need to come to Atlantis. With SG-1 supposedly disbanded (again), Teal'c's priorities lie with taking care of the Jaffa nation. Anyhow, Teal'c comes to Atlantis to coach Ronon on handling a xenophobic IOA interview. The two share some fisticuffs, end up in a draw, and then get caught up in a Wraith attempt to take over the Midway Station and infiltrate the SGC. When Teal'c and Ronon follow the first Wraith wave to Earth, Sheppard and Rodney come onto Midway with a few teams of marines and swap the station with Wraith reinforcements a few times before blowing up the station and escaping in a puddle jumper. On Earth, Teal'c and Ronon save the SGC. Ronon then passes the interview of the IOA stiff who originally wanted to find an excuse to get him out of Atlantis. And Ronon flies back to Atlantis on the Daedalus to pick up Sheppard, Rodney, and a few survivors who were going stir crazy after a couple weeks in the puddle jumper.

    On a surface level, this episode was a definite step up from the fillers of the last few weeks, full of superficial action and thrills. But that's just it. I feel this episode has little beyond the surface.

    After three years of Teyla faithfully serving Atlantis and Ronon for two (not to mention Teal'c's 10 years on SG-1), there's suddenly one man, Coolidge, who's taking it on himself to review whether nonEarth humans can serve on Atlantis/SGC teams.

    When Teal'c and Ronon meet, do they have to fight? What interpersonal conflicts do they have that'd motivate the fight? And when they do, how can they go one hour when full contact matches usually end in a few minutes? On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, why do the Atlantis marines spar with Ronon at a 4, while Ronon revs up to 12? Teal'c looks trim and his new long hair-style is dashing. But he didn't seem like himself in this episode, particularly when he told Ronon he would "very much" like to have a blaster such as Ronon's. As Master Bra'tac taught, it's not the weapon, but the heart that makes a Jaffa.
    Kavanaugh, a recurring scientist character, who was formerly stationed on Atlantis returns to demonstrate that he's not only cowardly, but incompetent. He somehow doesn't know that using the system bypass feature to override the lockouts put in place by the Wraith trigger Midway station's self-destruct. When the Wraith first come onto the station, Dr. Lee and the rest of the staff do nothing to seal off the control room and send an alert to the SG-C and Atlantis. There are no anti-intruder defenses and hardly any Air Force airmen stationed to resist a hostile take over. Since the Wraith are capable of jury rigging a Pegasus stargate to access Midway and then override a security lockout of Midway's systems to reach the SG-C, why bother pumping Lee for the password? When did the Wraith learn how to read English? The Wraith commander who took over the station had a not so clever conversation with Sheppard in which he promised to bring Sheppard "a world of hurt." Would a Wraith channel an ECW smack-talking wrestler? When Sheppard took back the station briefly, why did the Wraith open the control room and how did the Wraith who had Sheppard and his team in a crossfire miss? The Atlantis marines and Wraith exchanged a lot of weapons fire without worrying about damaging sensitive equipment and causing breaches in the Midway station hull that'd bring on explosive decompression. When Rodney and Lee decide to vent the atmosphere, the Wraith commander who'd gotten the information on Midway from Todd who'd hacked Rodney's database in Atlantis attacked Sheppard before getting shot and suffocated. What did the Wraith commander (with no name and personality) hope to accomplish? With the oxygen almost totally vented while he fought the Wraith, how did Sheppard get himself into a pressure suit that requires the help of at least one other person and several minutes to enter?

    It would've been nice to see Carter leading a team onto Midway at Sheppard's side, but that's not in keeping with her impersonation of Weir. It was strange seeing Walter in the SG-C control room without Landry (or SG-1) hovering over his shoulder. If the Wraith had taken over the SG-C, what could they have expected to achieve without the support of a fleet of hive ships in orbit? How would they have held out when the US military realized that the SG-C was compromised, sealed it off, and directed a nuclear strike at Cheyenne mountain?

    As Teal'c and Ronon swept the base for Wraith, they came across Coolidge, who unlike everyone else in the base was reviving from the Wraith stun wave that knocked everyone out. How? And why did Teal'c and Ronon listen to Coolidge when he demanded to be taken to a radio to contact the US military, which decided to set off a tactical nuclear warhead at the base. What did Coolidge hope to accomplish?

    Even though the Earth episodes of Season 4 strike me as SG-1 installments with the Atlantis cast, the Wraith seeking to reach Earth is a legitimate Atlantis storyline. "Midway" struck me as being rushed, though, and in need of more development, providing enough material for two episodes, like the Genii take over of Atlantis in Season 1 "The Storm" and "The Eye."

    Additionally, I find the IOA to be a weak and annoying antagonist on the homefront unlike the NID when it was run by Colonel Mayborne, who tried to take over the SG-C during the first few seasons to aggressively exploit the Stargate and acquire alien technology at all costs and no scruples. I constantly find myself wondering what the producers find so fascinating about the IOA? It was good to see fallout from Todd's collaboration with Atlantis earlier this season. With the conclusion of this episode, we know there's at least one faction of Wraith with sensitive information on Atlantis and likely the SG-C as well. Until the Midway station is rebuilt, its loss will complicate the movement of personnel and supplies while Atlantis' one ZPM is at less than full capacity.

    If one overlooks the superficial characterizations and logic loopholes, then "Midway" is definitely a popcorn blockbuster of an episode.

  • Simply Great

    With nothing really new happenning in the big fight against wraith time to rescue nothing more then the great teal'c back in the show.

    Ronan has a in interview on earth so he can be proved to be a valueble member of SGA and Coronel Carter brings teal'c to coach him in to be more calm so he can pass the interview.

    The go to earth in the highway of portals and get stuck in midway when the wraith find a way to go there and travel to stargate command.

    Even though in the begging teal'c and ronan don't get along the became a powerful duo defeating many of the wraith in midway( wich gets destroyd ) and saving all of stargate comand alone against the remaing wraith.

    Great to see Teal'c back and even greater to see him fighting with Ronan.
  • After years of fan speculation we finally get a meeting between the gates toughest guys. Kudos to the producers for avoiding a deeper story and giving us straight up action. We were thankfully given exactly what we wanted watching Ronan

    After years of fan speculation we finally get a meeting between the gates toughest guys. Kudos to the producers for avoiding a deeper story and giving us straight up action. We were thankfully given exactly what we wanted watching Ronan and Teal'c kicking butt. As a sidestory we have Ronan meeting with the IOA which I saw as unneeded but it was a great excuse to get them and the Wraith to Earth. We also had the peril of the way station under siege and about to be blown up with our favorite scientist. As a story arc episode it did well and as a stand alone showing real fun and hope we get more like them.
  • Ronan and Teal'c. FINALLY, they meet!

    Just what I wanted to see, Ronan and Teal'c fighting. My friends and I often speculated on which one would win in a fight and now we know, hehe. I knew they'd learn to get along in the end though. Loved it!
    Why is it though that every new bit of equipment that's built is destroyed in the next episode. They blew up the station. WHY? Still nothing could make this episode anything less than perfect, because..... Ronan and Teal'c fought! My Congrats to the Atlantis team for writing yet another great episode. It made me laugh. Just what I expect!

    This was my favorite atlantis episode to date and might even rank up there with some classic sg-1 episodes. At firt the tension between Ronon and Tealc was crazy (especially since Tealc is my fav). That combination plus the wraith actually stepping on their future feeding ground had me on the edge of my seat all hour. All i can say is i hope they continue to bring more sg-1 characters into atlantis.. daniel would be the an easy one to throw into the expedition since hes the ancient expert. Either way if they keep throwin out episodes like this ill keep watchin ;)
  • "-Excellent timing! -Indeed!"

    OMG! This was one of the best episode. Full of action, full of Tealc and Ronon. I was so full of 3 or 4 filler episodes. But this one was worth to wait. Ronon has to go back to Earth with Tealc. But the wraith infiltrate into the Midway station, and then to SGC. Only Ronon and Tealc can save everyone. So side by side, they kill every single wraith. /Of course at the beginning, they hate each other...but in the end... best pals of course!/
    I hope that this is the beginning of the action and storyfull episodes. The Kindred is gonna be awsome!!!
  • With Ronon up for review by the IOA, Carter asks Teal'c to come to Atlantis to "coach" him.

    "Midway" was an excellent episode packed full of everything I watch Stargate Atlantis for: action, humor, SF, and solid storytelling.

    Carl Binder gave us a great script with few snags. The reason given for Teal'c to visit Atlantis was plausible as was the Wraith hijacking of the Intergalactic Gate Bridge. The humor that sets Atlantis apart from other shows was there as was exciting action. [The fight between Ronon and Teal'c was an incredible bit of choreography (kudos Mr. Bamford!) and ended in the only way fitting.] True, there were a few snags -- e.g, I find it highly improbable that Midway Station did not have irises or a larger security force -- but all in all, a great script.

    Jason Momoa and Christopher Judge took a somewhat clichéd premise and breathed freshness in to it. David Hewlett was his usual incredible self and the rest of the cast gave solid-to-excellent performances.

    Acting, Directing, Production, Writing: A+

    Overall Rating: 9.9/10
  • Top quality. An epic in an hour

    I guess you could call this a filer, but what a filler it was. As the Wraith plot to take over earth via Rodney's "impenetrable" midway point becomes clear, i thought to my self, here we go, get ready for a two or three parter. But i was wrong. Somehow the SGA team managed to cram about four episodes into one. The basic premise of the plot is that "Todd" (Rodney's name for the Wraith that helped the SGA team defeat the replicators in a previous episode) had given details of SGA's midway point to another Wraith who decided to use it to mount an attack on earth. In the mean time the IOA are holding interviews with various aliens who work for SGA and assessing if they are of the right caliber to continue fighting to good fight. Thinking that Ronon might struggle to keep his cool during his interview Colonel Carter decides to get Teal'c to come along and coach the young hot head before his big day. To cut a long story short, after a few teething problems (including one hell of a fight between the two giants of SG) Teal'c and Ronon, while on their way to earth, find themselves stranded at the midway point as the Wraith launch their attack. As a result they are able to follow them through the gate back to earth. Using their supreme fighting skills they somehow manage to kill close to a hundred Wraith and save Stargate command and Earth from certain wraith infiltration, while Shepherd and the rest of the team kill the remaining Wraith at the Midway station and accidentally blow the place up in the process. Oops. I love these types of episodes, loads of gun battles and loads of death. If you must keep doing these filler episodes please keep doing them like this.
  • Cliche trumps action when two warriors meet

    When the episode began, I was deeply concerned. The second half of the season has been uneven at best, and the writers seemed to be falling head first into yet another cliché. What happens when you toss the two biggest alien warriors of the Stargate franchise into the same room together? Inevitably they must fight and compete until the requisite threat forces them to work together, eventually coming to mutual respect.

    As fun as it was to watch them beat the tar out of each other, and then take it out on the rest of the unsuspecting universe, that aspect of the episode was the least satisfying based on sheer predictability. The details made the episode work. As much as I enjoy the specific adventures of Team Atlantis (even when the writers test my patience), I appreciate the episodes that touch on the scope of the entire Stargate mythos.

    The Wraith have wanted to attack Earth for quite some time, but the contingencies were in place to prevent that from happening. Thanks to the sometime alliance with "Todd", the situation has changed considerably. At least some of the Wraith now have a source of insider information, and the use of Midway Station as a staging ground for invasion of the SGC must have hit home. Even though the attack was repulsed, the most expedient means of transporting personnel, emergency supplies, and other critical items has been lost.

    Team Atlantis did well enough without the intergalactic gate system, but this presents an interesting possibility. The writers dropped the ball with Weir on several levels, but when the time came to write her out of the story, they missed the most obvious solution. Weir made some bad decisions involving the Wraith (particularly in "Allies"), and they never came back to haunt her, despite many opportunities.

    While Ronon was given kudos by the IOA for his part in saving Earth from the Wraith, it's not a stretch to consider whether or not Carter will be held at least partially responsible for the fallout from the alliance with "Todd". The continuing tension with the IOA suggests something will come to a head sooner rather than later. Teyla's scenes seem to suggest that politics are ready to rear their ugly head again.

    This episode manages to bring the action, but with three episodes left in the season, I still have the feeling that too many plot and character arcs have been left on the table. Considering how little attention has been paid to those elements in past seasons, I'll be happy if just a few of them are addressed by season's end. Maybe the early fifth season pickup provided a longer view, but for now, I am guardedly optimistic.
  • It was ok!

    Not much happened!I mean nothing exciting! It was just a ok episode!Im not the biggest Teal'c fan and not the biggest Ronon fan!But I did love the parts with Sheppard,Mckay and those other guys!If it hadnt been for them I would have quit watching the episode half way through! I loved the part where we see Sheppard in the space suit (very funny) and the talk about Pearl Harbor was funny!The guy fainting was hilarious!And when the guys are talking about Pearl Harbor and Mckay says, "nanananannnanana" in that funny voice he does!I love that part! And I loved the very end when Ronon is messing with Sheppard while Sheppard is sleeping! Thats very funny! So those parts are why I gave it a 8.5! But the parts with Tealc are boring...Unless your a Teal'c fan! I cant wait til next weeks episode!
  • Ronon vs Teal'c What more can you ask for?!

    It's the episode we all been waiting for!
    If Ronon and Teal'c would meet and fight, who would win.
    The answer? Well, they tied, with interference of Carter.
    But damn, what a fight it was, and then see them kill wraiths, even more amazing!
    Teal'c and Ronons interaction was just awsome, and when Ronon commenting on how much Teal'c used 'indeed', I just went lol! Andthen he used it as well, the lol factor went up even more!
    While, Ronon and Teal'c fight in SGC, John and McKay are on the midway stationand are fighting the wraith there.
    The highlights in this ep: Ronon vs Teal'c fighting, them fighting the wraith, the ending scene in the puddlejumper!
    This is by far the strongest and better episodes of the season!
  • Teal'c + Ronon + Wraith = Awesomeness to the max!

    This episode was just brilliant. Had the action, humour, drama, everything!

    I loved that Kavanaugh returned. He may have caused the destruction of the midway station, but he feinted, again, when his life was in danger, but it was still good to see him, and that he hadn't died.

    The best parts of this episode was the interaction of Teal'c and Ronon. More when they were working together than when they were 'enemies'. It was also more the banter, how Ronon commented how Teal'c always says 'indeed', and how Teal'c wanted Ronon's gun.

    In general, it was just good to see Teal'c again.
  • Ronan must be reviewed by the IOA but not before our old friend Teal'c attempts to "coach" him diplomatically, they travel with one another back to earth and during their 24 hour quarantine at the midway station the wraith attempt to invade the milkyway

    This has been by far one of the best episodes of Atlantis that I have had the privilege to watch, immediately after having seen it I purchased the episode on Itunes for no other reason than to throw money at the deserving franchise.

    there are typically three types of episodes that stargate manages to produce that I tend to enjoy intensely.

    1. Heavy Action

    2. Heavy Characterization

    3. Heavy Expansion of the Stargate Mythology

    and while this episode expanded the Stargate mythology only a little, the other two catagories were extremely prevelant. the interaction between Ronan and Teal'c was much more entertaining that even I (a huge fan of both characters) would have guessed. In short I really hope they make more like this one, and that being said I further hope that Teal'c makes a few more visits to his new commrade Ronan on Atlantis.

    this episode also brought up a question, as the wraith was about to feed on Teal'c just before he was "put down" by Ronan I thought "I wonder how wraith feeding would effect a Goa'uld given their added healing ability, would this not become the prefered cuisine of the wraith due to perhaps longer feeding?" now before somebody bites my head off for not understanding the biology of the Jaffa I realize Teal'c nolonger possesses a young Goa'uld in his gut, but the idea just occured to me in this situation.
    interesting to think about.

    it is a shame however that the midway station was lost as it provided a relatively easy way to travel between the milkyway and the pegasus galaxies without having to drain the ZPM very much, I'm sure it will cost a great deal to build another one, however I can't imagine them not doing so, considering that they have so very many Stargates already in place between the two galaxies.
  • Best episode... to date... for season 4. Bout time we got more action.

    The mid-season 2 parter with the attack against the replicators was definitely exciting as well, but Season 4 has been lacking more excitement, more battles. It seems that the writers have been exploring character development and interaction more than anything. With the number of newer characters I guess they wanted to explore who they were, so they had more shows that focus on one person.

    This episode had everything that I thought was lacking this season - excitement, battles, gun fire, comedy and things exploding! :> The loss of Midway was a big surprise to me. They finally did an episode focusing on the new station and they blew it up!? Now they have to wait 3 weeks for supplies from their space ships. Oh well. I guess now they have to go find more ZPMs so that they can dial earth directly.

    Was it wrong to cheer for the Wraith to eat Kavanaugh? I'm glad Dr Lee made it though, his character is pretty funny. And the ending in the jumper was awesome, between McKay complaining that *others* talk to much, to Ronon messing with Sheppard.

    I am greatly looking forward to the rest of this season, it looks like they will be just as exciting.
  •!!!!! What an awesome ride that was!

    That was the best Atlantis episode to DATE!!!! So much has happened in one episode! I loved every frakkin' minute! I was just so much fun to watch! I simply hated the commercials. I was like c'mon. I was sooo looking forward to watching this episode ever since I first heard of it. Not only did we get Teal'c on Atlantis, but Teal'c and Ronon meeting face to face. I loved it when Teal'c came through the Atlanits gate the first time. That was a nice way to start the episode. I was like....yaaaay...Teal'c! I have always wondered how Teal'c and Ronon would get along. I love how Teal'c was like Ronon's Bra'tac. Teal'c was just so poised and together. The scene at the mess hall with Teal'c and Ronon was awesome. I love they sort of clashed in the beginning. I like the way Teal'c was testing Ronon on how he was gonna get questioned by the IOA. That new guy (forget his name) sounded really awful by the way Teyla described him. The action was just so awesome! I watched this episode completely spoiler free. The Wraith in the Midway was total surprise for me. I did not see that coming. The action with both Teal'c and Ronon was just cool! Both of them shooting Wraith was just pure fun. Then....when the Wraith came to Earth....I was like.....omigosh.....Wraith on EARTH! The way that stun weapon just took the base out just plain cool. Then.....Teal'c and Ronon in the SGC shooting up the Wraith was just even more fun! Ugh.....I can't stand Kavanagh. Just fact he frakked up buy activating the self destruct in the Midway. I was like way to go....dumbass. I was totally waiting for that Wraith to feed on him. That was just funny though when he fainted.

    I loved when Teal'c and Ronon were watching The Three Stooges! Funny! What was also funny is when Ronon mentioned to Teal'c how he says "indeed" a lot, and Teal'c not noticing. How funny! When Wraith was about to feed on Teal'c....I screamed. Then when Ronon killed that Wraith....I cheered. Then.....John shooting up the Wraith in the Midway was a lot of fun too. I love how he hid in the space suit when the atmosphere was vented.

    Rodney was very lovable in the episode too. Of course, I always love Dr. Lee.

    I love the little reunion with Ronon and John in the jumper. That was nice and cute!
  • Like the rising of phonix...

    This episode was great - with the previous episodes, this was really the pearl. The kind of Atlantis, I at least, is waiting. All that space thing, stargates, wraiths, action, good dialog and excitement - what else to want?

    I really enjoyed that Teal'c was here - first for the Ronon and the way those two just did not managed to communicate but in the end - it worked. Also, it really showed that there are quite many similarities between them. Both alien, both that kind of rambo men... like Ronon is the Teal'c version for Atlantis.

    Oh, and the midway, sad that they got it exploded - back to old way of traveling?
  • Back in action!

    Great episode. It was nice to see Teal'c again! Seeing Ronon and Teal'c fighting together (and against each other) was great. Seeing Dr. Lee was nice, but Kavanagh...arrgh! Here are some other thoughts:

    I always thought the Midway station was just too convenient for them to go back and forth. I hope they scrap the idea and make Atlantis a little more "distant" and more on its own, though not completely isolated from Earth.

    Once they found out the Midway may have been compromised, Atlantis should have dialed Earth directly and send an emergency communication. Also, I don't think Earth should just open the iris if it came from Midway without some verbal communication, especially with an unscheduled activation.

    so much for trusting Todd...

    Finally, the wraith has some bite in them again! They've been quite impotent lately, and this episode shows that they can still be quite a threat.

    McKay complaining about Lee and Kavanagh talking too much - hilarious! And Sheppard was smart to isolate himself from all of them.

    Great episode, indeed!
  • Better, better, better. Finaly

    The Story (4.9):
    Great. Finaly more characters from Atlantis and some from SGC. Great story this time. Story starts in Atlantis, continue on Midway station and then finishes in SGC on Earth. It's been a while since we saw SGC and it it is great to see it.
    Story is about Wraiths that wants to come to earth trough midway station.
    At first I was afraid that this will be another bad story with just couple of characters, just Teal'c and Ronon, but as it turns out the story was not just about those two, so I was surprised.

    The Production (4.4):
    I like that they were filming it in three diferent enviroments (Atlantis, Midway and SGC). Its good to see, that they still have scenery from SG-1 series, and that they are using it.
    Fighting could be better.

    After a long time this is good episode.
  • SOMTHING GOOD. after so many fillers something finally happens.

    SOMTHING GOOD. after so many fillers something finally happens.

    first i have to say does all those filler episode have to do with your writers strike? cause its been a disappointing season.
    but saying that i have to say after i watched this episode i realised just how good atlantis can be if they put there minds to it.
    teal'c comes to atlantis and its good to see him again.
    the wraith find out how to get to the midway station and try to start invading earth.
    not going to go too deep into the episode i dont want to spoil it.
    JUST WATCH IT! ... After so many filler episode they throw in something great!
  • Welcome Back Teal'c, seems like he is still in his best shape yet.

    This episode brought back the action that was missing in the last couple of episodes of SG-atlantis. I was hooked the whole hour, and I have to say that Ronin and Teal'c make a deadly army of two, and I hope that Teal'c makes more appearances in future episodes.

    This episode is a fine example of what this series is at its best. A mix of good story telling, humour and lots of action packed scenes. May stargate atlantis last as long as SG-SG1 did, otherwise I don't know what the world would be like without such an entertaining scifi series.