Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 9

Miller's Crossing

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2007 on Syfy

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  • I'm not sure i've seen a more disjointed, uninspiring and badly written episode of any show (apart from maybe Painkiller Jane episode 16) this year.

    What on earth is going on with SGA? For the first 3 seasons it was brilliant and as it ran simultaneously with SG1 sci-fi fans across the globe were provided with a feast of outstanding programming. But not only did they ditch SG1 (which in itself was a major mistake) they've failed to come up any sort of plan for this season of SGA, and 'Miller's Crossing' is a paragon of that. Since this is a review i'd best fill you in on 'Millers Crossing' and spare you the pain of having to watch it yourself. The plot goes something like this. Rodney needs help with a small nanite problem he's having, so (reluctantly) emails his super clever sister. An Evil Man With A Kind Heart Really - who's head of a company that does work for the government - is monitoring Rodney's families emails and decides to kidnap Rodney and his sister. Evil Man With A Kind Heart Really wants them to fix some prototype nanites which he's implanted in his daughter - who's got cancer - but that aren't working. Rodney refuses to help, so Evil Man With A Kind Heart Really, injects Rodney's sister with the faulty nanites so Rodney has to help him or his sister will die. Evil Man With A Kind Heart Really says he'll let Rodney and his sister go if his daughter lives, but his daughter dies. Luckily Shepherd and Ronon find Rodney & his sister and arrest Evil Man With A Kind Heart Really. Back on base Rodney realises he can't fix his sister's nanites on his own, so calls on the evil Wraith from earlier in the series to help him out. After much convincing the evil Wraith agrees to help. Having nearly finished the nanite code the evil Wraith decides he can't carry on without feeding on a human. Shepherd tries to convince Evil Man With A Kind Heart Really to be the Wraith food. And because he's an Evil Man With A Kind Heart Really he decides to trade his life for Rodney's sisters and be the Wraith food. Rodney's sister is saved. The end. What a total load of crap.