Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Syfy
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During a visit to New Athos, Teyla and Dr. Keller find themselves on the run from a primitive tribe of warriors and Teyla makes a shocking discovery.

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  • Boring & Clichéd

    A boring, clichéd ep that was contrived to showcase the new doctor. I found it heavy going watching this tale of two female characters evade a hostile group of aliens. The aliens are savage and brutal. Ho hum. There's nothing about them that was of particular interest to me. I missed the core characters of the series as these two fought their way out of danger. I felt there was nothing new or juicy in the plot and nothing particularly enlightening about the new character. The only thing of interest to me was the cliffhanger ending. Hope that bears fruit. I expect a lot better from the creators of this superb program. Bring back Dr. Carson Beckettmoreless
  • See Summary

    This was a different episode. It was entertaining to watch, but I feel like it didn't really lead us anywhere into the future. At the end we are left with questions of the future, and questions of what really happened to the Athosians. This episode definitely had character development, especially for Teyla and the Dr. who replaced Beckett. This seemed like a simple off world mission, and it turned into a deadly battle for survival. We were introduced to a new barbarian horde, and saw a glimpse of those who Worship the Wraith. I hope we get to see more of this aspect of the Wraith and their worshipers.moreless
  • Surviving lesson...

    Another melt in episode for the doctor Keller and this one was quite interesting but maybe too much clichee. Doctor does not know nothing about life out there and so when Teyla gets bad news and finds out that all her people are taken (what! why? where... I liked them), they have to hide until Atlantis comes to search them. They almost manage it, met with genii (who was not genii at all) and hide. A lot of that kind of survive in the forest without supplies thing and some fighting until when most needed doctor takes herself up and saves the day... so expected...

    But there was something good on this episode, something I liked... somoreless
  • Good action episode and a nice set up for a good plot-arc

    Finally....we are out of filler land. The episode we're seeing now are important in terms of the overall plot.

    This episode is a fine example of Atlantis. The strength here is in the development (and portrayal) or Dr. Keller. With all her vulnerability she is quite a lovable character, and Jewel Staite demonstrates her ability to translate it to the screen without becoming whiney and annoying. The writers crafted this episode in such a way that the viewer feels a great deal of empathy for her, and her (albeit predictable) heroic turn at the end cemented her as a worthy replacement for Dr. Beckett.

    A niggle with this episode include the fact that the Bolo-Kai are somewhat underdeveloped, and I can only hope they will appear in future episodes as they are great villains. Another is that the story can be a bit convoluted if you're not paying attention (is he Genii, no he's a wraith worshipper, but I thought the Bolo-Kai were Wraith Worshippers, oh, their not, and neither is he...WTF?)

    However these detract ever so slightly (and hammer home the importance of going to the bathroom during advert breaks and not during the story) from a great episode.moreless
  • another excellent installment!

    When I heard the premise for this show I was very interested in seeing it. This episode gave some insight into Teyla's mindset and how she reacted to a threat to her people which was a bit surprising to say the least. This episode took her away from the rest of the team and placed her and a noncombatant directly in harms way and clearly illustrated that she is more than able to take care of any threat that is thrown her way. I really liked that she didn't molycoddle Dr. Keller but instead let her know quite bluntly that if they were going to survive they would have to do some rather unpleasant things. In the first season Teyla was portrayed as being somewhat softer the Teyla portrayed in the episode Missing however was someone who had probably been called upon in the past to be judge, jury and executioner. Whoever took her people better watch out! I can't wait to see what happens next.moreless
Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Major / Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

Rachel Luttrell

Rachel Luttrell

Teyla Emmagan

David Hewlett

David Hewlett

Dr. Rodney McKay

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Ronon Dex

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo


Guest Star

Johann Helf

Johann Helf

Nabel Golan

Guest Star

Glenn Ennis

Glenn Ennis

1st Warrior

Guest Star

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite

Dr. Jennifer Keller

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Teyla: How long must I stay here?
      Keller: About another day or so.
      Teyla: I told you: I feel fine. I do not have a concussion.
      Keller: You're right. You don't.
      (Teyla frowns at her puzzled)
      Keller: Teyla, I've looked over your test results. There's something we need to talk about.

    • Teyla: Did you tell them anything?
      Keller: They said they would kill you.
      Teyla: You told them about Atlantis?!
      Keller: No! I gave them a Gate address – an uninhabited planet – just to throw them off, buy us more time, like you said.

    • Keller: Look, I'm the first to admit I'm not very good at certain things. I'm not athletic, can't cook, and you don't even wanna hear me try to play the piano, but I do think I'm a pretty good judge of character and I know that you would never sacrifice an innocent man – not even if he was a complete stranger – to save yourself. Which means the only reason you would even suggest it would be because of me.
      Teyla: I brought you here. This is my responsibility. If anything should happen to you ...
      Keller: I signed up for this, all right? All of it. I may not have had any idea what I was getting into, but that makes me no different from anybody else on Atlantis.

    • Ronon: Hey. Did Teyla and Keller get back?
      Sheppard: Haven't heard from them yet.
      Ronon: They're late.
      Sheppard: Doesn't sound like Teyla.
      Ronon: No, it doesn't.
      McKay: Well, she had that big feast last night. Maybe she did too much celebrating and needs to sleep it off.
      (He smiles. Ronon looks at him.)
      Ronon: Yeah, that sounds like Teyla.
      (Rodney's smile fades.)

    • Teyla: Can you walk?
      Keller: I don't even think he can stand.
      Teyla: Very soon many more Bola Kai will be here.
      Nabel: It's all right. I can walk.

    • Keller: I'm not afraid of challenges.
      (Teyla looks at her, her eyebrows raised.)
      Keller: I signed up to be Chief of Medicine on an expedition in a whole other galaxy. That's about as challenging as it gets. But eating gross food, sorry, but that's where I draw the line.
      Teyla: Fair enough.

    • Teyla: If you are still seeking "intel," then you are wasting what few breaths you have remaining, so say, "thank you for saving me," and be done with this discussion.
      (Nabel realizes from her expression that he had better do what she says.)
      Nabel: Thank you for saving me.

    • Teyla: It was a rite of passage among my people. No food, no water, forced to survive on our own. None of us believed we could endure it but all of us did.
      Keller: I went to summer camp. There were other kids; we had cabins – with beds ... and electricity ... and food.
      Teyla: I see.
      Keller: I didn't even make it three days. Got homesick; called my parents to come and get me.

    • Keller: It's just, I know they were very fond of Carson. I only hope to make half the impression he did.
      (She picks up a large plastic container and puts it into a third bag. Teyla points to the contents of the container.)
      Teyla: What are those?
      Keller: Oh, lollipops – for the kids. Makes the check-ups go easier.
      Teyla: You will make a wonderful impression.

    • Keller: (picking up her bags) I'm the idiot who overpacked, I should be the idiot carrying them.

    • Keller: Ibuprofen. Helps with the pain and swelling.
      Teyla: Yes, Dr. McKay uses them frequently, along with antihistamines, antacids, motion-sickness pills…
      Keller: You forgot the prescription I wrote him for restless-leg syndrome.

    • Sheppard: Shame!
      Ronon: What is?
      Sheppard: Cliff Robertson, the villain he played.
      McKay: Very good. Shelley Winters?
      Ronon: What the hell are you talking about?

    • Nabel: You're a doctor, a healer, not a killer.
      Keller: You're right, I am a healer. But first I need something to heal. (shoots him in the knee with a gun)

    • Sheppard: Those guys guarding the gate certainly don't look Athosian.
      Ronon: They're Bola Kai.
      McKay: What?
      Ronon: It's a warrior tribe. Ruthless. They like picking fights, especially with tribes who are peaceful.
      McKay: Great! Just what we need, another bad guy.
      Ronon: Don't worry, they're primitive. We can handle them.
      McKay: Define "primitive".
      Ronon: Clubs and arrows.
      McKay: Hey, arrows can hurt!
      Ronon: Only if you're stupid enough to get hit in the ass with one.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Dr. Keller tells Teyla that she is from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. The writer of this episode, Carl Binder, originally wanted her hometown to be Blaine, Missouri, the small town from the movie Waiting for Guffman, but had to change it due to legal reasons.

    • Jewel Staite was nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for her performance in this episode.

    • Amanda Tapping is credited but doesn't appear.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: November 12, 2007 on The Movie Network and Movie Central
      UK: November 20, 2007 on Sky One
      Syndication Premiere: November 1-2, 2008
      Czech Republic: July 20, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi
      Australia: November 19, 2009 on 7TWO


    • Sheppard: Mr Freeze. No! King Tut.
      McKay: Wrong on both. Otto Preminger was Mr. Freeze; Victor Buono was King Tut; Vincent Price was Egghead.
      Sheppard: Egghead! Right!
      McKay: OK, so: Cliff Robertson.
      Sheppard: Oh, I know this one. Played the cowboy, right?

      They are referring to the villains in the 1966 TV series Batman and the actors that played them.

    • (Teyla cuts a piece of the animal and hands it to her)
      Keller: This was my least favorite part of Survivor.

      Survivor is the famed reality show in which contestants are regularly required to eat indigenous animals of the various locales where they're placed.