Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Boring & Clichéd

    A boring, clichéd ep that was contrived to showcase the new doctor. I found it heavy going watching this tale of two female characters evade a hostile group of aliens. The aliens are savage and brutal. Ho hum. There's nothing about them that was of particular interest to me. I missed the core characters of the series as these two fought their way out of danger. I felt there was nothing new or juicy in the plot and nothing particularly enlightening about the new character. The only thing of interest to me was the cliffhanger ending. Hope that bears fruit. I expect a lot better from the creators of this superb program. Bring back Dr. Carson Beckett
  • I didn't like this episode that much...

    Teyla and Dr. Keller go off world to see Teyla's people only to find that they are not there. Some scary tribe of people start hunting Teyla and Keller and cut them off from the gate. Another random guy is found stabbed in the forest and Keller helps him. In the end, they're all captured, then they escape, then the guy tries to get information from them, and then Sheppard shows up...ok...I really didn't like the tribe of evil people. They reminded me too much of reavers from Firefly but then they seemed not very scary. Teyla was really annoying in this episode and Keller was getting on my nerves, but this episode did well to develop both of their characters. Overall, I really didn't like the story but it seems like it'll add another story line in later episodes.
  • A balance of positive and negative

    In general terms, this follows the pattern of a "bottle show", even though the story doesn't take place in a confined location. Instead, it largely takes place in a forested area. With some clever redressing and camera work, a very small wooded area can look rather large, so it's possible that the same budgetary concerns were in play.

    The point is that "bottle shows" are usually a means of saving money by forcing selected characters to overcome a problem of survival. The plots are typically very simple, forcing the writers to use character development and conflict to drive the episode. The results can either work brilliantly or reveal weaknesses in characterization.

    In this case, Teyla and Dr. Keller are trapped on New Ethos, the planet where Teyla's people took up refuge. The Ethosians are missing, and all the signs point to a tribe called the Bolokai, savage cannibals that have been enemies of the Ethosians in the past. Teyla and Keller must take to the forest to survive, and each handles the crisis better or worse.

    Teyla has the opportunity to shine in this episode, even though her personality becomes dominated by the warrior aspect, thanks to her anger and desire for revenge. She is convinced, for much of the episode, that her people have been killed. This leaves her with the desire to survive and avenge, and it brings out some of the darker qualities within Teyla, the ones that have been largely suppressed since her initial appearance.

    Dr. Keller, on the other hand, is saddled with overly-familiar characterization. Keller is quickly hurt, and she is convinced that she cannot survive. Keller descends into a mixture of self-pity and whining that is nothing short of McKay-esque in nature, and equally tiresome in large doses. It's quite predictable, especially when Keller eventually overcomes her fear in the final act. Thankfully, her efforts are only mildly effective, and salvation comes from a rescue team from Atlantis, not some sudden onslaught by Keller herself.

    The positives for Teyla are counterbalanced by the negatives for Keller. Similarly, others aspects of the episode balance out. The disappearance of the Ethosians gives Teyla a character arc of her own, something that has been sorely lacking over the past couple of seasons. On the other hand, it is revealed that Teyla has been having a relationship with a fellow Ethosian recently, one that has become rather serious. This is a completely new plot element, and one that seems to fly in the face of the relationship that had been building between Teyla and Sheppard. This is very likely the method of incorporating Rachel Luttrell's pregnancy, but it does seem to come out of nowhere.

    In the end, this episode finally provides Teyla with a solid character arc for the future, but the questionable choices for Dr. Keller represent a disappointment. If the writers use this as a starting point for Keller with the intention of building a longer arc, then future episodes may mitigate the damage. For now, the writers seemed to undermine the strength of the episode and Teyla's new direction with predictable character development.
  • Surviving lesson...

    Another melt in episode for the doctor Keller and this one was quite interesting but maybe too much clichee. Doctor does not know nothing about life out there and so when Teyla gets bad news and finds out that all her people are taken (what! why? where... I liked them), they have to hide until Atlantis comes to search them. They almost manage it, met with genii (who was not genii at all) and hide. A lot of that kind of survive in the forest without supplies thing and some fighting until when most needed doctor takes herself up and saves the day... so expected...

    But there was something good on this episode, something I liked... so
  • Teyla and Doctor Keller take a trip to New Athos only to find all the Athosians gone, a tribe of hostile cannibals, and an injured Genii spy, who maynot be who he claims.

    I actually started writing this before I finished watching the episode, and initially I thought it was going to be all bad. The ending did bring my opinion up a bit, but I still was a little disappointed. To begin with I loved Jewel Staite, in Firefly and she's been good so far on Atlantis. I should say, I love Jewel Staite; period, but I found her a bit too frail and whiny in tonight's episode.
  • See Summary

    This was a different episode. It was entertaining to watch, but I feel like it didn't really lead us anywhere into the future. At the end we are left with questions of the future, and questions of what really happened to the Athosians. This episode definitely had character development, especially for Teyla and the Dr. who replaced Beckett. This seemed like a simple off world mission, and it turned into a deadly battle for survival. We were introduced to a new barbarian horde, and saw a glimpse of those who Worship the Wraith. I hope we get to see more of this aspect of the Wraith and their worshipers.
  • Though the episode overall was quite good, the change in Teyla's character was...completely weird, to say the least.

    I liked this episode. Though originally I never liked Teyla hugely, she had grown on me considerably in later series. I know that this episode was supposed to be about character development, and to show Teyla's toughness, but I thought she just came off mean. She completely lacked the understanding and caring aspects that are usually at the forefront of her personality. She had absolutely no sympathy for Dr. Keller, even though she was clearly out of her element and terrified. I don't know if she was supposed to be hormonal, or if Rachel just played the wrong tone throughout - but that is very unlike her. Despite all this, the episode was good. Dr. Keller was lovely and sweet. It was nice to see some character development for her. I think people need to get to know her a bit better so that they a) will try to stop seeing her as Carson's replacement (I, too, am guilty of this) and b) perhaps not see her as Kaylee any more (I still do this sometimes, too!)I thought she was just at the right pitch for this episode, so I enjoyed that a lot. The mystery of the missing Athosians was and is intriguing, I don't know if it was setting up a long or short story arc, but I'd still like to see how they play it out. I also loved the dialogue between Rodney and Sheppard about the classic film actors - but I don't suppose too many would appreciate that. I'm just a little odd!

    But, yeah, all in all a pretty good episode!
  • Good episode

    Simple plot and quite predictable. Nothing too exciting happened. But, I enjoyed it nevertheless and that's what matters most. The Dr. Keller character is starting to grow on me the last few episodes, similar to how Carter grew on me on Sg1. Okay, she was whiny like Mckay was, but given what she normally does it could be understandable. By the way, Carter was once again completely absent - the distinction between star and recurring role is...well, whatever.

    It was girls night out! Wouldn't it be great if you also added Carter to that adventure? There were a few funny moments, like the Boleki(?) hunting them quietly while sucking a lollipop! And they did leave a few mysteries for future episodes. Overall, good episode.
  • There really hasn't been a bad episode of this show. I thought this one was pretty good character development.

    Rachel Luttrel is pregnant in real life so they chose to write it into the script instead of around it like they did with Amanda Tapping. I've read a bunch of negative reviews and forum posts on this episode and while I understand people do not like the wimpy doctor or aggressive Teyla, I dont think people are thinking it all the way through.

    Teyla and the Athosians have lived under fear from the Wraith all their lives. It makes sense they would raise their children to be tough, and resourceful in order to survive and/or fight back if need be. A few posts I read complained about Teyla being so ruthless. Well, when you are being chased by cannibals and ALL your family and closest friends are missing, presumed dead... are you just going to skip through the forest tossing daisies over your shoulder? No! Something like that will affect you. Teyla was already a great warrior, this just showed more of that side of her.

    And for the 'wimpy' doctor. Last I checked she was not military , and was a civilian. Sure she knew the risks when she signed on. But she's a civilian! She is not a military doctor has not been trained for combat situations. I thought she (her character) held herself together very well through the show. She was scared and hurt, but she did not run around screaming her head off like other wimpy damsel in distress characters out there. Anyway, I did enjoy the episode, It was a little different form the others. From what I read online (at they are having several episodes this season focus on one or two characters at a time so you get to know more about them. There is one with Sheppard and his father coming up. McKay's sister visits again. 'Reunion' was for Ronon.

    This season is becoming the best one yet. (Oh and someone complained about Carter not being in this one - she has only signed on for 14 episodes all season. So of course she wont be in some)
  • Good episode nice adventure against impossible odds. We have Teyla and Dr. Keller going to visit Teyla's people. When they arrive they find her people gone and a savage tribe searching the settlement. Great parts of this episode

    Good episode nice adventure against impossible odds. We have Teyla and Dr. Keller going to visit Teyla's people. When they arrive they find her people gone and a savage tribe searching the settlement. Great parts of this episode seeing Teyla do her warrior Amazon thing and her interactions with Keller were great. It was her attitude which some say was out of character that made Keller realize her potential and fight just as hard as Teyla. The episode ended with the question of what really happened to Teyla's people. Since it was established that the claim of them being culled was made by a liar and we find that Teyla has a mystery illness. Good episode did what it was supposed to do kept us entertained and opened doors for more stories.
  • Teyla and Keller visit the Athosian settlement so that Kelley can do the regular exams that Carson Beckett used to do. As we've come to expect - things don't go according to plan.

    In the early scenes, we see Colonel Sheppard seeing Teyla and Keller off with a "have fun, kids" comment, and something about Teyla looking nice, as if she has a hot date. And less than five minutes later, we discover that all of the Athosians are gone. Possibly taken by a previously unmentioned race of beings called the Mordecai (sp) who are likely cannibals. They are cut off from the gate with only Teyla's hunting knife and one of Keller's scapels for weapons. Worse, Keller hurts her ankle and they won't be missed from Atlantis until the next day. The trick is to survive the night with a Mordecai hunting party on their tails. And oh yeah, there is the hurt Genii fellow that Keller insists on helping so that he doesn't die of his injuries. I liked the by play between Keller and Teyla, but there was one thing that didn't quite ring true for me. And that was Teyla's willingness to leave Nabel, the "Genii" guy behind without even looking at him. She's the one who insisted in teh first season that they save as many as they could from a Wraith culling. Why would she leave another human behind to be eaten by cannibals??? I didn't quite get that. Turned out he was the trap I expected he was, anyway. But Teyla didn't know that way back when she was willing to step over his still warm body and keep going. Aside from that, I did enjoy the episode, but I was so happy to see the guys back on screen there near the end. It was lovely to see them storm in and shoot up the place before everyone headed home. In the end, Teyla and Keller were closer and we as an audience got to know the new Doc (still miss Carson!) better. And of course, there was the something she had to tell Teyla at the end of the episode, having to do with her health. Of course, they left it hanging and didn't even tell the audience. Fortunately, I've been spoiled seven ways to Sunday, so I know what it is. I'm assuming they'll share with those of the veiwing audience not in the know during next week's episode. Till then . . .
  • Good action episode and a nice set up for a good plot-arc

    Finally....we are out of filler land. The episode we're seeing now are important in terms of the overall plot.

    This episode is a fine example of Atlantis. The strength here is in the development (and portrayal) or Dr. Keller. With all her vulnerability she is quite a lovable character, and Jewel Staite demonstrates her ability to translate it to the screen without becoming whiney and annoying. The writers crafted this episode in such a way that the viewer feels a great deal of empathy for her, and her (albeit predictable) heroic turn at the end cemented her as a worthy replacement for Dr. Beckett.

    A niggle with this episode include the fact that the Bolo-Kai are somewhat underdeveloped, and I can only hope they will appear in future episodes as they are great villains. Another is that the story can be a bit convoluted if you're not paying attention (is he Genii, no he's a wraith worshipper, but I thought the Bolo-Kai were Wraith Worshippers, oh, their not, and neither is he...WTF?)

    However these detract ever so slightly (and hammer home the importance of going to the bathroom during advert breaks and not during the story) from a great episode.
  • another excellent installment!

    When I heard the premise for this show I was very interested in seeing it. This episode gave some insight into Teyla's mindset and how she reacted to a threat to her people which was a bit surprising to say the least. This episode took her away from the rest of the team and placed her and a noncombatant directly in harms way and clearly illustrated that she is more than able to take care of any threat that is thrown her way. I really liked that she didn't molycoddle Dr. Keller but instead let her know quite bluntly that if they were going to survive they would have to do some rather unpleasant things. In the first season Teyla was portrayed as being somewhat softer the Teyla portrayed in the episode Missing however was someone who had probably been called upon in the past to be judge, jury and executioner. Whoever took her people better watch out! I can't wait to see what happens next.