Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Teyla and Keller visit the Athosian settlement so that Kelley can do the regular exams that Carson Beckett used to do. As we've come to expect - things don't go according to plan.

    In the early scenes, we see Colonel Sheppard seeing Teyla and Keller off with a "have fun, kids" comment, and something about Teyla looking nice, as if she has a hot date. And less than five minutes later, we discover that all of the Athosians are gone. Possibly taken by a previously unmentioned race of beings called the Mordecai (sp) who are likely cannibals. They are cut off from the gate with only Teyla's hunting knife and one of Keller's scapels for weapons. Worse, Keller hurts her ankle and they won't be missed from Atlantis until the next day. The trick is to survive the night with a Mordecai hunting party on their tails. And oh yeah, there is the hurt Genii fellow that Keller insists on helping so that he doesn't die of his injuries. I liked the by play between Keller and Teyla, but there was one thing that didn't quite ring true for me. And that was Teyla's willingness to leave Nabel, the "Genii" guy behind without even looking at him. She's the one who insisted in teh first season that they save as many as they could from a Wraith culling. Why would she leave another human behind to be eaten by cannibals??? I didn't quite get that. Turned out he was the trap I expected he was, anyway. But Teyla didn't know that way back when she was willing to step over his still warm body and keep going. Aside from that, I did enjoy the episode, but I was so happy to see the guys back on screen there near the end. It was lovely to see them storm in and shoot up the place before everyone headed home. In the end, Teyla and Keller were closer and we as an audience got to know the new Doc (still miss Carson!) better. And of course, there was the something she had to tell Teyla at the end of the episode, having to do with her health. Of course, they left it hanging and didn't even tell the audience. Fortunately, I've been spoiled seven ways to Sunday, so I know what it is. I'm assuming they'll share with those of the veiwing audience not in the know during next week's episode. Till then . . .