Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Syfy

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  • There really hasn't been a bad episode of this show. I thought this one was pretty good character development.

    Rachel Luttrel is pregnant in real life so they chose to write it into the script instead of around it like they did with Amanda Tapping. I've read a bunch of negative reviews and forum posts on this episode and while I understand people do not like the wimpy doctor or aggressive Teyla, I dont think people are thinking it all the way through.

    Teyla and the Athosians have lived under fear from the Wraith all their lives. It makes sense they would raise their children to be tough, and resourceful in order to survive and/or fight back if need be. A few posts I read complained about Teyla being so ruthless. Well, when you are being chased by cannibals and ALL your family and closest friends are missing, presumed dead... are you just going to skip through the forest tossing daisies over your shoulder? No! Something like that will affect you. Teyla was already a great warrior, this just showed more of that side of her.

    And for the 'wimpy' doctor. Last I checked she was not military , and was a civilian. Sure she knew the risks when she signed on. But she's a civilian! She is not a military doctor has not been trained for combat situations. I thought she (her character) held herself together very well through the show. She was scared and hurt, but she did not run around screaming her head off like other wimpy damsel in distress characters out there. Anyway, I did enjoy the episode, It was a little different form the others. From what I read online (at they are having several episodes this season focus on one or two characters at a time so you get to know more about them. There is one with Sheppard and his father coming up. McKay's sister visits again. 'Reunion' was for Ronon.

    This season is becoming the best one yet. (Oh and someone complained about Carter not being in this one - she has only signed on for 14 episodes all season. So of course she wont be in some)