Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Though the episode overall was quite good, the change in Teyla's character was...completely weird, to say the least.

    I liked this episode. Though originally I never liked Teyla hugely, she had grown on me considerably in later series. I know that this episode was supposed to be about character development, and to show Teyla's toughness, but I thought she just came off mean. She completely lacked the understanding and caring aspects that are usually at the forefront of her personality. She had absolutely no sympathy for Dr. Keller, even though she was clearly out of her element and terrified. I don't know if she was supposed to be hormonal, or if Rachel just played the wrong tone throughout - but that is very unlike her. Despite all this, the episode was good. Dr. Keller was lovely and sweet. It was nice to see some character development for her. I think people need to get to know her a bit better so that they a) will try to stop seeing her as Carson's replacement (I, too, am guilty of this) and b) perhaps not see her as Kaylee any more (I still do this sometimes, too!)I thought she was just at the right pitch for this episode, so I enjoyed that a lot. The mystery of the missing Athosians was and is intriguing, I don't know if it was setting up a long or short story arc, but I'd still like to see how they play it out. I also loved the dialogue between Rodney and Sheppard about the classic film actors - but I don't suppose too many would appreciate that. I'm just a little odd!

    But, yeah, all in all a pretty good episode!