Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 1

No Man's Land (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 14, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Dr. Elizabeth Wier, Will You Please Go Home!

    Good episode, but this series has two fatal flaws: Incompetent leadership by Dr. Wier, and blundering bad judgement on the part of Dr. McKay. Their stupidity is frequently accompanied by hasty decisions, like walking into a time portal after no more preliminaries than holding a camera taped to a stick through it, or allying with Genii already proven to be false. Weir's poor decisions as a commander have put her Atlants and crew at risk repeatedly. Plot contrivances! This weak writing is exacerbated by poor acting. Wier seems to possess only a few facial expressions, including the supposedly momentous narrowed gaze. McKay is just plain annoying. Get them both off the series. I hoped it would occur here in this episode, and looked forward to hearing the advisory committee tell Weir off, but nope. Stuck with her.
  • See Summary

    No Man's Land was a strong season opener with plenty of action, drama, and strong characters playing their parts. I fear that the show is going to change through out the rest of this season into the 4th, but perhaps it will not be as bad as imagined. The Wraith are on their way to Earth, and the Daedelus stops them in their tracks more or less, and Sheppard who is believed to be dead, is onboard a hive ship now with Michael, planning to take over. The Daedelus is running out of life support, so they hit the Wraith with the biological weapon turning them into humans, except for the Queen, which was interesting. The writers keep me wanting to know what happens next. I can't wait to find out more!!!!
  • ok episode....

    McKay and Ronan are captured on a wraith ship, Sheppard is hitching a ride on the wraith ship, the orion and dedalis (forgive the bad spelling) are off to pursue the wraith ships, and Weir is under political scrutiny. That's a lot of crap. The only part I really liked in the episode were McKay's funny moments. The story was ok at best, unoriginal, and boring. Weir's little story line was incredibly boring and slow. In the end, Micheal helps Sheppard and the two earth ships are badly damaged. Overall, not a very good story, pretty boring, just not a very good season premeire.
  • The season begins with McKay and Ronon trapped on the Hive ship and Sheppard sitting in fighter attached to the hull. Weir orders the Daedalus and Orion to disable the two Hive ships at all costs. All of Weir's moves are being questioned by the IOA.

    A solid continuation of the finale plot and the start of the third season. Not the cliffhanger the first season had but this has been pretty good.

    Ronon and McKay break lose of their bindings and try to cause havoc on the Hive ship. Michael realizes that his days are numbered and assists Sheppard once he is aware he is near the Hive ship.

    The Daedalus and Orion surprise the two Hive ships as they are resting between jumps and manage to destroy one and damage the other. The Orion is destroyed and the Daedalus is badly damaged. So they send the retrovirus canister over to the hive ship that's left and eventually take the ship over abandoning the Daedalus.

    Weir is ordered back to Earth so the IOA can second guess all of her decisions after the fact. Even when it comes time to make the Daedalus/Orion decision they leave it to Weir to decide so they can't be held responsible. True diplomatic hogwash.

    Man is there a stable of actors that work on Syfy channel productions. I've seen guest spots or special roles from half of the casts of almost every SciFi channel show ever made.

    So we have reached the two thirds spot of the three part season two finale/season three beginning. I am not sure what the next large obstacle will be but I'm sure it will be interesting. It looks like the cast stays pretty stable for season three at this point. I have high hopes of a return to season one glory. Thanks for reading...
  • Saving the Earth...

    Now, the hive ships are on their way to Earth and Weir has to take responsibilities for the trap they stepped. She sends those two ships they have after hives and she is called back to Earth.

    Sheppard is in the middle of nowhere, trying to do what he can to hurt hives and manages to get radio contact with Michael and he is helping him. They met with Rodney and Dex, who are up for the same. Atlantis ships arrive and we have very visual and stunning shooting. And the end.. their plan, the taking over hive. Where will the end up?
  • Wraith is alienated and chooses life in exile from his hive rather than live with diminished status after being briefly converted to a human.

    This episode shows a new facet of Wraith personality: individualism. Also, a personal drive to do more than kill, take revenge, and feed is revealed.

    The Stargate Atlantis team converted a large number of Wraith into humans using a retrovirus they engineered.

    An escapee from the colony returned to his hive ship. There, however - he found he was no longer welcome. Rather than celebrating his freedom and safe return, his fellow Wraith make him a second-class-citizen.

    This so infuriates and frustrates him that he decides to return to the Atlantis team. The irony is that they are responsible for the position he is in with his own people.

    Nice to see the Wraith, one anyway, behave as something more than a highly-evolved insect.
  • rodney & ronon were on the hive ship & were un able to beam out. the wraith made changes to their plan and terminated the alliance with the humans in atlantis. shephard was able to attached his fighter to one of the hives before it jumped into hyperspace.

    the waith betrayed the humans. dedalus and the friendly hive was supposed to do a manuver and beam a retro-virus canister into the enemy hive's life support system. but, what happened was... the minute dedalus jumped out of hyperspace they were fired upon by both "friendly" and enemy hive.
    rondney and ronon sensing that something is wrong tried to beam out but were unable to do so. the wraith were still able to jam the beaming signals.
    rodney and ronon were then captured.
    before the hives went into hyperspace, shephard was able to attached his fighter into one of the hive. thinking that rodney and ronon still have their radios, shephard tried to make contact.
    "michael" on the other had was surprised by the wraith queen's decision to betray the humans. and because os his conditions, michael was not treated as a normal wraith.
    when michael returned to his quarter he heard shephard calling out to rodney and ronon.
    michael offered to help shephard and gave shephard instructions on how to disable the hyper drive.
    shephard was able to hit one hive's hyperdrive and was on his was to the next hive when he was shut down and captured.
    ronon having the skill of hiding knife in who knows where, was able to free himself and rodney.
    meanwhile in atlantis, dedalus and orion is preparing to ran after the hive ships.....
    there is too much to tell... WATCH IT.... THE BEST!!!
  • Well Written Episode

    I thought this was a really great episode. Not my favorite of season 3 but a fairly good start in to season 3. I enjoyed seeing Michael again. And like always love seeing McKay along with Teyla my two favorite character. Not my type of episode so theres not to much for me to write about. All I can say is I enjyed the episode and thought is was well written so I gave it a 9 out of 10. I love seeing McKay and Ronon arguing if thats what you want to call it while they are stuck in he cocoon like object.
  • Not bad opener

    Sheppard: “I saw it in a movie once.”

    A mostly action driven, plot-resolving based season opener concerned with defeating the two Wraith Hive Ships. The battle scenes are very well created, and Michael is developing more as a Wraith/Human character. However, the Weir scenes on Earth are a bit pointless apart from showing how dedicated she is to her team. Also, Ronin is a very one-dimensional irritating character (kill him off please), and Caldwell (although played well by Mitch Pileggi) seems to do the same thing every episode. The end is a bit sudden too, with the dialogue finishing and the To Be Continued sign suddenly appearing.
  • The Atlantis team tries to stop the Wraith from reaching Earth.

    Like the SG1 S10 premiere, I downloaded this episode and just watched it.

    I liked it. I thought it was adventurous in that there was a sense of adventure here. I believe that the threat as perceived by the characters within the context of the episode made sense. It also makes sense for the IOA to question Dr. Weir, just NOT in the middle of the battle. However, its not the first time both in fact and fiction this has been done (e.g. U.S./Iraq war).

    Anyway, this episode was one of the SG classic battle/rescue episodes, like "Into the Fire" or "Small Victories" or "Enemies" on SG1. It was good.

  • Shepard latches his 302 onto the excaping wraith ship where McCay and Ronon are being held captive after the Wrait have betrayed Dr. Weir.

    I have four words for the Humans in Atlantis! No Ships For You!

    Everytime they get a new uber-powerful alien ship, the blow it up three episodes later! One thing that seems to be happening is:
    1. Imperil the characters!
    2. New ship saves the day!
    3. Imperil the characters Again!
    4. New ship sacrifices itself to save the day!
    and repeat!

    With that said, this episode was a good episode, very exciting but I expected the Orion to be around awhile longer!
  • I expected much more of this episode and I am getting tired of The Wraith.

    Like SG-1 Atlantis also premiered with an episode that didn't live up to my expectations.The main problem for me is the main enemy. The Wraith are really one dimensional. The Michael plot was meant to add depth to the Wraith but I don't find the Michael plot very interesting. I am glad that Atlantis will see the lights of a new enemy soon and they are very welcome.
    The episode wasn't all that bad and I like the interaction between Ronan and Mckay. Also having Weir sent to the SGC and seeing her go toe to toe with Woolsey and co was fun. I think it can be a great season for Atlantis but I hope we will see less writh than last season.
  • Repairing the mistakes of the second season finale

    Watching this episode, I couldn’t help but wonder if the writers were being a little defensive. After all, a lot of people felt that the second season finale, “Allies”, had been an example of forcing the story at the expense of the characters. Weir in particular made very bad choices, necessary to allow for a credible threat to Earth. This premiere is meant to deal with that threat, with a subplot defending Weir’s choices. I liked the “A” plot thread well enough, but the “B” plot was all about excuses.

    First, focusing on the positive, I missed these characters, and none of my annoyance with the poorly constructed second season took away from that. I still feel that the characters themselves need further definition and some sense of evolution, but that’s an old complaint that I’ve had for the franchise in general. Premieres aren’t the episodes for character evolution, anyway; it’s about reminding the audience of the status quo while hitting the ground running.

    I did notice some plot conveniences. It was a little ridiculous for Ronon to still have a weapon available while confined by the Wraith, since one would expect them to check for such things before detaining them. It also seems a little convenient that the repair time for the Daedalus and Orion is just short enough to let them intercept the Wraith hiveships relatively close to Atlantis. And of course, even with Michael’s help, it’s a little hard to believe that Sheppard would survive, especially when it would have been a lot easier to destroy his 302 rather than recover and detain him!

    I did like the fact that the survival of the Daedalus’ crew was not a simple matter. In fact, I had no idea that this was a two-part premiere, so I was quite pleased by the prospect of further exploration of the decision to use the gas mentioned in “Allies”. My hope is that this will lead into a formal season arc of some kind. In fact, enough lingering plot threads exist for the writers to put together a few ongoing arcs, which would address one of the main problems of the second season.

    Weir’s subplot felt less like a logical progression of the story than a reaction to fan complaints about the logic of “Allies”. On the other hand, if one did lead to the other, I have to admit that the final product could be beneficial to the season as a whole. Caldwell was a good step in terms of putting Weir under a microscope; the IOA should add another level of intrigue. While I completely agree with Weir’s attitude about the IOA, especially after the ninth season of “SG-1”, I think that the situation is a bit more complicated than Weir would like to believe.

    Weir and Landry are both in the position to make decisions with massive consequences. So far, Landry has been under fire for a situation that was more or less impossible to prevent or ignore. Weir, on the other hand, made terrible choices in “Allies” and deserved to be questioned about those choices. The Wraith were hardly clever in their little ruse, and Weir should have seen through the enemy. The IOA may like to let Weir hang herself, but the best defense against armchair quarterbacking is victory.

    Of course, the upshot is that the intervention of the IOA could complicate the plot enough to suggest a good, solid character arc for Weir. If there are long-term consequences that result from this situation, then Weir could end up under serious political fire as the season marches on. That points to an obvious direction for the season to take, and I hope they do, since it would give the season more cohesion. As it stands, this is a good beginning to what I hope will be a resurgent third season for the series.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Future episodes will highlight “Stargate: Atlantis”, so it might be something of interest . Go to if you want to listen!)
  • Not what I expected, but definitely worth the 45 minutes.

    Well, in my years of TV watching I have grown used to the first and last episode of a season to be the best ones, and really, everything in between is a filler. No matter how you look at it, a filler is a filler. Technically, anyway.

    Like I said, this episode wasn't what I hoped for, but I am positive that the blame lies at the hgue gap of time between the end of season two and the beginning of season three.

    Big awesome battles between human battleships and wraith hives are awesome, and I love the sight of railguns blasting away, but we've seen this before, it's not season opening worthy material. And really, the big cliffhanger was the hives heading for earth and Ronan and McKay being stuck on one of them. What happens? We get another cliffhanger. Cliffhangers in the first episode of a season are a desperate way of keeping your viewers in front of the television next week.

    Now, if we look at it from a normal perspective, just as another normal episode, we see that this isn't all that bad.
  • See and want for more

    Shepard with Michael help sneak in wraith ship, to save the team and manage to stop the Wraith hive Ship from heading to earth. Another earth ship, orion, is destroyed in the battle.
    Shepard and Rodney release the retrovirus on the hive ship and turn most of them in human, managing to take control of wraith ship.
    Weir is call to go back to Stargate command to debrief the situation and discuss her future in the head of Atlantis.

    Let’s wait and see what will happen with Ford in this season, if he will rejoin the team in Atlantis.

    I’m anxious for the next episode.
  • Excellent Episode!!!

    This was one of the best season premiers i've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved how they showed the Daedalus battle from last season again and showed us what really happened. For instance how when last season they made it seem that Sheppard was possibly destroyed by two Darts they revealed that in truth he really was saved by the pilot of another F-302 who fired on and destroyed the Darts for him. Then I loved that when he noticed that the ships were going to jump into hyperspace and escape he managed to latch himself onto the hive ship untill it dropped out of hyperspace. Then I loved how McKay was all "we're all going to die!!!!!!!" and "I'm going to be responsible for the destruction of my own planet!!!!!!!" while Ronon was all "shut up there's still hope" and when McKay made the comment about being responsible for the destruction of Earth "well if it was anyone it was going to be you". Then I liked how Michael helped Sheppard disable the hive ship's hyperdrive. That was what he was trying to do in the first place out there and he finally succeded in doing it before being captured. I like how Michael then helped him escape and disabled the ships jamming codes so that the Daedalus could beam over a nuke but it didn't quite work because the Daedalus had already fired off all of its nukes. Then I liked how they actually captured the hive ship instead of destroying it. I also liked how the Orion actually destroyed the other one but I disliked how it was also destroyed in the process
  • Atlantis is back, and what a premiere!

    This was such an awesome episode and again I'm not disappointed. The humor, the action, the 'over the top' science fiction gadgetry saving the day all over again....'Doc' from Voyager making a cameo...come on, what's not to love. One reason the show works so well is that the comedy balances out the absurdity of the technology they use, and I love that. For example, we've found out that the retrovirus Zelinka and Rodney created only works on male wraith. Next week is gonna be awesome with what to do with all the wraith/humans. Many questions will be asked now. Are they completely human and did they all change? What are they going to do with them, put them to work as drones, study them like lab rats, kill them off now that they're vulnerable, welcome them? As well, the huge battle scenes were great! Props to the special FX guys working on ya! I've missed my SciFi Fridays, and this was an awesome start to the new summer lineup.
  • This was a great episode. It makes me what to watch the series more.

    I did not watch most of the last season so when this ep started, i was some what lost. but i got caught up quickly. I really enoyed this ep. It had shepard in danger as always and being saved my that wraith micheal who was human in that one ep. Thaat guy saves pretty much everyone. I love how the big guy breaks free and goes on to try to take down the ship. Boss lady gets sent home and we see rovbert picardo and mr. bridges. she basically gets yelled at and feels bad. Meanwhile the wraith are heading to earth. (They should let the ori have them to convert)
    Shepard and gang release the virus thing on the hive ship and turn most of them human. They go on board and save the day.
  • This is how a season opener...opens!!!

    I really liked this episode because it didn't do any cheesy "get out of danger" routines that you see in a lot of season openers and it really set the mood for the next weeks episode. I had an idea of what happened to Sheppard and I like the attitude that these characters have towards their enemy in terms of how much they hate them. Also I wonder if Michael will remain with the Atlantian team and if Ford will ever come back? These are all my thoughts during this season and from this great opener, I know by the time the season finale rolls around, my questions will be answered.
  • In this episode they started the 3rd season, basically its the same old bend the rule here, mention wrath weaknesses, and moreons forcing people to do things they should ask for.

    The jist of this episode can be summorize as this dam good. the only sucky parts involved the distruction of the orion, you would think they would have focused on it alittle more, but i guess seeing as they have been distroying so many ships lately that it doesn\\\'t pay to focus on one that could have held for them alot of interesting times, personally i felt it was a waste.... other then that, the dynamic of possably losing the leader of the group is an interesting twist, and in a first for the series, the ori where mentioned for this first time ever in this series in this episode, which marks the first time i know of that the 2 series really overlaped in villians. but to tell the truth, i feel as if the results of this episode where predictable in that they left everything to the status quo, and nothing really changed, and i still do not feel the dangers are really as bad as they try to protray it.
  • In this episode Ronon and McKay are stuck in Wraith cocumbs. Sheppard secretly boards a Wraith hive ship with Michael's help. Weir goes back to earth to see the fate of her job based on her military decisions.Tayla and Beckett stay on Atlantis.

    This episode was great! It's exactly what this show is about. It was fun and exiting!
    The character Michael was great in this episode! I didn't care for him as much in the first episode he was in. That was weird, even for this show. But the charecter was great in this episode. So good in fact I think he should be a series regular. He would be a great addition to the show and to see him and Ronon try to get along would be for some very intresting story lines. I know some people would say no because the actor(Connor Trinneer) was in another sci-fi show, but what are they supposed to do? Never act agian? The two characters don't even look alike. And his wraith charecter is really good. They should keep him. I know they've gone a bit overboard in casting other major sci-fi actors for the show, including for Stargate an actor from the same show as Trinneer. But this Wraith is here to stay.
    Note: I know they've already filmed episodes for this season and already decided the fate of this character, but there's always time for change before it airs.
    Tottal, this episode was exiting and still had it's funny moments.
  • Rodney, Sheppard and the gang try to overcome the Hive ship with the Queen as Dr. Weir revisits Stargate command for help and an assessment of her job of Atlantis.

    Awesome , awesome season premiere did I mention it was awesome? LOL Couldn’t ask for a better episode coming of the cliffhanger from last season.

    Dr. Weir and company while inventing the Wraith retrovirus are betrayed by the queen. Rodney and company are captured while Sheppard is assumed dead.

    Micheal, the human/wraith traitor though comes up big saving Sheppard who in his blazing fashion tried to sneak on top of the Hive ship. Meanwhile Weir goes back to Stargate command to give them an update of the situation and to take responsibility for her bad decision making.

    In the end Rodney, Sheppard and everyone else with the help of the Daedulus and Colonel Caldwell are briefly united. The ship and the Orion take massive damage which shuts down all life support. As they grasp for life, they go back to the original plan to re-unleash the retrovirus and try to take over the Hive ship.

    Surprisingly they don’t experience too much difficultly but as the previews for next week’s episode shows they may not have time to celebrate their victory. A great premiere and I wasn’t expecting them to wrap this up in one episode so “TO BE CONTINUED” sign was expected. Still a great episode. Classic Stargate Atlantis episode. I’am interested in seeing how they get themselves out of this one.

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