Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Sheppard returns to earth to go to his dad funeral when he finds out there a Replicator loose on Earth

    When I first heard of this episode, I was thrilled! Finally we get some backstory for Sheppard. Very little is known about his past, besides he having an ex-wife. So finding out a bit more is always good on my eyes. I also look forward to this epside, because of last episode was such a huge letdown. This epsiode showed why Stargate Atlantis is the best! We find out Sheppard and his dad had a falling out, and that Sheppard's rich! Who knew, he dodn't act like it, nad that is special in my eyes.
    The Replicator bit of the story was just awsome and, just loved the storyline involving it.
    It also tied in with Miller's Crossing a few episodes back, wich give it more of a punch.
    And we find out what happened to Bates that been MIA since the first season.
    This was a really, really, good episode, worth watching all over again.
  • Book case of preaty good episode.

    The story (4.0):
    We find out a little about Sheppards history. We see his ex-wife. I like characters from Sheppards live. They don't know where he is and what he is doing. This is preaty realistic.
    But this is just behind story. Real story is about Replicator who was build by human scientist and escaped. Story has some twists and realy good ending.

    The Production (4.6):
    This episode is bather than the last one. Much more people (but once again not so many from atlantis) are involved.
    When Sheppard is talking with his wife in the park, people are walking by. This make episode much more live.
    They shoot replicator several time and injuries are visible, but still I think they can do it better.
    There is enough action. Shooting and fighting.
  • Good episode

    This was an average/above average episode - I enjoyed it. Very Sheppard-centric, and we get to see quite a bit of his background. It was nice to see Ronon accompany Sheppard, but where was Teyla? The story was interesting enough, but these Earth civilians have enough material and knowledge to build whole human replicators with consciousness? Here are some other thoughts:

    Well, we finally get to see Carter again...for 15 seconds or so. At least we got to see Dr. Bill Lee - now that's what I call a red head! And we get to see Bates again - too bad Telya wasn't there...

    Blades of Glory - I could just see Ronon on ice skates and twirling around!

    The fight scenes were pretty good against that T-1000 model :)

    I knew Ava was hiding something, although I didn't know she was a replicator until they made it obvious.

    The solution at the end was fitting - Star Trek also had a few episodes where the consciousness was stored in some computer simulation at the end as well.

    Overall, a decent episode.
  • What a load of rubbish! Based on an "Episode Concept" by Joe Flanigan - in other words Sheppard needs a backstory and we've got filler episodes to.. fill...

    Once again Atlantis trots out the age-old formula of start the season strong with a good multi-parter that moves the story along nicely in an interesting direction, and then fill out the rest of the season with rubbish - except for the mid and end of season cliffhangers - and then do it all over again next season...

    There has been absolutely no progression of any kind of story arc since "Spoils of War" and it looks like we're not in for any until - you guessed it - the end of the season.

    The only thing I liked about this episode was the (re)appearance of Bates - a character I've always liked and sorely missed since the first season because he was the only one who ever bothered to have a point of view that was different to those in charge.

    To be fair, the concept itself is not exactly a bad one but it's a really big leap from suddenly making good progress with the replicator tech you've been spoon-fed to fully autonomous walking talking human form replicators with a consciousness - and with a heart...

    If anybody had bothered explaining - or even having one the characters attempt to find out - where the tech was coming from I could swallow such a bitter pill a little more easily but then to top things off with the worst Star Trek weak cop-out plot device "I'll just download your consciousness into this here computer" - I mean come on!

    What a load of rubbish!
  • Sheppard's father has a heartattack so he returns back to Earth. Whilst on Earth he finds out that there is a replicator loose on Earth (this is a bit of a bummer to him cosidering his dad just died).

    I think this was a good episode but i did hope it would be better. Good job to Joe Flanighan on writing an episode, i mean its a good job for a beginner. I don't think i could write an episode. Anyway the episode was satisfactory but i hoped there would be more reference to Sheppards family and maybe a bit more emotion. There was only about 10 minutes on Sheppards family the rest was on the replicator. I'm just gonna blab on now because my review needs to be 100 words, so hope you enjoyed the episode. I did anyways.
  • I think they are giving us a bunch of fillers until the 2 parter with Paul Mcgillion,"The Kindred."

    I think from the episode Quarantine until the episode The Kindred( Part 1 and 2) we are going to be getting nothing but fillers! Dont get me wrong... It was a good episode but nothing like the usual SGA episodes! It was kind of exciting and there was action in the episode but it wasnt the usual Stargate Atlantis action! I think some more people from Atlantis should have come back to earth instead of just Sheppard and Ronon. They should have had Mckay there too! But David along with Jewel and Amanda were probably shooting the episode Trio at this time!
  • A closer look at John Sheppard

    In a season marked by more character exploration, the second half of that effort has been hit or miss. Fans were divided over the previous two episodes, and this installment, focusing on John Sheppard, will probably fall into the same category. It's an unusual episode, to say the least, because most of it takes place on Earth. It's a break in format that gives the story an unusual scope.

    The plot is tied indirectly to "Miller's Crossing", where it was revealed that researchers on Earth had been working with Replicator-derived nanites for potential medical breakthroughs. It seems rather obvious that research would be conducted on creation of pseudo-Replicators with defined operational tasks. And given the luck humanity has had with the Replicators up to this point in the franchise, it was inevitable that the project would go horribly wrong.

    That's a fairly thin plot, however, especially when the Replicator in question is programmed for military purposes and acts like Robert Patrick from "Terminator 2". It amounts to Sheppard and Ronon teaming up with a McKay stand-in from "SG-1" and hunting down the bad guy. Two unusual twist give the episode more to work with, and the result is a much better episode than expected.

    First, there's the reason why Sheppard is on Earth, and the reason why he becomes the best man for the job. His father has died, and he returns home for the funeral. His remaining family and ex-wife are somewhat remote with him, and it turns out he's been the black sheep of the family in more ways than one. Not only did he choose a different path than his father would have liked, but it clearly led him down avenues of secrecy that damaged his marriage.

    That connection becomes important in the uncovering of the Replicator project, including the true nature of Ava Dixon (played by the gorgeous Emma Lahana). Ava turns out to be a Replicator herself, but one programmed to focus on emotion and empathy. This makes things a bit more complicated, especially at the very end. Her "survival", such as it is, has all the hallmarks of a plot bunny, just waiting for some future episode to pick up the ball and run with it.

    While using the ex-wife as a source of classified information felt contrived, given Sheppard's special brand of access, it fit within the context of the episode and kept much of the focus on Sheppard and his personal issues. Given the circumstances, his measured treatment of Ava was revealing. Not all character development requires a big, dramatic moment, and this episode did a capable job of proving that principle.
  • Another filler episode. /3*/

    Another filler episode. I think its the 3rd in a row...
    I cant take it anymore. At the beginning of the season, I thought, that this is the best SGA season. The first part incredible. Replicators, Wriath, Elizabeth, and now... OMG... booring.
    Characher development all the time or what?
    I think we-r gonna get 2 more filler eps, and then comes the BOOM! :)
    At least I hope soo!
    In this ep, John father dies, so He and Ronon goes back to Earth to the funeral. But they met a girl there, who said, that she and another professor created a replicator, that ran away...
    So they have to hunt down, before they can go back to Atlantis...
    Wasnt that bad, but I want some real action with Wraith or Repliucators... /Real replicators.../ ;)
  • Can't believe it took 4 seasons to finally get a back story about Sheppard.

    I loved this ep for the sole purpose that we finally got to see Sheppard's past. All of the characters have had a decent back story to them. Weir and McKay were on Sg-1. Teyla we know lots about. And Ronon had a few eps about his past. I can honestly say I never pictured Sheppard coming from that type of background. It was interesting to see lots of blanks filled in. The interaction between Shep and his ex-wife and his brother was good. And Ronon on earth is always entertaining. The replicator story was almost in the background. It was mildly entertaining but wasn't what made the episode good. I do have to say though I have missed the whole cast interacting with each other and the noticeable absence of Atlantis in the last 2 episodes.
  • A little more about John Sheppard

    A nice episode! We finally know a little bit more about the intriging caracther of the "hero" John Sheppard.

    It confirms what we've seen great in battle not so great with people special with familly.

    After coming to earth, with Ronan, to his fathers funeral e encounters his brother and his ex-wife.

    And in between a girl contacts him and ronan to tell them she and a doctor who worked for the company who used the nanits the cure a little girl, had developed those nanits into a replicator who has escaped.

    The episode develops between the chase of the replicator and the funeral.
  • Stargate Terminator: The John Shepard Chronicles

    This is a milestone for Atlantis. Instead of ripping off old shows, they're now ripping off current shows. Seems like Joe Flanigan, who came up with the story, couldn't resist a bit of the Terminator pie and came up with his own replicator variety, complete with a final battle between two super strong replicators, who fling eachother around Terminator style. We also get to see Carter for all of 30 seconds in the teaser. They're really spoiling us now!

    It's a shame that the episode didn't focus on the character story of Shepard losing his father, and his rivalry with his brother. It doesn't always need to have the tacked on sci-fi element.
  • Funny thing was, I just watched Blades of Glory right before I watched this episode.

    This episode was a little bit of a break from what Atlantis is all about, mostly because they are on earth. It felt strange to see two of the main characters chasing bad guys there. Oh well, it's a bit of a filler episode and a back story on Sheppard. We get to learn about what his growing up was like and that he left home willingly because he didn't want to live his life like his father planned.

    I never saw Ava as a replicator, that was a big plot twist for me, and I am glad they didn't actually let her go live her life on earth, because that would have been too unbelievable. But they still have to power the VR world for her indefinately. Oh well.

    Overall, good episode, look forward to more actual Atlantis/Pegasus episodes coming up.
  • sheppard returns to earth after finding out his father has passed away.

    Finally!After three years of wondering what sheppard's family was like we finally get the scoop!It doesn't suprise me one bit that sheppard didn't like living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. His lifestyle and attitude doesn't really fit into that world all that great.

    The scenes between dave and john were really well done. I'm glad that in the end the two decided to work out their differences and try have a relationship.

    The replicator stuff was intresting as always.The chase and the fight scene between eva and the replicatior was awesome.Dr.Lee's lord of the rings and terminator two references were hysterical! Killing the replicator off by beaming him into rentry was clever.So was how sheppard,ronon,lee, and bates found a way to save eva from being destroyed.

    All in all it was a pretty good episode.
  • Sheppard episode

    And two man show continues. When last episode it was McKay, then this time it is Ronon and they are back on Earth. And someone should have told Ronon how to act on Earth as he made us laugh quite some times.

    On the storyline - replicators. I am so tired of them. Something new, maybe. Anyway, the whole situation was on Earth, so not the worst one and quite enjoying, all the hunting, running and never understanding what is going on and the big surprise about the girl - that was worth the whole episode.

    Sadly I feel that the storylines are getting weaker and weaker.
  • Great story but what are we doing here?

    Great story but what are we doing here?

    This story really has it all. A call to adventure. Constantly rising stakes. Chase scenes. Fights. Gun fire. A twist for an ending. All doled out with great pacing. Except why is this on Earth?

    Sheppard's father has died prompting him to return to Earth. Ronan goes along for no apparent reason. We learn Sheppard was rich and rebelled against his father. I suppose that's meant to be a surprise even though we've known since the beginning Sheppard was a rebel and he's proved it for the past 3 ½ years. We meet Sheppard's ex-wife three times but there doesn't seem to be any chemistry with her or any former chemistry either. We also meet Sheppard's brother but scenes between them get cut off pretty quickly and don't really go anywhere.

    While at the wake/reception, Sheppard gets the call to adventure. A human form replicator has been grown from the nanites we first saw in "Miller's Crossing." This replicator is on the loose but it's never clear what threats he poses to Earth. Both Sheppard and Rowan answer the call to adventure and start doing all the heroic things we've come to expect from them. And, it's all pretty good from an action/adventure standpoint. Except, why is Sheppard in charge? This isn't his command base. He doesn't have any particular expertise. The planet is crawling with military people who could handle this. You think someone would step forward and tell him to get lost. It's all clearly out of the boundaries you'd expect from the show. And, I would have to say that when a show starts looking for (and creating) an exciting premise that's outside its usual boundaries, it might be getting to close to "jumping the shark." Is this an admission that they can't serve up anything new in the Pegasus/Atlantis framework and have to turn back to Earth for a storyline?

    I'll rate the episode high for being adventurous but will have to lower it for seemingly breaking format.
    Also, I'm not sure that what little gets added to the character is worth it.
  • I didn't really like this one...

    Sheppard goes back to earth upon hearing of his father's death. I guess I like this episode in the sense that we learn more about Sheppard and his past and his character. However, the story was stupid. A replicator asked for help, Jack and Ronan not knowing it was a replicator, to find another replicator. In the end, the other replicator was destroyed. I just thought the story was stupid and predictable. It wasn't original and it just sucked. There were still some good character moments, but not enough to make the episode any good. Overall, not a very good episode.
  • Sheppard go to Earth to his father's funeral, and along the way discover that some kind of human replicator have been made on earth...

    This story is boring... everytime they try to deviate from Atlantis, The Pegasus Galaxy and the main story line, i'm bored to death...Except maybe with McKay's sister, but that's another story!

    But OMG this one is so lame!!!! You don't care about Sheppard's so called "pain", or he's ex-wife, or the replicator and this "chase" they have going on on earth.
    It was much more fun when they were making episodes about some unknown technology dicovered on Atlantis, and even the Genii were much better opposants, even if they became too recurring at one point.

    Anyway, please please please , don't do this again! Earth is always boring!!! We wanna travel in space, meet the bad guys, some new technology, some unknown foes, but replicator have been used too much!
  • A fun little filler episode with plenty of action and an attractive mysterious guest star to boot. Based on the premise that a replicator had been made from scratch on Earth and John hearing about the death of his father. He

    A fun little filler episode with plenty of action and an attractive mysterious guest star to boot. Based on the premise that a replicator had been made from scratch on Earth and John hearing about the death of his father. He and Ronan go to Earth and the decision to have Ronan tag along was great comic relief. The episode was fun with plenty of action plus with Earth corporation having the ability to make replicators it opens doors for more stories. In the end the replicator girl who helped the team. Of course was taken out of commission but it was nice they put her mind in a program making her think she'd been let go. Didn't do anything for the season as a whole but was still a fun hour of my time.
  • See Summary

    Outcast was a different episode. We find Sheppard returning to Earth upon the news of his fathers death. I guess that they did not tal much or get along, as he has said in the past that he doesn't have family. I'm curious about this. However the episode it self is entertaining and gives more in depth insights into the characters involved. To add to the drama, some US scientists have created a human form replicator, which is now on the loose. I don't think that this episode was vital to any particular story line, but it did have some points that may come into play in the future.