Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2008 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Sheppard: Look, even if you co-operate with the Wraith, there's no guarantee they're gonna keep their word. They may just kill all of you for being an inconvenience.

      Past events supports Sheppard's statement. In the episode "Sateda" the planet that was culled, because Ronon brought the Wraith there when he was a Runner, was promised to be left alone if they turned him over to them if he returned. When Ronon and the team returned to this village Ronon was captured and turned over but the Wraith did not keep their promise and the village was destroyed.

    • McKay: Ronon's friend Tyre was pretending to be in league with the Wraith but really he was on our side so... he let us out.

      McKay is referring to the episode "Broken Ties."

    • McKay: Ah, let's see. Uh, last time, Teyla was posing as a Queen, so, um... you know, she had us released.

      McKay is referring to the episode "The Queen."

    • The Balarans were infected by Michael with the Hoffan drug and most of the people died. The survivors left Balar and were taken in by villagers on another planet.

    • Nitpick: When the Wraith are waiting by the gate with the prisoners one of them comes up and whispers something into the commanders ear but it has been strongly pointed out several times that the Wraith are telepathic and can communicate thoughts to one another, so why bother whispering?

  • Quotes

    • (Rodney asked Carson if he wanted to grab something to eat but he's looking over Dr. Keller's research about the serum on the computer instead)
      McKay: Well, you don't have to do this now. I'll download the data to a drive and you can just, you know, take it with you.
      Beckett: Actually, you can't. Mr Woolsey doesn't want it leaving the base.
      McKay: Oh.
      Beckett: I'm sorry, Rodney.
      McKay (grumpily): Well, I don't care. No, I was just trying to stop you from whining about never seeing me. All right.
      (He turns and walks away. Carson calls after him.)
      Beckett: Rodney, wait.
      (Rodney turns back to him.)
      Beckett: Now that I think of it, I am a wee bit peckish. Besides, I can't solve all the galaxy's problems in one day, can I?
      McKay (pointing to himself): Well, I said ...
      Beckett (smiling): Shut it. Right, let's go.
      (Shutting down the lid of the laptop, he puts his jacket on and follows Rodney out of the room.)
      Beckett: So, interested in anyone these days?
      McKay: Me? No, I'm, I don't ... (he babbles incoherently.)
      Beckett: You're a terrible liar, Doctor McKay! Tell me, tell me, tell me!

    • (In the Wraith dart, Rodney takes hold of a lever and presses the top of it several times.)
      Beckett: What are you waitin' for?
      McKay: Well, it should just fire up.
      Beckett: Well, it didn't.
      McKay: Yeah, I know that, but it doesn't make any sense. I mean, a canopy should form over our heads. Maybe there's some kind of a weight limit.
      Beckett (indignantly): What's that supposed to mean?
      McKay: I mean because there's two of us!
      Beckett: Well, maybe you need a key or something.
      McKay (angrily): It's not a Volkswagen, Carson! Ok, look...these are obviously the flight controls; that makes that propulsion, so ...
      (He keeps pressing the button on the top of the lever but still nothing happens.)
      Beckett: How'd you come up with that brilliant conclusion?
      McKay: It's just common sense! (He slaps the console angrily.) Ah, come on!
      Beckett: Right, common sense.
      McKay (shouting furiously): Look, what do you want from me? It's not like there's labels!

    • (after reaching the Wraith dart)
      McKay: Oh, come on.
      (McKay runs toward the cockpit's seat. Beckett scrambles up onto the side of the cockpit.)
      McKay: What are you doing?!
      Beckett: I'm gettin' in.
      McKay: We can't both fit in here!
      (Beckett squeezes in beside him.)
      Beckett: You're damn right I can! Now shove over!
      (Carson crams his way in beside Rodney, who glares at him.)
      McKay: Comfy?
      Beckett: Peachy!

    • Beckett: What are we doing, exactly?
      McKay: What do you think? Looking for a way off the ship.
      Beckett: By wandering aimlessly through the hallways?
      McKay: I'm not wandering aimlessly. I'm exploring. There's a big difference.

    • (Beckett stares at one of the consoles, then goes across to another one and inserts a glass crystal into it)
      McKay: What is it? You got something?
      Beckett: No.
      McKay: You sure? You've got one of those Beckett faces.

    • Beckett: If you think I'm gonna help you, you're sorely mistaken.
      Wraith: I anticipated you might say that, which is why I'm prepared to offer you an incentive. Thus far, I have spared the lives of the people on the planet below. If you cooperate, I will continue to do so, but if either of you try to cross me in any way...
      McKay: (rolling his eyes) Yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah, we get the picture.

    • (after being captured by the Wraith and taken to the hive ship)
      Beckett: What're we gonna do?
      McKay: All right, just don't – don't panic. Don't panic. I've got lots of experience escaping from these things.
      Beckett: You do?
      McKay: Oh, yeah, yeah. Been in this situation dozens of times – always figured a way out.
      Beckett: How, exactly?
      McKay: Ah, let's see. Uh, last time Teyla was posing as a Queen, so, know, she had us released.
      Beckett: Not much chance of that happening.
      McKay: No, I guess not.
      Beckett: How about the time before that?
      McKay: Ronon's friend Tyre was pretending to be in league with the Wraith but really he was on our side so...(he hesitates for a while)... he let us out.
      Beckett: I'm startin' to sense a pattern here. You've actually never really escaped from one of these cells on your own, have you?
      McKay: (smiling at him hopefully) First time for everything, right?

    • Sheppard: What are the odds of you two getting by them?
      Ronon: Pretty good.
      Teyla: Slim, actually.

    • Sheppard: Is Jervis taken care of?
      Teyla: He and his men have been locked up. They will not be giving us any more trouble. Though I do not think it was necessary to stun them.
      Ronon: Felt good, though.

    • Beckett: Rodney, Rodney, wake up.
      McKay: Oh god, is it me… or have they juiced up the stun weapons?

    • Beckett: How long is this going to take, Rodney?
      McKay: Do I rush you while you're performing complicated surgery?
      Beckett: Aye, it's been known to happen.

    • McKay: I've flown jumpers before.
      Beckett: I've been to Tokyo before, doesn't mean I can speak Japanese.
      McKay: Well how hard can it be?

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