Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 7

Poisoning the Well

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 20, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Thought provoking morality tale

    Thought provoking morality tale that forces one to think about the moral and ethical implications. Reminiscent of the old Twilight Zone and Star Trek series in that respect.
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    This was a very interesting episode. Major Shepards team encounter a civilization remeniscent of our own in the early 1900's. They are working on a drug that may prevent the Wraith from feeding on them, but perhaps this in turn will cause the Wraith to wipe them out. There were a lot of moral dilemas for the main characters in this episode. It reminded me also of our culture today, so quick to treat with drugs with out knowing long term effects. Also the role of government initiating and pushing this on people, even if it is behind the scenes. This episode definitely had underlying significance to the modern viewer.
  • Pretty slow but a possible step forward!

    Regarding previous episodes this one included so far all i've seen were pretty boring episodes. Very few Gate scenes, the wraith don't quite seem the enemy they are supposed to be and not as adventurous as i had hoped. Not no matter what i just said this episode might prove to be a step forward to finding a means of destroying the wraith, we shall have to see. It is just that by this i expected i found out more about who is leading the wraith, still it's only episode 7 so there's plenty of time. It's my first experience with Stargate Atlantis and so far it's been rather nice, this episode was just...lower on the entertainment part.
  • Sheppard's team meets a civilization that has taken a different tack in dealing with the Wraith. This planets people are trying to develop a serum to make them distasteful to the Wraith's feeding needs using scientific methods.

    The second in three civilizations that are dealing with the Wraith in different ways. Where the previous civilization dealt with the Wraith by protecting themselves with a shield and reducing their population, this civilization has tried to keep all of their medical and scientific records intact for each generation to advance their people to the point of developing a genetic way to keep the Wraith from feeding on them.

    Sheppard and his team are looking for allies and people they can trade with. These people are single minded to the point where like the less advanced civilization they sacrificed to keep the Wraith from being successful. In this case instead of reducing their numbers this race believes in sacrificing generations of their people to eventually come up with the right scientific discovery to stop the Wraith from being able to feed on them.

    Of course the problem in this is that it is flawed reasoning. If the Wraith no longer can feed on these people based on the Wraith's actions I think it would be quite correct to assume that they would destroy the civilization completely.

    In an interesting switch once they get Dr. Beckett to assist them they finally get the technology they wanted to work for generations to work but the price is it kills about 50% of the people that are inoculated. Guess what? 96% of the population believed that was worth the risk! So Sheppard and his team leave these people to their own devices. Another by product of this is that they are poisonous to the Wraith so after just a few of them are fed on you know the Wraith will destroy them.

    So we see another side to the solution on how to deal with the Wraith. This time it is genetic and viral. So we have seen a defensive solution with a reduction in population and a defensive solution where we are willing to sacrifice a huge portion of the population to save the rest.

    Interesting episodes with interesting messages I think. Thanks for reading...
  • Something from totally another side of the view and very good side of view. My personal favorite so far.

    This episode - it was incredible. I never thought it to be so good. All the theme around the wraith - it almost gave as a view of him as a someone who we could feel pity but I know, I know, it is too much to ask. But the storyline about the cure - the ethical dilemma haunting every step they make and the prize they are going to pay for that drug - first it sounded like one man life but the way it ended - 50% of people dead. Was it really worth it? And for that question and all others plus the way those people there - they thought it is worth that and they felt that way. The last words of Perna... and that most of this episode was going on around Beckett (adore the accent).

  • Very good episode!Beckett was awesome!! *Warning Spoilers Inside*

    The episode was so sad!Especially Dr. Becketts stroy line! I was so close to tears when the lady died! I thought she and Dr. Beckett would get together! And they would have if she wouldnt have died! This episode is a 9.7 just because of Beckett( I cant remember his name in real life right now) he did awesome! All in a a great episode!!
  • A planet discovers a solution to the Wraith threat, but it comes at a high price.

    This is another classic episode of Atlantis. It really does make you think what would you do in that situation. At the cost of losing half of the population, would I make the decision to distribute the drug just so half can live? The story is great and very touching as Beckett finds love and it doesn't end too well. What price do people pay for the hope of freeedom is really interesting. I highly recommend this episode, it is definitely a good one. The end is very interesting and does a good job at making this story great, a classic.
  • An episode with a good story, but somewhat slow.

    I love this show. I have to get that said before I start saying what I thought of this show. This particular episode was well written, and the characters where strongly acted, yet I couldn't get into the story as much as I wanted to be able to. I've had this problem with many shows before. It's that perfect balance between intellect/information and action/humour. I very much tend to need more humour to make a show pass quickly, and this episode was not particularly funny. However, what it lacks in humour it has in heart, so don't skip this episode just because I didn't find it particularly exciting!
  • Moral quandries at their best!

    Atlantis is proving that it's not just another sci-fi adventure show, but instead is excelling at making us think. Episode after episode comes at us with the tough questions, and makes the characters face them head on. Sometimes they do try for the easy answers, and sometimes they stand firm, but they always have to face the consequences of their decisions. I'm definately gonna keep tuning in!
  • How desperate can they become?

    It is interesting to see the determination of these people to protect their culture and scientific research. However, my admiration ends there. Though I can imagine their desperation concerning the Wraith, their attitude about using their own people as guinea pigs with such a high mortality rate is very disturbing. That plus their naivety that the Wraith will not destroy them for creating this vaccine/weapon (although I have no problem with this vaccine having the side effect of killing the Wraith) puts them in an almost pitiable light.
    Getting to see another side of Beckett is a positive in the middle of a bunch of negatives. I'm glad that they show that even the geeks can fall in love and that it can be interesting to the audience.
    But this gives the people of Atlantis a look at what generations of fear can do to a civilization. Another extreme example is the Genii people in the next episode...
  • Above average episode

    This was an alrite episode alot better than the previous episode. The fact that the try and help another planet such as like earth of the day try and develop a virus that they could give everybody on their world that would prevent the Wraith from feeding on them i though was quite interesting. I hope that maybe in another season they will revist this planet and see if they have made any progress and if they are even still alive which many members of the team notably Major Sheppard thinks that they wont be well all in all an alrite episode