Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 11, 2006 on Syfy
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Dr. Weir accompanies Sheppard's team on a mission to an advanced civilization with a past history with Atlantis. They uncover a connection to an earlier discovery in the city.

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  • makes no sense at all

    the plot of this episode makes no sense.

    Once the base code is rewritten to remove aggression, the team just have to sit and wait to get freed instead of blasting out of the place for no reason.

    Why would the replicators want to destroy Atlantis now that the ancients are gone?

    Why have they not directed their aggression at the wraiths yet?

    After the mind probe, the reps have the address and can come anytime to destroy the city?

    Why does the vacuum stop Lien, who is a machine?

    And I've got a half dozen more plot holes, inconsistent character behaviour and the like.moreless
  • Another Atlantis

    This was somehow.. It looked more promising than it was - the visual impression and the start, the other city and the way it looked - so impressive, colorful.. powerful. And imagine all the ZPM's they had?! They could have made the Atlantis fly but this other city flying was impressive too.

    On the storyline - it was good, but I did not liked it much. Maybe because it was again one of those storylines when they seem to get so much and in the end are left with empty hands - this time they got jumper, at least. And all the mind games thing - there have been enough alternative reality episodes.moreless
  • The introduction of the Replicators is a key element to the development of the series. It is the beginning of a change in how we perceive the ancients, and, over time causes a complete change in the strategies of the Pegasus Galaxy.moreless

    While we saw plenty of replicators in SG-1 (including human form replicators) the Pegasus replicators are a different breed. Created by the Ancients as a weapon against the wraith, they later turned their back on the idea. The Replicators resent their creators and also the humans, whom they view as favored children.

    The Pegasus replicators are not the mindless consumers that we see in SG-1. They are canny, nuanced, and patient. In later episodes the replicators become, in some ways, a more dangerous threat than the wraith and, in Season Four, the Atlantis mission must team up with the Wraith in order to destroy them.moreless
  • The Replicators are back more advanced than ever before.

    Just when you least expect it, and thinking what or who the new enemies will be the writers decide to revive the Replicators...AGAIN. Well it only figures they got to this galaxy as well since they spread like bunnies x1000. It's weird this episode also reminds me of SG1, where Samantha betrayed a certain replicator humanoid, and while no one betrays this replicator that decides to help the humans, in the end i'm pretty sure he does feel betrayed. This episode is everything i've ever liked about Stargate both past and present. I reckon this is going to make the lives of atlanteans harder than before but will they eventually play a key role against the wraith? Great episode. Enjoy!moreless
  • See Summary

    This was a great episode of Stargate Atlantis. The team sent a malp through to a world where there was an abandoned Ancient outpost, only to find that it is currently inhabited, seemingly by the Ancients themselves. Upon visiting the city, Sheppards team along with Dr. Weir see the scope of this thriving civilization numbering in the millions. They have an exact replica of Atlantis, surrounded by other huge cities of similar design. The council of this world are not to eager to establish diplomatic relations and trade, and seem to be hiding something. It is revealed that they are actually evolved replicaters who seek to be like the Ancients, and some wish to Ascend. It was fun to learn more about the Ancients through this episode, and I believe its a base story for future story lines. It was fun to watch the continued back and forth of Sheppard pressuring McKay. I almost thought that the Human Form Replicater left in space was about to Ascend, but he didn't so perhaps we will se him again.moreless
Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Major / Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

Rachel Luttrell

Rachel Luttrell

Teyla Emmagan

David Hewlett

David Hewlett

Dr. Rodney McKay

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Ronon Dex

Torri Higginson

Torri Higginson

Dr. Elizabeth Weir

David Ogden Stiers

David Ogden Stiers


Guest Star

John O'Callaghan

John O'Callaghan


Guest Star

Hellena Schmeid

Hellena Schmeid

Asuran Counselor

Guest Star

Chuck Campbell

Chuck Campbell


Recurring Role

David Nykl

David Nykl

Dr. Radek Zelenka

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Sheppard: I'm still waiting to meet an ancient race that's invented the car.
      Niam: Our destination is not much further.

      Goof: How would Niam know to speak of distance when Sheppard mentions the car?

    • When Sheppard is having his mind probed, he gets in the Jumper without his vest, but in the next shot when we see him at the jumper controls (side on view) he has his vest on. This was due to the shot being a reuse from season one. While it was noticed that the cockpits didn't match in that same shot, Rainmaker recreated it digitally to match the season three look - not noticing however that Sheppard is wearing his vest.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • McKay: Well, the power requirements for a city this size must be enormous. Well, plus shielding from the Wraith, we're talking, what, three Zero-Point Modules, maybe four? (Niam doesn't understand the term) Sorry. Zed-PMs, a device that taps vast amounts of power from vacuum energy.
      Niam: Oh, yes. We have many of those.
      Sheppard: Exactly how many is "many"?
      McKay: "Exactly" doesn't matter. "Many" is plenty.

    • Weir: We are explorers. We come from a world very far from here.
      Sheppard: Really far. In fact, you can't get there from here.

    • Oberoth: We will eliminate the Wraith at a time of our choosing.
      Weir: And you don't care how many of my people or anyone else dies while you make up your mind to act? You said earlier that your brothers' greatest weakness was their arrogance. May I suggest it runs in the family?

    • Sheppard: Just what we need, more bad guys.

    • Ronon: Not much point in leaving without blowing this place up first.
      Weir: How do we do that? (both look at McKay)
      McKay: Oh, that's me. Right, surprise, surprise. Why don't I just go on these missions by myself, hmm? (suddenly snaps fingers) I'll rig a ZPM overload!

    • Teyla: What is that?
      McKay: That's the sound of the city about to blow. Move!

    • McKay: Great, let's hear it. Your plan, I mean.
      Oberoth: I doubt that you would be able to grasp its complexity and scope.
      McKay: (smirking) Fortunately, I'm very good with complexity.
      Sheppard: And scope.

    • McKay: (finding out that Asuras has many ZPMs) I assume that you, um, built them yourselves?
      Niam: Yes.
      McKay: (eager) Yes.
      Sheppard: Easy, Rodney, you're slobbering.

    • Sheppard: (seeing Ronon spinning his weapon.) Tuck that thing away. We told them we were friendly.
      Ronon: I'm friendly.
      Sheppard: Is that thing set to stun?
      (Ronon changes the setting.)
      Sheppard: Friendlier.

    • Sheppard: I thought our escape seemed too easy.
      McKay: At least you escaped.
      Sheppard: What did they do to you.
      McKay: Uh, torture.. in ways to hideous and, um.. intimate to recount.
      Ronon: Like what?
      McKay: I said, too hideous to recount.

    • (The team, Weir and Niam rush into the Puddle Jumper bay and into the nearest Jumper)
      Sheppard: Get the roof open, Rodney, or this is gonna be a short trip!
      McKay: Don't wait for me!
      Sheppard: I'm just saying, if we can't get out of the Jumper bay...
      McKay: It doesn't matter. The overloads happening now. We're about to explode
      Sheppard: Is the roof open
      McKay: (typing on the copilot's console) Yes. Go.
      (The Jumper flys out of the bay just as the city explodes over Atlantis surprising a guard who was patroling on a walkway)

    • Sheppard: I'm still waiting to meet an Ancient race who've invented the car.

    • Oberoth: Lower your weapons.
      Sheppard: How much lower would you like them?!

    • Sheppard: Who the hell are you people?
      McKay: They're not people... They're machines! Replicators!

    • McKay: I figured out a way to create a glitch, that, on my command, should momentarily freeze them.
      Sheppard: Should?
      McKay: Okay, will. I mean, dead in their tracks, like hitting the pause button. I mean temporarily, until they figure out how to override it.
      Ronon: How long?
      McKay: Well, I don't know, that's why I said momentarily.
      Sheppard: Days? Hours? Minutes?
      McKay: Well, look, it's, it's minutes, but I don't know, that's what I was just saying to him. (points in Ronon's s general direction)
      Sheppard: Ten? Twenty?
      McKay: Look, yeah, fine. You want a number, yeah fine: seven. Seven minutes and thirty one seconds. You happy?
      Sheppard: No!
      McKay: No.
      Sheppard: It's not enough time!
      McKay: Ok, you wanted a number!
      Sheppard: A bigger number!
      McKay: Yeah, but it may very well be longer.
      Sheppard: Or shorter!
      McKay: Look, I don't know! Look, you're missing the point...
      Weir: Gentlemen! Focus! Please!

    • Sheppard: How's it coming, Rodney?
      McKay: Slowly.
      Sheppard: What's the hold up?
      McKay: What's the hold up? Do you have any idea what I'm trying to do here?
      Sheppard: Niam gave you access to the program code and you're screwing around with it?
      McKay: Oh, that is so... Relatively accurate.
      Sheppard: Thank you.
      McKay: Okay, still, we're not dealing with Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots here, we are dealing with a complex code of over three billion chemical based sequences. It's like trying to reconfigure the DNA double helix.
      Sheppard: Okay, so what? Five minutes?

    • Niam: Your minds are no longer being probed.
      Sheppard: It's good to know it was just our minds...
      McKay: Oh, please don't make me sick!

    • Teyla: Might it not be possible that these people merely discovered this city, as you discovered Atlantis?
      Sheppard: Wouldn't be surprised. They don't seem very... ancienty to me.
      McKay: Ancienty?
      Sheppard: Yes. That's the word I was looking for.

    • Niam: I apologize if you felt Oberoth was condescending in any way.
      Sheppard: How about in every way?
      Niam: It is difficult for him to see you as capable of understanding.
      McKay: Yeah, well how many Ph.D.'s does he have?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Human-Form Replicators of the Milky Way Galaxy were originally conceived as the series' primary villains, with Atlantis on Earth, when the show was on the drawing board. When Stargate SG-1 was picked up for an eighth season the show was shifted to the Pegasus Galaxy and the Wraith were created. The Milky Way Replicators were defeated at the end of season 8 by SG-1 in the episode "Reckoning (2)." In the Season One episode "Hot Zone" the writers introduced the idea of an advanced antagonist in the Pegasus Galaxy and expressed a desire to revisit the mysterious creators of the nanite virus in Season Two, but didn't get to it.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: September 11, 2006 on Movie Central and October 9, 2006 on The Movie Network
      UK: November 15, 2006 on Sky One
      Syndication Premiere: October 20-21, 2007
      Australia: March 27, 2008 on Channel 7
      Czech Republic: May 4, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi

    • Paul McGillion does not appear in this episode.


    • McKay: Still, we're not dealing with Rock-'em Sock-'em Robots here.

      Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots is a two-player game/toy designed by Marvin Glass and Associates and released by Marx toys in 1966.

    • Sheppard: Really far. In fact, you can't get there from here.

      The phrase 'you can't get there from here' was made famous through a series of stories written in the 1950s and 1960s by Marshall Dodge and Bob Bryan, and later retold by Alan Wicken. The humerous Bert & I stories are set in the 'Down East' culture of traditional Maine.