Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2008 on Syfy

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  • There's only one thing that makes this episode worth watching…

    There's only one thing that makes this episode worth watching…

    That is Sheppard climbing the outside of one of the towers. It's a great visual.

    The rest of the story is boring. The city goes into (a false) lockdown mode. This strands several characters allowing them to have "character moments." Carter is stranded with Zelenka. Sheppard with Teyla. McKay with Katy Brown. We get the expected character interaction. Teyla may or may not go into labor. McKay may or may not propose to Brown. We really don't learn that much more about them.

    Cut the episode from the series and you're no worse off. It really adds nothing.
  • See Summary

    Quarantine was an episode steeped in characters personal drama and dilemas. This episode was an insight into characters and ties up some loose ends in certain relationships that seemed to be headed some where. When Atlantis goes into Quarantine mode, and locks down the city, everyone is trapped along with some one else. Carter is with Zelenka, and McKay with Katie whom he was going to propose to, and Teyla with Sheppard who continues to look out for her, and Ronin was trapped with Dr. Keller. It seems that these two have some chemistry that we may see develop further down the road. This episode was a little slow, but good.
  • good episode...

    The story in this episode was pretty boring and was nothing special. I've seen it all done before; they were all just trapped in Atlantis and couldn't get out because of a malfunction with the quarantine. I thought McKay's little story was annoying, predictable, and boring. Yes, his character was developed and I'm glad he's not engaged, but it was just boreing. I really like Ronon and the doctor. They are so cute together! I hope more comes out with that relationship. Teyla is getting more annoying with her pregnancy...Zelenka was halarious! Overall, this episode's story sucked, but there were plenty of great funny moments and great character development.
  • Taking time off to give room for character development...

    So, this episode was really about characters and some of those who do not have their star moments so often, got some attention. Like Zelenka who has always been there and this time, instead Sheppard or McKay he is the one saving the day. And this was great.

    And all other things. Teyla sharing her confused feelings about the future and what will become of her and her child. McKay dealing with marriage and it was so sure at the beginning of the episode, that he will not ask but... and of course, the best part - doc and Ronon. That was somehow surprising but the best pearl of this episode.
  • A "computer goes berserk" episode... It's been done better on Trek.

    A computer medical quarantine program, either an Atlantean one or something written by Rodney, activates out of the blue and locks people into different parts of the city: Rodney and Katie in a bio lab, Carter and Zelenka in an elevator/transporter, Ronon and Keller in sickbay, and Sheppard and Teyla in Rodney's computer lab. The self-destruct sequence and a distress beacon that can alert the Wraith are activated.

    Needless to say, Team Atlantis manages to save the city and shut down the beacon to keep the Wraith and Pegasus galaxy at large from learning Atlantis' new location. It's Zelenka rather than the usual hero Sheppard, who shuts down the power to the computer system to save the day.

    The Atlantis producers have said they wanted to avoid reusing old plots, but they've already done it a few times this season and this week's installment was another retread. The premise of an old program coming out of nowhere to take control and wreak havoc is one of SF TV's overused standard plots. At least two others I can think of are: Trek TNG Season 5 episode "Disaster" and Trek DS9 Season 3 episode "Civil Defense." "Quarantine" by comparison to those episodes strikes me as less dramatic. One tech bug I wasn't certain on was how the city's computer system shut down the Atlantis expedition's wireless communications, which I believe is Earth-based technology. I will pass on a plot recap detailing the various situations. The main thing that went on in this installment was relationships: the likely start of a couple (Ronon and Keller), the ending of another (Rodney and Katie), a nonevent (Sheppard and Teyla), and a crush that'll likely go nowhere (Zelenka on Carter). I'm not necessarily against Ronon and Keller coming together, but I feel that there could've been a lot more setup over several episodes to this relationship to help build up fan investment as in the case of Kira and Odo on DS9. I don't see at this point what those two have in the way of chemistry. For example, Ronon makes Keller feel safe and Keller makes Ronon feel like smiling for the first time in years because of a quirky sense of humor...

    Ronon simply sniffs her hair, then the two lean in for a kiss as power cuts out, then comes back on line, and sickbay unseals as the city's computer system reboots.

    Rodney goes through a major panic attack when he's locked into the botany lab with Katie just before he proposes to her. Katie finds the ring Rodney was going to give her and is thrilled, but Rodney is too preoccupied with predicting they'll both die. Needless to say, Katie realizes Rodney isn't marriage material and Rodney says it aloud at the end when the two wordlessly break off their relationship. Unfortunate. It seemed to me that Rodney was overreacting at the behest of the writer.

    Sheppard and Teyla talk a little bit about how he came down hard on her when she finally came clean about being pregnant. Is Sheppard jealous? I'm not sure. He doesn't seem to be either. The writers don't seem to be clear on this either. A funny bit was Sheppard worrying about Teyla going into premature labor, seeing her react when the baby kicks, then climbing out of the lab to reach the control room just four stories up the spire they're trapped in. There was a tense moment when it looked like Sheppard would fall, but it was just a moment. This episode needed more.

    Zelenka gave Carter a self conscious look in the elevator when she took off her jacket because of the apparently rising temperature. Is the elevator air tight and overheating from carbon dioxide buildup? Is Atlantis located on a humid ocean? Something else? We learn that Zelenka has pet pigeons (on Earth?), which contributes what? For the main storyline of Season 4, would it have been a bad thing for the Wraith and the rest of the Pegasus galaxy to learn where Atlantis was roosting? With Carter having been absent during episodes where more major things happen, it was dissatisfying to have her appear in a filler episode where nothing really happened.

    Season 4 of Atlantis is really striking me as hit or miss and in need of a direction with the premature demise of the Pegasus Replicators.

  • Given the unoriginal premise especially for a Stargate show.

    Given the unoriginal premise especially for a Stargate show. I didn't expect much but I was pleasantly surprised. The episode focused on character development and edge of your seat action to make up for the bad plot. Rodney's relationship comes to an end amid controversy. I feel he was idiotic at how he feel apart at the believed virus but at the same token his love should've been more supportive. Teyla after a pointless scene of thinking of climbing a hundred plus foot tower while pregnant. Realizes that she has to sit down until the baby is born. Ronan and Keller will be an item which although I don't like the ships understand it had to be done but I wish they hadn't telegraphed it from a mile away so obviously. A nice distraction from all the Wraith episodes and even Cmd. Carter actually did something for a change.
  • Yet another medicore episode from a medicore season.

    After the pretty good trilogy of episodes that came immediatly before, it's a bit suprising to see Atlantis return to the lets-copy-stories-from-other-shows formula, but then I suppose that isn't suprising, given this seasons track record thus far.

    This week, they're copying a rather bad TNG episode called 'Disaster', where a city-wide malfunction traps and pairs off the main characters, so they can 'develop' relationships with one another. Ironically, one of the pairs has a pregnancy among them and one pair is trapped in a lift - just like that TNG episode. Funny that.

    As far as this character development goes, we get several embarrassing moments from Rodney, attempting to propose to... a character whose name I can't even remember. I recall seeing this character a couple of times before, but marriage!? Where did that come from? Suffice to say, after the disaster, this plan falls through and he decides he rushed into it (or did the writers?) and backs down.

    Shephard gets trapped with pregnant Teyla, and most of their dialogue amounts to Shephard going on and on about how she shouldn't be on the team now that she's pregnant, a topic that's surfaced between the two ever since it was revealed. We get it, now let it drop!!!

    Dr Zelenka (or however you spell it), gets trapped with... Sam! Who you say? Yes, it's Sam Carter, the new leader of Atlantis who I thought would have been classified as MIA by now. What did she bring to the table this episode? Not much... I have to wonder why she was absent for so many seemingly pivitol episodes this season, but she always manages to make an appearance in the medicore fillers.

    The absolute worst pair-off has to be Ronon and Dr Keller. They start off by admitting that they barely know eachother, and by the end they are kissing and starting a relationship. What utter crap!

    I don't like giving bad reviews, but why does this get such a high rating? They need to do much better than this if they want to match SG-1. This has been the worst season of Atlantis so far.
  • A surprisingly strong bit of character development

    After a few huge episodes, presumably with a large price tag attached to each, the writers switch to a "bottle show" format. As always, the purpose of a "bottle show" is to isolate characters in a stressful situation, pushing them to the psychological brink. Not every "bottle show" delivers on that promise; in fact, some examples for "Stargate: Atlantis" have faltered in the past.

    This time, however, the writers focus on four key interactions, and all of them manage to advance character arcs in a meaningful way. An unexpected crisis, precipitated by the characteristics of the planet itself, traps the crew in quarantine. McKay is locked in with his girlfriend Katie, on the brink of proposing. Sheppard is locked in with Teyla, who looks like her pregnancy advanced months in a single episode. Ronon is locked in with Dr. Keller, and Carter is locked in a transport tube with Zalenka.

    McKay is a character full of flaws, and quite often, the writers dwell on them for laughs, granting him success to keep him viable. In this situation, the writers place him in the classic "bottle show" scenario. He literally has no solution to the problem and no resources to work on such a solution. As a result, his pessimism and anxiety simply boil over, clashing with Katie's more measured response in the process. The tragedy is that McKay's hope for engagement is undermined by his overwhelming negativity; it's a rare moment of defeat for the character, and one of the better plot threads in the episode.

    In contrast to the setback in the McKay/Katie relationship, Ronon and Dr. Keller start out at odds and find themselves attracted to one another. It's hard to tell if this is just a momentary acknowledgment of physical attraction, brought on my circumstance, but it was certainly unexpected. Ronon has little respect for psychological or emotional weakness, and Dr. Keller has little patience for mindless violence. I'm not sure if this is a relationship that would work in the long run, but it's far less predictable than a Ronon/Teyla romance would have been. (Then again, who in their right mind would resist Jewel Staite?)

    Speaking of Teyla, her pregnancy seems to have progressed quite a bit in this episode, perhaps owing to the wardrobe choice, and the discussion with Sheppard over her role on Team Atlantis comes to a momentary head. Whatever his thoughts might have been previous to her recent revelation, he is in full-on protective mode with her now. For her own part, Teyla is accepting that her role must change, even if those changes are hard to quantify at this point.

    Carter's subplot seemed to be designed to highlight her technical prowess, though I'm not sure it worked as intended. As a character, Carter has been adrift this season, filling in the relatively minor role of administrator when needed and staying out of the way when not. While I agree with the notion of keeping Carter out of the Super Genius role as much as possible, it would be nice to explore her reaction to the change in duties.

    The best part of the episode, aside from McKay's unfortunate breakdown, was Sheppard's climb up the side of the tower. I imagine most of the budget for the episode came down to that one sequence, and it was worth the time and effort. It gave a character-driven episode a bit more kick, and in the end, made a good episode even better.
  • Although this episode is a little slow, it's nice to see some new relationships beginning to form.

    There have been plenty of 'Character Development' episodes since way back when the expedition first arrived in the Pegasus Galaxy but in the episode 'Quarantine' it was nice to get a chance to see the characters getting to know each other a little better, especially for those few who normally have little contact with one another. My favourite pairing was Carter and Radek, as Carter clearly having an effect on Zelenka's usually calm and reserved personality. It was great to see him save the day and more importantly get some long overdue recognition from McKay. Perhaps Katie Brown is finally starting to help McKay change for the better!

    I wouldn't mind knowing how much time is supposed to have passed since the last episode though, as Teyla seems to be much further on with her pregnancy than we saw previously.
  • Slow but nice episode.

    This episode was slow episode but with some nice things to watch.

    This one was manly to make know a little bit more of our diferent caracthers of stargate atlantis.

    Some new romances in development and the adaptation of the caracthers to new realitys like in the case of Tayla who is still strugling that to adapt the fact she is going to be a mom.

    Sheppard always on the move to save the day but a nice surprise to see that in the end it was Radek who was the hero.

    A different episode but an episode that still maintain the interesting storys in the show.
  • U can only say about this episode: Character development...

    After so many episodes of this 4th season, they have to do another filler episode. The Lantian computer goes wrong, and locks down the whole city. No air, no communication, no nothin...
    Everyone stuck...even the story...
    Dont get me wrong, it wasnt that bad, bad after this 3 intensive episodes, its a little low...
    Rodney was about to ask his girlfriend to Marry him. Of course, that wasnt succesfull.
    Ronon stucked with Dr. Keller. That part was interesting. Everyones got a pair, and now, maybe Ronon has too! :) Jewel Stiate is very cute. ;) :)
    So Im hoping that the next episode is gonna be a little better. :) /With less Character development.../
  • Loved it. Some great character development (Ronan and...?) Can't wait for next weeks installment.

    It wasn't the most exciting episode but it did have some intresting developments. Rodney and Katie, Ronan and Doc Keller. We even got to see a bit of Carter, who seems to have taken a back seat on many of the episodes. There wern't many funny moments which I've come to expect but I still loved it. It did feel a bit like the writers were re-writing some previous episodes and pasting them together. It did all feel a bit familiar. However, it has left me wanting more. I can't wait for next weeks episode to see how things develop. I'd happily watch it again...and again. hehe :)
  • Behind Sealed Doors...there's panic, questions, and bravery.

    At first I was thinking that this story has already been done- Hot Zone. But the writers were able to spin this story in a completely different direction- I find it so cool that the city can go into lockdown. Sometimes I expect to much out of episodes, but this one filled me nicely.

    Bottom line- Sheppard's climbing scene almost tops space battles. Carter and Teyla look great. And this is one of those episodes that shows how fillers or non-arc stories are supposed to be. However, it would've been so cool to see some unknown ship heading towards Atlantis due to the beacon. Oh well, perhaps some another time.
  • the city mistakenly quarantines everyone because of a disease outbreak. *spoilers*

    This episode looked totally amazing with everyone stuck in rooms with people they wouldn't usually be hanging with, mostly anyway.

    we start off with rodney going to the lab to propose to katie and shepherd seems either like he could care less or hes just too shocked to congradulate or berate him for it.

    Then of course we see snippets of people going places like teyla with shepherd and sam and zelenka share an elevator, makes it plainly obvious whats gonna happen.

    Once everyones sorta settled we start with rodney and learn he doesent have a computer or way of contacting anyone, he doesent freak out as much as we'd like and more or less starts to think hes dying, which starts to be getting very frustrating and you just want to reach over and SLAP him... "PULL IT TOGETHER MAN".

    I appreciated shepherds comments about the obvious overly used plot of 'woman falls pregnant while trapped in small room' it relieved some of the other corney plotlines like ronon and keller. dont get me wrong, who doesent wanna see that? but ronon was baisicly like 'yeah sure why not it'll pass the time'.

    In the end shepherd decides to climb the tower which really other than waiting for rescue seems like the only option. a little later teyla appears to be going to follow him and i can HEAR the collective of everyone saying uh uh, get BACK in your box NOW!! pregnant and rock climbing?? i dont think so.

    In the end radek saved the day when he climbed through the air-con and shut down the power, re-setting the system.

    But not before rodney paniked himself to death, katie had enough, ronon and keller had a spark and zelenka zapped himself.

    In the end end everyone was like 'we out you our graditude radek' umm, he crawled through a vent and flipped a switch? not like he reconfigured the system in 20 seconds.

    this episode does not show the awesomness that is ATLANTIS
  • Relationship Developments

    This episode reminded me a little of the Star Trek TNG episode: Disaster, where small groups were isolated from each other. That episode, I thought, was more interesting because it put the characters in an uncomfortable environment with respect to their skills. Quarantine is mainly about relationships, and this episode is definitely for the shipping fans. But other than that though, nothing much really happened. Here are some thoughts:

    Sheppard/Teyla - That was funny when Sheppard worried about Teyla going into labor, like in the movies. That probably gave him impetus to climb away - and climb away he did. That was one heck of a climb! The way Teyla was talking about her child, is this preparation for her possible leaving? Carter/Radek - Just when I thought Carter was going to use a little of her scientific knowledge, it didn't happen. Radek, how could you botch up like that? - well he made up for it in the end. It was funny the way Carter looked at Radek several times when he talked about his pigeons. Maybe Radek has a slight crush or admiration towards Carter.

    Rodney/Katie - So close, yet so...Oh well, Rodney is Rodney. "Que sera sera". I'm not much into shipping stuff, but if there's any I would want, this might have been the one. One big reason is that if there was going to be a serious relationship on the show, I'd rather it involved one very minor character so that it doesn't play a large role in the episodes, and can stay out of many of them. By the way, Rodney's pulse of 120 = normal!

    Ronon/Keller - Well, this happened slightly faster than Rodney and Katie! It wasn't much of a surprise, but I'm not sure it will last, though. Ronon with Jaws - is he becoming a movie buff like Teal'c? And Dr. Keller, adjusting your hair after putting on the sterile gloves? That's a no-no, doctor.

    Enjoyable episode for the shippers, otherwise nothing much happened.
  • Boring episode

    With the quality stories we've had, this one was a huge disappointment. Nothing really SciFi-ish about it. The fact they couldn't 'remotely' connect to the computer is kind of absurd given the advanced level of the ancients. Something about not enough memory in the laptop, like they need to download the entire operating system to it? Come on! The ancients didn't develop telnet capabilities? Please. The story was predictable, the characters were boring and this story has been done a million times. Plus the fact that Carter has been a total bore the entire time she's been on the show didn't help. Thumbs down on this one! Don't get me wrong, I love both Stargate series...this one was just flat boring. The only thing that kept me watching it was the smokin' hot doctor.
  • Great show and lots of Ronin and the doc.

    Great episode! I love when they show Ronin and I think it was awesome that he actually seemed to hit it off with the doc. She showed earlier in the season that she can be tough if need be and I think her and Ronin could be a great match! Rodney as always is just--- well Rodney! Sometimes you wanna shake him and sometimes you wanna hug him. No more girlfriend for Rodney--that kinda sucks. I have a fear of heights and John climbing the building just made me sort of queasy. I think he did that just so he wouldn't be there with Tayla---that seems to make him very nervous! LOL Great show!